Take Action


Watch this chilling video, then act!
We take antibiotics for granted. Strep throat, sinus infection, UTI a quick visit to the doctor, a prescription, and you're feeling better.

Patient Safety

Tell these companies to warranty their products!
We have a unique opportunity right now to convince one of the largest knee and hip implant makers to warranty their products. And we need you to help us apply the pressure!


Students deserve the same fair deal!
Congress recently stopped credit card companies from using dirty tricks to keep millions of Americans from paying off their card debt. But college students? Not so much.


Stop the end-run on your right to know!
The giant chemical and food processing industries are pulling out the stops to block your right to know. They're pushing a bill just introduced in the House that would block states from implementing their own labeling laws.
Trader Joe's: Watch this video and get our meat off drugs
Get our meat off drugs! A half-million consumer signatures are delivered to Trader Joe's flagship store asking for an end to antibiotic-raised meat. Watch what happens!

Media & Telecommunications

Comcast personalized comments to the FCC
The FCC wants to hear exactly what you think about Comcast's proposed merger with Time Warner Cable. We want a hundred thousand people to say "No!" each in your own way. The comment period closes soon. Act now!
FCC no robocalls to cell phones
Some industries want to robocall your cell phone. Right now, robocalls to cell phones are prohibited, although some shysters still try to get through. If you want to keep the robocallers at bay, tell the FCC to say "NO!" to this bad idea.
Tell the phone companies to block unwanted robocalls!
Your phone company can do more to stop the robocalls before they ring through to your kitchen or living room. We've already gathered 130,000 signatures. Help us reach a million!



Detergent pods shouldn't look like candy!
Tell the big manufacturers to stop making detergent pods that look like candy, and add a bittering agent so kids will quickly spit out anything they try to eat.