Take Action

Media & Telecommunications

Telcos: We want the robocalls stopped!
Tell the phone companies to offer free robocall blocking options NOW! There are ways to give you relief. It's time to motivate them with a national campaign and 500,000 angry customers speaking as one!


Watch this chilling video, then act!
We take antibiotics for granted. Strep throat, sinus infection, UTI a quick visit to the doctor, a prescription, and you're feeling better.
20170610 AHCA Senate Action
Take action now: tell your Senators we need a public and transparent process, not a rushed bill that raises prices and takes coverage away from millions of people.
Support the End Surprise Billing Act!
Having health insurance and using in-network providers should be enough to keep you from getting unexpected medical bills. Unfortunately, a loophole in the law lets hospitals stick patients with ridiculous charges.

Patient Safety

Safe cures, not drug company giveaways!
The so-called 'medical innovation' bill passed by the House would weaken safety testing, slow the approval of low cost generics, and reduce reporting of drug company giveaways to doctors. We don't have to trade safety for innovation! Act Now!


20170503 Stop the Choice Act
Take action now to protect the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Contact your representative and tell them to vote no on the Choice Act.
Don't let Wall Street muzzle our watchdog
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has stood up to Wall Street's abuses like no one else. In just four years they have returned more than $11 billion to consumers who suffered financial harm at the hands of the banks.
Insurance Commissioners: fix auto insurance!
Behind the ads promising great rates is a pricing system based largely on socioeconomic factors like credit history, gender, whether you use department-store or bank credit cards, and even your choice of TV services. Demand pricing based on how we drive!


End overuse of antibiotics in livestock!
Tell your lawmakers you want an end to antibiotic overuse on farm animals. It matters not only for the animals but for your family's health!
Fix "natural" food labels!
If you thought "natural" meant no antibiotics or GMOs or pesticides, you are not alone. But it doesn't mean any of those things. It doesn't mean much at all. Tell the FDA to stop letting food companies dupe consumers.
Tell your Senator to block Monsanto's latest attack!
Senators are writing their own GMO labeling bill right now. Monsanto and industrial food producers are in their ear, telling them you don't need to know about GMOs in your food.


20170424 Save Energy Star
Tell Congress before it's too late: don't cut Energy Star and other efficiency programs that save consumers money.
20171003 Fuel Economy EPA Action
Take action now and tell the EPA to maintain or strengthen these standards. We can't afford to pay more at the pump.


Congress: Direct Volkswagen to meet this test!
Volkswagen top brass are headed to Capitol Hill this week for hearings on Dieselgate. Tell your lawmaker to measure Volkswagen's response against these four accountability standards!
New VW CEO: Do the right thing. Meet this test.
Tell new Volkswagen CEO, Matthias Müller to measure proposed reforms at Volkswagen against these four accountability standards!