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02/03/2009  Free TV - TV is addictive and poisonus - WOULD YOU PROVIDE FREE COCAINE FOR ALL TOO???? It is my belief that all Americans that want to stay in touch easily can. The internet (available free in public libraries) is a much better way of staying in touch. TV's provide a heavy diet of Junk food for the brain. Most portray and thereby proliferate a lot of violence. TV has been shown to wire the brains of Children to require overstimulation, not a good thing for our future! LETS MAKE IT HARDER, NOT EASIER, FOR AMERICANS TO BECOME TV JUNKIES!!!!!! --- On Tue, 2/3/09, Consumers Union wrote: From: Consumers Union Subject: Paying for what's free To: Date: Tuesday, February 3, 2009, 12:31 PM Consumers Union Congress votes tomorrow! Tell your U.S. Representative to delay the digital TV transition until June 12 and fund the coupon program that will help millions of Americans make the transition. Send a quick message NOW! Dear Mary, In this economy, the last thing we need is to pay for something that has always been free -- our TV channels. That's exactly what's happening with the 'digital TV transition.' Congress will vote TOMORROW on a bill to delay the transition so millions of Americans won't be forced to pay for TV they once got for free. Delay the TV transition: Don't leave Americans in the dark! No doubt you've heard and seen a lot about the digital TV transition, slated for Feb. 17. What you may not know, the government has auctioned off the public-owned airwaves that TV broadcasters currently use and will pocket about $19 billion from the sale! Meanwhile, millions of Americans have to pay out of their own pocket to reconnect their TVs before the old signal goes dark. We know the government is hurting, but it shouldn't finance the transition on the backs of the elderly and poor who rely on free TV to stay in touch with the world. The government offered a "coupon" program to help people cover the $50 to $80 cost of a converter box to get the new digital signal. But the government ran out of coupons, and millions are on a waiting list. Those who applied early got coupons before affordable converter boxes were even on the market, and then their coupon expired. More than 13 million people now hold expired coupons and have been told the expiration date can't be extended. Tell Congress right now to delay the transition so no one has to pay for free TV. We're asking Congress to do the digital TV transition right! Delay it until June 12 and fund the coupon program so that millions of Americans especially the elderly and poor can stay connected to emergency alerts, news and information. Sincerely, Joel Kelsey A project of Consumers Union 1101 17th Street NW, Suite 500 Washington, DC 20036
07/26/2005  Your article states that consumers can take their phone numbers with them if they change carriers. I was told that each company is allowed to keep a pool of numbers and not permit the consumer to take those numbers. For instance, I have had my number for 10 years and I have been told that that is one number that this carrier will not give up. Can the carrier do this?
03/10/2008  I wish to make use of your letter writing campaign to US Congress about a lack of choices in cell phone network coverage and personal use. I did fill out the email alert,but some issue negated my response. I do have issues in my cell phone use and the company I subscribe to for cell service. Awhile back, I did send a letter concerning this matter. A rep ask to post my email letter/message for consumers interest. To be sure, I want to help in this matter. Tim.
08/13/2006  unable to print a copy of sprint/nextel merger story of your consumer tips web page. In a situation with Sprint PCS wireless. Tried email click button on the same web page as well, not sure if it worked. Checked yahoo mail, no show yet. Need copy to help me with letter to Sprint. Thank you, Tim.
03/06/2008  Hello, I tried to send the email action alert regarding cell phones but the action letter would not allow it's self to be submited. No error came up on the page but the page stayed the same after I clicked on the submit button. Usually I am transferred to a thank you page or a "completed" page. Just thought you might want to know. Respectfully, P. Gianni
03/06/2008  I'm trying to send the cell phone message to my lawmakers, but it won't send when I click the submit button.
04/27/2006  I just took 6 actions, and had to enter all my personal info each time. Why can't the computer remember me? I would be glad to log into my account, if you had one.
04/27/2006  I just took 6 actions, and had to enter all my personal info each time. Why can't the computer remember me? I would be glad to log into my account, if you had one.
03/06/2008  I filled out the "It's your network" and pushed the send button and nothing happened, what's up?
06/16/2005  I appreciate your work to protect consumers. I believe that catagorizing people as "rich or poor" Is a very dangerous policy when it comes to areas that SHOULD BE universal, ie., Social Security, Television availability, etc. These separations of classes of people will (indeed, are planned to) make it easier for anti- democratic, greedy-minded folk with power to cut those out of the flock who have less power (bought and paid for at the highest levels of govt. I'm sad to say. It is HAPPENING!
09/28/2006  I generally agree with all your positions and would gleadly sign your petitions, but for the fact they require putting in my address. Some other organizations from whom I get emailings do not have that requirement on their petitions. Why do you? John Hauf Fairfax, Calif.
10/30/2007  Regarding your latest petition sites: The following warning message pops up every time I click on any of them! Please advise. Thomas Avery ( There is a problem with this website's security certificate. The security certificate presented by this website has expired or is not yet valid. Security certificate problems may indicate an attempt to fool you or intercept any data you send to the server. We recommend that you close this webpage and do not continue to this website. Click here to close this webpage. Continue to this website (not recommended). More information If you arrived at this page by clicking a link, check the website address in the address bar to be sure that it is the address you were expecting. When going to a website with an address such as, try adding the 'www' to the address, If you choose to ignore this error and continue, do not enter private information into the website. For more information, see "Certificate Errors" in Internet Explorer Help.
11/30/2006  I'm an independent associate for a 34 year-old company that is traded on the NYSE--Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. We provide legal services and other consumer products. I'm also a member. I read the problems that people have and shake my head in disbelief. Those people are the very same people who don't think that those problems are a legal problem. When I have had problems with my cell company (Sprint), all it takes is a call to my lawfirm and like that, my problem is solved. I've had several consumer related problems, as we all do, and it astounds me that people tuck their tails between their legs and either pay or send in boo-hoo stories when all they need is a good lawyer on their side. But, you say, lawyers are expensive! Yes, most are, but my law firm does its job, does it quickly and I never get a bill. I pay a flat-rate fee of $26 a month for my access to an AV rated law firm. Various states Attorney Generals have relationships with us, all positive. Pre-Paid Legal in my opinion is exactly what EVERY consumer needs to protect them from predators and predatory companies who ignore their legal responsibilities. Who am I? Just another schnook as far as gigantic companies are concerned; they ignore my calls and letters. They feel as though they don't have to live up to their contracts. Not being a lawyer, I don't know what law are involved when a company tries to wheedle its way out of legal contracts. But my law firm certainly does and giant companies DO listen when they hear from an attorney. Just thought I'd let you know that there are other ways for people not to have to take it on the chin when MY chin is larger than Jay Leno's. Cordially...Beverly Kurtin; Hurst TX; 817.719.1620
01/11/2005  I just received the following message, which was confusing. When I clicked on the URL re drug safety, what came up was your website on wireless communication. Then I tried the next URL and did get one on _federal_ drug trials, and I was able to go from there to the page on state trials. However, when I went back to click on the URLs again in preparation to sending them on to friends, and I wanted to get the right one, all that came up was the one on wireless communications - ??????????????? Happy New Year! This new year we expect to see To launch our new year of consumer reform, we especially need your help to get a prescription drug safety bill filed in Ohio. Prescription drug studies will be safer for their human subjects and produce better information for doctors and patients if every study is listed in a public registry and the results publicly reported. If you have not already written to Ohio legislators asking them to support this proposal, please do so. State legislatures move quickly, and the time to get new bills filed is now. Click here to email your representatives. If you forward this email to a friend and they also take action, you will earn more points! In each action email you receive this year, we will report your new point total. Thanks again for all your work in 2004 and for all your help in 2005. Sincerely, Minerva Novoa Consumers Union 1535 Mission St. San Francisco, CA 94103
05/18/2005  Dear People: I am writing about my long history of trouble, first with AT&T Wireless account 859-250763422, then with Cingular account 250763422, when Cingular bought out AT&T. The phone number was 216-225-5443. I previously registered a complaint regarding the terrible service I have gotten in the last six years from these two companies, but thought I had solved the problem. Not so. The incompetence continues. I had asked a Cingular service rep when my contract expired, which was March 12, 2005, and was told I would have to cancel on that specific date - which is ridiculous - but I did cancel on that day - and felt relieved of a mighty burden. In early May, I received a bill for two month's service after that date. I called and was told they had no record of a cancellation. Why was I not surprised? The rep told me he could cancel as of that day, but not "retroactively." I went ballistic, and he finally agreed to wipe out the charges. But at this point, for obvious reasons, I'm not confident that the bill was expunged. Though I have received no responses to the three letters I have written Cingular since it took over AT&T, I started to write another letter on this latest outrage so I have a paper trail. While I was writing, the mail came, containing two identical letters from Cingular, dated May 4, dunning me for the unpaid bill. They can't answer my letters but they can send me two letters demanding money. I have learned that my experience is hardly unusual. The Cleveland Plain Dealer recently had a column by Cheryl Harris, who writes about consumer issues. ( She reported that in 2004, the FCC got more complaints about AT&T and Cingular than any other company, and that so many complaints had been made in 32 states regarding bad service from cell phone companies, that they were forced to sign agreements to change their behavior - though complaints about Cingular continued to roll in even after they'd signed. 1,624 people have complained to Ohio's attorney general about wireless companies since January 2003; of those, 265 complaints concerned Cingular. A Cingular spokeswoman said her company "doesn't talk about its customer service." No wonder - there isn't any. However, the article also indicates that the FCC tends to side with the industry - as it did with the media companies who want to monopolize the public airways. There is no concept of service with these companies - the emphasis was always on selling me a new phone, a new battery, a new contract, while any help I got in dealing with my problems was minimal at best, and short-lived. I will try to do a brief re-cap below. I decided to get a cell phone in 1998 or 1999 solely for use in case of emergency if my car broke down. I chose the most basic, least expensive service I could find, which was with AT&T. All I did was routinely check the phone and recharge - within a year it wasn't charging. "Service" told me I needed a new expensive battery, which made no sense, considering the use. Within a year or so, I was having more problems, and was told I needed a new phone. With the new phone, neither I nor the party I was calling could hear each other! The rep told me I must be in a bad signal area and to "get in the car and drive around till I got a signal." How convenient. My son-in-law had no problem with his phone. Next rep told me there was no problem with the signals in my area, that I must need a new phone - so they replaced it. As I rarely use the phone, I am not always aware of problems that arise, but my son-in-law borrowed it for about a week and said he sure could understand why I hated it - he kept getting cut off in the middle of calls! I got no satisfaction from calling "customer service," but happened to spot an AT&T Wireless store and marched in there. (I had no idea such places existed and no rep ever told me.) The clerk was very nice and said the phone had gotten "deprogrammed," though he could not tell me how, and he stood there at the computer and reprogrammed it. But within a short time, the problem resumed - when I needed it for an emergency. I went to the store again, and this time got a very surly clerk who was only interested in selling me a new phone - I insisted he reprogram it - he did something, but the problem resumed shortly thereafter. When I called "service," they told me they could reprogram it from there! - which no one had offered before. Then Cingular took over, and when I called about the phone cutting off again, the rep told me I had to keep it on all the time and recharge every 2-3 days after it had run down entirely (I have received at least 7 different and conflicting instructions on charging, some conflicting with the phone manual, and I'm told to "ignore the manual.") My son-in-law laughs uproariously at some of the "advice" I've been given. Anyway, I followed her instructions - and the phone stopped taking a charge! Called Cingular and was again told I needed a new phone, that my phone was "old" because it was more than a year old! THEN, she told me that if I got a new phone, I would have to get a new contract, which would cost $10 more per month. When Cingular took over, I was assured that they would honor my basic contract at the original charge in perpetuity - but they had this nice little loophole. She said maybe I could find an old AT&T phone they had in stock, and if so, I could continue the contract. I spent days calling various cell phone companies about testing the phone, new battery, new phone, etc. and got nowhere. I called "service" again and miracle of miracles got someone who was actually helpful!! She told me the appropriate plan for my needs was not to have a contract but to get prepaid minutes. I had told all reps since Day 1 that I only wanted the phone for emergency use, and no one had ever mentioned this option, even though both companies have that plan. I was overjoyed! But clearly, one doesn't get rid of Cingular that easily. During all this time, I have written letters to the CEOs of both companies registering my complaints. I learned long ago that when you don't get satisfaction from customer service, you go to the top. Not any more - these "communication" companies are not interested in communication. Over the duration of this contract, I have written three letters to the AT&T CEO, one to Nokia, maker of my phone, and three to Cingular. I received exactly one response - to the first letter to AT&T - in the form of a call from a service rep, which was the same as no response, as I have gotten very little help from service reps. . At this point, I want to make sure the contract is ended, and I owe them nothing. I do not think I should be required to pay for February either, which was when the phone stopped charging, especially considering the years of hassle I've had with them, the time I've spent on the phone or writing letters trying to resolve the difficulties, and to no avail - they call it "emotional stress," and this situation has given me a ton of it There needs to be a great deal more regulation and oversight of phone companies of all types. Their behavior and practices are way beyond the pale. The public was promised much better service and lower cost with deregulation, but that was a huge pack of lies. Consumers were hassled and abused by constant telemarketing from these companies until public outrage finally stopped it, then by "slamming," which I have experienced. The companies are constantly changing the conditions of their plans, merging and changing everything, sneaking in extra costs. They are not interested in providing service; they only want to sell products. I have had trouble alerting repair service to a problem on the line because I didn't know what carrier the person I was calling used. I learned the hard way not to accept collect calls. My son called collect once; we spoke for about a minute and I got a bill for $9.00! I was informed that the carrier service for pay phones can be run by small companies which can pretty well charge what they please. There was an expose of Ameritech in one of the local papers a few years ago, in which a service representative reported that he and his colleagues were given a pep talk every morning about pushing new products and services. Not making a sale was a black mark, so when reps realized they weren't going to make a sale, they would switch the customer to another rep and keep passing the person off that way - something I've definitely experienced. The supervisor would stand over them at times, urging, "sell, sell!" There is clearly something vastly wrong with such a system. It's a jungle out there for the consumer. We are being abused, and it is the FCC's responsibility to clean up this mess. I, and everyone I've spoken with, long for the good old days with Ma Bell. Phone service should be a carefully regulated monopoly, not a privatized, free-for-all cuthroat competition where customers are the last concern. We are in the process of moving. My address and phone number until May 31 Wanda S. Ballentine 1195 Sylvania Rd. Cleveland Heights, OH 44121 216-691-9818 As of June 6, I will be at 1359 Chatterton Ct. Eagan, MN 55123-1482 (651) 688-3102 or
08/30/2007  I feel that Rupert Murdoch owning and controlling A GREAT MANY BROADCAST AND CABLE Channels has been placed in a position to create a reality f\of his own chosing for many of his TV viewers; a reaity that, sometimes, has little or no resmblance to the physical reality outside Rupert Murdock's TV fantasy (sometimes spelled "lies") This constitutes a great danger to the health of this nation. His ability, now that he has bought the Wall Street Journal to skew that powerful print medium promises further mischief.
04/16/2005  Only those who pay for access can get full Consumer's Report articles on-line. Shouldn't those who create music recordings be entitled to similar practice. If I scaned issues of CR and posted them online would CU take action? If not tell me so. Peer to Peer Ratings?
01/19/2005  I was responding to an alert from Consumers Union in regard to hidden phone fees. After I filled out the onscreen form and clicked the "SEND" button I was then taken to a screen on your website where I could send an alert to a friend. There was no indication that my message had been sent. The only option was to select "SEND" without filling out the screen. Where upon I was thanked for ending an email to my friend. Even though I had not filled out the to field. My concern is whether or not my original message was sent. Allen Taylor
10/27/2009  I just finished reading your article on Network Neutrality. I believe that it is both too simplistic and very one-sided. While it is true that there is the potential for abuse by network providers based on political, ideological or other reasone, there are, also many good reasons not to implement network neutrality as described by the FCC. The most basic reason for having the ability to regulate traffic is that network providers have only a finite amount of bandwidth. If they are not allowed to regulate the use of the network, a few high-demand users could dominate network segments, effectively turning them off for all other users. In addition, as more users turn to VoIP, the ability to provide good response for the relatively low volume but time sensitive data of phone conversations would not exist. There are lots of reasons to monitor the behavior of service providers and require them to describe in detail the measures they use to control and protect their portion of the internet. However, I believe that Network Neutrality as it is currently being put forth will not provide better service and will act as a disinsentive to new and better uses of the internet as well as increased network capacity.
09/22/2009  I would like to thank you. I contacted you about T-mobile charging $1.50 to receive a paper bill, I was contacted from a T-mobile customer servers person, they will no longer be charging the $1.50 to receive a bill. Thank you Toniann
12/16/2005  I believe in many of the causes you champion and would be much more active in my support if I were not locked into sending a form letter with only a small section set aside for personalization. I seem to remember a time when letters could be fully personalized; is it possible to return to that format?
10/26/2005  Your message would be more effective if you used the appropriate diction. In the following sentence, the correct word choice is "than," not "then." "While it may seem like there are more television channels, radio stations, and Internet choices then ever, if you look closely, you will find that much of the entertainment, news and information you get has a certain sameness.
10/25/2005  my new address is 125 North Main Street, #333 Blacksburg, VA 24060 PLEASE UPDATE!
08/21/2006  Let's not let history repeat itself on the consolidation of the media. William Randolph Hearst through his vast ownership of newspapers was able to influence American public opinion. Please read articles on his ownership of newspapers. ED
02/09/2005  I, like many many other people in the USA have hearing loss from various reasons. Not all of us wear hearing aids. I wish to see a review of the VIBRATE ONLY feature on cell phones. Too limited a market? Not so, consider these other professions where a strong, intense, VIBRATE ONLY feature would be a really good choice. I offer the following as examples to show that it is not JUST an accessibility issue but could be marketed to the mainstream as a desired feature they might want too. These include: supervisers and/or employees in home construction sites, welding plants, car manufacturering plants, texile manufacturing plants, furniture makers and refinishers, food production factories, jack hammers. Or what about the EMT personnel inside an ambulance needing to recive a call from a doctor or a hospital with the sirens going off, Stop at the scene of a raging fire where there may be sirens on at full blast, loud voices, and other loud equipment going off. Stop by a place of worship and enjoy the serenity of the quiet, but you are needing to get THAT call. Then there are the ministers and other personnel that work for the place of worship who too need to stay connected at all times in order to best serve their congregation. I have contacted many different people and organizations trying to see who will finally do a review on the vibrate only feature. I have devised my only test for this function and would be glad to tell you that the test materials needed are very, very inexpensive. Interested to know how to run such a test? Contact me and I will gladly tell you.
07/28/2009  Where can I find help to choose an antenna for TV in Montrose, CO 81403. I tried a multi-directional dish type antenna from Radio Shack but it only gets 7 channels and one of them is Telemundo. Thanks, Jody Forsyth
01/20/2005  Tried to send your petition re phone bills, but it kept asking me to complete my address, which WAS complete. Thought you would want to know about this glitch. MK
02/10/2005  kindly remove my address from your list thanks!
03/06/2008  Your website won't let me send my message.
05/03/2005  The bill concerning high speed internet service availability may have done better had you sent it to the public before the day it was being voted on. Even if EVERY person invited to respond had done so on the same day they received the information, do you think our representatives would have the support in time to act. I really doubt it. Richard
03/06/2008  while at>>>> I filled out the form but when I clicked submit, nothing would ever happen. It just sat there. NOT ABLE TO DELIVER MY >>This is my cell network complaint
02/04/2009  I am a member of Consumers Union and think our position on the DTV transition is wrong. We've been inundated with messages about this change for the past 1-1/2 to 2 years. Viewers have had ample time to make changes in their television hardware and those of us that have, shouldn't be penalized. If there is someone in my area that needs help with a converter, etc. let me know, I'd be more than happy to assist them. Let's not stop progress.
10/29/2007  I receive newsletters from you on issues that need to be addressed by Congress,etc. I received a letter that was blocked in my inbox at The title was "The Spooky Truth About Credit Cards" from Consumers Union. From: Consumers Union( This Message has been blocked for your safety. Did you send this or is this a scam to download a virus?
04/21/2006  Why is there no alert to demand the media newspapers and newscasters in this country also tell the truth. They were caught in over 5,000 lies to the American public last year alone. So many lies that the Media Research center had to narrow their choices down 3 different times just to choose the winners. In every poll on the internnet only 10 to 11 percent of the American population believes what the American media is putting out to the public. From any news outlet. Republican or Democratic. This lets us know there are some serious flaws in their reporting. We should be receiving Bi-Partisan news reports, without their political views. Just the truth I think that is the place to start. You can't demand the President not promote himself or his news, yet not also hold all other media outlets to the same standards.
02/01/2011  Regarding the recent petition about wireless company overcharges, here is what I added to the message: "If your land-line phone company started charging you for calls you RECEIVE, would you consider this OK? Why are the wireless companies allowed to do this? This is one of the LARGEST overcharges they are guilty of!" I'd sure like to see the wireless, ISP, and cable TV companies regulated as the utilities that they most certainly are! Sincerely, Sanford Brown Covington, GA
06/15/2005  I understand that if you check the "remember me" box, that I should be remembered.... I am wondering why each time I respond to your requests for action that I am rewriting all the information each time... Please advise how I can be "remembered" for each cause... Thank you. Harriet
06/15/2005  I understand that if you check the "remember me" box, that I should be remembered.... I am wondering why each time I respond to your requests for action that I am rewriting all the information each time... Please advise how I can be "remembered" for each cause... Thank you. Harriet
06/06/2006  How do you relate to the Consumers Union ACTION Site known as "" which is the "CU Action Site" that has always contacted me for action toward pending legislation?? Have you changed the name? Do I need a "Login" at this site? Is this site for a different purpose? Are one of these two sites bogus?? I see you carry the Consumers Union Identity and so does the the other site, but not in the same way. I also notice your "issues" choices are not in the same catagory, but you BOTH refer to yourselves as CU Action Sites. is a "NET" and you are an "ORG", which today doesn't mean much and they require a login, not associated with any CU magazine subscription. Do I need to contact CU directly to get the answer (Which I WILL DO if needed). What is up??? Charles M Richey (M for Mike)
08/10/2007  The last time CU did a report on CENTRAL AIR CONDITIONERS was in the May 1, 2001 issue. With all the new changes with Puron / Freon as well as the new SEER ratings passed by the government since 2001 how come no one has done an update. I am now in the process of replacing my old unit and tried to get some updated info...NOT A THNG!!! The best I could refer to was 2001 which is obsolete per our government. Being a senior citizen I am really stuck as to which one to get because each place says different good things about their product. York was the bottom of the 2001 repair list while Goodman was just a teeny bit better....Not much in that article about any unit other than repair frequency. Was Goodman just a teeny bit better because it sold more throughout the southern states due to the use of the "heat pump" system where as in the northern states a heat pump is useless! Any help here!!! I don't know where else to go to for this kind of help and I feel CU really let me down again!!!!!
04/26/2007  Have you had any complaints about Comcast randomly switching DVR settings fom HD programs to analog? Comcast simulcasts local programming in analog and HD (ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX). This has happened to me numerous times. Comcast says I'm the only one that's had this problem. This has been an ongoing battle for more than a year. I think they're saving broadband this way? Wish we had "real" competition here. Thanks!
03/06/2008  Nothing happens when I click on the "Send Your Message" button at
12/16/2005  This concerns the message to FCC about protection from abuses by cell phone companies. You state that we should personalize the message, but nearly the entire message is 'hard copy' and cannot be altered. I would like to send a message to the FCC, but would first like to personalize it. Can you send your subscribers a fully changeable message, as you normally do? Thank you. Karl Klonowski
04/01/2005  test
09/20/2006  If you want people to send messages you need to keep thier info so they don't have to type it in every time.
12/31/2010  Suggest you offer Paypal as a donation option. It's easier to use (no form to fill out) and is perceived as more confidential (no personal data to send). I'd support your "$10 tax-deductible donation" if I had a Paypal link option.
10/04/2005  Thank you for your balanced coverage of "Broadband over Power Lines" - or BPL. As a licensed amateur radio operator, I am very concerned about spectrum pollution caused by BPL. BPL has caused serious interference issues in every test installation to date. The problem is real, and impacts amateur radio's ability to provide emergency communications in disasters. Dave Freitag W7KFO
03/29/2007  There's something wrong with your blog. It wouldn't accept my comments about cable tv's pricing methods. It was the first time I have ever made a blog comment. Your system says I've blogged before. Not true.
01/13/2006  You should report on this: og-just-bought-general-wesley.html
01/13/2006  You should report on this: og-just-bought-general-wesley.html
01/13/2006  You should report on this: og-just-bought-general-wesley.html
01/11/2005  I was trying to reply to your e-mail about the loss of Broadband access for cities and your system would nnot accept my zip code 20013. Please correct this.
11/30/2006  Worrisome studies about the effects of cell phone radiation have been done and published outside of this country. (Less corporate interference?) It's scandalous to see how the same cell phone companies--Motorola Nokia,etc. produce cell phones with much lower radiation for Europe (where it's required) than they do for the United States. Just because our government protects the industries instead of the citizens? Most people in the US haven't been made aware that there is an issue. And it's much more serious for children who are now wthe target of cell phone propaganda. Please address these issues. Thank you for all you do. Pat Chaves-Pickett
07/13/2005  I am a pretty new grassroots media activist in Texas. I attended the National Media Reform Conference in St. Louis. I'd like to find out from you about any consumer or media organizations that should be alerted about telecom legislation just introduced in the Texas legislature. I'm hoping for widespread alerts to fellow citizen activists so we make sure this bill is good for consumers and not just SBC and Verizon. I'm enclosing an article from the Austin-American Statesman, which is apparently owned by cable interests that oppose this legislation, according to office staff of State Senator Troy Fraser who is sponsoring the Senate bill. business/stories/07/13TELECOM.html 79th LEGISLATURE: SPECIAL SESSION Lawmakers to tussle over telecom Governor having legislators take up issue again; mayors line up against measure. MORE ON THIS STORY * Texas mayors' letter commenting on proposed legislation affecting city revenues from cable television franchises MORE ON THIS STORY * Complete Legislature coverage By Claudia Grisales AMERICAN-STATESMAN STAFF Wednesday, July 13, 2005 The stage is set for a replay of the big fight over telecommunications reform that led to a stalemate in the regular legislative session. On Tuesday, Gov. Rick Perry added the controversial issue to a growing to-do list for the special session. Within hours, state Sen. Troy Fraser, R-Horseshoe Bay, was trying to line up the votes for legislation that would lift state controls on local phone rates and create a statewide franchise for cable and video providers, a provision fiercely sought by phone companies planning to launch Internet-based television service. Phone giants SBC Communications Inc. and Verizon Communications said they support Fraser's proposals. But Tuesday night, Texas cities and the cable industry were mobilizing against them. The mayors of Austin and six other major Texas cities circulated a strongly worded letter to Fraser saying the legislation, Senate Bill 21, would cost them money by ending local franchise agreements with cable companies and would allow new video providers -- the phone companies -- to offer their service only to affluent neighborhoods. "For the first time in any state in the country, we are considering overriding the prohibitions in the federal cable act against discrimination of low-income areas of a community," the letter said. In the bill, "a new entrant is allowed to serve only the wealthy parts of a city." Stakes high for all The Texas Cable and Telecommunications Association, which represents Time Warner Cable and other cable operators, said the legislation gives unfair advantages to big phone companies. The association noted that SBC and Verizon have made clear that they plan to go ahead with their television plans no matter what the Legislature does and said there's no need to rush on such a complex issue. "These multibillion-dollar companies should not seek special favors from the Texas Legislature," Tom Kinney, chairman of the association and president of Time Warner Cable-Austin, said in a statement Tuesday. The stakes are high for everyone involved. SBC and Verizon are eager to get into the television business to offset declining revenue from their core phone businesses. The cable industry is faced with powerful new rivals that would not be burdened by scores of local franchise agreements. Texas cities count on millions of dollars a year in revenue from cable agreements, as well as valuable extras such as public access channels. Ready to act Under Fraser's proposal, statewide franchise holders still would pay municipalities a fee, but cities say the provision designed to offset in- kind services isn't enough. Perry called the special session only to address school finance but added several other issues once it became clear that a resolution is likely on that issue. He said Tuesday that he added telecom reform so lawmakers can create "a more competitive" market with lower prices. Fraser had anticipated Perry's move and had introduced his legislation and held hearings. But with talks going on late Tuesday among big phone companies, cable and Texas cities, specifics of the legislation could change before it reaches the Senate floor as early as today. Telecom reform was a top business issue last session, but Fraser and his counterpart in the House, Rep. Phil King, couldn't reach consensus on key issues, including how to end local phone rate regulation and the details of the statewide franchise. Reaching consensus In the past few weeks, however, Fraser and King have overcome major disagreements. King, R- Weatherford, said Tuesday that he expects to carry Fraser's bill in the House and called many of the concerns raised by cities and cable companies "red herrings." King said he expects to make only minimal changes to Fraser's proposals. "We will move it on as quickly as we can," King said. "Senator Fraser and I are in total and complete agreement on the bill." Fraser got fast action on another proposal, Senate Bill 20, which more than doubles the state's goal for getting energy from renewable sources. The state would have to generate 5,880 megawatts of energy from sources such as solar or wind power by 2015 and 10,000 watts by 2025. The Senate and the House Committee on Regulated Industries passed the legislation Tuesday. End state controls on local phone rates in midsize and large cities by 2006 and for smaller cities by 2007. Require SBC and other dominant phone companies to reduce the fees they charge rivals for access to their networks to complete long-distance calls by 2008. The phone companies get hundreds of millions of dollars a year from the fees. Authorize the Public Utility Commission to grant statewide franchises for cable and video providers starting in September. Providers would pay 5 percent of gross revenues to cities they serve and 3 percent to the state if they serve unincorporated areas without franchises. Cable companies would have to honor their local franchise agreements until they expired, then could apply for statewide franchises. New providers would pay 1 percent of gross revenues to cities to compensate for the in-kind services that are now part of franchise agreements. Authorize electric utilities to deliver high- speed Internet access over power lines. Customers could hook up to the Internet using any electrical outlet in their house. The technology could make high-speed Internet more available in rural areas. Susan McAfee Raybuck 401 Carney Lane Wimberley, TX 78676-4903 512/847-9815 "The only way to beat organized money is with organized people." ~Saul Alinsky
09/11/2006  In visiting Project Vote-Smart, I had questions for the staff of the website after noticing that Rep. Lamar Smith (TX) had a solid 100 rating under the category for Technology and Communications from the Information Technology Industry Council. I emailed urging them to use a consumer-oriented group's ratings alongside the pro-industry information, and said, Since access to technology and information are such important issues to citizens nationwide, regardless of income, I expected to see ratings by a consumer-oriented group such as Hear Me Now! or Someone unfamiliar with the complex issues surrounding Technology and Communication might consider a Congressman given a 100 for four straight years by the Information Technology Industry Council really good. From my perspective, he isn't representing his constituents or democracy at all well, though he probably is doing a good job of making giant telecom corporations even richer and limiting any source of competition that might threaten their profits. I received a prompt reply (see below): If you are aware of any groups that produce ratings that we are allowed to use (many groups do not let us republish their political work due to their tax-status) please send them to us and we will gladly post them on our website. To the best of my knowledge, the two groups that you mentioned do not produce ratings. We do have other consumer-oriented groups, such as state PIRGs, however they are listed under other headings, such as "social issues" or "government reform" because their mission is not expressly related to the Technology and Communication industry. We are always looking for more groups to add to our database, so please let us know if you have found something that we ought to include. Alina Hoffman Ratings Coordinator Project Vote Smart 406.859.8684 I hope you know of a pro-consumer organization that rates members of Congress on their voting records regarding legislation on this important topic. Please let me know of any such group if it exists.
01/28/2005  The name on the form letters is wrong. It should read Gretchen Schulte not Gretchen Stevens. I must have inadvertently typed the wrong name and I never noticed till I went to send the letter regarding the phone company hidden fees. If there is a way to correct this I would appreciate it. Thank you. Gretchen Schulte
01/26/2005  I have written before w/no answer?? I have complained to the FCC, the Attorney general of CA with no answer from anyone?? Why should we be paying for dropped calls to Cingular (which I have)or any other company?? Albert Grossman
06/09/2006  I attempted to take your survey but all that came up on my computer screen was a blank page with back and forward arrows. No content visible. Not possible to participate if this is what I have to work with. Blaine Wollan
02/05/2006  Hello! Checking my mail I must accidently access web site "Movie Land". I can't delete their annoing reminder of a payment I suppose to owe. I consider this site a predatory as I do those who sent unwanted faxes. What should I do?
03/23/2005  Why are searches so hard? Last fall you put out an alert about a new banking law allowing electronic substitute checks. This is a very hot subject with me. Banks have far too much license to charge fees for overdrafts, and disguising them as "penalties". It is extreme conflict of interest to discourage them from legitimate loans. Is there any activity to bring the banks to accountability on this subject? Now is the time to strike while corporate governance, Fannie Mae, identity theft, and other financial issues are in the mainstream. Thank you for your interest and reply.
02/08/2005  I read with interest your articles about "cell hell". Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any solution given. Are we all just stuck there? With mergers we are even more stuck. I for one have a plan with AT&T in which we have 1000 shared minutes for $39.95. Where can one get such a deal now? No place. I can only use my phone outside my house. When it's cold I bundle up so I can talk. What a way to treat customers. I have sent complaints to the FCC and they do nothing. Big businesses with money can buy votes in their favor. So much for the American way of life and liberty. So I'm stuck and all I can do is complain. It's not worth wasting my time anymore. I'll just stick it out in hopes the service improves so I can use my phone inside my house and make them pay for giving me 1000 minutes for the $39.95 a month when they are charging other twice that much right now. Hope Consumers Union and Consumer Reports can do something, but so far it looks like you stuck too, just reporting on the problem to bring them to light.
01/27/2011  I just read a piece about cell phones and going wireless. I may be misinformed but it mentioned Cingular as the owner of AT&T. I thought Cingular was a dead company when the cell phone company changed from Cingular back to AT&T ? Suggestion: Please put a date on these posting so one will know if this is a current issue or a past issue. Thank You !
03/30/2007  For more information on indecent programming, and the FCC's role in promoting it, read this article by Peggy Charren of Action for Children's Television and Jonathan Rintels of the Center for Creative Voices in the Media. Howdy! I wanted to read this article by Peggy Charren and clicked on the link (the word "article"). I got an error about the web address being incorrect. Looking at the address in the URL window, I noticed that there is a typo: http://www.mediachanne.lorg/views/dissector/affalert298.shtml Your webmaster needs to correct the link to read: Here is another error: Open Access and Content .....That this fact might be threatened seems might seem like a stretch. That sentence should read: That this fact might be threatened seems like a stretch. or That this fact might be threatened might seem like a stretch. The first correction reads better than the second one. Would you be interested in a work-at-home proofreader? The work that Consumers Union does is professional. The website should reflect that professionalism. Thanks! Laura Middleton
04/30/2005  We purchased an auto club cellular about 6 years ago. Service is provided by Bell South Mobility or Cingular. We do not use it very often but keep it in the car just incase we need to make a call. We do not use it once we leave the area because of roaming charges. My daughter tells me it's time to update with a new phone and service. The cell phone we have is an Audiovox and very durable. Do I discard this phone? How do you feel about this? Someone mentioned Virgin Mobile because we use it so seldom and it calls for a prepaid card, which sounds interesting to me. Any suggestions? Thank you, Martha
12/13/2004  User Provided No Response
08/17/2006  With all due respect and appreciation for the hard work and emotional investment that all of the staff at CU makes, I would offer the following as it relates to your propsed email communication about the FCC hearings: Persuasive communication is based on a well- formed outcome statement. A well-formed outcome statement is always expressed in positive terms and doable, observable chunks. For example: "We the public are best served when we are fully informed. We approach the state of being fully informed when we are able to get information from as many independent sources as possible. This principle is embodied in law at the SEC which prohibits insider trading. If the flow of information is controlled by an elite few, then basic, personal, life-changing decisions get made by people based on data that the elite want the public to have, while the elite who are privvy to more complete information have a tremendous advantage over the public. The FCC's role is to PROMOTE the collection and dissemination of information from sources that NEVER agree with one another. This is the creative tension upon which the highest ideals of our Republic is based" Please remember that when someone says: "Don't think of a dancing white bear" that the mind must first think of the bear in order to make sense of the sentence.
03/10/2006  Dear Folks, Two suggestions if I may. 1. How about having your web site "remembering" subscribers names, addresses, etc., as opposed to having to type in the above information each time I desire to send one of your on-line faxes. 2. How about providing a blank box at the bottom of your "faxes" to al- low additional comments to the recipient of said faxes from your subscribers. A case in point is the most recent fax to the FCC re: 'a la carte' cable packaging/programming. I would love to be able to add my "two cents worth." I'm a 63 year old individual that doesn't need MTV or the Car- toon Network or diverse cultural programming that is of absolutely zero interest to me, yet I'm forced to have these programs added to my cable programming which obviously increases my cost. Thank you. Bud Mulqueeney Quincy, MA. 02170-1938
01/05/2005  Your Feb. report on microwaves left a big hole. When we built our home 7 years ago, we had to select a built in microwave (over the oven). CU gave no help then and no help in your latest article. Where should we go if we want to replace ours? Also, have you rated heat pumps? -- especially for reliability and longevity? These cost much more than TVs and don't last as long
05/01/2007  I recently started listening to some of iTunes' radio stations and they're running commercials on the stations about going to because "The future of Internet radio is in immediate danger. Royalty rates for webcasters have been drastically increased by a recent ruling and are due to go into effect on May 15 (retroactive to Jan 1, 2006!). If the increased rates remain unchanged, the majority of webcasters will go bankrupt and silent on this date." I often participate in the "Take Action" campaigns to ask my representative to support issues I believe are important whether they affect me directly or not. I don't remember seeing anything from regarding this atrocity! I was wondering what your thoughts were on this and if you might send out an email to other Consumers Union so that they can also ask their representative to save internet radio. Thanks!
