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Media & Telecommunications

Telcos: We want the robocalls stopped!
Tell the phone companies to offer free robocall blocking options NOW! There are ways to give you relief. Its time to motivate them with a national campaign and 500,000 angry customers speaking as one!


Watch this chilling video, then act!
We take antibiotics for granted. Strep throat, sinus infection, UTI a quick visit to the doctor, a prescription, and you're feeling better.
Safe cures, not drug company giveaways!
The so-called 'medical innovation' bill passed by the House would actually weaken safety testing, giving huge shortcuts to companies when it comes to clinical testing of high-risk medical devices, drugs and antibiotics.

Patient Safety


Insurance Commissioners: fix auto insurance!
Behind the ads promising great rates is a pricing system based largely on socioeconomic factors like credit history, gender, whether you use department-store or bank credit cards, and even your choice of TV services. Demand pricing based on how we drive!
Students deserve the same fair deal!
Congress recently stopped credit card companies from using dirty tricks to keep millions of Americans from paying off their card debt. But college students? Not so much.
This watchdog saves you money. So Congress wants to kill it!
They're at it again, trying to gut the financial watchdog that has been holding the banks and credit card companies accountable to you.


Tell the Senate: Americans want to buy American grown meats!
Consumer fought long and hard to get country-of-origin labels on meat and poultry. You should have the right to buy American, just like with other products labeled in the U.S.
Don't lose your freedom of choice!
Tell your Congressional lawmakers you want GMO foods to be labeled so you can make an informed choice.
Dump the meaningless "natural" label on foods!
If you thought "natural" meant no antibiotics or GMOs or pesticides, you are not alone. But it doesn't mean any of those things. It doesn't mean much at all. Tell FDA and USDA to stop letting food companies dupe consumers.


Say "NO" to higher electric bills!
You've tried to use less electricity: you buy energy efficient appliances, you sealed the windows. Now electric companies want to make sure you still pay more by raising the "base" amount you pay regardless of how much you use. Say NO!


Detergent pods shouldn't look like candy!
Tell the big manufacturers to stop making detergent pods that look like candy, and add a bittering agent so kids will quickly spit out anything they try to eat.
Drivers' Privacy, Safety at Risk!
Electronic devices built into your car could betray your privacy. Urge the Government to Act!
Support auto safety!
Don't let Congress cut the budget of our nation's auto safety agency!