05/31/2005  I am having a contract problem with my cellular phone Co. They go by the name of: "Discount Cellular" I could not find that name on your list of cellular companies. Are they affiliated with another company? Thanks, Jerry Fricke
02/03/2009  I disagree with you on this Item, the most it will cost any body who applies for the rebate cards is the tax on $40.00. Try one of the converter boxes on any anlog TV it makes a difference.
09/28/2006  I first began reading Consumers' Report while in college in 1958. Then, and now, I was (and am) inspired by your advocacy. Do you have "Hear It Now" plans to advocate for safer, healthier food? For example, American farmers should be required to adopt the rules of chicken farming utilized in Europe - where chicken houses are sterilized once a year - thereby eliminating the need for excessive drugs to prevent disease in poultry. Keep up the good work - but expand it!
02/19/2005  I attempted to send a message in support of community internet access unhampered by attempts to limit trhis to a few companies who might prefer to cherry pick the more profitable areas they wish to serve and put roadblocks in the way of communities off their focus areas. PROBLEM --- As best I could see it, there was no way to personalize the message. Try though I might the message stayed "Unpersonalozed." WORSE PROBLEM --- I would have appreciated your site giving me a list of names and addresses in my state where i could direct my message. With all the thought put into your very fine website --- it should give the user a suggested list of legislators to which the email could be sent. These should be legislators who are in a position to have a say in the issues addressed. Regards, Don Johnson
10/31/2005  Why have I not heard anymore regarding the $148 million dollar settelment with Cingular. I call my sub carieer and I'll have to buy a new GSM phone to replace my TDMA phone. This is effecting 3.5 million prepaid customers. Why have I not seen anything on your site? Peter
12/22/2004  I am writing all those who commented to the OCC and FRB request for comment in regards to Bounce Protection programs at bank. I read your's and it was quite comprehensive and to the point. I am letting everyone know that Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) has introduced HR 5410 "Consumer Checking Account Fairness Atc" which is cosponosred by 8 other Representatives. I feel it is extremely important that we take this opportunity to write to Rep. Maloney and the others as well as our other Congress members to get some type of legislation to address these deceptive banking practices and other outrageous banking fees that are hurting the core of Americans. I am asking for your assistance in passing this along to other organizations. I have created a website addressing bank fees and bounce protection programs. There is also links there to write the Representatives. In the forum, there are various complaints I have gathered from across the Interent. Thank you for you time, Debbie Hagan
03/06/2008  When I use your Web site to send messages to my lawmakers I get the wrong US Representative. I believe that this is because my Zip code is connected with Williamson County, TX, while I actually live in Travis County, TX. The Zip code is associated with the location of my post office, not my residence, so I get all kinds of confusing results. For example, Social Security insists that I go to their office in Williamson County, about a 2 hr round trip drive from my home and office. Their Travis County office is only a half hour round trip from my office location!
06/15/2005  I think that there should be a nationwide law against using cell phones in moving vehicles. I have written to my representatives, but I don't know how much good it did. Nobody is that important that they can't wait to pull over and stop before answering the phone.
08/17/2006  I would be glad to send the letters you advocate sending, but I don't know who "the decision makers" are for me. I am that ignorant. I have no clue as to who I need to send them to. Sincerely, Laura Munoz
10/05/2006  it gets annoying to have to type in all of our information everytime we send an email on CU?s behalf. other websites automatically enter all information to make it easier. how about it?
03/25/2008  While I support the majority of the issues that CU speaks out on I disagree with their opposition to the XM Sirius merger. I have subscribed to XM for almost 3 years using a xm2go receiver and last year when I purchased a new car I activated the XM radio. At the present time both XM and Sirius are operating at a loss and I feel that the merger is the only way they will survive in the long run. I feel opposition to the merger by other media companies is their belief that they will fail thereby reducing competition.
02/11/2005  After sending my Congressman the message to support community wireless networks he sent me the following message: Dear John: Thank you for contacting me. I depend heavily upon the Internet and e-mail services, and I know its value. I am interested in your proposal, but I must admit that I do not know a great deal about the technology that would permit such a community- or state-wide service. I would like to talk to you more about this issue. I will call you, if you will provide me with your telephone number(s). Thanks! Raymond Finney Senator, Eighth Senatorial District (Sevier and Blount Counties) Frankly, I know nothing about this kind of technology. Do you know of any sites or other information I could send to Mr. Finney in order to help him (and I) understand this better? Who would be setting up these "community networks"? How would they do it? How would it be funded? Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, John M. Stewart 107 South Blvd. Sevierville, TN 37862
03/06/2008  Your SEND button on your telecommunications site is not working. It does not send.
01/11/2005  If you want me to support your wireless network cause, you have to explain to me why it won't be more expensive than what the cable companies desire. At the moment, the legislators seem to be convinced that the public will have to pay through the nose in order to achieve wireless community networks. There are at least 3 communities now operating with wireless networks in MN, and two are forging ahead. Where's the state disincentive to go forward? Stan Hooper
01/19/2009  Please unsubscribe from your web site. Thank you.
06/01/2005  You should have a way to contact the people who have written complaints. I have a way to help the guy who couldn't get his iTunes songs onto a non-iPod MP3 player and it would be nice if I could email him with my "work-around".
06/02/2005  I want to contact the local (Austin) or state (TX) organization affiliated with CU, which needs a copyeditor. Unfortunately, this is the only feedback link I found.
03/22/2005  It is comendable that you take on consumer issues at the State of Texas level. One of the biggest "consumer" issue that take money away from consumers is taxes. Why are you not addressing and supporting a 3 annual percent cap on increased taxes due to appraisal increases? The increases of 10 percent a year is is driving many out of their homes, especially those of us struggling to keep afloat. If local politicians and school board members need more money to operate, why not require them to pubicly vote for higher rates? When you support this issue I will support many of the other consumer issues you are trying to influence. I would appreciate a specific reply. Jim Thatcher
03/22/2005  It is comendable that you take on consumer issues at the State of Texas level. One of the biggest "consumer" issue that take money away from consumers is taxes. Why are you not addressing and supporting a 3 annual percent cap on increased taxes due to appraisal increases? The increases of 10 percent a year is is driving many out of their homes, especially those of us struggling to keep afloat. If local politicians and school board members need more money to operate, why not require them to pubicly vote for higher rates? When you support this issue I will support many of the other consumer issues you are trying to influence. I would appreciate a specific reply. Jim Thatcher
03/06/2008  how do I modify the message before sending?
03/06/2008  I tried sending messages re: cellular service via your website, but the submit button didn't work despite repeated attempts to use it.
05/02/2005  Thanks for your alert on Florida's pending HB 1325. Good work - even if the alert came very late. Is there a way you can alert us sooner ? Helen and Dan Hillen
12/15/2005  There's a typographical error in the last paragraph of the e-mail regarding the cell phone issue. I would like it corrected before I send it.
12/15/2005  There is a typographical error in the last paragraph of the Congressional e-mail regarding the cell phone issue. I would like it corrected before I send it. Thanks.
11/30/2006  Just to let you know I have been with Verizon Wireless for over 10 years (previous to Verizon I was with the companies they purchased). I have been so happy with my service that I was even able to convince my daughter (who used to work with one of Verizon's competitors) to change 6 years ago, we are all very happy with Verizon. I have never been billed for something I did not expect and I do sign up for 2 year intervals, the experience has been so good I have no reason to change. I am a snow bird and used to travel the entire US in my job. THey ave always been reliable and are there when I need them. I have no complaints, only compliments for Verizon.
04/28/2005  Is there anyway to email more friends after I've sent the message without having to send the same message again? Thanks, Patrick.
02/04/2009  You have my state congressional representative listed as being Mike Turner. I am in the 2nd Ohio congressional district, and Jean Schmidt is my representative. So today when I sent an email regarding the digital TV issue, it went to the wrong representative. Thank you for looking into this.
03/06/2008  I am trying to send my email response regarding the Cell Phone companies' lock on consumers, through the links provided in the email I received today. I have filled out the form - via three different links provided in the email - and each time I click on the "Send Your Message" button, nothing happens. It appears to "bounce" when I click on it with the mouse, but it doesn't actually do anything, and the message doesn't get sent. Is there a malfunction with the link, or a problem with the system? My computer is configured to allow popups with your sites, so I don't think that is the issue. I really would like to send this message out - is there a way to make it work? Shari Davenport
12/01/2006  If you want my continued support for your "Take Action" projects _ DUMP THE SPANISH.
12/15/2005  The work you are doing on cable rates is great but I really cannot understand why you do not recognize the satellite providers as very large players in the rate increase game? Why not collect data from all video providers?
01/31/2008  Will CR evaluate digital to analog TV converter boxes? Is there a qualitative and/or functional difference from one manufacturer to another? The government website still lists NO retailers within 50 miles of my home.
03/03/2005  I noted with interest your article concerning consumer problems with telecommunications. Our problem here in Colorado is US West/Qwest which seems to enjoy legislative protection at the highest levels of the US Government. Typing/FAX'ing all the information I could possibly provide would be tedious. Is there a phone number I might have have with which I could speak with an interested party ? Bill Hoffman Longmont, Colo.
03/06/2008  Hi, I just tried submitting the cell phone e-mail form and nothing happened. It just sat there. Thanks, Maude
03/01/2006  Dear Consumers' Union: I strongly DISAGREE with your campaigne for a la carte cable TV. The channels I watch are probably some of the less-watched ones. If people opt out of automatically carrying them, they may go out of business, and then we're all stuck with the lowest-common-denominator channels. You are doing us all a great disservice for a small reduction in our cable bills. Shame on you. Lou Lawson
03/02/2005  I just tried to change carriers... and Verizon, is asking for my social security number even though I am not asking for credit and will pay a month in advance for phone service. The social security number is to check my credit. Why must I give my SS number to get a cell phone? Verizon cannot answer that basic question. Ken Roth
03/06/2008  Tried to help by sending cell phone email. "Send Message" Didn't. Wasted my time.
03/06/2008  One improvement for filling out information in order to send action-emails, would be to get rid of the drop-down "State" section of the address. It takes way longer to scroll through these than to simply type in "NY".
01/01/2009  Please unsubscribe me from this "Hear Us Now" blog. I don't have the time anymore. Thanks, Steve Schulek
04/10/2007  i am very upset. this is the first time that i attempted to post a comment on your site. i get a message that my post was refused because i was an abusive or malicious poster!!! thanks a lot.
12/12/2009  I deal with VERIZON for everything - cell, land and DSL - Recently got a call for extending the cell contract. NEW cell supposedly was $50 - I ordered the car charger (approx $24). Was told I had to put in for a $50 REBATE - and then the phone would be FREE. I received the $50 REBATE - so, imagine my surprise when I was CHARGED $50 in this Month's bill. The "representative" talked some DOUBLE TALK - I finally told him that IF VERIZON was going to charge me $50 anyway - FORGET THE REBATE HASSLE. Am I seeing this WRONG? OR, has VERIZON done a SWITCH AND BAIT deal? Thank You. A LOYAL FAN - Becky Gemmill, Deltaville, VA 23043
06/12/2005  My complaint is that I can hardly ever get a live body to try to settle a problem for a bill or a purchase. It happens with all kinds of companies. If I want to check on an order I made, I get a computer message. It claims it can understand voice messages, but I have to scream my one-word answer 6 times before I give up. I will never order anything again from them. Is there any way you can get a general message out that companies that use computer communications will definitely LOSE customers? Thanks PS - Also thanks for you explanation about your privacy system. I appreciate it now and will be more patient. Dorian
11/03/2005  Just endured the Tower video. What a crock! I really think this is a NON-ISSUE! With the Internet, we have numerous sources for getting the news and the truth. TV and radio and newsprint and MAGAZINES are never again going to be the main source of information. They will continue to do what they do best... ENTERTAIN WHILE DELIVERING HEAVY DOSES OF ADVERTIZING!! Under the guise of delivering unbiased information, the old media churned out copious amounts of supposed objective truth. The masses listened and believed, but no more. Every day the ears of the masses are becoming tuned to discern bias and we are getting better and better at it. The old media can no long tell you what to think. They are reduced to telling us what THEY think and that's all. The emperor media have no clothes. Eventually, they will figure this out as the laughter becomes deafening and the naked truth is seen by all. Stop trying to prop up the mythical notion that we ever have had objective media. William Coultas, Olympia WA
03/06/2008  Re Cell phone problem, the link to send does not work
01/11/2005  Thanks for trying. Better to urge consumers to boycott companies that do not meet expectations. I have contacted many companies that I have done business with, and for the most part they could not care less. You tell them you are not buying from them, and even if it is thousands of dollars, they do not care. The problem is there are TOO DAMN MANY PEOPLE in this country to fleece. The only thing they understand is DOLLARS leaving. It does no good to tell them you are not buying, you must order something, and before transaction is complete, CANCEL IT!!! Dollars in the hand, now jerked away. Tell them why. Do anything you can to cut their market share. Most CEO's are unindited criminals, defrauding consumers, defrauding the taxing authorities. The biggest crime in this country is robbing banks, not ripping off millions of consumers. The government enables consumer fraud to generate campaign contributions, which fund massive propaganda campaigns to convince people to return the same criminals to office to enable the same people to do it some more.
02/28/2006  I sent this letter and will forward the link as I too feel strongly about this -- that we should be able finally to exert some power with our choices over what is foisted as entertainment or information. But some questions please: Why does this so exclusively focus on cable when it is the same problem and no choice and accelerating costs to those of us in rural areas without access to cable and dependent on the DISH/Direct conglomerate? Just addressing cable is no solution. Why nothing to address the ridiculous number of commercials (every 6-7 minutes) and 9-12 minutes at the top of the hour on most channels. Often the same commercial is aired several times in the hour, and we put up with this on TV we now have to PAY to access??? The collect from both the wealthy advertisers AND the targets?? How about requiring at least more commercial-free channels? There is alot of inappropriate use of this enormous power of the airwaves here to address. Lets get a little more focused.
04/04/2005  Two of us use the same email address. One of us sent an action notice (due to your recent alert) to be forwarded to our legislative representatives. The other of us tried to send a notice, but, after filling in the pertinent info, received a message that he had already sent one, even though he had not. It was I who had sent one, in my name. Why cannot both of us send notices to our legislators, just because we share the same email address?
10/26/2005  Regarding the new animation "The Tower". I see no possibility that this action though valid in it's concer, will bring me to a position of the kind of information I need to succeed as a human today. I understand that certain individuals are using the media to promote their agenda and that is the very reason I don't get my information from the mainstream media "Tower" industry. Let them consolidate their media into a narrow band of truth, they don't control the truth nor my mind. My mind, educated and cultivated to percieve such tricks reacts to them accordingly. It is the mind that percieves the information that is the real informer. All the minds in America either accept or reject narrow information. Why focus on the information, focus on the minds that digest it and you have no problems because a healthy mind doesn't buy crap, and the media is full of crap today, who cares who owns the crap or how consolodated it is? I don't buy it, it doesn't sell with me, and I am no genius, just a woman who chose to inform herself and look beyond her brainwashing. This did not occur through media endeavors it occured through my dedication to understand. thank you Dea Anna McConnell
06/10/2008  I'm not sure my petition comment was received. I hit "send" but did not get a change in the screen to indicate it happened.
06/10/2008  I'm not sure my petition comment was received. I hit "send" but did not get a change in the screen to indicate it happened.
01/18/2005  Dear Consumers Union consumer action administrator: Over the past couple months I have taken several actions through CU's consumer activist site. I am grateful for the simple way that CU provides to me to make a difference. I also wanted to say that I am disappointed in the quality of the default statements that are provided. I am referring to the text that gets sent to my representatives, the FCC, etc.--in particular the default text that is provided in the text box when the action web page loads. Please allow me to point out some of the aspects of the default statements that are not as professional, formal, or proper as I think they should be. Making assumptions about me: The current "hidden phone fees" action begins: "... so I can truly compare prices of phone services." In fact I am not interested in comparing prices of phone services myself. I am taking action on this issue because I would like my phone bill to be clearer, and because I think *other* people should be able to compare prices. I feel that the default statement should be worded so as to make as few assumptions as possible about why this issue is important to me. Informal tone: For instance, the second paragraph of the default "hidden phone fees" statement begins by saying that I am "annoyed ... and frustrated." This may simply be my personal preference, but I prefer to state *why* I am annoyed, rather than simply relay my emotion. I changed my own statement to read, "I feel that a long list of obscure charges makes my phone bill confusing." That seems to me to be more factual and convincing than a statement of annoyance. Another example of phraseology that I feel should be more formal is: "... less than the amount of the check I have to write each month to pay the bill." Why mention paying bills? It would be more formal and also less verbose to simply say, "... less than the actual cost." Speaking for others: The nature of a personal letter to one's governmental representative is such that I speak only for myself. I cannot claim to be writing on behalf of others. Statements such as "Many consumers feel as I do" are out of place in these action letters. These are only the examples from the issue on which I took action today. I have had the same feeling about previous CU consumer actions. If the administrator of these CU consumer actions could find a more experienced editor to craft the default statements, I believe these action letters could have a greater effect. The default statement is important because I suspect most people do not modify it. At the very least, a more professional default statement would make CU consumer actions seem more credible, if not to the recipient then at least to participants such as myself, and perhaps CU would seem more professional as well. I read Consumer Reports, and I've read some of CU's official advocacy letters, and they are all very professional. I would like to see these CU consumer actions attain the same caliber. Sincerely, Nathan Kropp Hillsboro, Oregon
02/03/2009  I have read that these type of petitions go nowhere. Is that a fact? I also was told that they are also the cause of people like me getting more spam. Is that true? I believe in what it says, but how effective is it?
10/31/2007  Your "Title" box should also include the selection of "Mr. and Mrs."
03/06/2008  for the first time i received an advertisement as a text msg on my cell phone i am worried that this will become a trend and will have to shut off text option. i called verizon wireless and they said they put a premium block at no charge but doesnt guarantee it will stop them especially if it comes from a website. thanks, james ford
03/03/2005  Very nice job on the "phone tips" pages! I thought you might like a heads-up on some typos: Under - Broadband over Power Line ..... The signal is transmitted over the low voltage distribution GRID NOT RID and uses the existing electric wires..... And then: Interference between BPL and other communications..... The problem stems from power lines lack of interference shielding and insulation. In the the sentence above, "power lines" either should be possesive or, I would suggest, re-write the sentence to be: "The problem stems from a lack of interference shielding and insulation on power lines." I don't mean to be finding fault. I'm a writer and editor and I always like it when someone lets me know there is a typo or other error in a piece of writing I'm putting out. Nice site! Kathy Hentcy Vermont Department of Public Service Consumer Affairs and Public Information Specialist
11/13/2014  I have numerous USPS communications from you--I want to contribute on line via credit card to the Consumer Reports Foundation so that my contribution will be tax deductible. Is there a link directly to that entity?
12/17/2004  I must be missing something. I have tried to revise your suggested messages, but cannot add/type in either a salutation or my name, address, etc. Any suggestions? Orin Smith Spring, Texas
12/16/2004  Hey great site! Also am testing.... Mark
12/16/2004  I heard you on TV. I looked at your web. You are fighting a noble fight. Thanks. I'm there with you. We have to establish alternatives that give the big guys a sense of what the little guys can do. We have to invent alternate choices - like the web, itself. I'm aware of you and I will be keeping up to date on your good work. Thanks again.
01/11/2005  I was wondering if you could give me more information on how the state of washignton is, or proposes to, discourage municipal wireless networks. Thanks
12/17/2004  Please tell me what I can do to stop the following things that have happened to me: 1) I have Verizon as a long distance company. Quite a while ago I signed up for what they call an "e-value" plan. This plan had *NO* monthly recurring plan charge. They just "notified", with no way to do anything about it, that as of 9/1/04 they were going to start charging me a monthly recurring plan charge of $1.50. I called them and they said the only thing I can do is change plans if I don't like it. How can they do this? We had an agreement. What if they just decide the monthly recurring fee should be $500? Do I just have to accept this with no recourse? This is not fair! Why can't I just decide to charge them for having my business, just because I want to. Isn't this what they are doing? What recourse do I have other than changing plans, which I don't want to do and don't think I should have to do. 2) The above plan had an agreement for long distance calls to be billed at $.05 for weekend and evenings and $.10 for other, so called flat, times. Suddenly they started billing me at $.07 for some of my in-state long distance weekend/evening calls instead of $.05. They say my local company changed the "areas". This is not so. Our entire state of NH is "603" area. If I call my phone company and tell them this I know they are going to tell me it's Verizon's problem and I'm going to be stuck between the proverbial rock and hard place. I am sick and tired of big business screwing us. How can we make them stop doing these things???? Thank you, MarthaJane Peck
12/16/2004  I think you are using too much verbage in the message you are sending out regarding the cable study. Plus, the most important point is not clearly made. May I suggest adding something like the following and condensing the verbage you are now using: MOST IMPORTANTLY, CONSUMERS SHOULD HAVE THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE BETWEEN CABLE COMPANIES, as we do with telephone service. We should NOT have a monopoly in cable service where only one choice of company to use is available.
12/16/2004  Again, your stock message being sent out is too long. The recipient won't bother to read it all. It needs to be condensed. In addition, please consider the following type of addition: In addition, an important point to consider is that we are being double dipped when landline and wireless customers communicate. We are charged for airtime (and often long distance and roaming charges) on the wireless end and long distance and landline fees on the other end. Thus, we are frequently being charged on both ends for the same call. If one is calling landline to landline, only the person who places the call is charged at all. This should be the same when a wireless number is involved. Only one end, that person placing the call, should receive any charges.
12/16/2004  I just saw the advertisement for this website on the local news. Thank you! Thank you, for writing concise and clear summaries on these issues and for providing a form letter to send. You have researched so many of the issues that I have questioned myself. (ie: Why can't we order our cable stations a la carte?) I have already sent out several of your form letters regarding the issues. I look forward to being kept aware of these consumer issues on a regular basis. Thanks again.
12/16/2004  Good luck, Gene Kimmelman and friends. I'd like to help in the new year 2005. I'm a constituent of Rick Boucher; friend of Mark Cooper and Larry Lessig. I am currently employed as news editor and film editor at Dmusic. I have 30 years experience in Hollywood film and music industries. Talk to you soon. I'll ask Mark what's going on. Good luck and happy holidays. TOM BARGER 540-389-5143
12/17/2004  what a liberal biased, crappy website. I picked it up from my local news stations and should have known better. I answered cable comapanies fees a long time ago by the best weapon in my armory - I don't subscribe at any price. They sell the product and liberal governments give them a monopoly and then complain about the price they charge. Maybe they charge a fair price how would I know but why should I care what they charge when I choose not to subscribe. Basically, I found your website not substative - just pandering to liberal nut cases.
12/17/2004  O have given you my ZIP CODE. Why do you ask for my address???
12/17/2004  Dear Consumers Union, I commend your for establishing this website to assist consumers with their telecommunications. There is one area that I suggest that you investigate for the possible benefit of consumers using wireline telephone services. I live in Maryland, and the state of Maryland does not require telephone subscribers to designate a long distance carrier. So I called Verizon and declared that I do not wish to name a long distance carrier. This saves me some extra charges every month. When I need to call long distance, I simply use my cellphone, or I can use a 10-10 access number. A calling card is also possible. I attempted to identify all states that do not require a subscriber to designate a long distance carrier. I had a contact at the NARUC, the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners, and he promised to provide such a list. I wanted to submit the list to Consumers Union so that consumers can benefit. However, after several promises from NARUC that they would provide such a list, they never provided it. This was several years ago, and I have not followed up on it since. I ask that Consumers Union develop a list of states that do not require nominating a long distance carrier. The next point is that CU should provide its readers with a list of the best 10-10 types of long distance services. The third point is calling cards. from the web is a card that has incredibly low international rates such as 3- cents to Moscow. Please loook into these excellent services and publish your results. Thank you, and best wishes. Fred Matos Annapolis, MD O: (202) 482-6493 H: (410) 268-4730
12/19/2004  Is there anyway satellite services can be added to your list? Direct TV is really getting out of hand with their pricing. I contacted the FCC about them, however, they replied that satellite services are not within their jurisdiction. However, they are as bad as cable and, in my opinion, need to be stopped as well.
12/20/2004  I added my name and address to your prepared letter in regard to cable companies. I lived in the country for about ten years and had a dish, I just happen to have a very good dish provider and if could pick and chose my choices that i felt were best for my family. When i moved back into the city, I found that I had very little choice as to what I could choose for a package. I really wish i had some better choice as to what i wanted to choose and pay for as far as my cable is concerned. Martha Spencer
12/21/2004  I am SO glad to see Consumers Union get politically involved. What could be more important than being informed consumers about democracy. On so many fronts, this country is headed in the wrong direction-extreme right. They've accomplished what they have by being united, usually by churches and religious leaders. Moderate and progressive voices need to get united. I'm hoping your organization will help that come about. And getting the media and journalists to do the job they're supposed to do in a democracy will be a big step in the right direction. Thank you.
12/23/2004  You should probably make it clear somewhere that the legal stuff at refers to US law only. Canadian law is quite different in several places, for example.
01/11/2005  I agree with most of your issues but you are wrong on the phone companies. The worst service comes from the fly by night freeloaders that have arisen since divestiture. They have places an extreme burden on the industry and expect to lease lines from local companies call them their own and leave all the repairs and maintance to the local companies which are required to drop their buisness and put others customer before their own. These other "phone companies" are not investing anything just free-loading off companies like SBC. There should be a level playing field. If anyone was really wanting in the phone buisness they would have started building their own networks. And I for one think a monthly bill of $25.00(1/4 of which is taxes and municipal fees --collected for the government) for anything is wonderful. Have you looked at your gas bill,electric bill, grocery bill, the price of public education, or better yet the price of justice?
12/28/2004  What are some of the Internet sites I can use to comparison shop for phone service. It would be helpful if you had such links on your site. Thank you. Heidi McLain
04/27/2005  On whether PBS is partisan. . . Of course they are. As a Catholic, I noted that the documentary that covered the late John Paul II was deficient in one very key area---it over-emphasized the anti-communist part of his career--and it almost omitted the theological writings that helped support liberation theology. The coverage of the massacres in El Salvador was non-existent in the documentary. As was mention of his trips to the US--where I saw first hand--the Pope speak out against the US Policies (under Reagan) that discriminated against the poor. Another example of the strictly anti- communist line pursued by PBS was a story about Cuban refugees, and their heritage, which told only about repression under Castro. Totally neglected was the equally repressive rule of Cuba by the sugar and rum interests, and the Mafia, which turned parts of Cuba into dens of gambling, prostitution, drug-running, and general repression. PBS is starting to reflect a point of view that there is a Communist under every rock. This is McCarthyism. The history of El Salvador indicates that the repression was so severe that rebellion occurred naturally to the peasants-- mainly because so many of their immediate families had been killed by government forces, or death squads paid for by the oligarchs. Thus even seemingly innocent pieces have a slant that is definitely to the right. Then you get to see that their corporate "sponsors" are family trusts of the very industrial families that keep the oligarchs in power in Latin America. The issue of bias is not even in doubt. A fair and balanced approach would cover all aspects of a story with a sense of balance. It's not there at PBS. So I don't give. 4-27-05 end message.
12/30/2004  I have approx 13 mos left on my cell phone contract with Alltel. In the past 6 months we have not had the need to use the service & have lost more than 700 min due to the fact that we cannot use our cell phones from our home. We live between Park Falls & Mercer, WI & we cannot reach either signal. I would like to cancel this contract, but I would have to pay $200. per phone which I cannot afford. A supvr at Alltel offered me to give up one phone & have one phone, but that still does not give me the capability of using up my minutes each month.I would have to drive 20 miles just to use my phone. Not. Both my husb & myself are retired & when I signed the contract, he was travelling more & used his phone most. I feel that since I cannot use my phone from my home & use the minutes they should waive the disconnect charge & free me from my contract. Please help!!! Mary Ann Larson 4321 W Highview Drive Park Falls, WI 54552 Ph 715-583-4529 Fax 715-583-04577
01/03/2005  landers chevrolet has sold us a lemon 3 times we filed suit in benton arkansas against landers chevy located in benton arkansas attorney floyed healy filed suit against them in benton i have no way to run my bussiness with out a dually truck they will not provide us sense suit or even befor was denied major electrical problems,brakes,cluster problems shorts and they will not refund or replace or repair
01/03/2005  Hello Consumers Union - I am part of a grassroots effort directed at media reform, and am wondering if you'd add a link to us on your -Get Involved- page. Bill Moyers said it better than I ever could "...the quality of journalism and the quality of democracy go hand in hand." Because there are so many battles to fight, and because all share the root problem of an uninformed/misinformed public, a friend and I founded to serve as a concerted action forum. Our weekly ActionLetters reach multiple media outlets with one click of the -send- button. We choose one agenda item a week, decided by member input and current events. We are not so idealistic to believe we'll change the world overnight , but we believe that in light of's finding that 65% of journalists believe their profession is in crisis, there is hope that persistent public pressure can help turn things around. Please share information about our site with your fellow activists, and contact us with any questions/input/suggestions. We are as grassroots as it gets. Sincerely, Jill & Sim Co-Founders, "No one can terrorize a whole nation, unless we are all his accomplices." -Edward R. Murrow
01/04/2005  broadband / Internet you mention phone companies and cable companies. you left out about 5000 independent internet providers that do the real work. the ones that do the hand holding, tech support, call service, etc. neither phone co or cable are local.. just an 800# to india.
01/04/2005  I am the CEO for the Louisiana Cable & Telecommunications Assn. Our 38th Annual industry convention/show will be held Feb 2-3, 2005 in New Orleans. Our program will feature a panel discussion/debate on Government Owned/Operated Broadband Networks - Do they ever make retail sense? (the exact title is still a work in progress). I just read the USA Today article from today that quotes Gene Kimmelman and I would like to invite someone from Consumer's Union to participate on our panel as an advocate for municipally-owned networks. Please let me know ASAP if CU wuold have any interest in our panel. The attendees will be approximately 300 cable operators/employees from across Louisiana and national programming reps. We will invite the press and some public officials and will be taping the segment. You can visit our website at for more information about out association and the show. Please advise asap. Thank you. Cheryl McCormick, CEO of LCTA.
01/17/2005  Consumers Union: My purpose is to inform you about a Gateway/eMachine home pc issue. I've become aware of the fact that this company is using Macrovision Copy Protection technology in the systems they are selling. For example the 7200 series, which advertises DVD DUAL FORMAT DUAL LAYER burning abilities, is one of the products. There is no mention of this technology in the specifications for the products, yet Macrovision is only used to prevent copying digital content. If they advertise movie burning ability, yet incorparate Macrovision into thier computers, which prevents this, nothing mentioned about macrovision to the consumer in the specifications, is this a little deceptive? I think so. I wanted to bring this to your attention for the support of consumers rights and fair use. I would like to hear from you on this issue. Sincerely, Paul
01/17/2005  Consumers Union: My purpose is to inform you about a Gateway/eMachine home pc issue. I've become aware of the fact that this company is using Macrovision Copy Protection technology in the systems they are selling. For example the 7200 series, which advertises DVD DUAL FORMAT DUAL LAYER burning abilities, is one of the products. There is no mention of this technology in the specifications for the products, yet Macrovision is only used to prevent copying digital content. If they advertise movie burning ability, yet incorparate Macrovision into thier computers, which prevents this, nothing mentioned about macrovision to the consumer in the specifications, is this a little deceptive? I think so. I wanted to bring this to your attention for the support of consumers rights and fair use. I would like to hear from you on this issue. Sincerely, Paul
01/05/2005  My daughter is having a serious billing issue with Singular. After months of bills averaging approximately $60, and after weeks of complaining of poor service(dropped calls) she was told her phone was bad. She paid $50 to have it repaired. She was then sent a bill of more than $400 for one month's calls. All attempts to work with Singular have proved fruitless. No one follows through on their promises to investigate and get back. Please help.
01/05/2005  I live 4 miles from the center of town. While the town has DSL, Verizon refuses to install DSLAMS to bring DSL out to our area. They even had the nerve of sending us letters trying to sell it to us, when they couldn't even deliver the product. Do you have any suggestions for how and where to put pressure on them to prodide us with DSL? We are also beyond the reach of the local cable company (Charter) so we are stuck with slow dial- up lines.
01/06/2005  Your link to is misspelled on the the webpage and does not work. It incorrectly has an 'm' after 'co'
01/05/2005  I purchased inkjets from an e-company last Sept. The bad ones were returned which should be issued credit to my account. They did not answer phone call lively. This is a big issue to consumers. I sent them email and letter to require that. But, no response till now. How can I do something on this compliant?? Jean
10/25/2005  Hi, I just wanted to mention that it would be a good idea in mailings that a link that is not attached to my info would help many of us circulate the info easier. I left the site, cleaned cookies and history, and then even clicked on the alternative link and it says I have alread done it. Many people do what I do and send around and post things like this in blog groups etc. Having a generic link would help. Thanks much, Steve
06/27/2006  I voted for the FCA to vote against other people being allowed to buy more of the media. Keep our media from being controlled by one man or group of men. I filled out the form but it would not take because it kept telling me that I had enter my zip code wrong which I did not. It is 19382 8049
04/27/2005  Does local phone company have right to every customer's social security number? Every time I ask for change in phone service, phone company practically demands my social security number. If I want to pay for phone service online, I am required to give my social security number online.
12/15/2005  There is an issue with the reception of television signals that I very much would like Consumers Union to address. Several years ago I managed to get a waiver to receive network distant television feeds for two of the networks. Shortly after getting my waiver, local channels in my city became available on satellite. I was in heaven, as I was able to watch my local stations, but still able to catch a show I missed on the later feeds from the networks. Then congress decided that satellite subscribers could not have both. I either had to take the distant network feeds or the local. Since my wife gets up at 5am each day and loves to watch the Today show, I opted for the distant feeds. Otherwise the Today show doesn't start until 7am local time and she would not be able to see it. This resulted in my putting up an antenna to get the local channels, but it also meant that I could no longer use my TIVO for the local channels as it will only record programs on satellite. I am sure the average consumer would not purchase the distant feeds, but for a few of us it is very important. Is there any way that Consumer's Union could get behind this issue? I contacted the FCC and was told that it was strictly a congressional action. I'm sure local TV stations think they will lose viewers, but I don't think this would be the case. Please help. James Pinkston Colorado Springs, CO
01/11/2005  I work for SSA Baltimore Md and have been on the gov't plan for $7.99 to $13.99 and recently was able to put my roommate on for an addl $29.99 (these phones they give or sell to you sometimes need repl and you really pay big $$) anyway, when he went on vacation, I told hium to ring me once or talk a second and than i can call him back on my land phone using 10-10-8-1-1 Var Tec..we usually never go away nor make any long distance calls. Got my bill and it was over $200.00 charge and I called and tried to explain to "cingular one" the day after they joined w/at&t and said to a "mgr" believe it or not, I was confused since I was using a "land phone" I s/not be charged..she almost called me a liar..said everyone is familar with long distance(I recd no info when I signed up 5 yrs ago from govt plan)and there was no way she could help /I said I won't pay until this is straightened out and she said I couold me sued. LOng story short, I split the excessive bill with m/roommate but they tried to be very intimadating and I will be calling Verizon, my home/land provider and see if I can get a better deal..thx for listening
03/06/2008  I'm having trouble with the website. It suddenly doesn't recognize me and it won't send the completed form letter. ???? Ross Budden
03/06/2008  I tried to sent the special message regarding cell phone services, but it would not "send." I don't know why.
09/19/2006  It used to be that all my name/address/etc were automatically filled in when I came to one of your issue sites. Since changing email addresses, this is no longer true. How can I get your site to recognize me and fill in my data automatically? Thanks, Dave Mock
05/13/2005  Of course PBS is partisan ,it always has been.There never has been a doubt in my mind.
02/16/2005  I feel it necessary to know as much as possible about this matter (community wireless networks) before I participate. Please repair your link on this page: JServSessionIdr001=5lg9ibvkp1.app1a&page=UserActio n&cmd=display&id=321 regarding which states have pending community Internet legislation and which currently have bans or roadblocks. Thank You, Shannon Cooper
10/26/2005  The Tower song came through with many, many deadzones making the whole thing useless. Suggest other means of getting attention.
11/07/2008  unsubscribe please
03/07/2008  I have two homes in two different states, why are you now not allowing me to contact all of the congress persons that represent me in both states? I was able to do so in the past. I was just tring to help your with your cause. Thank you,
06/02/2005  I'm not sure if this 'scam' is germane to this site, but it's nevertheless worth reporting. A friend recently emailed me about a phone scam involving the "90#" phone function. A caller, identifying himself as an AT+T technician, will ask the person called to dial 90# to test the phone line. Dialing "90#" allows the caller to take over control of that person's phone number - to unfortunate ends since the caller is a scam artist, prisoner...or both. This is definitely a matter of concern to consumers. I don't recall offhand if CR ever reported on this type of scam - or one in which a caller tries to con the call's recipient into dialing an off-shore area code (809, 284, 876) which bills the caller at outrageous per-minute rates. Both of these scams bear reporting and repeating.
01/12/2005  Washington, District of Columbia is not listed in your drop down list of states to locate organizations that support your cause. Please add Washington.
05/03/2006  HI In response to a CU communication about the Internet and Broadband, I wrote several paragraphs a couple of weeks ago, explaining how the hamlet of Fillmore, NY was being held hostage by Citizens'/Frontier Communications, with its geographic isolation, inefficient ISP service and outrageous costs for their services. A couple of days ago, I received an e-mail reply note from CU asking if they could use my story, and asking for any updates or clarifications that I might like to add. Unfortunately, as I was replying, my internet connection was cut off, and I lost my return correspondence to CU, including the URL, e-mail address, and the name of person I was supposed to respond to. Hoping that you have a clue about what I'm writing about, I'm including the "story" in this e-mail, along with my contact information. If you have a clue who is supposed to receive it, will you pass it on? Thank you so much! *********************** May 3, 2005 In sparsely populated (50,000) Allegany County, NY, there is a traditional "head in the sand" attitude about change; it probably isn't necessary, and maybe it will go away. This apparently applies to anything technological, so there is no incentive to help provide affordable internet access for one isolated little community out in the sticks. Little Fillmore, NY cannot call any telephone numbers except others in their (585) area code, 567- district without incurring a charge. Telephone service isolation is frustrating enough, but not the only problem. An Internet Service Provider (ISP) is necessary to connect to the internet, and Fillmore area residents must pay $19.95 per month to the township's only provider, Citizens/Frontier Communications, for that service. Citizens/Frontier states in its directory that its dial-up customers connect at v.90 56K, but actual data shows a connection speed of 26,400 baud, which was slow ten to twelve years ago, and way below the 56K modem speed capability of most modern computers. Summing up, dial-up service in Fillmore is primitive, maddeningly slow, inefficient, and way overpriced. Internet providers like Localnet, People PC, and Juno have local dial up numbers for their customers in communities surrounding Fillmore. Their budget services cost $9.95 per month, or less. But Frontier/Citizens' Telecom has refused attempts by at least one of these companies, Local Net, to service the 567 area. Neighboring communities also have toll-free access to more expensive enhanced service providers like AOL, and EarthLink. To use any of these services, Fillmore consumers would incur toll charges to connect to those dial-up numbers. Bear with me here. Things get more complicated. There is no cable TV access in many areas of Citizens/Frontier coverage, so RoadRunner, Comcast, and other cable ISP providers are unavailable. Frontier/Citizens is now offering the hamlet of Fillmore residents "bundled services," (if a customer lives within three miles of the main switching office) he/she can now pay for unlimited long distance, local calling, Dish Network TV, and Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) internet for $102. a month, according to one customer. That's about one third more than outside communities pay for similar service from companies with competition. But the Fillmore area includes the hamlets of Wiscoy/Rossburg, Short Tract, Higgins, Mills' Mills, Houghton, and Centerville, which are not within the geographic limits, even if they could afford the "bundle." Citizens/Frontier is also advertising stand alone DSL, again available only within the three mile limit, which costs $39. monthly. Is this price realistic? It's certainly questionable, when again neighbors outside 567 are using Verizon and others offering similar technology connection for around $20.00 to $30.00. TV satellite ISP service isn't a financial option for the majority of families; the price is prohibitive in an area where most households operate within very modest budgets. It would seem that geographical location alone should be enough to insure that rural populations be able to economically explore the myriad of opportunities, products, and information available online. The Fillmore, NY area , is 70+ miles from Rochester, NY, about the same from Buffalo. In these days of $3.00+ per gallon gasoline, it is apparent that some relief is needed. We're not talking broadband here, or T1 lines, for this region, just affordable internet access for about $10, half of the current cost. Citizens/Frontier is a monopoly, taking advantage of its customers by its pathetically inefficient service, lack of competition, and apparent price gouging. And it's allowed to continue these practices unchallenged. Barbara Phillippi Centerville, NY 14029 (585)567-8537
04/08/2014  Hi, I love what you do and i participate often. thanks for your hard work. BUT, your logo makes me cringe. I mean, I'm a progressive on many things, but your clenched fist is creepy and makes you look like some Bolshevik revolutionary. What better way to give your opponents the ability to dismiss you, than by looking like some hammer and cycle holdover. Sorry but I simply don't identify with it and it makes me hesitate to participate. Nick
01/15/2005  Hello, So people are not using the high-speed internet service that I, a taxpayer, are providing them at their local library? Whose fault is that? Now I suppose that you would like me to help defray the cost of purchasing a computer along with an ISP for all of those poor souls that are on the wrong side of the "Digital Divide"? You bleeding hearts allways have excess guilt that you would like to spread around. I would venture to guess that you are all earning in excess of $50,000/yr. & can afford the luxery of a computer with high-speed servive. Good for you! When these other folks can afford a computer maybe then they will purchase one with their own money. Ron P.S. I earned $36000 last year & would like high- speed service but I cannot yet afford it. Would you like to contribute?
01/15/2005  Hi, This past summer I switched my cell phone service from Midwest Wireless to Sprint. I signed a two year service contract with Sprint. Well, recently, Sprint merged with Nextel. I was wondering if this merger would somehow void my contract with Sprint. It's a long shot, but I have been particularly unhappy with Sprint, and any way I can, I'd like to get out without paying a $200 fee. Any thoughts? Pete
07/26/2005  Another Cell Phone issue: Text messaging! I'm 70 yrs old and DO NOT 'text message', yet, every month I have to fight about my bill because there are text messaging charges on it!!!
03/03/2007  Regarding your recent article: "The Satellite-Radio Merger: What Consumers Should Do." It is a very silly article. First, its title says "What Consumers Should Do," and there isn't even one action item. Secondly, I have been a Sirius subscriber for 4 years, it's a great service and I expect it will only improve when it acquires XM. I respect the Consumers Union but please, in the case, it appears you're being anti-business without a legitimate concern and I think this type of article hurts your credibility. You know the facts, both services are hemorrhaging money and it is unlikely they can continue to survive on their own -especially XM. So, I believe it is better to have a healthier single satellite service rather than two sick ones because they are truly competing with terrestrial radio and even podcasts, much more than they are competing with each other.
01/19/2005  New e-mail address
01/24/2005  I received an e-mail from asking for verification of my personal information as my on-line subscription was due to expire. I believe it is phish, but I'm telling you, it looked remarkably like your site (and my magazine subscription is indeed up for renewal at this time). Most of my older friends would not have know the difference and would have been scammed.
01/27/2005  I am currently shopping around for cell phone service. It will be the first cell phone I have ever purchased. I can't tell you how much your sight has been helpful. I now have a bunch of GREAT questions to ask my prospective cell phone provider.Thanks!!!
01/27/2005  Why don't you rate heat pumps or central air conditioners? They cost more than standard TVs and fail much more often? Why don't you rate built in microwaves? These seem to be a rip-off.
01/27/2005  User Provided No Response
01/29/2005  Dear Sirs: Who do you write if you have a complaint regarding internet companies (Aol) for abusing your credit card. Always charges even after I've stopped the services months ago. They claim I authorized the plan & when I told him repeatedly to stop, they charged me for cancelling the plan. Pls. advise.
01/30/2005  I thought it was usurious to charge $200 to terminate a contract with Nextel, but I was prepared to pay it. The penalty of $200 came with all kinds of federal, state and local taxes added on and the total was $239.33. I called Nextel and they claim taxes are due on penalties even though those taxes were designed for monthly bills for phone use (not a penalty for cancellation). Am I really getting shafted, or do thay have the right to do that? Thanks. Joel Schram
02/01/2005  Sunny McPeak is responsible for Billions of contract losses and gross neglect of consumer protection responsibilities. Is anything being done about getting rid of her? (note: she is Arnold Schwarzenegger's head of the CA Business and Transcportation Agency.)
02/01/2005, I am a loyal Consumer Reports reader, but was very disappointed in this website. I briefly reviewed a few of your issues, but found them so offensively off mark that I decided not to continue reading. I will provide my reasoning using two example "issues" of your's. 1. Wireless "lock out". My main problem with your issue is that you assume that consumers are buying their cell phones. In almost every situation today, consumers receive either free phones or phones for under $50. The reason this is the case is that the Wireless companies that you chastise are subsidizing either the entire price or at least the remainder of the price of these phones. These phones are not cheap and they certainly are not free to the Wireless companies. Rather than blast these companies for not allowing consumers to jump ship with a free subsidized phone, you should be praising them for allowing consumers to receive new ferature rich phones for free or at well below market rates. This point is compounded when you consider the terrible customer churn rate that the wireless companies endure. Wireless companies lose between 10-25% of their customers each year, most of the time to consumers jumping around getting new subsidized phones. 2. Local Phone competition. You blast regulators for killing competition by making it impossible for competitors to have access to Bell infrastructure. This is an absolutely incorrect statement. Competitive local exchange carriers ("CLECs") will always have access to the Bell's networks, now however they will not be granted full access to all portions of the Bell's networks and not at government set below market rates. There is no good argument for competitors having the right to invest not one dollar in a network, but at the same time be able to provide phone service. That was the case. Any person could simply start a phone company without investing anything and simply resell the Bell's service. The only thing they had to do was bill the customer, the Bells did EVERYTHING else. On top of that, state utility commissions set the rates the CLECs paid to Bell at not only below market rates but frequently at below their cost. That is ridiculous. There is no other industry in the US where companies have to completely subsidize new competitors. An interesting point that I did not see in your discussions is that time in time again the Courts have found this laughable situation illegal. It even made it up to the US Supreme court where it was not heard. I don't blame politicians for trying to promote competition, but this is not the way you go about it. Forcing a group of companies to subsidize its competitors is unAmerican, which the Courts agree with. Also, today cable companies are offering phone service. L. Rubiola
02/02/2005  Linda Foley's article defending the media might have had more credibility if it hadn't been so blatantly liberal ("George W. Bush's cowboy government"), Instead, it reinforces the charges of a pro-liberal anti-conservative bias on the part of the media.
02/02/2005  I wish to take action to protect my right to use music and movies how I want! Public interest and consumer groups such as Public Knowledge, Free Press, Consumer Federation of America, Media Alliance and Consumers Union are supporting this effort too. I ask the major record labels and movie studios to let me and other consumers enjoy the right to use music and movies for personal purposes. And if they include copy protections, then I ask them to clearly indentify those limits on my personal usage rights. Thanks, Frances Hamilton Bobby Hamilton
02/04/2005  You guys need to get a clue about cable rates and only paying for what you watch. A cable company gets a better rate for satellite programming if they have the possibility of more eyeballs watching say ESPN. If a company that has 200,000 subs that could watch ESPN on basic pays $1 per sub per month that would be $200,000 for one month of potentially watching that channel. If you only have 50,000 subs that want to pay to watch ESPN then that company would pay more than it would if there was the potental of 200,000 subs watching ESPN. That price could double, triple, or even quadruple, not only for ESPN but all the satellite channels that people only want to pay for. In reality those people could be paying the same amount for less channels. Don't believe me? Work for a cable company and see that they don't actually rip people off. If a cable company has programming cost increases then it would need to pass some of that off to the customer. But your saying my rates are going up faster than inflation, which might be right. You might want to think about a little thing called compounding. If your cable company had a 2% increase for just one satellite channel you'd be happier than a pig in manure, but when your cable company has a 2% increase per channel for at least 50% of their satellite channels they carry that adds up to more than the 2% inflation increase you expect. If you think cable is such a rip off think about the phone company. Some baby bells haven't raised their rates for 10 to 20 years. You say great, but if they had those rates 20 years ago, just think of the money they were making off of the public. Gas was cheaper and the employee's were making less. What a cash cow you were. One last thought. Why don't you give the old FCC a call and ask them who tells cable companies how much they can raise their rates. Once a year they are allowed to raise rates following a formula set up by the GRAND OLD FCC the wonderful government. Thank You Bill Clinton/Al Gore and your 1996 Cable Bill.
02/06/2005  I have looked everywhere on your website for an answer to my question, and can't find an answer. On a landline phone, are you REQUIRED to have a long distance carrier ? I have a cell phone and I make all my long distance calls on it, yet, I'm still paying for a lg. dist. carrier for my land line. ( My sister, in Arkansas, said you DO NOT have to have a lg. dist. carrier.) Could you answer my question? Thanks in advance.
02/06/2005  I have looked everywhere on your website for an answer to my question, and can't find an answer. On a landline phone, are you REQUIRED to have a long distance carrier ? I have a cell phone and I make all my long distance calls on it, yet, I'm still paying for a lg. dist. carrier for my land line. ( My sister, in Arkansas, said you DO NOT have to have a lg. dist. carrier.) Could you answer my question? Thanks in advance.
02/07/2005  Are you, your organization working with Media Matters? It seems to me you are both supporting many of the same issues.
02/07/2005  Is the information on current information?
06/02/2005  I have a question about the proposal to allow customers to "unbundle" their subscription options for television channels. While I support this option in general, I am puzzled by its limitation to digital cable subscribers. Why not include satellite subscribers, too? Laura McCall
08/17/2006  Here's my take on the issue: Freedom means choice. When you reduce our choices of media you reduce our freedom. Consolidation of media under the control of a few is detrimental to our freedom of expression, opportunities for media employment (as in local radio stations, etc.) The consolidation of radio stations has resulted in pap and political spin on a massive scale.
10/07/2009  Why did the CU petition the FDA to regulate colloidal silver as a pesticide? How much money did Big Pharma send your way? I am thoroughly disappointed/disgusted in your organization. I guess your integrity is for sale, huh?
02/08/2005  Dear Sirs and Madams, on the issues of cellular phone "software locking", it seems to me to be a further violation than just the inconvenience and waste of having to purchase a new phone with service/company changes. I believe there is also a boderline criminal aspect to this issue which may need to be investigated. My thinking is as such. When I purchase a home computer and it is hacked via the internet with settings, programs, or file systems being changed or downright deleted, this is a crime. When I purchase a PDA and put my personal information on it along with paid software, anyone taking that information or software without permission and the proper lisencing is stealing. Therefore, the ability of a cellular phone company to alter a device I purchase for my use, whether that purchase be from that carrier, or, more importantly, if I make the purchase from a different source (e.g. directly from PalmOne), is akin to the type of criminal offense being carried out via the hacker or thief mentioned above. The only thing making this become "boderline" stealing is the signing of a contract which forces the user to accept such changes. Furthermore, once I get the device home, if I then reverse those changes, I would become the criminal according to the contract (if well written) even though the actual hardware is my personal property and not the property of the cellular carrier. If I have missed something here, please let me know. I do NOT like the ability of a company to forcefully alter a device which they do NOT own. Sincerely, Brian Schmer, Pharm.D.
02/09/2005  I thank you for your efforts to standardize the cell phone industry. I read "Have You Heard?" in the March 2005 issue with interest, but I don't see anything about the benefit of the U.S. sharing cell phone towers - which I've heard they do in Europe. In my rural area, I can be within 300 feet of a competitor's tower and have no service. Cell phone providers should be interested in giving users a signal which allows them to talk more and maybe go over their plan limit, thereby having to pay the provider for extra minutes. Also, I have the Cingular nation plan with free nationwide roaming - do you know if another company gives free NATIONWIDE roaming? Regards, Cecil
02/12/2005  Your article in this month's edition of consumer report is very timely. I have just spent the past five months fighting Verizon Wireless and their land line counterpart Verizon Hawaii over a $3200 billing error that was due to a Verizon Wireless Billing computer glitch. As a result, my home phone was locked from making long distance phone calls for the past month and it wasn't till I filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau, Federal Trade Commission and Hawaii State Attorney General before Verizon Wireless felt compeled to do anything. I have emails, bills, dunning notices and phone notes to substantiate this unpleasant experience. If you folks would be interested in learning more, feel free to contact me and I'd be happy to share what had happened to keep this from happening to others.
02/13/2005  Hi, thanks for all your great work. I was wondering if, in your action alerts where you offer to send a "message" to one's elected reps, the message is sent as an email or a printed letter? Thanks much. Ken Carl
03/01/2007  Does this interest you ?
02/17/2005  Am long time conumer report subscriber. CR provides an unbiased view of consumer products and I always check CR before buying. However, I am concerned about CRs ventures into what I consider politics as most media is heavily biased in a number of ways. Think media and perhaps CR, should consider looking in areas where there seems to be little interest such as the massive waste within the Federal Government which lots of people, such as myself, have experienced first hand and waste at State and even local levels. What about Regional agencies to replace individual State agencies for various purposes? It seems that so-called populist people and organizations find attacking corporations and business in general as the 'evil' in the U.S. and elsewhere. In my view business an easy target which really cannot fight back. What about immigration?? Is immigration good for the U.S. Why aren't so-called environmental groups targeting immigration as detrimental to our health. Where is the water to process all the human waste added to California and other Western states by immigration? Cars pollute and people drive cars so less people means less cars. But all environmental organizations and media somehow don't see immigration as a threat the our environment because they are difficult targets and not easy targets like businesses. They know that if they start describing the true threats from immigration they themselves will be attacked by special interest groups and SALES, READERSHIP and VIEWERS will be lost so they go easy on this huge threat to the U.S. Immigration is one area where the media and lots of organizations want to avoid genuine controversy - but is OK to say some business is using 'old growth' timber because it is safe to attack a business. I just see hypocrisy and am getting tired of the same old stuff. I used to live in San Luis Obispo County in CA - I see where CR want people that live in that county and elsewhere should pay to subsidize auto insurance for people in LA and other high- density areas. I do not think that is fair at all but is one example of CRs involvement in what I call political areas, ditto healthcare. When the healthcare system in the entire county has become what is now in England and Canada the people that wanted socialized medicine won't be around. Thanks for reading this. Ralph B.
02/23/2005  maybe we can get some people involved because of an incident with sprint. the overcharged me one month. after I got the bill they said they would make the adjustment on the next bill. When I received the next bill, the charged me a late fee based on the overcharged amount. I complained and in three months I thought I had it resolved. I told them I would make a payment ($400) before the full amount was due, and because of my paycheck, make the remaining payment the day after it was due ($200). The manager said that was fine and it was suppose to be noted in my record. I did what I was suppose to do, and SPRINT charged me a late fee based on my past months total bill, not just what was owed at the end of the month. This is unfair and I'm sure many others have the same problem. Let me know what I can do. Thanks
06/06/2006  I want to write about an issue that seems to permeate almost all media discourse. The idea of "balance" is a media (Fox) creation to allow their introduction of outlandish garbage and proudly pass it off as 'the other side' of the issue. THERE IS NO OPPOSING VIEWPOINT TO TRUTH! We have been manipulated into accepting lies and innuendo as balance. The news, what little is left, is to relay the facts. NOT air publicly the opinion of group with an agenda. As a non-political organization please do not be drawn into this 'balance' trap. Just tell the facts and end the sentence.
10/26/2005  Could you please check out the status of my subscription? I get your emails addressed to my name: Stephen Greenberg, and to my address, But when I click on an action, the information is preset for my wife: Marianna Greenberg, at And when I try to change it to my address and click Submit, I get an error message -- "Email: This email address is currently used by an existing account--Please specify another email address." So effectively, I'm unable to take any action in my name. Even this form gave me the same message, so I'm changing it to my wife's address.
04/27/2005  I like your "Get Heard" section which allows me to contact a member of congress regarding the issues discussed on your website. What the form lacks (example: is an explanation of to whom the message is being sent. It simply says "congress". Please explain this in better detail.
12/31/2005  Early termination from computer ISP's for DSL etc should also be allowed without heavy fines. If I move to another city, or if my Internet Service Provider gives unsatisfactory service, I should be able to discontinue without any fine. After termination of AOL's service, AOL kept charging me every month for 6-months after I discontinued there service, and my 1-year minimum had expired a long while before. AOL kept lying to me by claiming that I was still using their service, even up to 6-months after I terminated it. That is pure filth from AOL, and it shouldn't be allowed. Thanks!
03/03/2005  I sent Bellsouth copies of both my husbands and my disabilities yearly record statement and copy of our Medicare cards & Tenn Care Cards but they still sent a denial letter back saying we had not provided them with enough information. Both of us together draw less than $15,000. Bellsouth with their "universal fee" is a rip off and wanting to help poor people is just a lie.
12/31/2014  I am contacting those that write about placing the values of Democracy over the values of Capitalism, especially in regards to the Internet. There are over 86 million households connected to high-speed internet in the U.S. (U.S. census 2010). ISPs take in over 3 billion dollars a month from these households (86 million x $35). Most households probably have access to the Internet away from home, although inconvenient. What if we organize a mass civil boycott against our ISPs and have millions of us agree to simultaneously stop paying our ISP bill or cancel service. I do not believe we can wait for our government, nor do I trust our government to have the public's best interests in mind. Please spread this idea & let's see where it goes. Gary E Neu
07/05/2009  A part of your letter regarding cell phones uses the word "tenant", when I think you should've used the word "tenet".
03/07/2005  What is the date this article was written? Doesn't really help if you don't know how old the article is - it might be obsolete information now. Thanks!
04/12/2007  confirmation to get email update
10/25/2005  I appreciate your concerns about news media etc in your most recent news letter. I have another concern regarding entertainment media such as television. I watch little TV simply because a lot of it is too gross to watch. But I see in the homes of others what they watch and what their children watch. I am quite disgusted by much of it as being gross distortions of reality and sensibility. This includes but is not limited to violence. I am one of those people who believes children and adults can be taught distorted and dangerous attitudes and values by the entertainment they watch. I cannot simply identify the bad ones because to me most of what is available to be watched is in the gross and distorted categories. I would like to see a great and open discussion on this subject in the hopes of, not censorship, but responsibility, in the nature of information, no matter how disguised, that people are subjected to. This, in my mind, covers especially children's cartoon shows, not what I saw with Bugs Bunny, but also the so called reality television and any broadcasting that depicts distortions of values or reality. I believe that all distorted information or analogies of it can lead to false and dangerous beliefs, values and judgement by those vulnerable to it. Those vulnerable includes anyone whose discrimination is not adequate to weed out the false. I suspect that with a lot of modern broadcasting, were adequate discrimination present, it simply wouldn't be watched. I believe the only standard governing modern broadcasting is whether it makes somebody money.
07/11/2005  What is all the fuss about? I recently switched from T Mobile to Cingular and experienced absolutely no problem unlocking my phone with information provided by T Mobile at no charge. Cingular even gave me a new sim card for my phone and activated it on the spot. I am afraid that you are crying wolf! I would suggest that you do a little research before beginning a rant like this. Be aware of the following: 1. Different Cell Phone Companies use different technology. Most of this is not compatable. What you seem to want is pretty much the same as telling the entire US that everyone has to wear only black shoes in size 8.5 (One size fits all). In this case you are in an area where I don't think you have done enough research. You don't seem to know how things work and want to force everything to fit your definitions. That isn't America and that isn't freedom!
10/25/2005  During the lasr year Saturn Motors (a part of General Motors) has told us to turn up the volume in your Vue and now shows a boy hitting a car door with a bat. I do not think that this is the proper thing to base an advertising pitch on. Is there anything that we can do? Saturn does not really think that their advertising is the wrong thing to show the viewing public. I would like to hear your views on this subject.
10/25/2005  During the lasr year Saturn Motors (a part of General Motors) has told us to turn up the volume in your Vue and now shows a boy hitting a car door with a bat. I do not think that this is the proper thing to base an advertising pitch on. Is there anything that we can do? Saturn does not really think that their advertising is the wrong thing to show the viewing public. I would like to hear your views on this subject.
04/10/2007  need to know more on these issues send info per my needs.
03/10/2005  I am currently subcribed to verizon wireless and have 6 phones with one phone under my name and five under my company name some of which have been with verizon for over 15 years. i have just purchased a lexus ls430 that has blue touth hands free cabability and the blue touth phone that verizon has is not compatable with the lexus but cingular has one that is. i have contacted verizon about canceling the phone in my name so that i can get a phone that will work in the new car. i have talked to many of their reps but gotten nowhere in regards to the cancellation fee of $175.00 that they want even tho they can not furnish me with the proper phone that will work in the lexus. can you direct me to whom i should contact to see if i can get this reconciled without the $175.00 fee i am a subscriber to c r thank you, doug selik 619 286-6110
03/10/2005  I am currently subcribed to verizon wireless and have 6 phones with one phone under my name and five under my company name some of which have been with verizon for over 15 years. i have just purchased a lexus ls430 that has blue touth hands free cabability and the blue touth phone that verizon has is not compatable with the lexus but cingular has one that is. i have contacted verizon about canceling the phone in my name so that i can get a phone that will work in the new car. i have talked to many of their reps but gotten nowhere in regards to the cancellation fee of $175.00 that they want even tho they can not furnish me with the proper phone that will work in the lexus. can you direct me to whom i should contact to see if i can get this reconciled without the $175.00 fee i am a subscriber to c r thank you, doug selik 619 286-6110
10/19/2005  I just wrote and I hope, sent a letter somewhat harsher worded than your suggestion to Congress. You said nothing about the original sell-out of the air waves in 1996. There was no space for who the legislator was. (I would have sent it to Sens. Clinton and Schumer, and to Rep. Maurice Hinchey, but no provisions for that. Now was I able to sign. Your screen for sending the matter to people on my list had no button to actually send the list I typed in. So: I do not know what you got; what was sent; to whom whatever went. Quite unsatisfactory!! Thank you. Johanna Sayre
03/06/2008  i tried to take action, but nothing happens after i fill everything out and click the button.
12/11/2006  I was filling out the answers to the brief questionnaire on cable service/increases, and at the very end of it, number 11, the questions are all personal, information on me, etc. THIS QUESTION SHOULD HAVE BEEN #1. TO WASTE PEOPLE'S TIME IS REALLY RUDE. I HAVE NO INTENTION OF FILLING OUT THIS INFORMATION. AND IF YOUR SITE CONTINUES TO ASK, I'M NEVER FILLING OUT ANYTHING AGAIN, AND THAT'S A SHAME, REALLY. EMAIL IS ENOUGH. PERIOD.
10/25/2005  I would like CU to test all the "wrinkle" creams that are being advertized. They all claim to be the best and quickest. I believe none of this, but still need a face cream. Please also compare dermabrasion, peels and the like. Thanks
03/18/2005  FYI, in regards to your statement that users considering an AT&T/Cingular phone will want to get a phone that works on both GSM and TDMA networks -- I spoke to Cingular today and they no longer offer TDMA or a combination of TDMA/GSM service; only GSM. Cingular stopped carrying their tri-band (they call it "GAIT") phones about a year ago, and only sell GSM phones.
03/18/2005  Hi All- Just looking through the site and it looks wonderful. However, it would be great to have compelling content for communities of color and underserved populations such as youth, Limited- English groups, immigrants and senior adults. Maybe even solicit stories from community-based organizations that are directly accountable to these constituencies. I look forward to seeing new and exciting information. antwuan wallace
05/18/2007  Hi All, I trust all is well. I have looked through the site as I love to do from time to time. Congratulations on managing and maintaining such large amounts of information. These issues can be overwhelming, yet HUN continues to distill the issues very well. I do have one question that leads to a few suggestions. Are there any thoughts or plans to integrate emerging issues within the community content (Latino, Asian and African Americans). For example, the net neutrality issue has great potential of ethnic communities that use calling cards for long distance and international. This is a compelling issue for immigrant populations from the Carribean, South and Central America and other foreign nationals. I would be glad to brainstorm this you. Keep up the good work, atw
10/25/2005  I signed your petition but still was unable to play the video. Help!!! I want to see this. thank you Donna Helms
03/22/2005  My husband and I individually would like to send a letter to our representatives regarding the phone rates. Your site won't allow that. Please change this feature if you want more support. Thanks, Mary Frances Martin
05/04/2005  This is the second time that I have written you about this issue: Why do you have your site set so that only one person from a household can sign a petition? My husband and I are both registered voters. We each need to sign your petitions separately. Please address this issue. Sincerely, Mary Frances Martin
03/23/2005  We have a satellite dish. I can not think of any other payments that our family makes for unwanted service. For our subscription to the DISH Network we are required to pay for twice as many channels as we really watch. Is that unfair? Absolutely! We urge you to procede to work with the Federal Communications Commission to allow consumers order channels as desired and not as the satellite company demands. Thank you for fighting to correct this.
07/23/2005  PLEASE...What are YOU folks doing about us poor consumers who don't know where to go when it comes to Analog V/S DigitaL I think the Phone (y) companies and the Cable Crooks got us all by the good old "CULYOONS...". Jean
03/29/2005  I just read an article on a Pittsburgh website regarding Cingular wireless as the worst in marketing, customer service, etc. I tried to switch from AT&T to Cingular to save about $45 per month. Nutshelled issues: Website was not accepting my transfer request with offer of free phone for 2 weeks They told me I couldn't use my year old 180$ Motorola phone as it was a new carrier - I had to get a new phone to switch to Cingular I called customer service a total of 10 times! I tried to get the offer I was promised when the web didn't work - this never happened by the way. When the site finally did work and since I was tired of spending hours on the phone with service reps who couldn't or wouldn't help me, I ordered a free phone. The phone deal I originally wanted was now over. The Samsung phone I received wasn't receiving calls - it was defective. SO, I had to call customer service AGAIN. To get the phone I was promised, I had to send in the old phone and give them my credit card for $300! and then wait 60 -90 days to be re-imbursed for the internet deal - hence NO CELL PHONE. I don't use a home phone! I have a 4 year old - this was unacceptable. This ordeal forced me to go to a busy mall Cingular dealer and wait WITH A FOUR YEAR OLD for 1 hour - then I had to buy the new phone for $70! I had to call customer service again!!!! I asked to be reimbursed for the phone I had to buy, since if the web had been working 2 MONTHS EARLIER I would have had this phone for FREE! The managers wouldn't even get on the phone. I was told they don't do web deals and that they would not reimburse me, they basically told me TOO BAD! As if that wasn't all bad enough, as a result of my phone not working once migrated, I have another AT&T bill to pay! To get AT&T statements to verify this charge I have to pay $5 per statement!!!!! Bottom line - I had to pay $70 for a new phone instead of using the perfectly fine phone I had before I spent over 10 hours on the phone Made 12- 15 calls Was transferred to other departments without assistance Told "TOO BAD" Now I cannot even get out of my contract! This company is awful! I have told everyone I know not to use Cingular Wireless. And in the meantime I am out a total of 140$ (cost of new phone and double bill) What can I do? The managers won't help! No one at Cingular seems to give a damn!
03/29/2005  I was wondering is there anything i can do about the recent merger with AT&T & Cingular? If contract can be voided since i never chose to be Cingular & I never liked them before & still do not. I have had nothing but problems ever since they merged. Please let me know as soon as possible
03/29/2005  Nearly 38% Increase in 2004 Wireless Phone Company Complaints Prove Need for New Consumer Rights (to 29,478 in 2004, from 21,357 in 2003). Tell me this: 1.) Did you adjust the numbers to account for the total increase in cell phone accounts from one year to the next (ie...percentage based comparison, not instance based comparison). If not then you are misleading the public about the direction the industry is headed. 2.) Did you factor in the total number of the 2004 complaints which were due to the forced number portability per the last government intervention (which I supported)? You know this was an imposed deadline change, and some companies implemented this complex process better than others, but all had complaints. If you do not back this out in your comparison, or at least mention it with an asterisk, you are again distorting what the actual increase in complaints. 3.) If the two scenarios above are factored in, does the 2003 to 2004 performance by cell providers actually improve? Check it out, and if so, then you need to hire analysts with more objectivity, or at least better job skills. If that is not your conclusion based on the reduction, then I question your agenda as an organizaion. And I dare you to followup with another release to If you did factor these in, then you need better disclosure in your documentation. You may be a non-profit, but you're still receiving salaries to keep busy, and you're not the only one suspicious of established organizations.
03/30/2005  You misspelled complaint on your cell phone the
04/02/2005  I entered my E-Mail address because your site that I got from a magazine article on cell phone comparisons (Consumer's Report Feb.2005) was very informative. I'd like to know if it's possible to get the name of the site I read about that compares the different carriers & options that you can decide on on-line. I forgot it & the article only mentions SOME states. None of which I live in. Thank you & keep up the informative information. They're the best & well needed.
04/08/2005  I was a member of ATT wireless, but now find I am a member of Cingular. I have had nothing but problems with them. My main gripe is that I cannot check my used minutes online, but could do so as an ATT customer. I have contacted Cingular about this and they claim they have been having a problem with this. I signed up for viewing my minutes online with cingular and was told that it would become effective Feb. 20th 2005. It did not. I was then able to view my minutes in March. I went on today to view my minutes and I had to sign up again and was told that this would not be available until 4/20/05. What is with this company. Why should we have to suffer because they merged?
04/19/2005  I wanted to share some of my thoughts on this issue of internet and broadband. Although I liked and agreed with the letter you composed I penned something I thought a little more appealing to those less altrusistic souls who usually populate state capital buildings. Especially in Virgina. Text follows; It is my sincere hope that the leadership of Commonwealth of Virginia will see the wisdom in supporting efforts to create publically supported high-speed wireless and broadband networks. An open Internet, universally accessible, is essential to this state's economic future. An accessable highspeed information and knowledge exchange system will promote growth and commerce as surely as roads and highways do -- and for the exact same reasons. Tax-supported information infrastructure will be basic to the community of the future, lubricating the wheels of trade, facilitating innovation and enterprise. No one complains that states are in the transportation business. Why should the transport of knowledge at high speed be different? Big telephone and cable companies are trying stifle the efforts by communities to build municipal broadband and wireless networks. Who can blame them? They owe it to their stockholders to try. If they fool and frighten state leadership into helping them block competition like they did in Pennsylvania, they will enrich themselves at the expense of the people of Virginia. No public good will be served. And then there are the immense hidden costs to society of perpetuating and deepening the social divide by amplifying the digital divide. But the benefits of evaporating the divide are clear to all. Tax-supported wireless broadband. Talk about an inexpensive and efficient way for the state to augment its educational system! Suddenly every street corner is a school, a library, a health information center, a shopping center... Think of it! Please support efforts to allow towns, cities, and counties to deploy municipal broadband and wireless networks and resist any efforts to block their deployment. And as communities explore how to build universal, affordable, open networks, I also encourage you to explore partnerships to build upon the skills and expertise of an experienced telecommunications workforce. No one would dream of going back to the days of yore when every road of consequence was a toll road. Why should we let the broadband internet service providers hobble society? They will get a piece of the pie for sure. They just should not get all of it. Thank you for time and attention to this vital matter.
06/04/2005  How about a vent section for banking, mortgage, etc.?
04/29/2007  I have opted out because I wished you would have already addressed the issue of accountablilty amongst the top two political parties and illustrated what they do to minipulate and monopolise their value in perserving our country. For example, it has come to this: The problem with our country is those stupid.... A. The Democrats B. The Republicans We would be so much better off if we just left it to: A. The Democrats B. The Republicans ARE THERE REALLY NO OTHER BETTER OPTIONS?? OR ARE WE SIMPLY SATISFIED THAT THE ALTERNITIVES WOULD BE A DISASTER? REALLY, WHO DOESN'T NEED HEALTH INSURANCE?
04/25/2005  We've heard horror stories about teenagers running up charges on their cell phones. More issues are emerging... New phones provide easy access to the Internet - and there is no way for parent's to disengage the capability. First problem - all of the safety issues that have arisen surrounding access to the Internet via computers are now amplified since teenagers can access the Internet from their phone. Parents don't have a way to monitor this or turn the feature off (apparently the manufacturers have not provided that capability). My daughter is mature and responsible, but I still have deep concerns about her and teenagers everywhere, having unrestricted, unsupervised access to the Internet through yet another channel. Second problem - parents can easily be surprised by excessive charges if their children use Internet access from the cell phone - for example, to use AOL Instant Messanger from their cell or to tap web sites. I just bought my daughter a new phone. On the first bill, I was stung with an $87 charge for data services. This is after I had a discussion with the phone rep when I bought the phone about alternative packages for voice service. I received no information that indicated that I should have been considering data services. 1) Internet access is not a feature that you activate. It's automatically available on most (if not all) new cell phones once you purchase them. 2) Cell phone companies are not making it clear that consumers need to consider data service packages - on top of the monthly voice services - to cover Internet access. 3) Data services are priced in KBs - so how can a normal consumer gauge what a typical download is or costs? Voice services are priced by the minute. Text messages are priced by the message. These are units that we, as consumers, can understand. Parents and teenagers alike would benefit from receiving information about this, including requiring the manufacturers and service providers to make information available about how to disengage the feature or control access so we have the opportunity to protect our children. And, we also have a right to ensure that we're not going to be surprised by excessive charges - so something needs to be done to make this information more apparent, including looking at alternatives for charging for data services (vs KB charges). Pauline Weger Tel: +1 703 318 7984
04/26/2005  The "En Espanol" link on your front page is not working for me...
03/06/2008  I just tried to send the message about cellphone reform,but when I clicked on 'send message', nothing happened. It appears the link doesn't work...
03/06/2008  I tried to send the message to lawmakers from your form in your email about cellphones, and after I completely and accurately filled out the form and clicked "send this message" nothing happened. I tried a few times.
06/16/2005  Suggestion: Your pre-formatted letters to decision-makers are extremely wordy, detailed and repetitive. Decision-makers may not read past the first paragraph of such letters, so that should be where you put your main point. Sending thousands of lengthy, detailed letters will not help your cause. Sending short "please support/do not support this issue" letters is usually much more effective. May I suggest that your writers craft short, yet informative letters, addressing the point with no more than two specific, concise examples? To be effective, the letters should be no more than three short paragraphs, and no more than one page long. For e-mail, the reader should not have to scroll down more than once to read to the end. I appreciate your consideration of this suggestion. Sincerely, Winona Henry
05/01/2005  I got a "come-on" from cingular. Says I'm "preapproved" Gave cost of 2 basic plans. 29.99 & 39.99. I tried to get them to tell me what my total charge would be each month if I didn't go over the minutes allowed by the plans. All I got was a runaround. They DID want to know my "preapproval number" I gave it to them. Now - - 1) did giving them that number while asking unanswered questions give them the right to dig into my credit histiory? 2) How can I get the info that I want/need before signing up? I live in Cleve. Ohio. It should be as easy as adding amts. of taxes and "surcharges" but no one in their "Billing dept." or anywhere else will give me any information. HELP!!
05/01/2005  Re: fresh air purifer by EcoQuest if possible include a study on the above named air purifier. they are located at 310 T. Elmer Cox Drive Greeneville, TN 37743. here in AZ they advertised several times a day for months and my understanding is that they sold a "bunch." I purchased one a year ago for $600.00 because one unit was for up to a 3000 sq. ft. home. i will hold off on giving you my opion of the unit. Truly Yours, Dr. richard krauss
05/18/2008  I would like to know where i can get the $40.00 dtv converter tuner box. in the st louis metro area, all authorized sellers who will take the govt. coupon do not sell a box for less that $60.00. and i have been told by sales personal at Radio Shack and Circuit City that the arrangement to sell these tuner boxes was set up this way and no vendors will be selling $40.00 boxes. just another case of the american public being mistreated by govt. and corp greed!! Sincerely, M. Streb
03/06/2008  I joined in contacting my senator regarding the cell phone thing and got the following email from my senator, "Thank you for contacting me. Due to the volume of e-mails, I can only respond to constituents with New Jersey mailing addresses. If you need further assistance, please contact the Senator from your home state. Thank you" This was from
02/01/2006  For the article about Cable Rates Rising in your state? I live in Boise, Idaho. I just got an email today, (2.1.06), from my local cable company, called Cable One. It said: "Effective February 1st, they are raising my cable box rental from $5.00 per month, to $6.00 per month." They did not ask me if they could, they just did it. Just add this info to your updated Idaho State list of information about cable rates rising. Thank you, Clifford Floyd.
03/07/2008  Seems like there still is a problem with sending the message. Please check your system. Thank you.
02/01/2006  I attempted to forward your page on possible restrictions to the Internet to others in a users group. I was not successful because of some conflict between your server and the SMTP that my email uses despite your page having a click box for forwarding by email. Possibly one of your Tech's can remidy this for the next time.
04/16/2007  I have been trying to post to your blog on cable television a la carte for a couple of days now, but I keep getting this message, which makes no sense, because I have never posted to your blog before I think you need to fix your software. Here is the message I am getting. Please respond.: In an effort to curb malicious comment posting by abusive users, I've enabled a feature that requires a weblog commenter to wait a short amount of time before being able to post again. Please try to post your comment again in a short while. Thanks for your patience.
05/12/2005  Good morning! You seem to spend a heack of a lot of time worrying about the hypothetical increasing costs of phone bills becuase of upcoming mergers. We have seen merger after merger over the years, and my phone bill hasn't icreased, other than taxes and fees (the FUSF rip-off in particular), in the last 20 years. Why not put this effort into keeping my cable bill at a reasonable rate, and not permitting 2 to 3 increases a year.
05/31/2005  Comcast, without prior notice, stopped providing FM radio cable service in hilly areas of Marin County, with poor or no reception in many such areas. Challenged, Comcast said they were providing the service free, and that they wanted to use the bandwith for something more profitable. It is not true that the service was free; there was initially an installation charge and a small monthly fee charged by one of Comcast's predecessors. The fee was subsumed subsequently and Comcast may not even be aware of this. No chance was given for subscribers to object, and Comcast shrugs off objections with indifference. "It's an accomplished deed and we can't be bothered with you." Objections continue, however, and are being directe to Comcast Cable, Lee Ann Peling, 1111 Anerson Dri ve, San Rafael, California 94901. Donald K. Henry
02/10/2009  I wish to change my e-mail address from to which is my current e-mail address. Your web sit states that I can't because it is currently being used by someone else. That someone else is me! Please explain how to correct this problem.
07/05/2005  Need information on how to protest the RUBBER TAILED CONTRACTS. See Nextel and and cell phone companies that keep billing long after the contract expired.
05/18/2005  the billing practices of the industries you list here are in violation of the rico statutes. if you have a legal department, it would be easy for them to establish a national pattern and practice of racketeering just on supposed billing errors alone. But the entire business practice of these industries is a form of racketeering. please keep me on your mailing liat. if you decide to pursue a class action I would love to help - if you can get a state to bring criminal charges - all the better.
05/18/2005  Hello. I just now noticed that the title of the article "Verizon New DSL Offer, Less Then Meets the Eye" should instead read "Verizon New DSL Offer, Less Than Meets the Eye". Note the corrected spelling of the word "than". Hope that helps. Michael
05/18/2005  I just found out about your hearusnow,org web site. I believe it could be a good thing. How are you verifying that what is posted is true and how can I help someone who has posted? Under 'digital content' there is a post that iTunes only supports the iPod. My iTunes supports my RIO brand players perfectly. I find it difficult to believe that a user really purchased 60 songs before testing even one to see if it would load into their player. Even if they could not load the songs through iTunes (some players have limitations, especially older ones) they could easily burn the songs to CD then load (called ripping) them into the software that came with their player and load them that way. This is an extra step, but allows any player to be used with the iTunes store and if the alternative is losing $60 worth of music easily worth the trouble.
05/18/2005  As a person working in the cell phone industry I was quite interested to see the content on your site. Much of it includes things we deal with every day. Some of it is caused by the choices customers make themselves, some of it is caused by regulation and some of it is certainly caused by the rules of the companies themselves. As in most things, the root cause is often a mixture. I personally am proud to say that every day I make a difference in helping as many people as I can to remedy the situations that occur with the tools I have available. One thing that I came across did concern me, however. Under one of your talking points was a form letter of sorts to send out discussing the use of software locks in phones to prevent them from being used on other networks. Indeed, most cell phones do have locks in place tied to the provider from whom the handset is obtained. Largely this is done since the price paid for the device is heavily subsidized by the provider. After all, that free camera phone is not free if you go and price it at the manufacturer's web site. Having said that, most of the major providers have a way to unlock the SIMs on phones. There are a few requirements, usually a set amount of times before you can unlock devices and having an active account. Many people unlock them before going overeas so that they can obtain a pre-paid SIM where they are going in order to make cheaper calls while they are travelling. I think more consumers should be aware that this service is available and take advantage of it and that we should focus on pointing out those services that will not unlock the codes as opposed to painting th whole industry with a broad brush.
05/19/2005  I would add small claims court to the list of things to try to get things compensated. (ofcourse as a very late part after others) In most states the small claims courts are a quite painless process and most companies do not even bother to send a representative as the total compensations are capped at such low price. (California $5000)
05/19/2005  Dear Sir, We have recently developed a service to help cell phone users keep their costs under control: MinuteWatcher takes the surprise out of your cell phone bill. You get warnings in advance when your actual or expected usage will invoke extra fees. We are just coming out of beta test and are giving free subscriptions to the first 100 early adopters for each carrier. After that, it will cost $20 per year. We would very much appreciate a review of our service in Consumer Reports and would be pleased to discuss with you how we can help support your cause. Best regards, Peter Stevens Co-Founder MinuteWatcher LLC
05/19/2005  Hi, This is a great new site. Best of luck with it. Could you add the Center for Democracy & Technology to your listing at internet/getinvolvedguide/joinanationalcampaign/ ? Michael
06/17/2005  It would be much easier to respond to your calls for action if the proposed text were better written. The sample text on the MCI-Verizon merger is a case in point. All of the editable text is ineptly written and some of it is incomprehensible. Please do better.
05/26/2005  Your website was recommended by to me by What I see here is that you offer to BRIEFLY describe one's experience. What is briefly is not possible? How briefly is briefly? It does not say how many characters allowed. What is the point of such sharing if absolutely nothing can be done against gang of thieves and pathologically, criminally arrogant phone companies? Share for entertainment purposes only? Why do you ask for full contact info if you allegedly do not give it away? Parasitic FCC is not a joke, it is an offence to common sense. They claim that some 4000 people complained on wireless service out of 182 million and never respond to consumers. Senators' staff can take a complaint, send it to the abuser, receive meaningless response and think they did any kind of job while the job should only start. Therefore, my question to you is: what one can possibly do realistically, practically? I am losing my telephone in a couple of weeks because I will not pay extortion fees. I am disabled and need it at all times. The abuser T-Mobile, which has the "best" customer service according to JD Power, does not respond to anything at any time like there is no tomorrow. Five reps plus two managers apologized profoundly, claimed they made a mistake and will credit my money immediately but it is never done. If I do not pay, the charge will go to collection agencies' cons thus screwing my credit history and demanding twice more money. There are 12 more problems with T-Mobile alone that contributed to Senate 3 times more than the next contributor. Four years ago AT&T did exactly the same stunt. Before that a few banks did the same. I know what I am dealing with. This is mafia and this is extortion face it as it is. Any comments?
02/28/2006  I believe that I have found an error on your website. says that "it is always a good idea to sign up on the FCC's Do Not Call List," but according to , it is actually managed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).
09/24/2005  West Suburban Access News Association is a 5 year old non-profit organization which provides services and information to persons with a disability and seniors. We also have a web site visited by between 1300-1800 visitors a month about half of those visitors are unique visitors. Is there a way to get our organization listed on your site? Please let me know. Joel Sheffel Executive Director West Suburban Access News Association Web Site: Phone: 708-383-6258
11/15/2007  I wanted to contact CU about two matters. First, I noticed a recurring misspelled word in the letter to congress regarding the FCC consolidation - "reign" was misspelled numerous times as "rein". While I corrected this in my submission, I wanted to let someone know. A stronger statement of protest is made (and taken more seriously) when correct spelling and grammar are employed in my view. Also, I would like to be able to view my current points after participating in an action, but am unable to locate anyplace to look up my information on the website. Often I have noticed that the points listed in your emails do not reflect the most recent activity and I wonder if all points are being tallied. I look forward to receiving your response soon.
03/06/2008  When I click "submit" on the message, it won't send. Please help.
03/06/2008  When I click "submit" on the message, it won't send. Please help.
06/02/2005  Hi, I am interested in the legality of cell phone companies who require a social security number, a DL number, a credit check and a credit card. With identity theft as a major concern, why doesn't the government restrict who can have access to our SS number? I am very concerned that our private information is in the hands of too many companies that require this information before you can open an account. Please respond. Thank you, Lanna Berry
04/20/2006  Where are the organizations that advocate for individuals who happen to be gay, lesbian, bisexual?
06/03/2005  To who it may concern: I'm trying to send an email of support for our Texas leaders that continue standing up for the big phone lobby and the system doesn't let me. I live at El Paso, Texas I don't know what's the problem with the system, but can you please add me to the list of support. My name is Elizabeth Coronado and my address is 313 Lulac Apt B El Paso, TX 79905. Thank you
06/03/2005  Hi, I am researching the cell phone industry response to the california telecommunications bill of rights. Specifically, I am trying to find out how much money the industry has invested in fighting regulation. If you could be of any help, I would appreciate it. Thanks, Jed Ober
06/03/2005  My cingular cell compagny is charging me $82.28 for INcoming telephone calls. I said I would be glad to pay if they tell me WHICH telephone numbers called me. They say it is proprietary. What should I do? Thanks for your help. G aelony
04/27/2005  We get woefully poor service from everyone because our representatives in the house and senate could care less for the people they serve, they are interested in power and politics and everything writ large with their name on it.Every one should be impeached and start over, we need represtatives that really care for someone they serve instead of the lobbiests.
01/18/2005  For your web master: Why the insult and labor of having to scroll through the "state" list? After all, if I can spell Albuquerque, I can surely abbreviate New Mexico. Try a box for your activists to enter their state name.
06/16/2005  It is bad enough that we must fill out the same old form every time to send our protests off, but having to continually scroll theough the state names to find out where we live is has become too much of an insult. Your webmaster needs to get rid of that old fashioned technology and put a simple box there where we can type in our state.
12/17/2004  Why, on your take action page, do you insult your subscribers by implying they are not smart enough to know what state they live in? A simple blank space would enable us to type in our state name or abbreviation. Many people hate having to scroll through all those names. I am in that group.
06/15/2005  I am having a problem with Cingular Wireless and I would like to send an email like this one below. I have already typed my information and could really use support in getting over charges by Cingular reviewed by the government.
06/18/2005  The issue about conversion to digital television concerns me deeply, but my starting point is a few steps behind everyone else's. Why is our government involved in the workings of the mass media? Democracy depends on an informed populace and when the government controls the media, no impartial information is possible. Also, do we not realize that anything we ask our government to pay for gets paid from tax dollars? In the U.S. the citizens ARE the government, at least that is how it is supposed to be. Keep church, media and state separate- pay for your own information!
04/08/2014  Where do I find the correct e-mail addresses for my Congressman and Senators.
06/23/2005  Hi, We are writing a media literacy curriculum with a section and overall emphasis on ownership. I work with the MNN Youth Channel - we picked up one of your flyers at a conference, and are interested in getting a bunch to distribute this summer as we conduct our workshops to large groups of youth at summer programs and in public libraries. please contact us to let us know if this is possible. Thanks! Andrew Lynn Youth Education Coordinator Manhattan Neighborhood Network
06/24/2005  Sinclair Broadcasting (KSMO) and Meredith Broadcasting (KCTV) are under the radar with another duopoly in Kansas City. Two major media giants, SBG and Mereidith (Better Homes and Gardens) are asking for a Financial Distress Waiver for Meredith to have a duopoly with KCTV and KSMO. FCC will approve and MINORITY OWNERSHIP and consolidation of media will take place in the 30th market. MINORITY OWNERSHIP and KANSAS CITY VIEWERS will lose to consolidation of media giants, under the guise of the Failing Station Wavier. Lots of talk by politicians about multiple voices on the airwaves, but no action as these media giants bend the rules. YOU NEED TO LOOK INTO THIS SOON, AS THE SCAM IS NEAR APPROVAL FROM THE FCC.
04/20/2006  dear consummers reports Bravo for your fight in keeping the internet open I would like to add a personal comment to be considered at future stategic planning sessions In the future the best citizen consummer will be the one who consumes in moderation and leaves the smallest footprint. I try to live by this code and I see more and more people becoming aware of the impact of their purchasing decisions. may be some kind of rating ....could be developed I see challenging discussions ahead Sincerely Emmanuel Roux st petersburg fl
11/30/2006  I want to sign this petition but I am not going to do so, until you fix it - it has an error in it that makes it sound foolish: * Unrealistic coverage maps that don't show me where the dead zones; Whoever wrote this didn't proof it - please fix it and resend it to me:
08/31/2008  User Provided No Response
02/13/2008  All the retail stores told me I needed to spend at least $50 for a very short HDMI cable. But all sorts of websites sell them for $4 to $15 for one of the shorter cables. Some retailers told me it wouldn't be true HD unless I bought the very expensive "Monster" HDMI cables! I'm confused. When are you going to have a report on HDMI cables?
11/09/2005  Further to the mandatory digital television transistion: one aspect that seems to be completely overlooked is that of safety. Residents of SE Texas were subjected to extended and repeated power blackouts due to hurricane Rita's damage to the power grid in this area. During that time, I, like many others, used a small battery-powered television to receive weather, traffic, and emergency information. With the imminent demise of analog transmission, not even battery-operated televisions will be usuable during a power outage without an external power supply since the required 120V digital converter will not be operable. In the near future, disaster victims will not have access to visual information thanks to this ill-advised and short-sighted legislation. This is not merely a loss of convenience. The cost of a generator for everyone must be added to the expense all will bear due to this bad law.
03/06/2008  FYI Over a period of at least two hours, I tried to take action - clicking the button did nothing.
11/11/2008  Compliment: good idea, good reports. Criticism: DATE YOUR ESSAYS, including the year, please. I'm a retired librarian, and have noticed the absence of dates on internet articles, essays, etc... Since the info on the internet NEVER disappears, it's always available on some search engine out there, including DATES is absolutely necessary when trying to provide accurate info. MFJ
06/24/2005  I would like to take action aganst cinglar. The overcharged me about 1500.00 dollars. They charged me everytme for in network calls
06/25/2005  Dear Sirs, I am very interested in following the evolution of the terrestrial television in all of the world. I realized that transition A/D has been very difficult in all countries where they initiated this process. Differently of countries that lead the transition, which the open television has a small participation in the market, in the emergent countries these systems represent the main mass-media of communications. It is not difficult to realize that the problem of transition in such countries, due theirs economic limitations, will be bigger than the leader countries. This should means a complex problem or a big chance for new businesses. About the Systems of Compression of Data: During the last ten years, it had been possible to notice the research centers efforts to become the compression systems more efficient. This effort is justified for economic gains in transmissions of data by satellite, microwave nets, coaxial cables, optic fibers, as well as in data storage process, through magnetic or optic medias. We can not take into the consideration that all the ways of mentioned transmission and data storage have high level of reliability. But unfortunately, this does not happen when the way of transmission is made by terrestrial electromagnetic waves. The propagation of the terrestrial electromagnetic waves faces all the kind of hindrances, like physical obstacles: Buildings and mountains, effect of mixture of signals (due the multiple reflections - multipatch) in these obstacles, natural interferences ( electric storms ) and others originated from industries, electric net, homes and of all other systems of communication by radio waves too. Considering all the problems above mentioned, we realized that a system of compression of data designed to the use in broadcasting must be compact . At the same time, to have a good reserve of redundancy data and other features, to guarantee the robustness of the system, since the conformation time of the information to be transmitted. About a Hypothetical Compatible System A/D: We are awared of the difficulties of transition A/D for the world, the so-called "Analog Switch Off ". As soon as the Digital AM/FM Radio Stations, DTTV systems faces the huge challenge of analog- to-digital transition , the European DAB/DRM Digital Radio Systems goes slowly and the American In Band, On Channel AM/FM Radio Systems goes fastly. Do you know why ..... because of the Compatibility, of course. But, is it possible for DTTV? Yes, with a TV viewers agreement only. Please, find below the viable four step transitions : Step Zero: Atual Analog NTSC / M-PAL TV Situation: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 1st line VIT & ASK closed caption components _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ xxth line 4:3 RATIO NTSC or M-PAL ACTIVE VISUAL AREA _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 525th line . . . . Step One: EMI/TVI/RFI/EMC and Robustness Tests: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 1st line VIT & ASK closed caption components plus MPEGX 8VSB/E-VSB modulation tests _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ xxth line 4:3 RATIO NTSC or M-PAL ACTIVE VISUAL AREA _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _525th line . . . . Step Two: Regular Analog plus Digital LDTV/SDTV Broadcasts: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 1st line VIT & ASK closed caption components plus MPEGX Digital TV information _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 37th line 14:9 RATIO NTSC or M-PAL ACTIVE VISUAL AREA _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _487th line Complemental Digital TV Information _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _525th line . . . . Step Three: Regular Analog plus Digital SDTV/EDTV Broadcasts: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 1st line VIT & ASK closed caption components plus MPEGX Digital TV information _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 65th line 16:9 RATIO NTSC or M-PAL ACTIVE VISUAL AREA _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 459th line Complemental Digital TV Information _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 525th line . . . . Step Four Analog Switch Off - Digital Broadcasting Only: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 1st line All Digital Multiple SDTV/EDTV programs, interactive services, or Single HDTV program _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 525th line . . . . End of expositions . . . . If DTTV Systems will not reach the Analog Switch Off in all the world, It?s possible to search it with a hybrid system. Thank you everybody for your time, My warmest Regards, Jonas Paulo Negreiros Brazilian Electronic Technician
06/26/2005  I attempted to modify your e-mail to send to my assembly representative on the Identity Theft bill. I double-clicked on the salutation to input my New York State assemblyman's name and could not personalize it. Is this a programming error? Nita Brassard
10/24/2005  I am currently a Verizon Wireless customer with very poor coverage in my area. I've been trying to work with them to fix the problem, however, I'm getting no resolution. I decided to look into their competitors and began looking at the plans offered by Sprint. While reviewing the details of their "fair and flexible" plan I noticed a charge of $1.50 per month for a "local number portability monthly fee". I think that is a ridiculous charge that goes above and beyond the costs they incur to port your phone number from another carrier. Is there really monthly maintenance involved with this process? Why does it seem like whenever the consumer achieves a small victory like number portablility, some companies turn greedier and find a way to have us overpay for it? An upfront fee for this service would be much easier to swallow than another monthly charge added to the already high cost of wireless phone ownership. Warren Stone Springfield, VA
06/28/2005  In Regads to digital TV, Does this mean that people that have Direct TV do not have to worry about switching?
07/01/2005  Im writing a story about cable/satellite just price comparison...etc. i want to get in touch with maybe a consumer who thinks cable/satellite is a bad idea. can your company help? (im a reporter for Al Dia newspaper)
12/19/2005  I am looking for someone who I can interview for my article on tips to save money for Holiday travelers. I am a reporter for Al Dia newspaper. My deadline is today by 4 p.m. Central time.
07/02/2005  When I signed up for cellular service with Nextel, I was told that voice mail and caller ID service would be $1 per month each on top of my normal fee. They then raised it to $2 each per month. Most recently, they decided to raise it to $3.49 a month each. That comes out to about $72 a year extra for a service many cellular companies give for free. I called them after the latest raise and was told I had agreed that Nextel could raise my fees when I signed my contract. I then asked if I could simply switch to a new plan that included the voice mail and caller ID service. They informed me I could only do this by agreeing to another 2 year contract. This seems extremely unfair that they can change their pricing at any time, but the consumer is left will little or now choice. If the store down the street raises its prices, I can go somewhere else. Therefore, I feel Consumer Reports should spearhead an effort to get a law passed that if cellular companies change pricing in the middle of a contract, the cusomer has 15 days to switch providers with no penalty. Thanks.
07/03/2005  Hello: I was writing a news story on your report about the impact of the analog switchoff on American consumers. The first page of the pdf indicates the report was released June 29. Subsequent pages (in the upper right corner) say "July 29, 2005" instead of June 29, 2005. Thought you might like to know and make the correction. Thanks, Phil Kurz Broadcast Engineering magazine HD Technology Update
07/06/2005  I want to get rid of my nextel service. They have not helped improve my service. I am constantly without "bars" and am experiencing dropped calls at almost every call i make no matter where i call from. I have a contract, but they say they will charge me to break it. How can i get out of it. THey tried fixing my phone too but that didn't work. It's not the phone, it's the service. And they lied about giving me a new phone. They returned the old phone as it was. Please help. Thank you!
10/31/2005  I'm a TV producer in Philadelphia looking for people whose cell phone records were purchased through a data broker. Have anyone in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or Delaware that this has happened to?
03/06/2008  Unable to send your message (Petition), re cell phones. I have no problem sending antything else, only your message. Is this problem conceivably on your end? Thanks Fred Koester
03/06/2008  Twice I have tried to add my signiture and the other requirements to your congressional petition regarding the predations of American cell phonr carriers. In neither instance would the message transmit, even after repeated clicks of the submit button. Since my Internet access is provided by AT&T via DSL, I have to wonder if they are preventing it from being sent.
03/06/2008  Twice I have tried to add my signiture and the other requirements to your congressional petition regarding the predations of American cell phonr carriers. In neither instance would the message transmit, even after repeated clicks of the submit button. Since my Internet access is provided by AT&T via DSL, I have to wonder if they are preventing it from being sent.
03/06/2008  Twice I have tried to add my signiture and the other requirements to your congressional petition regarding the predations of American cell phonr carriers. In neither instance would the message transmit, even after repeated clicks of the submit button. Since my Internet access is provided by AT&T via DSL, I have to wonder if they are preventing it from being sent.
07/29/2006  I need help. In Sept of 2004 we got four cellular phones on a family plan with AT&T our contract shows a 1 year period. In Sept of 2005 I called Cingular to find out the last DAY OF OUR CONTRACT. I was told Sept 2006 and that we had a 2 year contract. I did nothing at the time but in May I transferred the lines to Sprint. Today I got a letter from a collection agency for over $1000.00. They have added $700.00 plus tax for Early Cancellation and billed individually for text messaging. I will pay the correct charges but not this piracy. Help Please, Randall Scripter
07/16/2005  I am concerned about buying another conventional TV set because I have been getting information from sources such as CU that these older, non- digital sets will be rendered useless in a few years. However, I understand that a solution in the form of a "DTV decoder" will help rectify the problem. On the other hand, my searches for these units have been fruitless. Do you know if any manufacturers have plans to produce, or are currently producing, these decoders? I subscribe to the belief that I should have the *choice* as to whether or not I will pay for cable or satellite services when I turn on my television, so I offer gratitude to CU for taking a stand and informing Congress about the real concerns television owners face in the near future.
07/16/2005  I am concerned about buying another conventional TV set because I have been getting information from sources such as CU that these older, non- digital sets will be rendered useless in a few years. However, I understand that a solution in the form of a "DTV decoder" will help rectify the problem. On the other hand, my searches for these units have been fruitless. Do you know if any manufacturers have plans to produce, or are currently producing, these decoders? I subscribe to the belief that I should have the *choice* as to whether or not I will pay for cable or satellite services when I turn on my television, so I offer gratitude to CU for taking a stand and informing Congress about the real concerns television owners face in the near future.
10/25/2005  Delete me from your email list.
07/19/2005  I am very upset with minimum charges on collect calls from Mexico to US, depending on which company provides service. What can be done about it??
07/19/2005  It is troublesome enough to me that Congress doesn't have anything better to do than ponder legislation regarding our televisions, but to have them possibly consider REIMBURSING individuals for a transition to digital TV is more than I can bear! TV is not necessary for health and well-being. Nothing is provided by television that can't be obtained elsewhere for cheaper. Congress should stop worrying about TV and baseball and move on to something that is actually beneficial to Americans like a strong military.
07/20/2005  20 July 2005 Hello Friends, We are writing this quick note to respectfully suggest you rethink the use of "https" for all your "Hear Us Now Actions." Of course, it is widely understood why you use the more secure page, and you should be commended for your concern of your surfers and readers, but there is another matter you may have overlooked. When another advocacy or activism group wants to place a link from their page to your page, the link will not work from many hosting and/or providing companies. We just thought you should be aware you possibly would gain more readers and signers to your forms pages. Keep up the great work. nwactivism
01/02/2008  Please send me the specific website address of AT&T's new DSL Lite high-speed internet service as mentioned in the December 27, 2007, Atlanta Journal-Constitution article. Mr. Williams is indeed correct -- I have not been able to find this deal on AT&T's site (although pretty good with computers but not an MIT graduate!). Thanks. P.S. I am already involved with Consumers Union Advocacy and am on the consumer updates list.
07/28/2005  Hello, Please consider reviewing our site We offer UHP projector lamps for DLP and LCD projectors. Our business model saves consumers from the astronomically high prices currently charged in the industry. Regards, Mike Newman President,
11/19/2007  I am willing to participate in most of your messages to whoever needs a heads up or a knock in the head. But my computer indicates that you display nonsecure items which I do not care to have done. When you decide not to, pleae e-mail me that you have done so so that I may be part of the countries problem solving. Thank you. lfc
08/03/2005  I can't get my local phone company to release my phone number to my new digital phone service. I thought there was a new law that stated they had to release numbers.
08/03/2005  I'm trying to reach a few people who have shared their stories with you about wireless billing problems. I'm a senior editor with the AARP Bulletin and we're doing a story on it. In fact, we're partnered with you I believe to persuade the FCC to adopt the Truth in Billing policy. If someone could contact me I'd appreciate it. Chad Hudnall, 202-434-3343. Thanks.
10/25/2005  I loved that you did a video and totally support the message and the cause. However, other than the part where the flowers of different perspectives were coming toward me, I found the video intense, hard to understand and not adequately TO THE POINT. Maybe the second one can be shorter and more direct. I send these thoughts with love and caring, Jolinda Marshall
08/07/2005  im moving to an area where my current cell phone provider dosent provide service. im still in contract. what are my legel rights to cancel the contract and not pay an early termination fee
08/07/2005  Dear Comsumers, Your magazine is so timely, this Sept is no different. On computers, you wanted to know problems. I get 50-60 emails a night, if I miss a night 100 - 150 messages. Tonight 191 from vigra to home mortages, to surveys of all sorts to girls in Maspeth. Tonight I had one from the Armed Forces Bank NA. They said my account was frozen and when I gave them the 9 yards they wanted my account would be freed. I am not in the Armed Forces. I deleted everything except that one. It is frustrating. When I come back from vacation, I will implement many of your suggestions. Carmine Torrisi
08/18/2006  I am a blind person and therefore cannot fill in Senator Bunting's fine digital form. How about some other more reasonable way like just trusting that tthere really are people who do and can think and speak for themselves instead of regurgitating the Republidcan/ Communist Paarty line. Thank you.
08/15/2005  Hi. I'm an editor at Wired magazine. I'm putting together a short column about cell phone reception and am hoping you can help me. I'm essentially looking for a response to this question: "Why is cell phone reception so bad in the US?" I can be free for a quick phone conversation at your convenience. I hope you can respond. Thanks very much for your time! Eric
08/18/2005  You've got to proof-read your graphics. in On page 7 the y axis is labeled in 2s from 0 to 18 and then jumps back to 12. on page 10 it's confusing to have a column labeled $75000 and above which aggregates statistics for some of the other columns in the graph. - Mike
01/08/2009  Senator Evan Bayh United States Senate January 8, 2009 Thank you for contacting me (your letter of January 5, 2009) concerning my FCC complaint of August 4, 2008 that they never addressed concerning the TV digital conversion. My digital converter has been installed by the FCC and manufacturers instructions. My mother's (Jasonville, IN) and my (Brownsburg) antennas have been installed and adjusted to the advice and instructions previously suggested by the FCC and by the information you sent with your letter. We continue to have the same problems. My mother has a tall, outdoor antennae to receive signals from Terre Haute and I have both the "rabbit ears" and "bowtie" to receive signals from Indianapolis. We both receive the old analog signals with a clear picture and flawless audio reception except during a bad storm. I receive approximately 10 stations and she also receives good signals from some Indianapolis stations. Jasonville is south of Terre Haute approximately 30 miles. The FCC information you mailed me says that if after implementing all of their suggestions and digital TV reception problems continue then we will have to "upgrade your antennae system to get a reliably good signal" and that includes a "amplifier to boost the received signal (often referred to as active indoor antenna)" for indoor antennas. The FCC has not informed the 500000 Hoosier TV antenna owners of this reception problem prior to Hoosiers purchasing the digital converter boxes. They have not offered discount coupons for purchasing these special antenna systems. They are not recommending which new antenna purchases will receive a reliable, good digital signal. There are no guarantees for this expensive purchase. Furthermore, Hoosiers cannot afford to purchase these expensive antenna systems including the converter boxes and have them installed. The switch to digital TV should be postponed; or, low cost cable or satellite with local TV programming included should be offered as an alternative to these expensive antennae upgrades with a discount provided similar to the converter boxes. Except my mother's rural location has no access to cable and Direct TV satellite does not offer local programming from Terre Haute or Indianapolis in Jasonville. Therefore, millions of American citizens who have purchased the digital TV converter boxes will be blaming the FCC, the federal government and you for a TV crisis come February 17 similar to the housing foreclosure, financial fraud, retirement/stock market collapse, health insurance and good paying jobs crisis we are currently experiencing. Brent Pittman 6593 Donnelly Drive Brownsburg, IN 46112 317-852-4470
08/29/2005  I am the host of EverydayWealth Radio: Your Consumer Advocate ( I'd like to interview one of your experts on my program, which focuses on financial issues. I'd like to focus on cell phone disputes, current issues, and consumer protection. The program is live every Thursday from 12 1 Pacific time (or 3-4 Eastern time). It is streamed live to the Internet, and archived for listening 24/7. It is produced by, the leader in Internet Talk Radio. I am interested in having you on as a guest for a 10 minute segment on the program. It works like any other live radio program. The station will call you shortly before the interview, and you will be interviewed by phone. We will include a link to your website on the show page. In addition, we will maintain a link to the program in our archives, and you can link to the archived program on your website (we'll send you easy instructions for doing so) so your visitors can hear you talk about your topic. If you would be willing to be interviewed, I'd love to talk with you about a date and time. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you soon! Gerri Detweiler Direct: 941-379-0456
01/31/2006  What if I could show you a natural health drink that could help people get healthy & save millions on health care costs? LOOK> Tom
10/04/2005  I saw on the Austin Lounge Lizards site that they wrote another song for the Consumers Union, this time about media consolidation. Is it going to be on this website? I think the topic is one of the most important of our times AND the group writing the song is one of my favorite, so I am really looking forward to that. I sat through the FCC hearings here in San Antonio for nearly 10 hours (I believe it was) when they came to town over a year ago. Didn't do a damn bit of good, but it was a hell of meeting. Hundreds of citizens expressing their discontent. Anyway, thanks for commissioning the Lounge Lizards again. They are great. I can't wait to hear what they came up with. :-)
03/06/2008  I tried to send the letter and filled in all the information but when I tried to submit it didn't work. Please advise
10/19/2005  Morgan Jindrich Director, Consumers Union 1666 Connecticut Ave. Suite 310 Washington D.C. 20009 Dear Sir; While I support your efforts to retain the public airwaves for public access; Wireless is not the only cheap internet broadband access technology! Available to everyone with normal household electricity is broadband over the American electrical grid. Digital signal packets are sent accross the grid during the null on a alternating current, (AC) sine wave at 60 times, (cycles), per second, Through patendted converters at each end of the connection. Thankyou for considering this cheab alternative; Daniel K. Smyth Florence, OR
09/02/2005  Rupert Murdoch's News the only way that we get a fair and balanced report of what is really going on in the world. ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN are all the same liberal crap. Many people do not have the chance to hear Fox News unless they have cable and many cable stations do not carry Fox. I thought that Consumer's Union was un- biased until I read your suggested letter. You should be ashamed! KRG
03/28/2014  Please unsubscribe me changing emails and have no time to go thru all emails
09/04/2005  I just finished reading a Consumers Union article about how the expense of broadband internet access makes it unavailable to the poor. I can't wait to see what Consumers Union's recommended solutions to this problem might be. Let me see, we want to make sure everyone has access to broadband so lets implement some government subsity plan that puts a tax on anyone that makes over $75,000 a year and owns a house. Is the solution to any "access because of income" prolem, by either a consumer group or government always based on some sort of "Robin Hood" approach? What will the subsidation concepts be when the middle and upper middle class can't afford all the taxes that are either in the open and obvious, or hidden under any purchase we can possibly make?
09/07/2005  I have been without sound on CNBC for several hours and since all of our other channels are fine the cable provider, Comcast, cannot help. We live in Long Grove, IL, zip code 60047. HELP!! I don't want to have to read Cramer's lips!
09/07/2005  I read with interest, your article in the Sept. Consumer Reports about "Anti-phishing" As suggested in the article, I forwarded several phishing e-mails on to them, and got them back with the notice that it was an invalid e-mail address. I used the address you had in the article, which was Do you have any other suggestions? June Anderson
09/07/2005  I just canceled my cell phone prior to the end of my contract and will owe the early termination fee of $175.00. I was told by the Verizon Wireless customer service rep. that there would be Federal & State taxes on that amount. Is this true?
09/22/2005  Why do consumers accept the fact that they have to enter a contract for cell phone service. This is ridiculous! You don't have to contract land line phone service, or electricity, or cable.Consumers need bite the bullet for awhile (probably not long) and refuse to sign a contract. When people can change companies whenever they want (without some ridiculous penalty) then you will see lower prices and better service.
01/20/2009  I am a Consumer Reports subscriber. I have a serious complaint to make against Best Buy and GEEK Squad. I need an address and or telephone number to contact and sent my letter. Thank you.
09/17/2005  Good service
09/17/2005  I'm frustrated...for my wife ! She is a cingular wireless customer and just 3 months ago signed a " NEW " 2 year contract with them. She received a " FREE " phone at Best Buy and all was fine until she started to use it. The problem lies in that she can't...most of the time! She signed up for one of the better packages and all should be well, but it's not. She is constantly losing calls while talking, it will ring and she cannot hear who is trying to call her, she cannot call from within our house ( she has to step outside ) and sometimes that doesn't work either. Once in a while she can get a call to go out if she is in the bathroom, but for the most part the service " stinks." She called cingular and they said it's because the towers on cape cod ( where we live ) are over- full and are in the process of being up-graded. Why wasn't she told of this prior to her singing up for two years of misery? I would like to have the entire contract negated, return her phone to Best Buy ( or cingular ) and let her start from scratch as a different provider. I cannot believe we have to go through two years of poor service and pay extrodinary bills for nothing. And....that's exactly what she is doing each and every month. What can you offer as advice to us! I do not know where to turn and cingular's attitude is not very caring at all. The more or less told her to live with it until the problem can be resolved. And.....when they were asked when that might be the reply was " sometime in the future!! That is not an answer that I feel is worthy of continuing her contract with them. Thanks for listening........Bill
09/17/2005  Your RSS feed seems to be broken.
09/20/2005  I filled out a form like this with pertinent information to my cell phone provider. they responded but I didn't keep the responce(Shame on me) How can I prove they recieved an e-mail from me through there web page. They are now declining that I ever sent them information? I made a copy of it and pasted it to a word program though. Bill Bolton
09/21/2005  Subject: Social Security WHY WAIT UNTIL 2008? THERE IS AN ELECTION IN 2006. I HEREWITH FIRMLY STATE THAT I WILL NOT VOTE FOR ANY POLITICIAN, REGARDLESS OF THE OTHER ISSUES, IF HE DOES NOT SPONSOR AND SUPPORT THIS LEGISLATION. THAT INCLUDES EVERYONE STANDING FOR ELECTION IN 2006. LET US SHOW OUR LEADERS IN WASHINGTON "PEOPLE POWER"AND THE POWER OF THE INTERNET. LET ME KNOW IF YOU ARE WITH ME ON THIS BY REPLYING AND FORWARDING TO EVERYONE IN YOUR ADDRESS BOOK. ABOVE MESSAGE DATED 4/25/05 IN CHATTANOOGA, TN IT DOESN'T MATTER IF YOU ARE REPUBLICAN OR DEMOCRAT! KEEP IT GOING!!!! 2006 Election Issue!! GET A BILL STARTED TO PLACE ALL POLITICIANS ON SOC. SEC. This must be an issue in "2006" Please! Keep it going. ---------------------------------- SOCIAL SECURITY: (This is worth reading. It is short and to the point.) Perhaps we are asking the wrong questions during election years. Our Senators and Congresswomen do not pay into Social Security and, of course, they do not collect from it. You see, Social Security benefits were not suitable for persons of their rare elevation in society.They felt they should have a special! plan for themselves. So, many years ago they voted in their own benefit plan. In more recent years, no congressperson has felt the need to change it. After all, it is a great plan. For all practical purposes their plan works like this: When they retire, they continue to draw the same pay until they die. Except it may increase from time to time for cost of living adjustments.. For example, Senator Byrd and Congressman White and their wives may expect to draw $7,800,000.00 (that's Seven Million, Eight-Hundred Thousand Dollars), with their wives drawing $275,000.00 during the last years of! their lives. Tom DeLay is slated to receive $4,795,000.00, Jon Corzine will only receive $1,140,000.00 because of his short tenure in the senate. Bob Dole is already collecting on his $6,575,000.00 since he left the Senate. His wife is now in the Senate, working to build up her own pile of gold from us. These figures are in addition to the FREE medical, dental, optical, and hospitalization services given to these so called public servants. Let us clean up their act in 2006, use your votes. T his is calculated on an average life span for each of those named Dignitaries. Younger Dignitaries who retire at an early age, will receive much more during the rest of their lives. Their cost for this excellent plan is $000. NADA....ZILCH.. This little perk they voted for themselves is free to them. You and I pick up the tab for this plan. The funds for this fine retirement plan come directly from the General Funds; "OUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK"! From our own Social Security Plan, which you and I pay (or have paid) into,-every payday until we retire (which amount is matched by our employer)- we can expect to get an average of $1,000 per month after retirement. Or, in other words, we would have to collect our average of $1,000 monthly benefits for 68 years and one (1) month to equal Senator! Bob Dole's benefits! Social Security could be very good if only one small change were made. That change would be to: Jerk the Golden Fleece Retirement ! Plan from under the Senators and Congressmen. Put them into the Social Security plan with the rest of us then sit back..... and see how fast they would fix it. If enough people receive this, maybe a seed of awareness will be planted and maybe good changes will evolve. How many people CAN you send this to? Better yet.... How many people WILL you send this to ?
09/21/2005  My name is Orrin Hudson. I worked as a State Trooper in Alabama for six years, and now I teach life skills to disadvantaged children using the concepts and skills required to excel at the game of chess. I quit my job as a trooper after hearing about 7 people that were held up and killed execution style for $2000. I was deeply disturbed that another human being could feel so desperate and alone that killing 7 people seemed like his only option. I felt called upon to make a difference so that people could see that they have other options, and not see crime as their only way out of a bad situation. I immediately quit my job as a trooper so I could find a way to make a difference with our children BEFORE they feel desperate enough to commit murder. Now, I spend all my time teaching, coaching and motivating children to feel good about themselves, make the right choices and be someone in their lives. My work with kids is making a difference in our communities, and I have created a Not for Profit Organization to support it called BeSomeone. BeSomeone has been awarded many civic and cultural honors in addition to being showcased on the national and local news. Unfortunately, this media attention has not garnered the kind of financial support that we need to continue doing the work with our children. Almost every school that hears about the work we do wants me to come in and work with their kids, but the cost is about $20 per child per program- just to cover the basic materials. Most schools don't have money in their budget for that, so many children don't get the opportunity to participate. I would also like to train more people to do what I do so I am able to reach more children. I am hoping that you will see the value in what we're doing at BeSomone, and want to make a contribution. There are many ways to contribute, the least of which is monetary. I believe that everything we need is available through our community, so I am reaching out to you for whatever resources you have in abundance that you could share with us. Here's some of the areas that we need donated, discounted or general support with: Office Space Grant Writing Computer Equipment / Software programs Office Supplies Graphic/Web Design Marketing Child Sponsorship
09/25/2005  The FCC is currently seeking comments for changes to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991, the law that (suposedly) regulates telemarketers. If you have any advice for how the public should comment on this issue, consider adding it to your site.
07/22/2009  Your drive against cell phone providers and their contracts conveniently forgets to mention that those in Europe and Asia who don't get locked in to any particular carrier pay between 3 and 5 times what we in the U.S. do for the same phone. Phones sold in the U.S. are subsidized by the carriers in exchange for the contracts they require. Yes, we eventually pay the more expensive price for the phones long term through the contracts, but your failing to mention this or glossing it over is disingenuous at best. You need to tell people that if you get your way, they will be paying a LOT more money for their hardware, and let them make a choice based on the facts, not your one sided position.
10/04/2005  I like to use your Action Center to email Congress about various subjects. Can you 'remember' my name, address, and other data so that I don't have to re-input it every time? It's rather a pain-in-the-seat....! Thanks.
11/30/2006  Attacking an industry has little merit. If you attack one company, that might work and I would go along. Otherwise this is a waste of time. Jim Leahy
10/26/2009  I purchased the $13 "Cars Best Deals Plus" for one year and I ordered a car report and I was STILL charged the usual $14 fee. The reason I got the $13 Cars Best Deals Plus was to avoid the $14 fees. How do I get back my $14? thanks 405-826-7658
09/24/2006  User Provided No Response
10/25/2005  I signed the petition, but I feel that you wasted your money on the video
11/07/2009  I just heard that you have endorsed the 2000 page house health care bill. I am stunned to hear that you believe this is the way toreform health care. Request you refund my membership dues for 2010 including my recent subsription you tour health servie. I would be happy to have you return a pro-rated amount. Jeff Fuller Fairfax, VA 703-978-8186 I will do without your services.
11/08/2009  I just heard that you have endorsed the 2000 page house health care bill. I am stunned to hear that you believe this is the way toreform health care. Request you refund my membership dues for 2010 including my recent subsription you tour health servie. I would be happy to have you return a pro-rated amount. Jeff Fuller Fairfax, VA 703-978-8186 I will do without your services.
01/09/2009  You can't idiot proof the world. There have been notices everywhere, on TV, in newspapers and magazines and on the Internet. The people who aren't ready yet will never be ready. They have pushed it back umpteen times already.
10/06/2005  I am a life Consumers Union member. I think you do GREAT work on so many fronts. Unfortunately, I believe letting local governments to become communication companies is wrong. I have worked in the communication/technology industry for over twenty years. This noise around WiFi networks reminds me of the internet bubble - lots of people who do not understand how things work. WiFi networks would be down during storms like Katrina. They still need backhaul to the public internet. They are easily jammed. They are easily spoofed and lack security. I am surprised that you are supporting this "feel good" idea that has significant issues. Regards, Richard Grover
03/06/2008  The "Send" button does not work on the email regarding cellular phones. ~Nikki Foster
03/06/2008  I can't submit the "Its my network--unchain my cell phone!" form after it has been completed. What's wrong?
04/25/2009 I didn't see an ACTION page or anything that led me to believe you guys are doing anything at all to fight the ridiculous deregulated telecommunications industry. I see lots of "share my story" and "explore the issues" but how about KICK SOME ASS?! Consumers' other advocacy groups are very active it busting down Congress' doors with petitions ranging from hospital infection rates to lead in kids toys to credit card ripoffs. It's time for you guys to stop lollygagging and light a fire under some butts! With all the power that the telecoms have in Congress, it's gonna take a BIG grassroots effort to get any meaningful changes, such as: - ending ridiculous roaming charges and excessive bills without any warning or cap implemented - getting rid of early termination fees that have no pro-ration - etc
02/01/2006  I've discovered that we have renewed our subscription to Consumer Reports magazine twice; once with check # 2200 written on 10-3-05 for $26.00 and once with check #2221 dated 12-4-05 for the same amount. Surely you had received and processed the initial renewal by late November/early December. This constant bombardment with multiple renewal notices, months apart after a renewal has already been made is just the sort of unscrupulous marketing tactics so often condemned by your own publication. I should be ashamed of myself for not checking back far enough in my check register, but you, along with every other publication to which we subscribe (and they are many) should be ashamed of yourselves as well yourselves for using such tactics to increase your revenues. Please make the renewal for TWO years instead of sending two copies of the magazine to us for one year. And if, during the next two years we receive more than a single renewal notice at the time of its expiration, we will cancel our subscription altogether. Please acknowedge this request by email along with your promise that multiple renewal notices WILL NOT reoccur. You should also publish a warning about this costly, annoying and unethical practice, widely used by the entire periodical publishing industry. A simple linking of your accounting data base of subscriber renewals to that of your subscriber renewal mailing list will save yourselves a good bit of postage and your subscribers a good deal of aggrivation. If such a program does not presently exist, It would be a true public service if you developed one and provided it to the industry as a whole. Based on a simple name & address search/comparison protocol, it should be relatively easy to accomplish. Thank you. Sincerely, William E. Peed 45 Randall Ave. Weymouth, MA 02189-2020
11/01/2007  None of your posting features worked when I tried to comment on the communications issue. Ny comments had all the required information filled except my URL, which was not necessary. The option to email you also did not work. Just letting you know
12/18/2005  I have unsuccessufully tried to change my e-mail addy from: TO: Please, any help will be most appreciated. Thank you very much. God Bless, Vickie
03/06/2008  Tried to send a msg. about cell phones but couldn't. Info. should be updated to new e-mail address. Also would like recommendations on digital camera. Ken Popio
09/28/2006  Please add a 'Remember Me' feature so we do not have re-enter all our information every time for each campaign. Thank you!
10/25/2005  I was not able to sign the petition in the proscribed area so I cut and pasted it into the comments area and then submitted it. I dont know if that is ok or not ie will I be on the petition or not. Sincerely Robert D. Mage
10/25/2005  1. How about giving a link to download a copy of the video "The Tower" 2. Stick with correct English you mad the statement "end up in landfills, leaking toxics into the ground." There is no such word in the english language as Toxics. The word is Toxic and is is an adjective not a proper noun. If your people don't know the difference, hire someone who passed Elementry School grammar and English.
09/08/2008  Most of what we see today on TV news is controlled by six major corporations and they may control our local newspapers, too, unless Congress acts soon. I just sent an email to my member of Congress urging them to stop this media consolidation, could you take a minute and do the same? The Federal Communications Commission recently voted to let newspapers and TV stations in a city have the same owner. Cross-ownership of media outlets has been essentially banned for the past 30 years to help ensure we have a diverse, competitive and local media. Only weeks remain before Congress adjourns for the year -- members need to overturn this bad decision before then. Unless Congress acts, we'll have fewer independent media outlets than ever before, at a time when we need good information to I got the following email from my sister. I used the indicated "link" and even though I looked around some for where to sign my name on yet another petition or whatever...I COULDN'T FIND WHERE TO DO IT. I sign lots of petitions and I have never been put off like this. make informed choices. Please email your member now that you want a diverse and local media. And then forward this message on to family and friends who also are concerned about less local news. Go to to send your email now. Thank you!
09/14/2006  I would like to help with every one of these things you send about contacting my congressman or senator, etc., but you have to make it easier for me and I would suspect many others. Send along with your message the email address of the representatives to each of us, so we can immediately respond. Just put all the representatives in your database by zip code so each of your recipients gets only their representatives. I don't have time to do this. Thank you, Paul Zuccarini
10/07/2005  This is "THE LIST" as of 10/07/05 The accompanying list is an exhaustive political resource compendium of movies, books, websites, radio, TV, and magazines, which assists those interested in investigating the current administration's politics and world events in general. A tantalizing primer to the whole topic can be found at www.WTC7,net (29 similar websites are listed towards the end of this document). If you prefer to enter the subject in a more gingerly manner, then we strongly suggest you browse through the accompanying content first. Thank you in advance for being a good citizen by exercising your interest in politics. Documented as fact, the following info is astonishing. The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 requires High Schools receiving federal funding to provide student names, addresses, and telephone numbers to military personnel unless a parent requests their child's name be withheld. The average European gets 10 ? more weeks off per year than an American. Eight European countries have higher productivity in labor per hour than the U.S., including France and Germany, even with considering their time off. To become a member of the European Union, you have to abolish capital punishment. The German Constitution has an amendment that guarantees the rights of our fellow sentient creatures to be represented. The biggest world economy is the European Union's, exceeding the U.S. by 100 billion. Since the inception of the Euro, the dollar has lost 20% against it. 61 of the largest 140 companies are European, with 50 being in the U.S. Currently, it is official U.S. policy to devalue the dollar in an effort to increase exports. The U.S. owes foreign debtors 3 trillion dollars, with it increasing at 2 billion dollars per day. Ninety percent of America's wealth is owned by 1% of its people. One out of five children grow up in poverty in the U.S. With 5% of the world's population, the U.S. consumes 60% of its resources. One billion people consume 86% of the world's resources. The world has an estimated 40 years left before the earth's oil reserves are depleted. The average High School Grad will spend 15- 18,000 hours in front of a T.V., but only 12,000 hours in school. The average American sees 3,000 ads per day. Before the first Gulf War, Iraqi women had the highest quality of life in the Arab world. The Pentagon must by law provide a year-end general accounting to Congress. Their latest accounting cannot account for 3 trillion dollars. There are an estimated 100,000 psychopaths/sociopaths in New York City, and two million in the United States. Psychopaths frequently rise to high level positions in politics and corporations. In order to join the European Union, employers must provide a minimum of four paid weeks off per year. Twenty-five percent of all the prisoners in the world are in United States prisons, making the U.S. the most likely country in which to be imprisoned. One in eight black men between the ages of 18 to 25 are in prison. Huntsville, Texas has one high school and nine prisons. In 1984, this high school was the first in the U.S. to install surveillance cameras. In October of 1992 a Senate inquiry discovered that between 1985 and 1989, 60 deliveries of biological compounds were made to Saddam Hussein's military laboratories. The giant building contractor Bechtel, formerly run by Reagan Secretary of States Casper Wienberger and George Schultz, was chosen by the Iraqi authorities to build the factories that would enable Saddam to produce WMD's. The CIA provided direct intelligence support to Iraq to assist them in their war against Iran. The Bush Administration's current federal budget has cut 844 million from veteran's health care, plus an additional 1.5 billion per year over the next ten years from the Veterans Health Dept. Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel was the Chairman, CEO and part owner of the company that manufactured 80% of the electronic voting machines that counted the votes in his election. Top programmers of another major voting machine manufacturer are convicted felons and have served time for sophisticated crimes of computer fraud (see 90% of radio revenues come from the 4 largest radio corporations. 5 corporations control 95% of nightly U.S. news programming. 2003 annual revenues: Comcast: 18.3 Billion Viacom: 26.6 Billion Time Warner: 39.6 Billion GE 134.2 Billion Vivendi: 30.1 Billion News Corp: 17.5 Billion Bertelsmann: 19.8 Billion In North America- Approximate number of: Newspapers: 1800 Magazines: 1100 Radio Stations: 11,000 TV Stations: 2000 Book Publishers: 3000 Number of companies listed as owning a controlling interest in the above Media: In 1984 (50) 1987 (26) 1996- (10) 2002- (6) The current Star Wars project has space weaponry entitled "Rods From God", where space weapons discharge lethal energy. Shock and Awe was the title of a military strategy concept published within the pentagon in 1996. The U.S. Government has launched 32 nuclear reactor powered military satellites and probes. G.W. Bush is the first sitting president to wear military apparel in public Approximately 1,500 top Nazi scientists were smuggled into the U.S. after the war under "Operation Paper Clip", all avoiding the Nuremberg Trials. 100 went to work in the aerospace industry at the Marshall Space Flight Center, the other 1,400 went to work for the CIA and various branches of the military. Wernher Von Braun, who headed up the Nazi Peenemunde missile test site, which utilized concentration camp slave labor, where 25,000 slaves died, was named the first director of NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center. Another eminent Nazi, Arthur Rudolf became the project director for the Saturn 5 Rocket project. Kurt Debus, who headed up the V-2 rocket testing at Peenemunde, became the first director of the now Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Walter Dornberger, Wernher Von Brauns commanding officer, became the director of Bell Helicopter. George Bush obtained his first passport after becoming president. Over 10,000 Gulf War veterans have died since the first Gulf War ended in 1991. The U.S. military budget exceeds the other top 9 military budgets of the world combined. In the 2000 election, 47,000 people were removed from Florida's voter registration list under the guise of being felons. It is estimated that 1 in 20 were actually convicted felons, 50% of the 47,000 were black, and the Supreme Court stopped the recount when Al Gore was trailing by 354 votes. A statewide Florida recount, performed after G.W. Bush was appointed president, showed Al Gore won the State of Florida in the 2000 presidential election. 2004 exit polls corresponded to the final vote tally in states relying extensively on paper ballots, and in states employing electronic voting machines, the difference between exit polls and final tallies differed by five to nine percent. Federal and State government is distributing an estimated 40 to 60 billion dollars out to faith- based initiative groups. The Department of Homeland Security provided over eight million dollars to Miami Police to squash a November 2003 protest against the FTAA. Protesters took two hours of film footage, consisting of 5-second clips, each clip a scene of a protester being brutalized with clubs, rubber bullets, gun shot bean bags, tasers, or gas, etc. Prior to the protest, a local law was passed outlawing the gathering of three or more people having the same agenda. The World Bank increased funding from 1.3 to 4 billion dollars to companies involved in the privatization of water. From Sept 6 to 10, 2001, (just prior to 9/11)at a rate of 600% above normal, "PUT" options were placed on Dean Witter, and American and United Airlines. More than 200 million pounds of explosives were used in the first two weeks of "Operation Iraqi Freedom" An attorney was arrested for trespassing. He was wearing a T-shirt he had just purchased in the mall he was arrested in- it read "Let Inspectors Work". March 2001, a man was sentenced to 37 months in federal prison for "threatening the life of the president". His crime? Telling a joke in a Sioux Falls bar: "God might speak to the world through a burning Bush". George Bush said he saw the first plane hit the twin towers on T.V., well before the first showing of the incident was actually shown on T.V.. The U.S. has attacked 30 countries and dropped over 10 million tons of bombs since WWII, killing millions of people, mostly civilians. Number of countries in which democracy took hold and were in favor of human rights: 0 .As of 6/19/05, 382 cities and counties, and seven states have passed resolutions protecting the civil liberties of their citizens against the Patriot Act. (BORDC.ORG) Patriot Act II has a provision allowing the government to "disappear you." Senator Prescott Bush (George W. Bush's Grandfather) utilized slave labor in German concentration camps and helped finance Nazi Germany. Israel has 200 nuclear weapons China has 20 nukes capable of hitting the U.S., the U.S. has 7,500 nukes capable of hitting China. After the Vietnam peace agreement was signed in Paris, the U.S. military continued to bomb Cambodia, resulting in an estimated 500,000 civilian deaths. All high ranking Bush administration officials have or have had close monetary ties with the military industrial complex and/or the oil industry in general. U.S. imperialism is responsible for an estimated 12 to 16 million deaths. QUOTES/QUERIES/SAYINGS "Too bad the only people who know how to run the government are driving cabs and cutting hair." George Burns "As People do better, they start voting like republicans...unless they have too much education and start voting Democratic, which proves there can be too much of a good thing" Karl Rove "Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter." Thomas Jefferson, 1787 "What luck for the rulers that men do not think". Adolph Hitler "What has destroyed liberty and the rights of men in every government that has ever existed under the sun? The generalizing and concentrating of all cares and powers into one body." Thomas Jefferson "What you want in a media system is ostensible diversity that conceals an actual uniformity." Joseph Goebbels, Third Reich "Redefining the role of the United States from enablers to keep the peace to enablers to keep the peace from peacekeepers is going to be an assignment." George Bush 1/14/2001 "In a fair and just world, these five justices (supreme court justices) belong behind bars as much as any American white color criminal that has ever lived" Vincent Bugliosi (Former District Attorney of Los Angeles, best selling author, successfully prosecuted 102 of 103 cases). "And the enemy that has come against our nation is a spiritual enemy. His name is Satan. And if you do not believe that Satan is real, you are ignoring the same Bible that tells you about God. Now I'm a warrior. One day I'm going to take off this uniform and I'm still going to be a warrior. And what I'm here to do today is to recruit you to be warriors of God's kingdom." General Boyken, Head of Pentagon Intelligence, since demoted "We in the army of God, in the house of God, kingdom of God have been raised for such a time as this," "[Our] spiritual enemy will only be defeated if we come against them in the name of Jesus." General Boyken, Head of Pentagon Intel "I'm invested with a divine mission, to promote the biblical world view in the policy carried out in the USA." George W. Bush "I was smeared by the Pentagon, who spread things around, who planted nasty things in the media, those bastards pursued me for three years". Hans Blix, Chief U.N. Iraq Weapons Inspector "Fascism should rightly be called Corporatism as it is a merge of state and corporate power". Benito Mussolini, Italian Dictator, WWII "The villain is not the CIA and its not NSA, and its not the FBI, its I think more and more likely to be private corporations". James Woolsey, Former CIA Director "An evil exists that threatens every man, woman and child of this great nation. We must take steps to ensure our domestic security and protect our homeland." Adolph Hitler .....there exists in America a control of news and of current comment more absolute than any monopoly in any other industry" Upton Sinclair "Monopolies are a terrible thing, unless you have one" Rupert Murdock, President Fox News Corp. Reporter: Why is the media dropping the ball? Reply by Noam Chomsky: "They are not dropping the ball, they are carrying the ball, that's their job. The media is a system that supports the power. What would you expect. What is the media? The media are huge corporations selling audiences to other businesses, so what do you expect them to do, they are doing their job." "The court says unambiguously, the rights to a free press go to the shareholders, the corporate investors, it doesn't go to the editor, it doesn't go to a reporter. They only have their rights to a free press to the extent the investors grant them to them." Robert McChesney, Founder NOTE: For the uninitiated, an earnest investigation into sources contained herein creates a spellbound citizen. If you are concerned about America's role in the world, then please consider researching the following multimedia resources. (Movies, Books,Web sites, Radio, TV, Etc.) Pardon for luring you in with the interesting facts, but there is great info here if you have an interest. ENTERTAINING INTERNET SEARCHES Carlyle Group Downing Street Memo Senator Prescott Bush slave labor George Schultz Bechtel General Boyken Casper Wienberger Investigative report: Off the record public integrity Dick Cheney Halliburton Council for National Policy Diminion Theology Calcedon Foundation Christian Reconstructionism Sibel Edmonds Scott Ritter Armstrong Williams Pundit Karen Ryan Public Relations Tom DeLay United Fruit Bush Zapata Oil Skull and Bones Rev. Sun Myong Moon Messiah Fairness Doctrine Reagan Confessions of a death squad officer One finger salute bush Roger Ailes General Skowcroft Seymour Hersh Wolfowitz Doctrine Project for the New American Century Chemtrails Depleted uranium poisoning David Barton MOVIES//DOCUMENTARIES//DVD'S (reference: Orwell Rolls in His Grave The World According to Bush (if Fahrenheit 9/11 was a hand grenade, then this DVD is an Atomic bomb) Preventive Warriors Painful Deceptions In Plane Site Honor Betrayed Unprecedented: the 2000 Presidential Election Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism The Corporation The Fog of War, Robert McNamera Counting on Democracy 2002 The Hunting of the President Honor Betrayed Bush's Brain Control Room WMD: Weapons of Mass Deception 2004 Going Upriver Unconstitutional, the Attack On Our Civil Liberties Uncovered: The Truth About the Iraq War A Patriot Act, Mark Crispin Miller The Fourth World War Hidden Wars of Desert Storm The Revolution Will Not be Televised The War Against the Third World Panama Deception John Kerry-Brothers In Arms Votergate.TV Distorted Reality; America's War On Terror Bush Family Fortunes-The Best Democracy Money Can Buy Before You Don't Vote (avail at ) Will They Ever Trust Us Again The Miami Model Horns and Halos Hijacking Catastrophe ( Arsenal of Hypocrisy Thirst ( ) The Fourth World War (Big Noise Films) Liberty Bound (35 copies recently auctioned off at $1,000 per copy) The Yes Men Aftermath-Unanswered Questions from 9-11 The Great Deception, Barry Zwicker BOOKS Secrets of the Kingdom, Gerald Posner The CIA's Black Ops, John Notter The War on Our Civil Liberties, Elaine Cassel The Greater Threat, William Michaels Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, John Perkins What We've Lost, Graydon Carter The Fall of Baghdad, Jon Lee Anderson The Price of Loyalty, Ron Suskind Worse than Watergate, John Dean Chain of Command, Seymour Hersh The Betrayal of America, Vincent Bugliosi The Coming Wars, Seymour Hersh What's the Matter With Kansas, Thomas Frank The Politics of Truth, Joseph Wilson Plan of Attack, Bob Woodward Black Box Voting, Ben Davis Supreme Injustice, Alan Dershowitz Where the Right Went Wrong, Pat Buchanan Against All Enemies, Richard Clarke Moral Politics, George Lakoff Outsider in the House, Rep. Bernie Sanders Losing America, Senator Robert Byrd Running on Empty, Peter Peterson All the Presidents Spin, Ben Fritz The Exception to the Rulers, Amy Goodman The Wars of Texas Succession, Paul Krugman The Problem of the Media, Bob McChesney Bush's War For Reelection, Joseph Wilson The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, Greg Palast Stealing Elections, John Fund No Debates, George Farah The Politics of Deceit, Glenn Smith Cruel & Unusual, Mark Crispin Miller The Book on Bush, Eric Alterman What Liberal Media? Eric Alterman Is Our Children Learning, Paul Begala Sore Winners, John Powers Frontier Justice, Scott Ritter Don't Think Like an Elephant, George Lakoff Bushworld: Enter At Your Risk, Maureen Dowd Down and Dirty, the Plot to Steal the Presidency, Jack Trapper Ghost Wars: The Secret History of the CIA, Steve Coll Dick, the Man Who is the President, John Nichols Rich Media, Poor Democracy, Robert McChesney The Lies of George W. Bush, David Corn The Great Unraveling, Paul Krugman Imperial Hubris, By Anonymous (Michael Scheuer) Bush in Babylon, Tariq Ali The October Surprise, Gary Sick The Pentagon's War Map, Thomas Barnett The War on Freedom, Nafeez Musaddeq Ahmed Secrets and Lies, Dilip Hiro Cooking With Grease, Donna Brazile It's the Media Stupid, John Nichols Capitalism & Freedom, Milton Friedman American Dynasty, Kevin Phillips Lies and the Lying Liars, Al Franken Soldiers of God, Robert D. Kaplan Bushwacked, Lou Dubose & Molly Ivins Big Lies, Joe Conason Bush League Diplomacy: How the Neoconservatives Are Putting the World at Risk, Mel Goodman Crusade: Chronicle of an Unjust War, James Carrol House of Bush, House of Saud, Craig Unger Perfectly Legal, David Cay Johnston The Iron Triangle, Dan Briody Bush's Brain, James Moore Bush on the Couch, Justin Frank The Recount Primer, Timothy Downs The New Pearl Harbor, David Ray Griffin Why Americans Don't Vote, Francis Piven Thieves in High Places, James Hightower Fanatics and Fools, Arianna Huffington Pigs at the Trough, Arianna Huffington The Big Chill: The Great Unreported Story of the Bush Inauguration Protest, Dennis Johnson Torture and Truth, Mark Danner Irreparable Harm: The U.S. Supreme Court and the Decision that made George Bush President, Renata Adler The Road to Illegitimacy: One Reporter's Travels Through the 2000 Florida Recount, Mark Danner Hegemony or Survival: America's Quest for Global Dominance, Noam Chomsky A People's History of the United States, Howard Zinn Blood and Oil, Michael Klaire Casualty of War: The Bush Administration's Assault on a Free Press, David Dadge Blinded by the Right, David Brock The Republican Noise Machine, David Brock The Cheating of America, Charles Lewis The Bush Dyslexicon, Mark Crispin Miller Off the Record, Craig Gordon, Stephen Kindel The More You Watch, The Less You Know, Danny Schechter The War On the Bill of Rights, and the Gathering Resistance, Nat Hentoff Casualty of War: The Bush Administration's Assault on a Free Press, David Dadge Fears Empire, Benjamin Barber America's Right Turn, Richard Viguerie Off the Record, Craig Gordon, Stephen Kindel The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, Joe Trippi Secrets: A Memoir of Vietnam and the Pentagon Papers, Daniel Ellsberg God's Politics, Jim Wallis Fortunate Son, 3rd Edition, J.H. Hatfield Sorrows of Empire, Chalmers Johnson Hijacking Catastrophe, Sut Jhally & Jeremy Earp Code Names, William Arkin Crimes Against Nature, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. The Long Emergency, James Kunstler Citizens of the Empire, Robert Jensen The Grand Chessboard, Zbigniew Brzezinski Another Day in the Empire, Kurt Nimmo The Buying of the President 2000, Charles Lewis Military Space Force, The Next 50 Years, John M. Collins The European Dream, Jeremy Rifkin From the Wilderness, Michael Ruppert Air Wars, Jerold M. Starr Unequal Protection, Thom Hartmann 911 Synthetic Terror, Webster G.Tarpley George Bush, The Unauthorized Biography, Webster G. Tarpley The Road From 9/11 to Abu Gharib, Seymour Hersch Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace, Gore Vidal What We Do Know, edited by Dennis Loy Johnson & Valerie Merians WEB SITES VOTE FRAUD MEDIA ACTIVISM ONLINE NEWS WWW.FREEPRESS.NET WWW.ALTERNET.ORG WWW.COPVCIA.COM WWW.GNN.TV WWW.ONLINEJOURNAL.COM WWW.CSMONITOR.COM TV/CABLE/SATELLITE NOW, with David Brancaccio, Fridays, PBS and weekly on PBSU-2 Freespeech TV Available on "Dish Network" Channel 9415 or ( Link TV Channel 9410 on "Dish Network" or Direct TV on Channel 375 (streaming- Note: Freespeech TV and Link TV-- Viewer discretion advised. Frontline, PBS MAGAZINES Harpers (particularly 10/05 issue) The New Yorker The Economist The Atlantic Z Magazine The Progressive The Nation Ad Busters ONLINE MAGAZINES NEWSPAPERS Guardian Unlimited The Observer Times of India Le Monde RADIO (channel 143) (Meria Heller) (Mark Levine) (Rachael Maddow) (Mike McChesney) (Glenn Urbach & Staci Davis) (Randi Rhoades) (Neil Rogers) (Ed Schultz) (Ray Taliaferro) (Bernie Ward) (Mike Webb) (Peter Werbe) 911 TRUTH MOVEMENT Websites:, A variety of DVD's and books regarding 911 are available from the above sites. WHAT IS THE 9/11 TRUTH MOVEMENT? Growing evidence indicates that, at best, the hijackers had some outside help, and at worst, some government officials had to be involved in order for the events of September 11, 2001 to have occurred. The grassroots Truth Movement asks questions, questions facts, and notes discrepancies between the official 9/11 story- line as presented in the mainstream media and government documentation. Let's look at a few of the questions and discrepancies here, and if you want to do independent research, we recommend the 30 websites listed above. First, there is the untold story of World Trade Center's Building #7 collapse. At 5:20 P.M., hours after the Twin Towers fell, adjacent building #7 suddenly fell into its own footprint, much like the Twin Towers did. Building #7, a 47 story, steel framed, city block-long building, with two minor fires on the 7th and 12th floors, was reduced to a pile of rubble in 6.5 seconds. WTC buildings 5 and 6 were engulfed in raging fires and never collapsed. The WTC complex leaseholder, Larry Silverstein, said later in a PBS interview that he decided to pull the building (lingo for a controlled demolition). Question: How did demolition experts wire the building in such short notice when a typical controlled demolition takes weeks of planning? Evidence eliminated: WTC debris were placed on barges and sent to foreign lands. Conflict: President Bush later claimed that on the morning of September 11th, he watched on television the first plane hit the WTC. Footage of the first plane hitting was not televised until September 12th. Dollars made: During the week prior to September 11th, sale of "Put Options" (a Wallstreet transaction that assumes a stock's value will plummet) increased 600% on Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, and United and American Airlines. Morgan Stanley Dean Witter occupied 22 floors of the WTC and United and American Airlines were involved in 9/11. The bet on these companies losing money generated an estimated profit between 10 and 15 billion dollars. Where is the wreckage? Film footage of the Pentagon attack shows a hole much too small to accommodate a 125-foot wide, 40 foot tall, Boeing 757. Critics say the plane was vaporized by intense fire. If the fire was so intense, why does footage show an unscorched book on a standing podium just to the left of where the plane hit? What's with the wreckage? In Shanksville, Pennsylvania Flight 93's wreckage is spread out over 6 to 8 miles, not in one clump as one might expect a plane that was supposed to have dove directly into the earth after its passengers commandeered it away from hijackers. The 9/11 Truth Movement asks as many questions as it answers, but specifically asks you to investigate the information, and develop your own conclusions. "The people can always be brought to the bidding of their leaders, all you have to do is tell them they are being attacked.... And denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country." Nazi Reich Marshall Herman Goering, at the Nuremberg War Trials SUGGESTION: If your research finds dots to be connected, then share "THE LIST" with a friend. Also, many documentary filmmakers allow their films to be shown when offered to the public on a free of charge basis. Such important works are available on DVD and VHS and are reasonably priced. Find a local venue, advertise the event, and show these timely documentaries. And odd as this may sound, contact your elected officials. If they don't hear from you, they think you're happy. Wouldn't you think a capable and diligent media would be anxious to report some of this very interesting information, for public dialogue? Could the following be reality? "We don't live in a democracy at all. Congress is the most anti-democratic institution I can imagine. It is all power politics, it is all about money. There is virtually no serious interaction with constituents, there is no pretense of lets put all the best ideas out into a debate and we'll figure out which one makes the best policy and we'll vote that into law. That's total nonsense, it never happens and people don't even expect it to. It's a given that money and powers will be the winners and democracy and reasoned debate will be there if its convenient otherwise forget about it. Ben Scott, Policy Director, THE FOURTEEN POINTS OF FASCISM History has provided enough fascist governments to allow one to study their defining characteristics, as recently done by political scientist Dr. Lawrence Britt. The following is a list of criteria common to fascist regimes. Is our government and the media active proponents of fascism? You decide. Dr. Britt's list with comments: 1. Powerful and continuing nationalism. Flags are seen everywhere, flag symbols on clothing and in public display. When was the last day you did not see overuse of the flag? 2. Disdain for the recognition of Human Rights. People tend to look the other way or even approve of torture, summary executions, assassinations, long incarcerations of prisoners with no charges. (The Patriot Act suspends Habeas Corpus) 3. Identifying enemies or scapegoats as a unifying cause. People are rallied into a unified patriotic frenzy over the need to eliminate a perceived common threat or foe. Note: U.S. funds helped create the Taliban. 4. Supremacy of the military. Even when there are widespread domestic problems, the military is given a disproportionate amount of government funding. 200 billion for Iraq so far. 5. Rampant sexism. Some would argue that being against same sex marriage is sexist. 6. Controlled mass media. 80% of the media is currently owned by five corporations. 7. Obsession with national security. Remember all the terror alerts? 8. Religion and government are intertwined. Religious rhetoric and terminology is common from government leaders even when the major tenets of the religion are diametrically opposed to the government's policies or actions. 9. Corporate power is protected. In 1980 the average CEO made 42 times the average hourly workers pay, in 1990, it rose to 85 times more, and in 2000 to 531. 10. Labor power is suppressed. When was the last time a company gave concessions to a Union? 11. Disdain for intellectuals and the arts. Free expression of the arts and letters is openly attacked. 12. Obsession with crime and punishment. Under fascist regimes, police are given almost limitless powers to enforce the laws. 13. Rampant cronyism and corruption. No bid contracts, behind-closed-door energy policy drafting, overwhelming Lobbying. 14. Fraudulent elections. Fascist nations often use their judiciary to manipulate or control elections. Re: 2000 election.
01/31/2008  I tried to fill in the blanks on the form about cell phone companies but the form did not allow me to do it.
10/08/2005  email subscriber
09/15/2006  This is how my signature appears on your automated message. Sincerely, Thomas Guilfoil 47 Eagle Ridge drive Gales Ferry, CT 06335 Afghanistan I would like to know why the word "Afghanistan" is in my address? I do not intend participating until it is removed. Thank you
02/01/2006  I want to sign most of the petitions you send me, but for some reason, after my address in Pennsylvania, you have me living in Albania instead of the United States! Will you please correct your computer so that my petition will be considered valid? Thank you. Stephaney Lloyd
07/01/2009  When I try to forward the message concerning cell phone service to Se. John Cornyn from TX, it doesn't work. He requires extra steps to be taken in entering a distorted code in order to forward the messsage. The code does not appear on the screen. I spoke with his office and they said they could do nothing about it. So I am reporting it to you. Thanks for your help and advocacy.
10/25/2005  The liberal media bias is the major problem. Why you are focused on the consolidation of media which I also don't like, but don't even mention the liberal bias is very disappointing. I guess you are just another liberal media that I should not support. Sorry to hear it because you supply a valuable service, but one I can do without.
12/19/2005  please change my email address for receiving emails from you from to the above email. Also, my user id. I am completely unable to do so thru your website. If these changes are not made, I will have to ask you to delete me, and I do not know when I will have time to register again. WG Steele
09/15/2006  I'm happy to add my name to the CU letter to the FCC, RE: "FCC reconsiders its media ownership..." But in addition, I'd like to send a personal copy of the letter (not only part of the mass e-mailing) as I think it'll have more effect. Please send me the name and address of the person to whom the letter is addressed. Thanks.
10/13/2005  i just got rabbit ears here in the twin cities ( mpls. st. paul) i get like 9 stations..... all free except the rabbit ears was $ 12.95 is the goverment gonna take that away from me fuck'n republicans... why would ya need more than 9 channels..... i was able ta watch all the shit in New Orleans yehaw....!!!!!
10/15/2005  I am totally against the merger of all these phone companies.I think everybody is. sincerely, Richard
02/26/2009  Consumers Union, The various emails provided for users to forward to their respective govenment officials include the titles of Mr. Mrs. Ms. Dr., etc. However, there is no option to select Rev. Is there a reason that Dr. is offered when Rev. is not? Please advise. Thank you.
05/25/2006  This proves once again that BIG BUSINESS & BIG GOVERNMENT are all LIARS, THIEVES & CROOKS. They are killing this Country. We need new parties and new blood however, if they are not crooked when they are elected they will soon be, so they should have only one year terms and NO MORE DEMS. or GOPS.
10/17/2005  I bought a Sealey Postropedic mattress last December, had it replaced the following June due to sagging in the center and the sides were bulging out. I upgraded it to another Sealey mattress which costs $200 extra. Now this one is beginning to sag in the center. I have called the store where I purchased both mattresses and they gave me the address and a nonworking phone number of Sealey since I seem to be having so much trouble with my mattresses. Is this normal? I thought companies stood behind their products better than this. Neither my husband nor I are big people, but we always roll towards the center of the mattress. And after I have madeup the bed I can clearly see indentations where we were sleeping. I also measured the sagging just like the men on the old mattress, and this one is already sagging 1/2". What should I do? It's only going to get worse. I hate shopping for a mattress. By the way, the last mattress I had for 10 years and it was a Sealey! Sincerely, Gayle Cook
10/26/2005  I still haven't seen the animation. I run through the petition and end up at athe first page wich runs me through the petition. How do I watch the animation? Three friends have sent me the link and you have sent me another invitation to see the animation but I'm still stuck at the pettition HELP
10/18/2005  Arr! I want to watch the animation and I can't get past the pettition I all ready signed. Can you fix this?
10/31/2005  Thank you for alerting me to the new attempt to consolidate media power in the hands of the few. I work for commercial free community radio and this is a very important issue for us. Please send an MP3 or Audio copy of your campaign song to Randy Wynne, Music Director, WMNF 88.5 FM, 1210 East Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Blvd., Tampa, Florida 33603-4449 so that our programmers can alert people to this campaign. Also, visit our website at and go to the community section to post a public service announcement that can be read over the air. Thank you for your efforts on our behalf
11/09/2005  Please remove me from your email list.
09/22/2006  Michael R. Ponting here upset that the last half hour I spent personalizing a message regarding media ownership and its being in the hands/control of too few was not accepted to be sent on! To hell with points! If you truly want backing don't B.S. us and waste our time!
10/25/2005  GREAT song! Just one suggestion, there's a typ- o in the below message. After the URL it needs to say "and getting them TO sign up too! This is an important campaign and I don't want people to be distracted by a minor error. Your desire to be heard is infectious; help us bring these hearings to your local area by sending your friends and family to and getting them sign up too!
10/21/2005  Your petition titled Resist the Tower! Fight Media Power! leaves me with one question. What is the FCC doing? To blindly ask for assistance without stating the grievance is argumentative at best. Please explain your side so that I can make an informed decision instead of inspiring me to sign a petition based on something that was thrown out of court 2 years ago.
10/22/2005  Get rid of the cable monopolies and give us choices . I pay for alot of stuff that I don't want on TV , for example, just to have a handful of stations that I do want. There are no other options ..just to cancel and be without.
10/26/2005  Hello - I see this term "affordable" internet access bandied about in your and other articles about media and the internet, but never any mention of what a dollar amount would mean in that regard. I live just barely above the poverty line (which is a ridiculously low and out of touch with reality dollar figure from one community and area of the country to another), and what I and people who have less income than me would see as affordable may be vastly different from what affluent policy-makers in corporations or politics might mean by that term. Are there any real numbers being discussed? Have any of the people needing this affordable service been asked what they think they can pay? What will be the determining factors for who qualifies for the "affordable" rates? It is one thing to define a problem, but if you don't try to bring forth the image of a realistic solution that gets to one of the core issues, affordability, you leave the outcome in jeopardy. - John
01/08/2009  We bought a converter box from radio shack this summer. I hooked it up to our one television that has a rotatenner and antenna that we have used for years and we no longer could get the public television channel 13, and we live in the country outside of Pittsburgh PA live on the top of a very high hill. I took the converter box back, and am waiting till after the change occurs and so many people who switch won't be able to still get a signal, that the government will have to maintain the analog signal or have industry make converter boxes with that can operate at the same distance. I understand the government did not require any testing be done to ensure that the converter box would work. Why does the United States always wait till we are in a crisis mode before anything is done? Why couldn't legislation have required converter boxes to be be tested prior to this change? Oh sorry, this is the same congress that gave the banks 350 billion, then figured out they should have done their homework. As Forrest says"Stupid is as stupid does".
10/25/2005  I was wondering if there was a way to download The Tower? I'd like to play the video during TV Turnoff Week which is the last week of April. I would gladly display your literature by the video to further increase awareness. I am a co-founder of Conscious Consuming and we will be doing a number of events around Boston that would be appropriate to play The Tower at. in solidarity, Marty Wrin
10/26/2005  Following a link I received in an email list message I came to your site to view your video, "The Tower". I was dismayed to see that all of the file options were proprietary formats. With the banner subheading labeling you as "The consumer voice for communications choice" I had expected to have the option of a .avi download or something similarly able to be used by multiple programs and platforms. As a linux user who does not support the use of video communications programs such as Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, or Quicktime I will have to pass on viewing (and recommending or passing on) your material until it is available in a more open format. However I did appreciate that your mp3 was really a .mp3 and not a .wma.
10/27/2005  Having found no other place, I am responding here to the "Here US Now" petition. I do feel strongly that there should be as many independent owners in media as possible, so I was receptive to signing your petition. However, I cannot support specific targeting of Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. I have no desire to continue the monolithic nature of the news I witnessed in the 70's through 90's, nor do I have a desire for *any* media conglomerate, but neither do I share your apparent desire to "shut up" Rupert Murdoch's News as it is the *freshest* voice in news media in at least 40 years. There were ample news monopolies before Rupert Murdoch and I cannot see how ideological political attacks can prevent new monopolies in the future. Harold Kraus
10/28/2005  If you experience a limmited response to this petition, it might be due to the lack of USA heading for contry in the address menu.
10/28/2005  I was pleased to view your animated video on media ownership. I recently wrote a study (at my own time and expense) regarding the lack of cable TV competition and how consumers were overpaying in the tune of billions of dollars for cable TV services due to the lack of competition. The study was somewhat well received,except for cable-affiliated (and owned) newspapers that shunned reporting the study and some said the study wasn't newsworthy. One reporter working for a newspaper that owns a cable company turned down an exclusive,instead printing an article critical of cable's competitors. I think this conflict of interest would make an intersting study in itself. Consumers are getting screwed. Best Regards, Steve Pociask Chief Economist American Consumer Institute (703) 471-3954
10/29/2005  While I understand your position for providing Government assistance for people with older television sets (if the government changes the rules, they should pay for it), I don't agree with that position. First, I don't agree that TV provides any special access to information that is not available from other sources. We have a serious literacy problem in this country and TV is a major contributer to this situation. Finally, the major losers in this transition would be the advertisers who would be losing customers, and if it is so important to them, then they will pay for the converters. I will strongly object to my tax dollars going to TV converters, when there are so many other more important priorities for Federal spending. Thanks and keep up the good work. Bernie Doyle
10/29/2005  I have Sprint. I have been ubable to use my service at home since May when I moved to a different location in Austin, Tx. I have been lied to, over and over about something being done to help me. Then I email them and they return saying there is nothing in the notes about anyone talking to me about a resolution to my problem. In the mean time I am expected to pay my bill on time for a srvice I am unable to use unless I go about a mile away from my house.
10/31/2005  Hello Jeannie or Susan, From your article - Consumers Stuck With The Cost Under House Digital TV Bill on 10/26/2005 Where do I have to register/GET the VOUCHER ??? (see note below} The House measure would provide a $40 voucher toward the cost of a converter box, with a limit of two per household. However, the vouchers would be offered on a first-come, first-served basis and the bill provides no ceiling on the price of basic converter boxes, which are expected to cost at least $60 each or more. As a result, many consumers will be vulnerable to excessive out-of-pocket costs.
10/31/2005  I contacted Clark Howard of The Clark Howard Show on the radio and they were trying to help me... They would ask questions about the issue and then they would not let me explain. The show is an advocate for the consumer. They did not help me and Lisa... just made me very upset... She refused to let me talk.
09/16/2006  Dear Morgan, Why are they hiding the fact of medical malpractice. They are hurting people on purpose and getting away with it. Most all of them are serious cases. We can not stand for this. I as Pulse of Washington hear from many people who are fed up with the system and are working to make a change. Call me and I will tell you more. 509-427-4412
11/02/2005  What are you trying to do? Since divestiture (1984) we lost jobs, increased prices, and the quality of service went downhill. Now you are trying to put AT&T out of business and leave all retires without a penision and benefits. Let the merger happen I need my PENISION and BENEFITS. RETIRED AT&T EMPLOYEE
11/03/2005  I am so sick of watching television programs with all the swear words that now seem to be okay.I just can't believe our society has sunk so low that the programs are allowing it. I don't like swear words and I'm not watching TV because of it. And it isn't just "shit", "damm"; it's words like: "hell", "basterd", "bitch", etc. Why can't something be done? The networks I contacted said it was part of freedom of speech. But what about my freedom not to have to listen to that--so I guess I just don't watch TV nor buy the sponsors products!
11/04/2005  Would you mind providing response statistics? It would be nice to see, maybe, a counter that shows how many people are signing - it could help increase support. When you oppose the media (NWO), the strategy comes down to one thing- it's all about the numbers.
11/06/2005  I have been a AT&T cell phone user for 4 years and when I initially signed on with them, I bought a PDA on which I spent over $600. It worked fairly well but then just started dropping every call. I went to the AT&T store and bought an additonal phone for $300+ which seemed to work well. But since the merger between AT&T and Cincular, my calls are constatnly dropping again. Customer service at AT&T is not helping me resolve this matter. Any suggestions how to "persuade" them to either fix the problem or let me out of my contract..??? Thanks for any ideas you may have.....
11/14/2005  I was wondering why there is no letter to decision makers about bill HR 4127, and if it would be permissable to use the letter (rewritten) "RE: Oppose H.R. 4127, Data Accountability and Trust Act (DATA)" at the website? Thank You, Bill Tone
11/15/2005  I have signed many petitions on the petition site. I began to sign this one and I began to realize the absurdity of it. If you recognize the percentage of people on this planet who own computers (less than 1%) democracy is really not the question here. I would certainly appreciate lower cost high speed internet access, and I see the virtue of more people having it (I also see the vice). I have never made as much as $30 G in a year in my life. Still I've chosen to buy high speed internet access (I don't and won't have a TV in my house). I feel this petition is somewhat narcissistic and delusional. People who are too poor to own a computer can go to libraries and surf the web. I've seen it numerous places. The request for cheaper high-speed access is merely to reduce the burden on you and me. There are many more important issues for the destitute in this country. Let's deal with them. Sincerely, Andy Zeiler
01/16/2009  Look, I periodically sign petitions to public officials. I just signed yours, but let me tell you something: I am getting sick and tired of being treated like an idiot by people who want me to sign a petition. Specifically, I am fed up with DROP-DOWN MENUS for selecting my state. What the hell is the matter with you (and all the other activist groups)? Do you think I can't spell Texas??? Do you think I don't know the postal abbreviation "TX"???? That is pretty goddammn offensive, frankly. A drop down selection menu is a pain in the ass, and don't ask me to sign anything else that has one. Sincerely, Jim McCulloch
11/18/2005  THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. There is no where on the web in which one can find EASY to follow information about analog to digital TV convertor boxes. It is very to figure out and follow what exactly one needs to buy or know about it when they want to pick up digital signals without cable or satelite. The guidance and support of the Consumer Union would be very helpful. I suppose someone could list the most affordable convertor boxes and maybe tell people about Freeview in the UK since that might be an example about what the future could be in America. An easy to find and easy to follow article would be very helpful.
02/11/2008  I am writing from a citizens watchdog group - NJ Citizen Action. NJ considering deregulating basic telephone service. I would like to talk to someone who might have some background on what the impact of dereg has been in other states.
06/06/2006  I'm glad I just found out about your web site from a survey sent to me by Consumers Union. It's an excellent web site. I have bookmarked it. Thank you for your good work.
03/06/2008  Your current message on cell phones will not send by clicking the "Send Your Message" button on the "Whose Network? Your network! page. I've reaccessed it twice now with no ability to send. Good Luck, ~Sam
11/25/2005  I tried to change the e-mail address before sending, and was unsuccessful. I tried to send the correct e-mail address,, but it refused to take the corrected information, saying I had already sent info. The e-mail address with ner will go nowhere, Please correct to net!!!!!!!!!
11/28/2005  I have a Nokia 6360 Cingular cell phone. Problem is it won't work inside any building. My work place, grocery stores, at the mall. What do I do??? It's especially bad when the temp outside is 25 degs. and I need to talk to my daughter in another part of the state about a medical problem. Can you help me this this problem. Thanks Sally
11/28/2005  Dear CU, I am having problems with Cingular Wireless. As a former AT&T Wireless customer I have had nothing but problems since the change over. Recently I decided to change service. The last time I contacted Cingular Customer Service several months ago, I was informed by a rep that my contract expired on Nov. 20, 2005. I was also told that I must cancel the phone service by myself, if I wanted to change providers to make sure everything was working properly and smoothly before I cancelled the account. Well, last week, I got fed up and moved to Sprint. I told the rep at the Sprint retail store that I had a date that needed to be met in order to leave Cingular in a timely manner, he took my current numbers and "ported" them to Sprint-what he failed to tell me was that this process automatically cancelled my account with Cingular, and caused early termination by Cingular's estimates. I contacted Cingular on Wed. Nov. 23 to cancel the accounts only to be told that I owed them $700 for early termination and that the contract had been extended to June 06 without my knowledge or consent. We have made adjustments to our account at the local Cingular retail store and have always made sure to ask if this will extend my contract? Their answer on these occasions has always been- "No, it does not extend your contract", if they had answered any other way I would not have made any changes, because I was dissatisfied with the service. Is there any way or process that can arbitrate this complaint/problem or am I at the complete mercy of the these very unscrupulous companies whose retail workforce will say and do anything to sell you? Marc Shaw
02/03/2009  A security code for Mike Castle (Rep. from DE) was required. It, however, did not appear for me to copy. I submitted the postpone request for DTV, but it may not go to Castle as hoped.
12/06/2005  My money's not good enough for Verizon Wireless, except when I'm canceling for their refusal to honor an early upgrade plan. In August of 2005, I had my VZW cell phone stolen. At that time, I asked about my options, and was told that I could select an early upgrade for $60, and at least three months of a $59.99 or higher monthly plan with a new 1 or 2 year contract. I opted to use, for a while, a spare phone my sister had from her recent upgrade, since I rarely even use half of my minutes. In October, for a policy change at work, I needed a phone that could handle my personal email easily (one with a full keyboard), and selected one for upgrade ($279) plus the $60 charge, the upgrade to $59.99/mo plus a $5/mo data service. Verizon refused, telling me that the new rule, since September, was that early upgrades required at least three months of the $59.99 service, first. I did not intend to pay the inflated $599 price for the phone, so I chose another vendor. At this point, VZW is charging me the early termination fee, for cancelling service that wasn't good enough for them a few weeks ago. This notion, helped by you (CR/CU), that they have the best network, is just going to their heads. Their upgrade policy isn't the only thing to be hiked in September. Their least expensive plan now is $39.99. And this supposed best network is really the result of a quality trade-off. They buy more user connection capacity by using the low quality voice codec in the CDMA protocol suite, the 8kbps one instead of the 13kbps one. With my two VZW phones, I always had "sqwuak" on listening. Once I got my T-Mobile phone (from work), my father (who is hard of hearing) nearly refused to talk to me on my VZW phone. My second T-Mobile phone (for the personal email) equally surpasses either of the VZW ones in voice quality. The AMR codec in the GSM protocol is so close to land line quality that I can use those phones as my "home" phone. I think that this trade-off by VZW needs to be publicized. Also, why do we have to revisit basic consumer rights won in earlier eras with each new variant? The Western Electric monopoly over land line phone handsets was broken by the courts in the 1970s or 1980s. Yet, we have carriers today, with equally insufficient justification, controlling which handsets and which features of handsets we can have (note the lawsuits over Bluetooth functionality). Bring a phone to a carrier, and you don't get a break on the monthly plan, regardless of the contract length. HearUsNow needs to lobby to break this crippling handset control and bundling.
12/06/2005  Our cell phone service has dramatically improved in the last year. Alltel is our provider for the past several years buying out Century Tel (pretty good also). Alltel has no dropped calls, easy to get customer service, and has installed a number of new towers in SW Wisconsin. I travel and can call anywhere. There are companies with cheaper rate plans but not in this rural remote area of the hills in Wisconsin. Stuart K. Allen, Prairie du Chien Wi 53821
02/04/2011  You asked me to add my name to stop abusive overage charges on phone plans. THEN - you tell me that it won't be sent because I live in "SCOTTSBORO,AL" I did not know that it was invalid Correct your thinking PS - its in Jackson County 45 miles east of HUNTSVILLE, AL on Hwy 72.
02/03/2009  I just got your email "Paying for what's free". For the first time, I completely disagree with you. The public has known about this switch for what? over 15 years? The last year, there have been billboards and advertisements about the switch and how to get coupons for a converter box. I haven't had cable in 16 years and I've had my converter box since the summer. PBS has almost daily half hour shows about this. Only procrastinators haven't gotten their converter. We are also talking about a luxury not a necessity. I wish you would spend your time on more important issues like healthcare, the environment, and chemicals in our toys, clothes and body products.
02/03/2009  On most occasions I agree with CU positions. On the digital TV (DTV) conversion delay into June 2009, I do not. Consumers have been bombarded with headsup warnings about the conversion for months now. That some consumers have failed to make the set/box/service conversions to accomodate DTV is their own doing. The rest of the consumers who are ready should not have to suffer for those horses led to water, but refuse to drink.
12/08/2005  I applaud your support of the FCC's efforts to persuade the cable industry to allow consumers the option of buying only the channels that they want to watch. For too long consumers have had to tolerate programming that they find unsuitable in order to watch programs that they enjoy. I deplore the cable industry's bundling of channels in order to insinuate inappropriate programs into our homes. I have nothing but contempt for their arguments against a la carte cable service. Their greed is paramount; they care very little about the impact of their programing on our children. A la carte gives consumers the choice -and the responsibility- for what they watch. I embrace that idea.
08/17/2006  Can you please set your software up to allow two people with different email addresses who use the same computer to be allowed to submit their letters. When my wife tries to send the letter, it tells her she has already sent a letter because it has a record of me sending one. Thank you, Gregory Stricherz
02/03/2009  I cannot send-mails from your web site to my congressman, Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX) because his e-mail requires an encrypted code be typed and the code does not appear. I called his office and they told me that he only accepts e-mails sent directly from his web page.
12/09/2005  Your recent report on cell phone companies confused me. You say more than half the Cingular respondents used AT&T service and were very unsatisfied. If you subtract those and get pure Cingular users would the results be more favorible to Cingular? And by how much? Al Galli
01/01/2007  Addressing the Races..... How does one address any person by his/hers country of origin. I'd suggest they wear signs indicating their country of origin and allegiance. Make up covers so much better today making it difficult to type and recognize all of the various races and racial/mixtures. In the meantime, I guess I'll take a back seat on the Bus where Society says I Belong........
12/12/2005  Under where you posted "is your privacy safe on the internet" you refered to computer literate theives as hackers. could you possibly change that to computer literate criminals? the term hacker is widley mis-used. if anything you could refer to them more approptiatly as crackers. take care, brett
04/27/2007  How do I contact the FCC online? Do they have an email address? What is their website? Thanks, Toby
11/07/2009  Having been a long time subscriber to Consumer Reports and Consumer Union, I find your support of the current Health Care legislation deplorable. If health care has problems, and it does, congress could identify the specific problems and correct them independently. You might be talking $200 to $300 billion. You know full well that anytime congress produces a massive bill of this type which know one has time to read and investigate, the motive is not the subject of the bill but the subject is just a cover to obtain their objective. In the future I will have to find another source of consumer information.
03/06/2008  I am unable to submit any messages from you last e-mail on cell phones. Nothing happens when I click on submit. Hint: There is a "Done" in the lower left corner when I open the page up.
08/17/2006  Please don't send me petition requests when I have already participated. It is time consuming and annoying to fill out theform, and then be told I have already completed this particular petition. It happens repeatedly. Thank you. Richard Wilson
02/17/2011  Why do you make it so difficult to contact you? Your invoices and subscription renewal solicitations contain no phone numbers or contact email addresses. It took me 15 minutes of poking around your website to find this obscure place to send a message.
10/24/2006  is it possible for you guys to hook up with a more widely accessable web site, such as moveon. or somebody to make more people aware of this. thats part of the problem, anyway is there anything else, i know i'm late, but, who else can i write or call. please let me know thank you suzanne
12/14/2005  I do not support your pro-microregulatory political position. But I thought you'd like to know that I, too, was told by AT&T Wireless that I would receive a rebate on my cellphone, followed procedures, but was rejected for no good reason. I don't do business with thieves; I won't renew my Cingular contract. Frankly, I think all modern telephone companies are thieves. MCI charged me for telephone calls that didn't complete. Sprint added charges for a service I didn't want, after a contract terminated. A long-distance company failed to notify me of a conversion charge when going from their old service to their new, and switched my (landline) local service without my permission. AT&T was, of course, the biggest offender. It would be nice to find an honorable (which would also entail avoiding business with China) telephone company, for once.
12/15/2005  In principle, I like the idea of consumers being able to choose what channels they pay for in their cable packages. I do, though, have one major concern. Won't that lead to a "race to the bottom" in terms of intellectual content? I just can't help but think that quality products like the History Channel and Discovery would never have gotten off the ground in an environment where the average American had to pay extra to receive them. Sure, they have many viewers now...but it's my belief that most of those viewers came to be by accident, rather than by a deliberate seeking out of such programming. I just fear that a "pay for play" system will lead to a litany of channels that carry nothing but tractor pulls and pornos - or, even worse, "reality" shows. Again, I'm not necessarily against the idea of "pay for play". I just think that some serious thought needs to be given to the issue of potentially "lowest common denominator" programming. Any thoughts?
02/03/2009  Doe to the recent power outages from the ice storm in late January made wonder what would happen when we go digital to all our battery operated televisions we all use in such events. the converter is not battery operated the local tv station often just stay on the news when we have sever weather and keep us posted of what is going on. the radio does not do anything quite the same. They just keep blaring music. So what is being done about emergency battery operated Tv's and with the UHF signal weaker the the current VHF people in rual areas will suffer. I thought we were in an age of better and broader communication! It seem we are taking a step back for a better detailed Picture but in reality I don't thin our goverment Is geting THE WHOLE PICTURE OF THE PROBLEMS THEY ARE CREATING. Thanks JOhn Gambino of Columbus Ohio
12/16/2005  I'm w/ Verizon as my wireless carrier. My personal information was given out by a Verizon employee...what can I do?
12/23/2005  We have a voice but it needs to be magnified - That's where you guys come in. Thank you. Opinion: 1. I am tempted to sign the petition for cable 'a la carte' because I do not want to input all my information (i.e. address and such). I would think that others feel the same. Can we get it done with just a name and phone? 2. I would like to see the results thus far (how many petitions etc). Thanks again, Jeremie
08/17/2006  As much as I would like to be a signature to your petiton, I am unable to do so, as, (although the form says, "state/province" & "zip/postalcode", province and postal code are not accepted.
12/26/2005  I'm having problems with Dish Network over incorrect installation of equipment and FREE offer received in mail from Dish. High Definition TV service offered free, nowhere does it say for one TV. In Free Installation request I noted we have 4 TV's. Not only can we not resolve the problem Dish is charging 300.00 for the second High Definition Service and at no time was this made aware to me in the beginning. This gets deeper and deeper. What I want to know is can the legally charge me a fee (240.00) for disconnecting from there service over this. Also we have a cable wire lying in our back yard uncovered that I have been told I'll have to pick up and pack up myself, a large cable wire. Just need help to know how to handle FREE OFFERS!!!!
01/01/2006  The below paragraph from your site seems to have intentionally dodged two of the most common infringements: "making a compilation CD of favorite songs" and giving it to someone who hasn't bought the music it contains, or copying someone else's CD for your own use. It doesn't matter whether they're friends or "others you don't know". What matters is whether they're entitled to it by having legally purchased the music in some form. Can we copy the movies, books, music and software we buy? It is generally legal to copy something for your own personal use. For example, making a compilation CD of favorite songs for your car or photocopying a favorite poem from a book to post in your office are generally considered "fair uses." But if you share that content with others you don't know and especially if they pay you for it, it is generally illegal. Just because you buy something does not mean you have the legal right to copy it for any purpose, especially if that copy is for commercial use.
01/03/2006  Hello, Is there someone there who can tell me if it is correct for BellSouth to be charging me a"FCC Charge for Network Access" fee of $6.50 monthly when I do not have any long distance service at all? Thank you in advance for your time. Sincerely, Carlos Trueba
01/10/2006  Can you advise on how to get refunds for bad reception in the S. Florida market. The phones drop out constantly. I recently changed my number to Metro PCS and they charged me a cancellation fee. It was impossible to communicate effectively. I still have one phone on their system. This has bad reception.
01/12/2006  We live in Thomasville, GA and our city has its own cable/internet service. We pay $35.95 for High Speed internet (1.54 MB) speed -which is fast. We pay $39.95 for Basic Digital and $13.95 for the DVR box rental. Is this a good price??
01/12/2006  CITY TO EXPAND UTILITY SERVICES (Reprinted from the Thomasville Times-Enterprise) (May 22, 2005 - Thomasville, Georgia) City government hopes by summer's end to convert all the city's phone lines to phone service the city will run. The City of Thomasville is working to expand its CNS customer base by offering phone service. The service will not be available to the public until 2006. In the meantime, city offices will test the system to smooth the kinks. "We're still doing a lot of the basic ground work that needs to be done to provide service," said Lynn Williams, assistant city manager. She said phone services are highly regulated. "It's very important that we develop our tariffs correctly," Williams said. Williams said the city is working with a consultant on that matter. Don Atkinson, assistant city manager-utilities, said the city signed an agreement with BellSouth earlier this month. The agreement essentially defines how calls will be handled when a City of Thomasville phone service customer calls a BellSouth customer or vice versa, Williams said. Williams said an agreement will probably need to be signed with Alltel to cover the same circumstances. The next step in the city's desire to offer its CNS customers phone service is choosing focus groups for feedback. The focus groups would represent different segments of Thomasville's population -- small and large customers, both residential and commercial. Williams said the city's goal is to serve 3,000 phone lines over a three-year period. About $600,000 was budgeted in the city's 2005 fiscal year budget for the telephony project. How can we have our own telephone service if we have to go through Bell South?? I can't stand that company.They charge me so much for a local line. Is there any local company in South Georgia that I can get local phone service with??
01/19/2006  Where can I find the text to the original WT 05-194/05-193 petitions filed by SunCom cross filed Edwards, I've searched and searched within the FCC's spectrum group and wireless divisions. Are they not available to the public from their website?
01/16/2006  I wanted to speak with someone about whether any initiatives are in the works for controlling the restrictions that cell phone carriers are putting in handsets by branding them and crippling the features to force consumers to use pay per use services. Bill Russell 856-753-4000
01/17/2006  this is a test, a test, a test...
01/18/2006  My computer was attacked by hackers. Their IP addresses are: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - What can be done about it?
01/27/2006  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Fred Pilot (530) 295-1176 January 21, 2006 Organization formed to petition AT&T to upgrade or divest For too many years, much of El Dorado County has had to contend with noisy, unreliable telephone service and waited in vain for modern broadband Internet access. El Dorado County residents and businesses are no longer satisfied with a deteriorating, 1970-era telecommunications system. They are entitled to a modern telecommunications system that meets the current and future needs of the county. The county's predominant wire line telephone service provider, AT&T, has offered only empty promises. The time for words is over. It's now time for the company to take action to demonstrate its commitment as a corporate citizen serving El Dorado County. El Dorado County Residents and Business Owners For Quality Telecommunications was formed to petition AT&T to taking immediate steps to upgrade its assets in El Dorado County with fiber optic cable offering broadband Internet access throughout the county at the earliest possible date. If AT&T determines such action is not in the economic interests of its shareholders, the petition urges AT&T to immediately solicit bids to sell off its assets in the county to another telecommunications provider that is committed to putting in place a state of the art telecommunications system to serve the current and future needs of El Dorado County. County residents and business owners are urged to sign the petition at -30-
03/06/2008  I tried to send my petition on cell phones, but it would not send.
12/15/2005  Please help us. Today I am sending a $ 378.00 to pay to Sprint for 1 month service. I called the company to cancek my service and this company wants to charge $ 450.00 fine to cancel. This company is charging too much money. Sprint operator today sugested to me, that if I renew my contract for 2 more years, Sprint may consider giving me some credit on my $ 378.00 bill for this month. Please I need to get out of this contract soon. HELP HELP HELP...My phone 951-743-1391
03/11/2008  I take my time to participate in your campaign only to be told AFTER THE FACT that I am not eligable. This should be stated up front, especially since your form must be completed up front and you haven't even got the facility to auto fill for returning participants. Please unsubscribe me. Thank you. KColRck Eugene OR
02/02/2006  The End of the Internet Comment: If anti-gentile Jews insist to divide the united Internet into separated networks which can track the surfers, just like they did to the European, Middle East, and American nations, then they are completely liable for their actions. Yes, it can boost Jewish propaganda's strength but also greatly raises suspicion which Jews can't escape. It is not only breaking a U.S. law, it also seriously affects the legendary Constitution if the action is in enforcement. Internet, consists of united networks, represents true free speech. Revealing Jews' crimes is largely deserved because I did not hear a report that identified a perpetrator as a Jew, but a goddamn white guy, until 2004 when I discovered through Internet. It is because the gentiles in America were constantly bombed under Jews' heavyweight propaganda for too long time, maybe as far as many decades ago. I am now a 39-years old gentile. I merely pay $9.95 per month, equivalent to the rotating Earth's 1/12 revolution, to get a good Internet provider's service using Federal money which I receive from Social Security monthly. I find the "End of Internet" article amusing because I don't realize that someone as ordinary as me can be a serious threat to U.S. government, Israel, and Jews, despite that I am a 3-years unemployed, anti-semitic, and deaf man who only know sign language and use Internet in his underwear all day. Doesn't this dressing code outclass Jews' business suits? There I don't do sex, drugs, drink alcohol, smoke, own a gun, wear a military uniform, lay some mines, and know how to operate military machines, but at least I invest my time making my email opinions and posts which are used as my criticizing weapons against Jews. Internet proves to be very lethal, isn't it? It is the one which will permanently replace all of present, pending, and futuristic military machines and products. I even don't need to become a blogger to be a powerful individual. I am not even a blogger yet but I may reserve a sufficient energy until it is used to deliver a devastating counter-stabbing against Jews who have reputation for making some big-play backstabbing after captivating gullible gentiles with their masterful workmanship on cuteness, childishness, innocence, politeness, and pleasure via their filthy propaganda worth of billion dollars. My $9.95-per-month emails probably do more than the combination of three major networks - CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News influenced by Jews. Is NSA going to spy on me all the way to a grocery, like Publix or Wal-Mart? Maybe NSA even detected on me accidentally flirted with a woman in a parking a lot at night? They probably obtained a police record of me getting only one speeding ticket several years ago? NSA even got Wal-Mart's surveillance tapes which caught me talking to a few women? Did NSA check on the history of my DVD rentals from Netflix, Blockbuster, and Hollywood Video? Credit card statements? Great! This is absolutely fine with me. What is "brandwashing"? I never hear about this word in my lifetime. The entire Internet dictionaries do not have it on their lists. Does it suggest brainwashing? Well, the telecommunication companies and FCC should be branded as evils forever if they intend to divide Internet so they can make more money and control the society better. Nothing delights me more than watching Pacific and Atlantic oceans turning into red colored by lobbyists', FCC's, and Jews' blood. Unbelievably, in 2000 U.S. had no 9/11 disaster incited by Israelis, New Orleans levee sabotage, Katrina hurricane perhaps modified by GWEN (Ground Wave Emergency Network), budget available to pay someone's favorite company to build some detention camps in U.S. for illegal immigrants and dissenters, and more country to be occupied. Now, we already have all of them with Afghanistan and Iraq occupied, not including the pending wars against Iran, Syria, North Korea, and even China. But the foreign support in Iraq is already dwindling as it is slowly driving U.S., British, and gentile-murdering Israel into isolation farther. Too many lies. Too high price to be paid. For the telecommunication lobbyists, the capitalistic money means power and change-for- better. But for me, an isolated man who can't hear, know that wisdom is equaling power and higher spirituality. It is wisdom and spirituality what is more compatible with the progressing technology than logical money, nuclear-harassment, enforcement, Mossad terrorism, con-artist talents, and deception. No, it is not going to be the end of the Internet, but the beginning end of the Jewish establishment and monopoly. The road is being deviated to be forward to Israel. Keep Jews frustrated are part of bloggers' and my jobs as we are trying to ignore Jews' invincibly 6- thousand stronghold. It is not them what alarm us with their craft consisting of an alarming set of strategies. It is us - bloggers and others are what motivated them into becoming crybaby, pondering, and whining millionaires and billionaires. Let the real battle starts as it is disordering the anticipated World War III managed by Jews and Zionists. Honesty does score. Remember that it is very important to keep the public properly informed instead of being lied and exploited daily. U.S. government should even attempt to declassify all of its files. In the 21st century atmosphere, security no longer matters. It is a good idea that we shield a society from the horrible exploitation of the mass marketing and advertisement. Why doesn't U.S. government do anything to stop the credit card solicitation? Countless people are victims of this damn scheme and the passed bankruptcy bill. It is not part of U.S. government's, lobbyists', Zionists', and Jews' jobs to change people but themselves.
07/13/2006  I get My news from: Online Fox News, sometimes CNN but rare & never Network News., Need incentives to get digital TV. None now. & for system to be Free cable wise. None now.
07/13/2006  CU should back these Consumer Travel Issues: More Naturist Resorts estd in US: CA HI AZ NM TX More Clothes Free Adult Vacations. Clothes Free Gated Living Communities Family Naturistisim Centers Naturist Water Parks. Naturist Travel is about 400M industry??? Worth devoting Time to in Travel & Rec issues. For websites see: CFI TNS TANR FKK. CFI=clothesfree international. TNS-The Naturist Soceity etc. Major income source for HI alone. Mexico, So CA, No CA, NV, UT, AZ NM TX West, OK See FL naturist camps. FYI. Can CU do this???? Clear legislation for More camps on Idle Federal parkland acerage???? Reuse dated campsites??? Needed. Thanks.
07/13/2006  Myspace: I find these on Myspace irrating: 1. Continual girls saying see Webcam via link to FREE Webcam site. 2. Perverts patrolling for said same. 3. NO screening Users under 18 yrs??? 4. Many wierd people on Myspace. (some show NO photo of self). 5. NO social interaction among members. 6. Myspace Admin under News Corp does nothing for changes. Or charge Fee for Background check???? Change Profile data for Further investigations. Nothing. 7. Profile fraud Use fake photos or steal others. I cant Tell whose WHO. Whose Real whose NOT. Save those Over 40 group. All else I ??????? I love Myspace: met 1 Band some business groups & have 2 Live buddies online. The women wont reply to emails. I joined Myspace for: Dating Socializing Networking for Social & Jobs. Nothing save See FYI. Nice photos. Myspace can be a Boon IF managed right. Can CU Telecomm Help here?? Do Indie Probe. Do Poll????? Find out for News Corp???? Ive been on Myspace since Oct 05. Met Christina H on Myspace in Dec 05. Been infreq emails since then NO F2F since shes in FL. See Christiana Model Music Page. See my profile: Thanks Fwd & share.
08/27/2006  Can CU examine the ONLINE DATING FRAUD SCHEMES. I mean one site shows the same ladies over & over. Im emailing God knows Who for a FAKE PROFILE , FAKE PHOTO. ALL for Income & making singles suckers. ENOUGH. Cant CU do a class action suit on these companies IE: E SeniorFriendFinder Over Thrity Singles etc. A-Z Cant CU do something Its damming online. Thanks. Benefits: More Jobs Narrow down sites for True singles online NO fakes NO phonies (see Change online business CUT scams BIGtime. Force companies to change or risk losing business. Plus these sites can use Funds to FUND TERRORISIM indirectly they can Fund Mex Mafia & MS 13 etc. Why not its Global. Being Single & alone is worldwide issue. NO exceptions. Be daring. Join forces with other online sites
07/29/2006  Online Dating Reforms: 1. Background check users- see 2. ID profiles as accurate 3. Remove Fake Profiles 4. Punish scammers 5. Live local mixers held per city. 6. Accurate profiles posted???? 7.Phot ID for local mixers from site used. 8. Companies co host: Conferences Dances Fashion shows Mixers BoYs Night Out Girls Night Out events. with other online singles companies or singles clubs anyplace. Merge resources. Members pay Security fee for check. IF fraud, persecuted if given fake info or etc. NO refund. Refund if accurate??? Into Central Dbase???? Estd CU: E Business OnLine Dating Task Force Online Fraud Task Force Porn Counter Task Force. Myspace Profile Policing Unit: Myspace only. Hire more IT types IS types. Expand statewide & nationwide. Who else will??? When???? More changes: Wireless & Phone bills denote Cost savings IE Charter Phones vs ATT Phones EZ to switch phones. Contract by performance by User & vendor. Transfer unused minutes to New Phones. Simple Online acess to celphone sites. (NOT complicated to find answers). Have E Indians speak more fluent English. Vital for ATT SBC. More can be done.
02/17/2006  Issues for CU to explore: o Pvt Space Tourisim o Reuse Govt Waste for Public Use: IE fee rides in Cold War era jets & cruises in nuclear subs. o Undersea living o Unions Labor. o Citizen Congress o Flying car concepts o Underground living o Jobs in Security DHS etc. o Racial bias in Hiring o Age Bias for Boomers o Anti Veteran Hiring for Vets. o Organic Farming o Hemp Farms (Non Pot use for Other uses). o Herbs & RX laws. o Improved SS. o Taxes, DNC, GOP, Govt. o Lobbyists in DC List. o Hybrid cars o Mass Transit o Online shopping o Online Cons ( Non Nigerian). o Porn Websites o Bad Internet Sites o Internet Screening for Personals Sites. & more. Hire more bodies, expand offices to LA CA alone & Sacramento CA & Las Vegas NV. Reorganize CU into: Govt Rel. Tech Laws Tech Dev. Consumer Unions Labor New Innovations Internet Media Transporation Ag Tourisim Security IT IS Home Care Finances Who else will? When? The Need is now.
07/29/2006  Online Dating scams??? Who will probe these online companies for dating: Questions: 1. Are Profiles Fake 2. Are Profiles Real BUT Photos Fake 3. Some (few) have Love local mixers for singles 4. Some charge my months for services & NO results. Companies to probe: ( Dr. Phil is in this one). Connectionclub/ Great Expectations. I paid for BUT canceled service sine no one would return Emails. Owed 77.00 back. Connectionclub I paid 145.00 & NO replies to emails or if so NO Connection. Online Dating Reforms: Verify user from Dbase. Encrypt user info Live Local Mixers Live people.
08/26/2006  In your form letter about media ownership diversity, you missed a VERY important thing-- RADIO. You mention TV, you mention print, but somehow you forgot that over 90% of talk radio is dominated by right wing conservatives, and many of the giant conglomerates own hundreds (in one case thousands) of radio stations, giving them the ability to suppress whatever viewpoints they choose. Is there a reason radio was not mentioned in your petition?
10/10/2008  We had early cell phone terminations that we recived a post card on how to file for a claim. We moved last week and in process, we can't find the card with the instructions of how to file. Do you have the web site info on how we can file a claim and be a part of the suit. We had 4 terminations during the specified time so the costs were terible. Of course, we'd like to recoup if we are elligable. I know there were time constrictions to file. Thanks!!!
02/10/2006  I want Alacart cable TV ,.... where doiIcast my vote or express my feelings/
12/15/2005  Hello, Just wondering if you've managed to access the FCC wireless complaints. I found the data re: 2004 FCC complaint on your site, but not this year's data. Thanks in advance! Sandi
02/15/2005  You may be interested in my revisions to the message on community internet access. I also addressed my concern to other social agencies I am familiar with which share interest. Text follows: Re: Your stake in a legislative issue before 5 states: I just took action to ensure communities can control their wireless and broadband futures! I asked my state legislators to support municipal and larger area broadband and wireless networks. pagename=HUN_Community_networks Your holding a vested interest in the educational and homeless' access to information, plus the need for large-area networks for social work, invite your influence across the spectrum of political jurisdictions. Such publicly-provided networks would reduce the cost to our agencies and local social agencies. The text of a Consumers Reports message follows. Also a copy of my own communication follows that. Telephone and cable giants want state legislatures to give them the veto power to block competition from those municipal broadband and wireless networks. I want communities to decide for themselves what services they offer--and not give the telecom giants that control. Don't forget to tell your friends and family about this. Groups such as Common Cause, Consumer Federation of America, Free Press, Media Alliance and Consumers Union believe it's important for people to have their voices heard on this issue. It will take many people speaking out to ensure you and your neighbors can decide if you want community-wide wireless Internet access. To send an email just like I did, please go to Consumers Union's take-action page at: pagename=HUN_Community_networks Thanks! The text of my message was much more specific about the issues; you might be interested. Re: Open Internet, improved broadband access. I would appreciate a response from you directly addressing my concern and suggestions instead of merely an auto-reply. I realize your difficulty of responding to emails because the Internet has empowered so many people to engage their representatives, that it is much harder for your staff to give personal attention to the deluge of emails. But as you know, the Internet is empowering widely separated people to change the face of politics. Democracy itself will change entirely across the world with the power of the Internet communications. Already some of the wealthiest corporations and individuals in the world have been created because of high technology. My immediate concern is for you to PLEASE take action to enable all communities to create municipal high-speed wireless and broadband networks if they want. Hollywood, Florida is successfully doing this downtown, and soon in the beachfront community (As are MANY other cities in the US). Hollywood is creating great value for its community and tourism industry. In fact, new US companies are actively planning high-elevation airplanes and lighter- than-air craft technologies to cover regions of about 40 square miles at a time with much higher- speed line-of-sight broadband access than is possible now with land-based transmitters and even cable. These technologies may be commercially available by 2006 or 2007. Open and free, or VERY VERY INEXPENSIVE broadband Internet access offers Florida a great opportunity. If Florida were to become an early adopter of high-tech communications of several types, Florida could leap ahead in education and industry. I remind you that the Miami-based NEW WORLD SYMPHONY (of international renown), has successfully used "Internet 2" for FULL VIDEO live teaching plus FULL VIDEO student response and interaction with the teachers and audience. These educational courses were linked across the country and world, but only to other universities or institutions having such higher-tech capability. The master courses in music instruction using extremely high resolution movie-sized images and high quality sound were possible only because of the higher quality of internet 2 service that is not yet available to our citizenry. An open Internet, universally accessible, is ESSENTIAL to this state's educational, informational, economic and cultural future. But high-speed, broadband Internet access isn't available or affordable to everyone. As you know, cities across America are investigating and implementing municipal wireless and broadband networks. Some are even reducing the cost of deployment using wireless Internet, known as WiFi, to reach everyone in the community. Hollywood is a good case in point. Is our state making it more difficult for municipal wireless and broadband networks to serve their community? If our state were to remove legal barriers instead, the Public providers might serve as the ONLY connection available in many areas or the state. In some places, they could provide competition to other broadband providers, helping to expand availability, lower prices, and improve service to your constituents. Please support efforts that would rollback roadblocks and allow towns, cities, and counties to create and deploy municipal broadband networks. And as cities explore how to build universal, affordable, open networks, partnerships with multiple providers to build upon the skills and expertise of the experienced telecommunications workforce might be fruitful. IN ANY CASE, Florida must not allow stifling legal issues to limit this important empowerment of its citizenry. Thank you for your consideration of this issue I view as crucial to the State's development. I request hearing directly from you about your efforts to ensure that everyone in our state has access to the technology Americans need for the 21st century.
02/17/2006  I need to get in contact with Gene Kimmelman. I saw the Cspan 2 Program about the cable netword. I have some very important information for him and would like his email address, phone, etc. He can contact me if you do not give out his information. Jackie Bjerke Phone 605-690-2200 or 605-692-6263 or 605-690-7548 email: Please contact me at your earliest convenience.
02/23/2006  I'm trying to find out if local cable television providers are legally obligated to provide a connection from existing service lines to new homes on the line, or, to provide the materials for the homeowner or contractor to do so themselves, excepting the actual physical connection of the transmission cable to the pole/source. I've found information saying that while they can charge for their labor and effort in the running of the cable, they cannot legally charge for the materials due to an FCC ruling regarding telecommunications providers and open access for consumers. I'd like reliable information in the form of the FCC regulation number so that I can present my case to the local provider. Thank you in advance for your assistance.
02/24/2006  deseo informacion par poder adquirir una linea de banda ancha por satelite
02/27/2006  Please forward this to anyone concerned with broadband access and the digital divide in the NYC area. Thanks! David Solomonoff The Internet Society of New York (ISOC-NY) presents: What Price New York City Wireless: The Politics of Technology Wednesday, March 1, 2006 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. Jefferson Market Branch Library, 425 Avenue of the Americas (Sixth Avenue), at Tenth Street New York City Council Member Gale Brewer, Chair of the Technology in Government Committee, will be joining the Internet Society of New York, on March 1, to discuss broadband and public access issues. The U.S. now lags at 10th place for low-cost broadband Internet access among industrialized nations. The problem affects poor and minority communities and small businesses most severely. The fast track to wider broadband Internet access is wireless technology. Last February, the New York City Council unanimously adopted Resolution No. 669 to provide low or no-cost broadband Internet access to affordable housing residents throughout the city. On December 21, 2005 the NYC Council passed Int. No. 625-A, establishing a permanent advisory committee regarding the use municipal resources for universal access to broadband technologies. At the Internet Society of New York event, Council Member Brewer will discuss broadband policy development, pending legislation and answer questions. The event is free, open to the public and the Library is fully accessible. Wednesday, March 1, 2006 6:00 - 8:00 p. m. Jefferson Market Branch Library 425 Avenue of the Americas (Sixth Avenue), at Tenth Street For additional information: New York City Council Member Gale Brewer: NYC Council Technology in Government Committee: Jefferson Market Branch Library (including travel directions): Internet Society of New York: -- David Solomonoff, President Internet Society of New York
02/27/2006  Thank you for your action to promote a la carte choice of television programming. There is one suggestion for improvement: ADD the phrase "& satellite" after the word cable in your suggested letter. The 2 small dish satellite providers are in "lock step" with the cable industry in mandatig "forced packages". The satellite people shoud also be forced to stop "forced bundling of TV programming. Perhaps the real law that should be created is to prevent the TV programers from mandating forced carriage of their programming... the "if you want ESPN, then you must carry the Disney channel in your basic package...and if you want the local CBS network stations, you must carry MTV and VH-1. For more information, see: Thank you, Robert Stevens
03/06/2008  The 'Send' is not working on the cell phone e-mail petitition
04/14/2008  We do not agree that it is a good idea for drug companies to advertise on TV, magazines, etc. The drug companies say that research costs money but the fact is that an awful lot of research is done at our country's universities. The high cost of drugs could be brought down drastically IF the drug companies were not allowed to advertise prescription drugs in the media. Why is that avenue not being pursued?
02/01/2011  I just responded to your request to send 5 friends the Cell Phone Notification email. I was unable to do so, The message was that I needed to add an email address. I do not understand the problem.
02/28/2006  Hello there, I sent an email to you just a few minutes ago, asking about a group called Consumers for Cable Choice (C4CC). I forgot to mention that the group appears to be based in Indiana, but has officers located all over the country. Also, I did check your "Find Organizations" tool; the group was not listed. Thanks. Roger Keeling
02/28/2006  Hello there, As a Consumer Reports subscriber -- and former consumer-oriented reporter -- I generally trust any organization associated with or endorsed by Consumer's Union. Today, I got a phone call from a group I'd never heard of -- Consumers for Cable Choice (C4CC). The call was to encourage me to contact Sen. Gordon Smith (R-OR) to thank him for supporting competition among cable providers. But the kid calling me was reading a script, and could answer NO questions about the organization other than that it was a non-profit. I looked them up on the internet. C4CC is not tax- deductible -- not a crime -- but is a coalition comprised of small groups I've never heard of, and several small business lobbying groups AND a whole slew of agribusiness groups, including various National Grange affiliates. What farming has to do with cable TV I cannot imagine. The caller couldn't even tell me the Senate bill number that they wanted me to thank Smith for supporting. Since Gordon Smith, as a good Republican, couldn't care less about consumers, a big red flag went off in my mind over this. Googling has not turned up much info about C4CC. Do you know who they are? Can you tell me anything about them? Are they legitimate? Do you have any idea what bill it is they're supporting, and want to thank Gordon Smith for supporting? Thanks in advance for any information you can offer.
02/28/2006  I noticed that you had some info regarding spyware and such with recommendations for some free software (I also recommend those as well!) To help protect the average guy's computer, I recommend making sure the anti-virus program is current. For those in need of a very good program, surf to and download AVG Free. I have used this program for years and it is simply great (you can't beat the price either!) I load it up on all the computers I repair, unless the customer requests otherwise.
03/01/2006  CABLE RATES! I don't know if the insert I entered on the Cable letter ever went through. However I will repeat. I don't think anyone ever considered that in addition to the outrageous rates we pay for cable television that includes approximately 60% of stuff we never watch. However, WE ALSO ARE PAYING FULLY 32% OF EACH PROGRAM TO WATCH UNWELCOMED COMMERCIALS! I have timed many shows and the average runs about 32% of a "show" for Commercials. That's an additional fee the consumer's are being charged. That's called a "double-dipper". The networks are paid once by the advertisers, then the consumer has to pay for the priviledge of watching and wasting 32% of the program to watch their outrageously stupid commercials! Why doesn't a good whistle blower out there shout to the high heavens about this inequity to the FCC? Hello, is anybody listening? I hope this doesn't go into the round file! Thank you, George Morrison Lansdale, PA 19446
06/01/2006  Latinos are the "largest US minority"? Count or estimate only the legal are they the largest minority? I quit CU years ago because they got involved in liberal politics. Here they go again. I quit! KD McCurry
03/02/2006  C.U. I'm unsure if I have the right people to contact on this, so please discard this if if does not apply to your organization. I'm having a REAL problem reading and believing "Consumer Reports" reports on automobile quality. I notice that 99% of the time, It's a foreign, specifically Asian automaker that tops your "best cars" list. I've driven most makes of cars, and It sure seems BIASED for ANY group of "testers" to always pick a small group as their top choice on a consistant basis. You may want to tell me that all this is based on consumer buying trends and what have you, and that's fine. But please allow me to teach YOU something: If you do nothing but look at the "most popular" and base it soley on "THOSE" consumers buying habits, it's BIASED. Intelligent folks are fully aware that people are influenced by your"recommedations". It always seems that GM, Ford, and DiamlerChrysler are always licking the heels of the Asain brands. I'll tell you one last thing, and take this to heart: A whole lot of people are doubting your credibility because of the contrivity of all of this. If you care, you'll be aware of this. Greg Boudreau
03/02/2006  After I told Verizon to end my 3+ years with them, they claimed I had "extended" my 2 year contract by opting for more minutes, blocked my account access, didn't allow me to pay on my account, didn't send a bill for 3 months, then sent a pay or be sent to a collection letter for nearly $500.
03/03/2006  deseo jugar pool
02/17/2007  I am most concerned about the way President Bush's new budget treats Vets, especially relating to prescription drugs. Although there is not currently any "subscription" cost last year the VA doubled prescripsion co-pay fees from $4.00/Mo to $8.00/Mo. The President's new budget not only requests annual subscription fees of from $250 to $750, but it also nearly doubles the co-pay again to $15.00 per month. Since the VA only fills Rx's for 90 days at a time, the co-pay per Rx would actually cost the Vet $45.00. Like many Vets, I require 5 prescriptions. Other Vets need many more. This new budget plan would make VA Rx prices out of reach of many Vets, and force us to abandon the VA for our prescriptions and force us to shift to the lobby-driven fiasco called Plan D. Please consider using the power of the Consumer's Lobby to protest this abuse of the Vets of all wars!
08/17/2006  As I tried to complete a message about media consolidation, I found that I was able to alter the body of the message but could'nt delete the following "{decision maker}" and I could not replace it. Also, I could not delete or replace "{your name}, {your address}, {City, State, ZIP}." Tom
03/06/2006  As a telecommunications consultant (14 years), dealing with AT&T is impossible. They began double billing one of my clients, for no apparent reason..Dialtone dept. and long distance dept. began execessive per minute charges... dialtone/ld depts do not talk to each other....and it took 6 months or more to get the refunds and billing corrected. Billing people who were to correct and contact me...didn't. Currently, I am trying to get billing corrected and long distance service disconnected from AT&T for 14 months. Still trying.... Bell is contracting service for DSL/ Long Distance, etc..consumers don't know this thinking they are dealing directly with the provider, BellSouth. Surcharges are outrageous and not decreasing!! I am totally opposed to the merger of AT&T and Bell South. Customer Service for both companies takes forever, if ever resolved.
03/06/2006  I heard Jeannine Kennedy on Cavuto's show on Fox. As a BellSouth retiree and BellSouth customer who went the split imposed by the DOJ, I admit being shocked when I opened the morning paper and frankly I'm still not sure how I feel about this event. That said, I heard her repeat all the knee-jerk garbage about how awful it is that Bell Companies should charge competitors for "tying in" to Bell facilities. That despite the fact that Bell invested BILLIONS in the facilities that made possible somebody in Jessup GA calling someone else in Mankato, MN. Let the competitors replicate that plant and they wouldn't have to pay access fees. Of course, at 1980 prices there goes any hopes of being competitive. Let's put it this way: if the NAM showed up at your facility and demanded to use your plant and equipment FOR FREE OR AT A PITTANCE, I'm sure your first action would be a call to the cops - which is just as it should be. Wafford Sautel Marietta, GA
03/07/2006  Dear Sir/Madam: I have had a most strange encounter with Verizon Communications on 3/7/06. In February, and after their acquisition and merger of MCI, Verizon has now posed themselves as a financial lending institution, and given every customer's name and payment history to the credit bureaus. This includes customers, who were prior customer's with Verizon prior to merger and acquisition of MCI. I have been an excellent paying land line customer for almost three years, and can easily prove it. The way this was done automatically affects the credit scores no differently than getting a loan, receiving a credit card or other revolving charge, or having credit inquiries done. I verified this through the privacy manager I use for my 24/7 access of all my credit bureau reports and other matters. Yesterday, I received alert on this credit score critical matter from my privacy manager. Today, I spent hours on the telephone with Verizon, FCC, FTC, PUCO, a congressman's office and two senator's offices. Plus, called investigative consumer reporters of two large city newspapers. It is like spinning wheels on ice and going nowhere. I am waiting on many promised return calls. I have informed people I do not want any general form letters. I want something done about this highly unjust fouling of people's credit files. Laugh if you will, because I did. According to Verizon, they are lending air time to their customers and thus qualify as a financial lending institution type creditor. They are a public utility not licensed as a financial lending institution. They disagree. As I recall, I had to pay a full month in advance for their service with a landline. I do not have their cell service, and have already heard and read too many accountings regarding how poorly they treat their customers. If you can give me any guidance, I will certainly appreciate anything serving to speed up this needless violation of peoples' credit reports. It has nothing to do with bill payment history. It has nothing to do with new customer inquiry. It has everything to do with Verizon placing themselves in a position of conflict with the Fair Credit Report Act, and this will serve to lower every Verizon and MCI customers' credit score as it stands at this time. Many will not realize it until they apply for actual financial credit. I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience. Pat Willis Ohio
03/09/2006  I would like to have information on how to go about getting issues resolved with Cingular Wireless. I am a former AT&T user just trying to migrate to Cingular. I have logged at least 7 hours of phone calls to Cingular only to have no cell service on 2 of our new phones. Please contact me regarding what options I have with this completely inept company. Thank you for your prompt response. You can also phone me at 303-697-4987, my home since I have no cell service.
07/03/2006  Are you taking any action on AB 2987 in California on cable/telcom competition and ending local franchise granting by municipalities? We've had articles on the California Progress Report-- Frank D. Russo
03/13/2006  Hello Sales, This is just to let you know that our company is highly interested in some products in your store and before i will proceed on the product am in need from you Firstly i will like to know if you ship internationally through these folowing shipping courier services to my client destination in Lagos/Nigeria 1. Ups courier services (2-3 days) 2. Dhl Courier services (2-3 days) 3. freight forwarder ] and also if you accept Visa/mastercard as the mode of payment knidly get back to me soonest so that i can go ahead with my order.Hope to read from you soonest. Kind's Regards. tunde lawal Purchasing Manager Of lawal Enterprises.
03/15/2006  I'm frustrated by my experience trying to decide on a cell phone. I'm not sure what, if anything, I can do about it. I'm looking for an inexpensive way to try out cell service. TracFone is the obvious candidate. Featured on the main page is an ad that reads, "Annual Plan Special! FREE phone and 250 units with 1 year card purchase! Buy now!" If I click the ad and enter my zip code (05465), the offer is not listed among the options available to me. This seems like a classic bait and switch. Nonetheless, I press on. I back up to the main page and click, "View Coverage Maps." Once again I enter my zip code. When the map comes up, there's a list of phones next to it. I click each in turn and find that some phones have a home area about twice the size of others. I'd prefer one of the phones with the larger coverage area, of course - but they're not available on the site. Nor will a phone sales person sell me one. Again, this looks, sounds, and quacks like a bait and switch. What can I do to get TracFone to deliver what they offer and/or to report their shenanigans to someone with some kind of power?
03/15/2006  How do I contact the FCC to complain about abusive billing practices. Company in question is Cingular and concerns DirectBill Communication Downloads...ringtones from Napster, etc. without my approval. Thank you. Jean Plecker
03/06/2008  I attempted to use the form to send a message to my representatives regarding wireless phone service reform; however, when I click on the button to submit it, nothing happens. I give up.
06/29/2007  Comcast has been eliminating channels from their analog basic TV package in the name of "converting" channel by channel to digital. The cost of very basic TV with Comcast is about $14 per month which included CSPAN 1 and 2, local channels, one 24/hr news channel (MSNBC), PBS and one other local public television network.With no warning or notice, CSPAN2, MSNBC, and other channels were gone - with a message saying that in order to have that channel, one must purchase digital cable. There is NO BASIC PACKAGE for digital Comcast, and the lowest price is $50 per month. This is an outrageous ripoff - that there is no access to public TV or local channels unless a consumer can afford (probably over) $50 per month, an effective 300%+ discount!!! When I searched the FTC website to complain about this practice which the cable company says is directly related to the FTC mandate to convert to digital by 2009, there was no category of complaint form for Television!! Look closely - there are all other categories - and a category must be selected in order to file a complaint. Please address this issue!! Mary Ann Rose Denver, CO
03/06/2008  When I clicked on Send Your Message, nothing happened. It would not send. - JMo
11/01/2006  CAN SOMEONE ADVISE IF THIS IS LEGIT: In 5 days (by Nov 1), all cell phone #s are being released to telemarketing companies and you will start to receive sale calls that will be charged to YOUR cell phone. To prevent this call the following # must be made from the cell phone that you want registered: 888-382-1222 Once you have registered, your phone number registration will be effective for 5 years. Or you can go on-line to "" and register there. THANK YOU.
03/21/2006  A few months ago I recieved a flyer about ?ATT/ SBC saving you money by providing phone, cell phone, cable tv and internet........Now Im interested and can't find flyer....... so do you still have promaotin/
03/08/2011  You have a broken link when I tried to send a message about cookies from this page -
03/29/2006  I wanted to bring to your attention what could be a new consumer trend (new to me, at least); and, if it is, there could be privacy and other issues worth exploring. I am a Cingular Wireless customer. Prior to Cingular, I was an AT&T Wireless customer and, as you know, Cingular purchased AT&T Wireless. About two months ago, I upgraded my telephone, trading in my AT&T telephone for a Motorola V557. As part of this upgrade, I was to receive a rebate for my new telephone and obligated myself to a two-year contract. Yesterday, I received my rebate from Cingular. I should say that, in the past, I have received rebates from Dell Computer, Iomega, and other manufacturers; and each time the rebate came in the form of a check (assuming that the rebate was not of the instant, on-line variety). Cingular, however, sent me a Visa Card, issued by MetaBank of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The front of this card says that it is "not a credit card," but the back of the letter that accompanied the card reads like a credit card agreement: there are terms such as "Cardholder Terms and Conditions," "Limitations of Transactions," "Service Charges," "Privacy Information," and "Liability for Unauthorized Transactions." The card looks just like a credit card: it has the Visa logo, an expiration date, and a 16-digit card number. The accompanying letter states AWhen shopping, simply tell the cashier to process your card as a 'credit' transaction, not a 'debit' transaction"; the letter additionally states that the card "may not be used for cash withdrawls or at any cash dispensing locations." What concerns me about this "Cingular Reward Visa Card" is that there was no mention from Cingular that the rebate would take this form; if this was mentioned, it was not done in a prominent way. Nothing is more flexible than cash and I think that the word "rebate" is commonly understood as taking the form of cash or an instant credit applied to the specific purchase. Now, however, I am limited to spending my rebate to those businesses that accept Visa and am given a time limit in which to make purchases (even though a check has an expiration date, one can quickly deposit a check and then the money has no expiration date). I'm forced to either forgo my rebate or SPEND it. Second, I am concerned that my personal information has now been shared with MetaBank. Let's face it: the privacy policies of most companies leave a consumer very few options. I would not be surprised if the privacy policy of Cingular is virtually identical to that of the other major wireless carriers. Now, I wonder what financial information has been give to MetaBank. Should I use this card -- which is an open question -- I wonder if I'll receive future solicitations from MetaBank or institutions affiliated with MetaBank. What exactly will my use of this card trigger? Third, as you know the number of credit cards one has affects one's credit rating. While this is not supposed to be a credit card, it sure feels like one. Finally, the whole thing feels rather duplicitous to me. It feels like, in doing business with Cingular, I've agreed to do business with MetaBank. And it also feels like I'm getting less than promised; sure, Cingular is giving me "money to spend," but it's actually less than money if I'd intended to save that money rather than spend it. I think if people knew that they'd receive this kind of card rather than cash then their intepretation of rebate would be very different. alan a thomas
04/03/2006  Would there be a representative of Consumers Union who would speak to Digital Media Net about the changeover to digital and the role of public policy in broadcasting? We are working on a major feature article about this for our annual NAB supplement, a special issue that goes in-depth into broadcasting issues. Our site is Looking forward to hearing from you. My deadline is Thursday evening (4/6/06). Regards, Charlie White Executive Producer, Digital Media Net
04/04/2006  I am having a diffcult time with SBC(AT&T) and Cingular with deceptive billing practice. I have experience misleading information from customer services and representative from both companies. I have paid large some sums of I would like to file a law suit against the company for a defective cell phone and abusive billing practice can refer to a group or a class-act suit against the phone company. I am tired of being told lies about my bill.
04/05/2006  Dear Sirs, What started out as a simple phone call to save money turned into a 6-month odyssey of lies, deception and harassment from T-Mobile towards myself, an average customer? When I signed up with T-Mobile in February 2005, I had great hopes of keeping them as my phone company for life. They were after all the provider with the best customer service, great phones and affordable monthly plans. Problems started right away with reception. I called quite often asking for advice on how to improve reception and little helped my situation. Basically I had little or no reception at home and work. Since I spend a majority of time at these locations this became a major problem. After 8 months of this I called T-Mobile in October 2005 to cut my losses and reduce my monthly phone service to basic charges $19.99 from $59.99. So starting in November I would pay $19.95 a month and fulfill my contract by paying till February 5th, 2006. This way I would avoid the severe early cancellation penalty. Seemed like an easy enough idea to explain and the lady I spoke with in October seemed to understand. Unfortunately, I have had to call six straight months to either reduce my charges or cancel my service. Repeatedly explaining the same situation and repeatedly being over charged. The final straw was yesterday when I received another bill. Even though I no longer have the service. Even though I cancelled it on several occasions. Even though I paid the final bill. Even though the bill included charges past my one-year term. A customer service manager named Mario ID#0653572 said I still owed $10.81 for charges between 2/5/06 to 2/17/06. "I cancelled" I pleaded. He said I cancelled on 2/17/06. I said "No" we came to an agreement to stop the harassment on February 17th, 2006 and I agreed to pay $29.07 as a final payment. I asked Mario to check the notes from the previous calls. He quoted notes from my January call to T-Mobile requesting a cancellation. Yet they never actually put in the cancellation request. I called a couple weeks in advance of my pending one year anniversary to make sure they couldn't mess this up, but they did. I now believe T-Mobile's ignorance, deception and lies are purposeful. The first level of customer service is eager to please but very unknowledgeable. The Management level of service tries to strike a deal with you and keep you from canceling. They lie, repeatedly, they look at the facts in front of them and refuse to acknowledge the obvious attempt on my part to simply fulfill my 1-year obligation and be done with it. And the final (hopefully final) insult is to charge me for 12 days past my one-year plan. I haven't used the phone in over 2 months and I'm still paying for it. It never worked very well from the start, yet they keep harassing me. This is crazy! I just wanted to pay for one year of bad service and be free to use another carrier. Verizon has been far more accommodating and they have much better service in Southern California. My final point is that T-Mobile is bullying the very customers they claim to serve so well. Everything appeared resolved in October, until I was overcharged in November and again in December and then resolved in January and again in February. Then in March I received yet another bill with more charges even after two confirmed cancellations. T- Mobile takes no responsibility for failing to complete my request for a February 5th termination when I called in late January. I am a hard working, tax paying, homeowner trying to start a family. I don't want to bring life into a world of lies, half-truths and deception. T-Mobile should be ashamed for their horrible customer service and they should be held accountable for it. Shame on T-Mobile, Kerry Wilson 409 W. 31st Street Long Beach, CA 90806
06/11/2008  Friends, I'll happily participate in write-in campaigns to try & influnence DC decision=making, *as soon as the 'scripts' you provide are completely editable*. Come on, folks, it's counter-productive to bombard an agency with comments that all begin with the same paragraph. Many folks will use your script for convenience, but I believe that much more attention will be paid to input that appears to come from a wide range of individuals! Give us the option of a little creativity!
04/05/2006  User Provided No Response
04/05/2006  How about a Hear Us Now 'user community' of *rural users* ?? There must be others besides us who live out in the boonies with no cable or high speed internet service except via satellite, + less-than-optimal wireless service! Thanks! [PS: I've been a member of CU since 1955]
04/07/2006  My cellular carrier is and has been for the past three years, T-Mobile. My phone needs to be replaced but if I do not sign an additional contract they will charge me $50 more than the retail price. This sounds like price gouging or at the very least, it sounds like they are discriminating against me as a consumer that they have had for three years. I find it abit like having an employee with three years at a firm and then hiring someone new with less experience and paying the new person more. Elizabeth Marcheschi
04/08/2006  the way i am saving from paying cable bills,i subscribe to netflix i get 2 movies per week for 9.95 and then i use my regular tv,until cable companies do not offer me a menu programs i want to watch i won't subscribe in the meantime i am saving 50 dollars---i just sign your letter to the congress-thank you for trying to make sense
04/10/2006  Cablevision Declares Special Dividend By Associated Press April 10, 2006, 4:59 PM EDT NEW YORK -- Cablevision Systems Corp. has declared a special dividend of $3 billion, or $10 per share, the cable TV operator said in a regulatory filing Monday. The company had announced plans for the dividend earlier but put them on hold after finding it would have created problems for its borrowing agreements, which were apparently later resolved. The on-again, off-again distribution has not received a warm welcome from Wall Street analysts, several of whom would have preferred to see the company buy back its own shares rather than taking on debt to pay a dividend. Oppenheimer analyst Tom Eagan said in a recent note that the combined payout to the company's controlling shareholders, the Dolan family, would amount to about $650 million. Charles Dolan is the company's chairman, and his son James is the CEO. The Long Island, N.Y.-based cable TV company also owns Madison Square Garden and three cable networks. Shares of Cablevision rose 28 cents, or 1 percent, to close at $27.53 on the New York Stock Exchange. The stock has traded in a 52- week range of $22.50 to $33.90. Copyright 2006 Newsday Inc.
04/11/2006  On your web site, you have a letter opposing the Deficit Reduction Omnibus Reconciliation Act of 2005 ( roups_Oppose_Ensign_Amendment_Letter_Senate.pdf.) Is your organization aware that this bill was signed into law despite having a serious constitutional defect -- namely, both Houses of Congress did not vote on (and approve) identical bills? Congresspersons Waxman and Pelosi are trying to investigate and overturn this travesty ( 20060330160732-44562.pdf) and I was wondering if your organization could get the word out and help raise a stink.
04/11/2006  necesito saber si hay alguna opcion para ponerle a mi familia en cuba internet por satelite,yo vivo en miami y quisiera que ellos tuvieran esa opcion pues mi sobrino lo necesita para su estudio y yo estoy dispuesto a pagar ese servicio
03/06/2008  The link to send my message regarding cell phone charges on your page does not work...I really want to use it!!
03/06/2008  Attempted to send your message, won't send
04/19/2006  Hello there, I would like to offer an exchange of links between your website and ours, which have excellent Google rankings. If you find such a proposal interesting then please send me details of your sites. However, if you are not interested please accept my apologies for taking your time. Attention! We can write an article for you to place there. We'll write this article specially for you to fit in the theme of your website, and in exchange we ask only for attribution in the form of a link from the article to our site or sites as the authors. If you'd like more information, just reply to this mail. Best regards, Lidia Sadlowski
04/20/2006  The reason why consumers are "forced" to sign contracts is because the wireless companies fund the purchase of their cell phones, and customers believe that they are somehow entitled to free $230 phones. The only way the wireless phone companies are able to make a profit is when the customer stays with the service for longer than about 18 months on average. You guys need to get a clue about how this stuff works - you have created a website that showcases a totally foolish complaint created by a complete and utter lack of understanding about how businesses stay in alive and profitable.
11/11/2009  My problem is with Google -- checkout and merchant center (base). I do not see anything relating to Google on the site. I am in the process of filing a complaint with the FTC, but I would also like CU to look into the matter. I know I am not alone with Google problems. I have numerous emails that I can send to you to illustrate what has been going on since 8/20/09 and is still unresolved.
04/26/2006  To whom it may concern, I found this link while researching spanish language media concerns. I've been learning Spanish for six years now and a question formed in my mind about spanish language media, namely, is there enough programming which connects spanish speaking peoples to the wealth of their linguistic heritage, which is vast and, as far as I can see, unexploited. My wife says that if she had something better than a telenovela to watch in the evening, she wouldn't watch them at all. So I wonder if there is a career opportunity from me in the Spanish language. This is by no means a completed thought but lately I've thinking about spanish language media as for example a system of recognition, and something that connects people to what the spanish language makes available to them, e.g., an historical and cultural perspective, and commercial opportunities - what's going on in the world from the perspective of the hispano-hablante. What's wrong and what's right, what is the project of civilization, what is needed, and how does the individual fit into it? What I see on TV however is gossip, titulation, and disaster-chaos oriented news programming, or scandal. There is just as much garbage on English language television, but at least we have the choice to watch something else. What I want to know is, if I decided to go to grad school to become a cervantes scholar in combination with some training in media/communications, how can I stay connected to the reality of spanish language media such that I don't end up with an advanced degree, a pile of debts and little or no relevance. I live in Las Vegas, where we have a good university, a solid research library, and the city is always looking for ways to diversify its revenue stream, and so, in any kind of venture, you can expect them to bend over backwards to make something a possibility. This is something that would take some time and a lot of work but what I envision is the development of spanish language media as a Vegas industry but with the underpinning of the political philosophy I have attempted to describe. Programming which attempts in its choice of content to answer the question, "what does it mean to speak spanish?" The people who look at this latest wave of immigrants in the U.S. and the transformation of the communicative landscape as a problem have got it all wrong. Spanish gives us a lot more than it takes. There are twenty-one countries in the world where Spanish is spoken, and at this stage of world history, no one should be monolingual. And with English and Spanish together, you can go just about anywhere. I was just in Spain for a month and I get the impression that Spanish is poised to become an international second language. Who do I talk to then if I want to get into at least a break even deal, some grants or an internship, which would allow me to pursue this without fear, a work-study situation whereby even when I'm studying, I'm making a contribution to a realworld business endeaver. In a nutshell, what I'm asking is "who's thinking what I'm thinking?"
05/12/2005  Dear Consumers Union: My email concerns cable television programming--I know you have been advocating for changes in channel choice/billing. I wanted to write to you about a related issue--paying for infomercials. In the last couple of years the amount of air time for infomercials on many cable channels seems to have increased significantly. Late at night is particularly bad-so many channels are running 30 to 60 minute infomercials instead of real programming. It's becoming a problem during the day as well. We pay almost $50.00/month for the basic plus package (approx 64 channels). At 8:30 am today, 5 of our channels were running infomercials. When we contracted to pay for cable television, we did so to expand our number of choices in real programming, not to pay for so many program-long commercials. So, at any given hour, the reality is that we don't have as many channels as we contracted to pay for. We end up feeling cheated and scammed (even if one is interested in the products enough to watch the infomercials, it's the same infomercials being repeated on many different channels over and over again.) This is an additional problem on top of paying for channels in languages that we don't speak, and topic channels we don't watch. All of those problems annoy us and we would like to see a change so that we are getting more real and fair value for our money. However of all those problems, the infomercial problem bothers us most. To us, that scam tops them all. We're not sure what if anything can be done about it, but wanted to voice our concern to you. Sincerely, Jan & Don DeYoung
03/01/2007  With regard to you advice to potential satellite radio purchasers that they ask for written assurances their equipment will remain usable: the retailers have no control over the decisions made by XM and Sirius. Any retailer who offers assurances, verbal or in writing, would be doing so with no basis whatsoever. The retailers are as much at the mercy of the service providers as the customers.
03/02/2007  Dear Consumers Union; March 1, 2007 As recent as yesterday, I watched the Senate hearing on the C-Span network. Sirius's CEO didn't fool me as he tried to convince the senate that if the deal to merge XM & Sirius were approved, the company would not become a monopoly. Nor did I believe him when he said they wouldn't raise prices. This is entirely False, and a bad deal for consumers if the deal were approved. Don't be fooled. Sirius/XM would raise rates because they would be the only satellite radio in existance. Especially once they gain larger chunks of market share, the fear of loosing subscibers lessens. Customer service will likely falter, and the probability of customer abuses would likely increase because there's no other game in town. As Sirius's CEO attempted to convince the Senate they would not become a monopoly because they compete with traditional radio, HD, computer radio, and even IPods. It appeared to me that some of the senators and reps were becoming somewhat perplexed by this statement. I on the other hand see it quite clearly. Although these two radio satellite companies compete to some degree with traditional (free) radio companies or other modes of media, satellite is satellite. It has it own intrinsic set of attributes which distinctly sets it apart from traditional radio, or any other media for that matter. It is for this very reason that XM and Sirus has a marketable product to begin with. For starters; satellite radio provides a subscriber radio service for $12.95 per month Plus specific hardware that must be purchased by the subscriber. Secondly,the service consists of uninterrupted, unedited programming void of commercial advertisements, contests, gimicks,or disc jockies. Because it's satellite produced, programming is consistant thoughout a much larger area versus the limited range of signal through a local (traditional) radio station. And lastly,satellite radio offers a wider variety of programming not available on other broadcast networks. These are the specific and unique differences which sets satellite radio apart from all other media, and why subscribers pay $12.95 per month, and fork out large sums of money to purchase the hardware required for satellite radio. Moreover,it would set a clear precendent for other companies seeking merger approval, that the feds are relaxing the very rules set forth to foster competition and protect consumers. I hope the FCC and our politicians see this merger for what it really is and vote No. Thank you. T.Travis
08/30/2007  The page has a drop down box for "title". I did not want to fill in that box but had no choise. Either make the box optional or get put more choises in it. If you choose to leave it, there should be about 100 or so choises.
03/07/2008  Your error message: "You must enable cookies for this web site to function properly. Oops! We're sorry, but based on your address, you are not eligible to take this alert. This may be because the alert is restricted to particular states or to constituents of particular representatives. It may also be because the address that you entered does not match a zip code that we can properly map to your representative." What the hell? Cookies are enabled! My address and zip have always worked beforeand why should such action only be "...restricted to particular states or to constituents of particular representatives. It may also be because the address that you entered does not match a zip code that we can properly map to your representative..."! This is ridiculous!!!!
04/30/2006  Don't buy phone insurance. All major cell carriers provide insurance policies that cover lost, stolen, or damaged phones, typically for about $4 to $6 a month, with a $35 to $100 deductible. But we don't think those are worth buying. Besides charging for premiums and deductibles, some insurance plans require you to fill out a police report. And damaged phones are often replaced with a refurbished phone, perhaps not even the same model as the original. Copyright © 2002-2006 Consumers Union of U.S., Inc. you guys are paying add. space on the same web0sites and you cant even give the public good ar confirming info..........? and you made no mention of locked phones, when will the kick back quit w/ the phone companys, this is where we get screwed by the service provider. but yet you made no mention of it. guess it is still up to us Aa' " ignore the media / think for yourself "
05/09/2006  My name is Colleen Pagter and I work for the New York City Council in the Technology in Government Committee. The Committee is interested in your organization and the work you do with communications technology. We would like to work with your organization in obtaining information or testimony for our council hearings. The Council has created a Broadband Advisory Committee to advise the Mayor and the Speaker of the Council on issues pertaining to access to broadband technologies within the city and will begin holding hearings shortly. The Committee will also be holding a hearing on consumer issues in June. Please let me know if your organization would be interested in helping the committee with testimony or providing information. Thank you. Colleen Pagter (212) 513-1323
05/09/2006  I called Cingular and told them we are moving outside their coverage area. They still want to charge me the early term fee. Is this legal even though they have no coverage there? Lee
03/06/2008  I tried to send the comments on the video Web site page to my Federal Rep., but was not able to enter my prefix (i.e., "Mr."). And was not able to tell if my message was actually sent. Please advise if my message when through.
03/06/2008  Do you send a reply 'receipt' to let one know whether or not their petition, etc., has been sent/received? I clicked on the 'submit' portion and nothing happened. I don't know if it went through. As I have, in the past, had problems with some progressive emails arriving late, videos I can't access (but forward them to friends who can open them), and the like, I would like to be sure my advocacy is working. Thank you.
05/11/2006  My cell phone had to be repaired, Cingular sent me a new phone, its bad and out of warraanty and its nothing I can do about it except to buy a new phone for $150.00, or wait until Aug. 2006. They want to hold me to a contract, but willnot repair or replace phone. What am I suppose to do?
05/11/2006  My cell phone had to be repaired, Cingular sent me a new phone, its bad and out of warraanty and its nothing I can do about it except to buy a new phone for $150.00, or wait until Aug. 2006. They want to hold me to a contract, but willnot repair or replace phone. What am I suppose to do?
05/11/2006  ATT WIRELESS has installed a power generator 30 feet or so from my bedroom window, and it is VERY NOISY, constantly powering on and off. Many residents are complaining, but to date ATT has done nothing but say that they are within the noise/decibel limit.. We cannot use our balconies, or open the windows without getting blasted by this loud generator of ATTWireless... I will gladly help run/organize a boycott of these sleazy company. Dave
05/16/2006  am in law enforcement-heard on my radio station that we are going to get cut off from the net via congress. go to germany and how their country was and you wil see what they are trying to do. they are holding all of our gold against us for reasons from fort knox,HElLO. when the 13th amendment was signed, it stated that no labor was to be taxed for. then the 16 amenendent came to cout and the supreme cout stated no and the lower court said yes. if you go to history, we as of now can legally challenge the stuoid irs on the taxes from this. there is no law---PERIOD- FROM THE CONSTITION OF THE UNITED STES OF AMERICA------THERE IS NO LAW STATING THAT WE HAVE TO PAY TAXES. I WISH SOMEONE ELSE BESIDES ME WHOULD PROVE THIS RIGHT FOR I AM A FEMALE-----GET MY DRIFT.
05/19/2006  It is just about impossible to talk to an actual person about Direct TV to learn what various TV packages will actually cost. That also applies to the special offers they make and then confuse. Do you know where a person can talk and ask questions and get direct answers? It is horribly frustrating.
08/06/2014  Didn't see on your home page, how to change my contact info, so here it is: Kathie Curtis 404 N Church Street Silverton OR 97381-1240
06/17/2008  User Provided No Response
07/02/2008  Please take my name off of your member list. I am tired of being hung up on by your representative who is making phone calls. It has happened at least 4 times recently and it always goes back to your phone number. I don't know why they would call my number and then hang up when I answer unless someone just wants to harrass us or they want it to look like they called us but didn't want to actually talk to us. Maybe someone is supposed to be making phone calls and just wants it to look like they are doing their job. Whatever the reason, please take our information out of your system. Muncie 937-237-7730. Thank you, Vicki
04/08/2014  User Provided No Response
04/08/2014  User Provided No Response
05/24/2006  From: Rockwood Public Library 358 Market St. Rockwood, Pa. 15557 To whom it may concern: Please remove the Rockwood Library from all your mailing lists. As of Feb. 1, 2006 we permanently closed our doors. In the near future we will stop receiving mail. Thank you George Mason Pres. of Library Board.
05/29/2006  I had a city sewage backup in my home and the city of Spartanburg, S.C. totally ignored it. I was out of my home for 1 week and the city is not taking any responsibility for the damages. It was not my fault. I have been studying the problem for 1 1/2 years and I have been through 28 lawyers and every goverment agency that I could think of. My homeowners insurance would not cover it. My home was paid for, and I took out a mortgage the year prior to the backup and completely redid my home and upgraded it. I want to sell my home within a year, but I feel I will never get the money I put into it, because it still needs some repair and the city of Spartanburg totally ignored me on this matter. What can I do? The statue of limitations runs out on this matter, Nov. 13, 2006. I need help, please. I am a single woman and I think they think they can take advantage of me and ignore the situation. My phone # is 864-598-0499 and I can be reached between 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 am during the week. Any help on this matter would be appreciated. I have tons of documentation concerning this.
05/29/2006  I had a city sewage backup in my home and the city of Spartanburg, S.C. totally ignored it. I was out of my home for 1 week and the city is not taking any responsibility for the damages. It was not my fault. I have been studying the problem for 1 1/2 years and I have been through 28 lawyers and every goverment agency that I could think of. My homeowners insurance would not cover it. My home was paid for, and I took out a mortgage the year prior to the backup and completely redid my home and upgraded it. I want to sell my home within a year, but I feel I will never get the money I put into it, because it still needs some repair and the city of Spartanburg totally ignored me on this matter. What can I do? The statue of limitations runs out on this matter, Nov. 13, 2006. I need help, please. I am a single woman and I think they think they can take advantage of me and ignore the situation. My phone # is 864-598-0499 and I can be reached between 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 am during the week. Any help on this matter would be appreciated. I have tons of documentation concerning this.
03/06/2008  I attempted to send the message regarding cell phones, but the site is apparently not working.
05/31/2006  I received an excellent brochure from you today called "Practical Tips for Consumers: what consumers need to know before buying telecommunications services..." How can I get more copies? I would like to keep this one for the Reference Desk and offer some to the public and our town manager.
06/01/2006  Do you folks have any suggestions for Sprint service and fees fraud class-action members about the Benney/Lundberg settlement offer. I don't feel like settling -- I'd get $34, payable only in services from the company (an insult right there!) after being taken for, easily $350-500, in my guess-timation. Are there any groups or classes (or can there even be any?) of those who wish to exclude themselves and/or object to the settlement?
06/04/2006  My contract with Sprint expires in July so I am shopping for another cell phone carrier. I cannot seem to find a comparison on your site.How can I compare cell phone companies
06/04/2006  My contract with Sprint expires in July so I am shopping for another cell phone carrier. I cannot seem to find a comparison on your site.How can I compare cell phone companies?
06/08/2006  I am completely frustrated with AT&T customer service as I have been trying for weeks to contact someone to change my current long distance plan, and I have been put on hold for up to 45 minutes at a time. I am not able to ever connect with a person to discuss my concerns. I believe that this is unacceptable business practice. I have been calling the number that is on my phone bill under AT&T Long Distance Quesitons? 1-800-280-1996 - Candice Kirchner - Please have someone contact ME - 925-864-5238 (Cell)
02/05/2009  Direct TV has been a big rip off for me I don't have convertor boxes the way that they tricked into their service was fraud. At the time I purchased Direct TV they claim to offer low prices than current satilite company if I discontinue their service I would not have access to the free channels. Also, Direct TV was charging me for the NFL Sunday Ticket on a regular basis when it was adverised as free for 4 month. Direct TV representative lies about charges placed on statement and has different amounts on internet and paper statement.
08/17/2006  It would be a lot easier to sign your petitions if you could please remember my information. I don't have the time to fill everything out each time you send something. The other causes I support all have a box to check which causes the program to remember my info so all I have to do is basically click on send and that's it. Thank you Rick
01/20/2008  Please remove me from your "Hear Me Now" Blog e-mail notification. Thanks
06/23/2006  Hello, I hope that you can answer this question because I sent the question three times to T-Mobile and have never been contacted. I am being bill in one minute increments but my bill always shows the time as the minute of the hour and not seconds. I understand that the partial use of one minute results in a full minute charge but if I begin my call 40 seconds into a particular minute does this mean that when the clock clicks to the next minute (20 seconds later) that I have incurred a two minute charge? By example is the following call which is less than one minute billed as one or two minutes? Start Time: 13:01:40 End Time: 13:02:35 In either case, can you provide me to where I can find written material that clarifies this issue? Thank you very much, your help is appreciated. John Gallagher, Jr.
06/26/2006  I have a link suggestion: Axistive - Assistive Technology News Portal Axistive offers you free news, articles, product reviews and all product and vendor information of assistive technology devices.
06/27/2006  Is there any way that a contract can be changed during the contract? I recently switched from Alltel to Cingular. I switched 3 days after my contract ended. Alltel is still charging me for the full month. My contract states that I'm only responsible for services used which would be 3 days.
06/27/2006  The attempt by the radical right to complete their takeover of the national media is one of the scariest and most sinister aspects of the Bush - radical right agenda. Soon we will have nothing left but the kind of pure, unmixed propaganda like Fox "News," where any concept of truth or integrity is completely submerged into their unending propaganda. The fact that Fox says or reports something is no evidence whatsoever that it is, or even may be true. It is evidence only that stating it suits their propagandistic motives of the moment. Truth is simply not a consideration. Their endless mantras touting their "fairness and balance" and their endless attacks on a few remaining legitimate news sources, such as CBS News and the NY Times is evidence of this. The parallel to the Soviet "News" outlet which called itself "truth" is so obvious and chilling that I would think even Fox would be embarrassed by it. But they have learned well. The more you lie, the more aggressive and insistent you are about the lies, and the more viciously and savagely you attack those who try to fight your lies. Fox is brilliant at it, and now, not surprisingly, they and their cohorts of the radical right are trying to take over the news media totally and categorically. Bruce N. Morton
04/18/2008  Do all digital-to-analog converter boxes perform equally? I can find no testing to help consumers choose among the many boxes available. Do you plan to test? Thanks, John
12/08/2006  Please change my e-mail to
03/07/2008  I wanted to sign your campaign "Its my network--unchain my cell phone!", but after signing, the next screen says that based on my zip code (60056) I cannot participate. Is this correct? If it is still and error, please send me a new way to sign. I will patiently wait, like I do for the cell phone crooks.
12/01/2006  I think its time we complained about the commericals on TV that we pay for. Why should we have to pay for programing that is mostly commericals?
11/30/2006  I couldn't sign the petition for one reason, otherwise....I would. It's true...we've been there and done that. Cell phone companies that make promises they never deliver or 'tricks' that cost you plenty! And talk about lousy service! Whoa! Some of my friends and family get the absolute worst service imaginable--dropped calls (by the way, I know for a fact that a 'certain' company is lying about that!!!). Now, us? We LOVE our cell phone company! NO complaints at all!!! We have been with them for more than 6 years now and yes, we have had a few minor problems here and there, but they were always resolved to our satisfaction. Our experience with dropped calls and bad reception, almost zero to none! NO JOKE! Who are they? Cellular South. No one we know has had a complaint with them either. So, if anyone has a complaint? I can tell you right now...they have to be the problem (like the lady who came out of their store one day raising cane about the charges on her bill when, in fact, she had run the bill up herself! And this even though they have unlimited service which she could have signed up for instead of minites!) We have unlimited long distance, local, and share (2 of us per) 700 roaming minutes per month for---are you ready?--approximately $60!!! It's true! And the best part is? I can't remember the last time I had a dropped call or poor reception! Honestly! These folks are the best kept secret in the south!
03/07/2008  I've been with A T and T for years (previously Cingular) and have been fortunate in that there are no surprises and reception is very good to excellent. With my rollover minutes, I use the phone with abandon. So I cannot sign the petition because it is worded in the first person. Thanks.
07/13/2006  I have a reply letter from my Senator on the Net Neutrality Issue, and would like to send it to you, how should I send it to you Mail or E-Mail?
03/02/2007  I have two letters from my members of Congress in response to recent E-Mail campaigns( Net Neutrality and Regional Franchising for cable TV.), would you like a copy of those and where and who do I send them to?
07/13/2006  How can I find out what I'm paying Bright House for service and just what type of service does it cover?--Is Bright House the former Time Warner?--- AOL was charging me for Cable AND Internet but my cable fee is paid in my monthly Condo fee--- that's double billing in my book--Who was overpaid and how do I get a refund?--AOL is correcting that charge starting when they bill for July. Anne Costa 7220 29th Ave Dr W Bradenton FL 34209 941-795 --6452
05/06/2009  "I'd really like to help, but I just don't have the time" says your little note in the survey. Well, I didn't have the time, but I do now. However, I don't have any time to waste, so I would like to know if it is too late to fill out the survey before I spend my valuable moment of semi-free time going through all my products to rate them. I wish the survey had a complete by date on it. If I was rating your survey itself, that would be my gripe about it - that it doesn't. If I spend my time on my survey and mail it now, will it be included in the talley of results?
08/28/2008  Is there any way to get AT&T to stop adding unauthorized charges called cramming to my phone bill? For months I have tried to get this charge taken off my bill. It was $13.99 and every month would be there under other company's charges. They said there was nothing they could do. I want all the money refunded they took. I contacted AT&T, the other company making the unauthorized charge, the FCC, my representative and now you. All I get is a description of what cramming means. Thanks, Billie
08/28/2008  I have Dish Network satelitte. My bill has a tendancy not to come on time and by the time it gets here I am late on the payment and they charge $5 late fee. I call and they take it off but it is aggrivating. This has happened more than once. I asked them to send me emails when the bill was due as I pay it online and she said they don't do that. I am supposed to remember when it is due and go to their web site and make a payment. My other bills come in my emails and I can pay them on time. If the Dish bill would come on time it would be ok but it doesn't and they charge me late fees.Thanks, Billie
03/07/2008  FYI the form letter re: cell phones is still not working...
12/01/2006  Knock off the Spanish repeats. This country speaks ENGLISH. If it isn't printed in Spanish, they will learn ENGLISH!!
07/19/2006  Please update my address, NEW ADDRESS: 5357 Fearon Rd., Morrisville,N.Y. 13408 OLD ADDRESS: RD 1 Box 171 D, Morrisville, N.Y. 13408 Thank You, Linda R. Bataille
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07/20/2006  On my telephone bill, the FCC Authorized Charge for Network Access covers costs relating to long- distance. Must I pay the monthly charge if I make NO Long- Distance calls whatsoever?
07/23/2009  I think, to better spread your message and the actions, you should link to facebook and/or myspace. I personally don't have all the email addresses of all the people I know anywhere. But if I need to send a message to my people I do it thru facebook or myspace. lata gata
04/12/2007  User Provided No Response
03/16/2007  Hello, all -- this is Katrin from NTEN. It's come to our attention that some wireless carriers are blocking access to certain free conference call number. See for example; we have also heard from numerous members of ours who reported issues. As the nonoprofit technology community, we are obvviously concerned. Is this something you are watching; and can explain more to us why this is happening, whether there is any violation of FCC rules, and what can be done about it? I can be reached at 413 687 9877, or Best, Katrin Verclas, Executive Director NTEN: The Nonprofit Technology Network
08/03/2006  Cingular is adding a $5.00 service charge for customers with TDMA phone's, Cingular said this is because these customers cost Cingular more money. If most of these TDMA customers have the same service that I have this is true but not in cost but in profit. Cingular has offered to upgrade my service, "I started with AT&T" but at a much higher cost. Now I agreed to a contract with AT&T that my service at the price I pay now will never change, Cingular purchased this contract and to charge me more money is not per my contract you would figure. What can I do to stop this or who should I contact to stop this?
08/08/2006  Why do you have links for "African-Americans" and "Latinos", but not for white people? Don't we deserve a link, too? Sincerely, David Lanham.
08/09/2006  having trouble with closed captioning on digital and hdtv on time-warner cable.Everyone is passing the buck but it is clearly a cable problem.can you help?
11/30/2014  I am VERY disappointed and surprised you did not include or address the attempt of AT&T to buy Direct TV. For us satellite customers this could be a disaster. As far as I know the decision is still being made at the FCC on this matter.As I recall the Bush administration allowed Dish Network to be "Reorganized" contrary to the original Rules & Regulations of Satellite TV service. I fear that allowing AT&T to aquire DTV will literally destroy a great sattellite provider to the depths of AT&T customer service levels, not to mention less consumer TV competition! I beg you to please train your sights on this major threat to Satellite TV service. Please advise.
08/13/2006  Yeap I am a consumers Nationalist. I am helping with the courts what I want help with right now is good flat rate services for my cell phone. If I can't get good flat rates for my cell phone. I would like to transfer those numbers to my skype account. I am sick of HUGE bills! Thanks for letting me vent a bit, but also I want a solution! PJ Stewart of San Diego.
08/13/2006  I know of 2 flat rate cell phone companies. &
08/17/2006  Greetings, we recently obtained the endorsement of and we are communicating about the possibility of your organization endorsing the NY Campaign for Telephone Justice (the campaign against Verizon/MCI and DOCS), a project of the Center for Constitutional Rights in partnership with Prison Families Community Forum and Prison Families of New York, Inc. Verizon/MCI's monopoly telephone contract with The New York State Department of Correctional Services: charges families of people in prison 630% more per collect call than the average customer; has given New York State $175 million dollars in kickbacks from the contract since 1996; and unlawfully taxes and exploits families. The New York Campaign for Telephone Justice seeks to end the contract and deliver choice, affordability and equitable service to the families and friends of people incarcerated in NYS prisons. We are in the midst of a big push to get organizational support right now, so if that is something that you could do, it would be great. Endorsing the campaign simply means lending your organizational name to our efforts and, if you have the capacity, supporting campaign events and/or meetings by either attending or helping to spread the word. It's really easy to endorse at rse_campaign.asp Thanks so much in advance, and we're looking forward to working with you. Sign on to endorse the New York Campaign for Telephone Justice We hope that we can count on your support as an organization in ending the unjust Verizon/MCI- DOCS contract and allowing the family and friends of people incarcerated in NYS prisons to keep in touch with their loved ones. ___My organization will sign on as endorser of the New York Campaign for Telephone Justice ___My organization will provide a link on our website to ___We would like to host an informational session on the Verizon/MCI-DOCS contract, for members of our organization to learn more about the issue ___We will inform our members of campaign events and action alerts so that they can help to end the unjust contract ___My organization will send a representative to the monthly New York Campaign for Telephone Justice advisory committee meetings
08/18/2006  If all the media was reporting the same stories based on their point of view, we would be living in a communist state. The government or big busines would be telling us only what they would want us to beleive. Wake up before it is too late. I want to read everybodies point of view to decide for myself what to beleive and what not to believe
08/20/2006  How do I stop advertising cell messages? I am now receiving unwanted advertising sent to my cell phone.
01/31/2008  I sent an email about the cell phone competition problem and it never took me to another page so I clicked on the submit button a couple more times. I wonder if they will get a couple more letters?
09/20/2006  This Idiot thing wont let me send this. My zip 70611+4426 Is on it and they keep telling me to put the zip thank you
03/06/2008  I noticed your "message" had a typo, saying "or pay a hefty early termination fees." Might want to leave out the 'a' or make "fees" singular. Also, when I clicked the "Send your message" button, nothing seemed to happen. Thanks! Larry
08/26/2006  Who should I get in touch with to file a complaint regarding Verizon's land-line phone service? Thanks, A. Flanagan
04/21/2006  The prepared letter you had for us to send to Congress was wordy, missing words and largely unprofessional (IMHO). For example, in this paragraph: "Some phone companies have already blocked access to competitor telephone services offered over the Internet. Those that are planning to offer video over their high-speed lines want to speed access to their own video services over those of their rivals. And recently, two large communications companies said they plan on charging Internet companies for faster speeds to deliver services to their customers, even after they've already charged consumers for broadband service. If they're allowed to do that, only the big Internet companies will be ******afford to pay and entrepreneurial start-ups that could offer consumers better, more innovative services will be shut out. Unfortunately, right now, nothing can stop them from doing any of this." Where I inserted asterisks is where you have missing words. Also, don't use inflammatroy phrases such a "corporate communications giants." That sounds victimy and whiney. Shorten the letter, don't put into one paragraph what belongs in two or three, and use crisp, hard- hitting language. Yes, I am a professional writer, and no I do not teach English. I am on your side, and I want our side to prevail. That prevalence is most likely with powerful, factual, digestible communication. Doug High
11/01/2005  Years ago I wrote a blues song titled It's A Mighty Wall. One verse says: It's a mighty tower It's a mighty tower It's a mighty tower built on that power But it just won't stand! The song was inspired by a true story of a man in Massachusetts who brought down a tower he objected to with nothing more than ropes. It might lend a cool blues note to your campaign. lois pinetree brooklyn,ny
03/06/2008  I am trying to send the e-mail to my lawmaker(s) about the cellphone companies. But clicking on the "Send Your Message" button does nothing. Please tell your webmaster to fix the problem.
09/08/2006  Cingular Wireless is unfair to senior citizens. I am 68 years old and every month, I find some unauthorized charge on my bill. When I take measures to get this corrected, they fail. When I attempt to talk to supervisors or managers, I am refused. Must I fight this battle every month to take off charges that are unauthorized by me. I am angry. I will always look at my bill but I should not have to contact Cingular Wireless every month to have my bill adjusted. They can either get it right or I should be let out of my contract. This is unfair!!!!
09/08/2006  User Provided No Response
02/03/2009  I wanted to share with you some information about the impending switch to DTV which has been forced onto US citizens. The technological issues are larger than just having a converter box. Due to the design of some converter boxes and the way antennas work many people will be without TV or have greatly reduced access even if they have bought a converter box. A station which under analog could have been watched through some "snow", will completely break up and be unviewable under digital. Some converter boxes will only tune stations en masse (RCA is one example which is comonly sold at Wal-Mart) and not allow selection of individual stations to tune in. For this type of converter box the user would need to have an omni-directional antenna, but almost all antennas used for analog are directional so they would have to have the antenna positioned just right before they attempt to tune in a channel.
09/13/2006  Hi. I just stumbled upon your website and am very intruiged. I would love to hear more about the site's goals and objectives. Where does the information on the site come from? Who is the actual writer of the site? This is a very interesting site. Thanks, Ali.
09/20/2006  Please add my address to your e-mail list. I have been a subscriber for many years: William J. Fisher, 3438 Linkwood Drive, Johnson City, TN 37601-1212.
09/20/2006  The link does not work when it's copied and pasted.
09/21/2006  Dear Webmaster, Congratulations! Your Web site is being featured in The Kim Komando Show Cool Site of the Day on Sept. 22, 2006. In case you are unfamiliar with Kim Komando, she hosts the largest talk radio show about computers and the Internet. The program is heard on over 450 stations throughout the United States. You can learn more at our Web site: We are alerting you because you are likely to receive a large spike in hits. Our newsletters have hundreds of thousands of subscribers. Many of them will try your Web site, so you are likely to receive far more traffic than usual. Let us know if this mention by Kim helps you out! You can let your readers know you have been selected by displaying an official Cool Site of the Day graphic: Thanks, -- James Marshall Content Developer The Kim Komando Show
09/23/2006  i am a second year journalism student at a community college in ontario canada,as well i am indian,who finds the information on this site very useful. thanks reg mccormick
09/23/2006  I am unable to bring up the Consumer Tips as shown on this program by Heloise.
09/25/2006  I live in the small community (1700 people) of Los Alamos, California. The only cable provider available to us is Charter. Their office is 50 miles away. After repeated assurances that they would mail us information so that we could decide between satellite and cable, we have given up. Their website will not allow us to view their offerings because our specific address is not in their database. The response was that they have to send a technician to see if they can service us. This despite the fact that I can see their cable box across the street from my livingroom window. It sits just next to the pole that brings the power into my house. It is clear that they do not want to service this community and only do so because they are forced into it by government regulation.
09/25/2006  Thanks very much for the work you are doing. I want to know if you can help me form consumer union in Ghana. In Ghana consumers have no respect in the banks, markets, hospitals etc.Please I wil be happy if your organisation can help me form this idea in Ghana to help this nation. Thanks Lawrence From: Ghana, West Africa
12/22/2005  I read your article and commoents about the coming digital conversion for TV. I find it hard to believe that in the almost 10 years this conversion has been in progress that you can claim so few people know about it. The original shut off date was to be next year and now it seems there will be another 3 year extention. How many more extentions will you argue for? Those who refuse to acknowledge it really is going to happen are those that are still out there buying TV sets that won't work in the near future. You see them everyday buying up cheap sets that are being dumped probably for below cost to clear out the wharehouses because they do have a limted lifetime ahead of them. If you are going to be blaming anyone over this issue it should be the companies that are still making the old style sets. Blame their lack of production for the new sets and the lack of choice in smaller sizes. They should have stopped making them 2 or 3 years ago. In short words you should be putting the blame where it really belongs. This change over was a long time coming a long time being discussed before the decision was made over 10 years ago to update from technology that hadn't changed since the 1930's. In some ways this reminds me of the conversion from horses and oxen to self powered vehicles, there are always those that fear change and resist change right past the bitter end. Just like those that were still buying stock in buggy whip companies betting on a comeback.
09/30/2006  i have had internet service for one year and and a half, i have never had the copasity to send an e-mail, over this period i am charged the full price, and no ckange in service. in thlking with supervisors, nothing has changed. can you help me?
09/30/2006  i have had internet service for one year and and a half, i have never had the copasity to send an e-mail, over this period i am charged the full price, and no ckange in service. in thlking with supervisors, nothing has changed. can you help me?
09/30/2006  i have had internet service for one year and and a half, i have never had the copasity to send an e-mail, over this period i am charged the full price, and no ckange in service. in thlking with supervisors, nothing has changed. can you help me?
09/30/2006  THANK YOU! I am in the problem with sprint cell phone. I got poor service,accounting bad. I was paid in full up to date, then on my next statment I would be charged for passed due.I changed companies. Now I am charged for early out,and turned over to collection, credit bureau. Please can we help all in the same deal? thank you
10/07/2006  Somewhere along the line, I was under the impression that it was now illegal to be charged both ways--incoming and outgoing--by mobile phone companies. Am I hallucinating or what?
12/04/2008  Please remove my address from these email updates and newsletters. Thank you.
04/28/2005  Dear Sir or Madam-- Do you have information on outrageous rates for collect phone calls? My mother in Florida, a senior citizen on a small, fixed income, accepted several calls from her granddaughter, who was calling from pay phones in Michigan and Tennessee. One of the charges billed to my mother's Sprint local telephone service, was $75.14 for a 62-minute call; a four-minute call was billed at $10.57. The two pay-phone companies were ZPDI and Legacy LD International. Are those kinds of charges legal/regulated? If they are not legal, to whom should she complain? I wish collect phone services were mandated to inform the recipient of the per- minute charge before the recipient accepts the charges. Thank you. J. Brown
10/10/2006  Re: Digital TV & Plug and Play I've read several of your public interest reports. In your effort to deal with the big picture, you're missing a huge present cable television abuse. If it were not for the cable company's scrambling of non-o.t.a HDTV channels included in family basic cable subscriptions, Plug and Play already is a reality, even without a CableCard. At least a very substantial minority, if not a majority, of analog cable TV subscribers receive their service through plug and play; no cablebox, just a direct cable connect. These subscribers would like to receive their digital TV much the same way. They are uninterested in the services on demand the cable industry is trying to foist on them with artifical requirements for digital reception. All new HDTVs come out of the carton with a QAM tuner allowing display of unscrambled cable digital TV simply with the cable hooked-up to the HDTV's cable terminal. For instance, Cablevision transmits in the clear all o.t.a HDTV channels. It scambles, however, the other HDTV channels (e.g., MSGHD, ESPNHD, Yes Network HD) included in the family basic package. Although the consumer already pays for these channels, Cablevision and the others represent that the consumer's HDTV set cannot receive HDTV without a cablebox and a digital TV subsription. Except for the fact that the cable company scrambles these channels, the representation is untrue. Here lies the consumer abuse. Without justification, cable television is making the consumer pay twice for the non-o.t.a. HDTV portion of the family basic service he's already paid for. As I see the matter, scrambling could be justified only if it were done as a necessary adjunct to a copyright protection scheme, such as the object of CableCard. I believe that the non- o.t.a. HDTV broadcasters do not have this concern. I'm sure, that the cable companies' principal motivation for the misrepresentation and the scrambling is to encourage impulse video on demand, obtainable only through a cablebox. Just so long as the cable companies are permitted to scramble the non-o.t.a channels the consumer has already paid for as part of the family basic subscription, the consumer will have to pay a second time through rental of an unwanted cablebox and charge for an otherwise unnecessary digital subscription. Indeed, the unwanted additional digital channels the cable companies include with the digital subscription, represents a vast extension of the vast wasteland. I would welcome further discussion with your expert on this subject directed toward an effort to abate the abuse. Stephen Davis 19 Harkim Road Greenwich, CT 06831 (H) 203-531-3356 (B) 914-949-0661
10/11/2006  I am seeking cosponsorship for a town forum on Net Neutrality to be held at the Independent Media Center in Champaign. Please let me know if you would like to add your name to the list $25 donations are requested to offset costs for advertising, childcare, and space rental.
10/14/2006  no what I really signed on here was to find info and assistance in eliminating Alltel from my pest list....they have driven me nuts....I had to terminate the contract...and the have overcharged me maliciously...never game me credit for overfcharges....have asked assistance of Ky state atty general...dont know if there is any clout breaking a 2 yr contract...even though Alltel was the one breaking the contract first....with several errors they made...ALL to their $ benefit however..never to mine...that in itself is strange....
10/30/2006  Dear Mr. Bob Williams, Thank you for the work you do at Consumers Union and the Hear Us Now project. I am currently a student at the LBJ School of Public Affairs in Austin, Texas, with a goal to eventually work as a professional advocate for media and democracy issues. My policy study focus specifically includes media ownership, access to independent media, and fair practices by the media industry. One of our requirements for graduation is a full-time internship during our summer session. While I would love nothing more than to apply for the national internships in D.C., family and financial obligations do not permit me to leave Austin. I am hoping there may be work for me to do here in Texas for Consumers Union in this policy area. Any advice you can provide would be much appreciated. Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Best Regards, Angie Yowell -- Angie Yowell Master of Public Affairs Candidate, 2008 LBJ School of Public Affairs University of Texas at Austin Co-Chair, GPAC Brown Bag Speaker Series Committee Co-Chair, Barbara Jordan Forum Marketing Committee Vice-Chair, Progressive Collective Volunteer Coordinator, H.D. 47 Valinda Bolton Campaign
10/21/2006  Objectives of association: Education of the consumer, as well as all actors during consumption. The walks in the country are concerned the need for creating consumption in the field of the participative process. To support the various initiatives conformed to the goals and the objectives of the Parliament. To carry out the studies and to seek related with the consumer, the binding of the relationship with all the organizations and the establishments which see the relevance in the sector. To devote the culture of the consumer conformed to the principles on the right side, judges and the values of the humanitarian legally defend the lines of the consumers by legal ways. Our wind of association also to submit relationship with all associations of the world and which have the same objective. we ask to accept us good bus the test would like to function in association with other associations and to also help us must find the financing of our population durable NS rural and work protection president of the association of defense of rights of the consomator aboulfida mohamed fax.0021222534672
10/22/2006  I installed Dish TV in july 2006 and have nothing but lies about my bill ever since. I have gotten a different price bill ever month. My sister is having the same problem, can you please help. Thankyou, J. Edwards
10/23/2006  I just wanted you to know that as a follow-up to your petitioning of the FCC to investigate the surpression of a report on local news, I sent an email to Commissioner Martin through their website using your email message as a template. Thanks for your advocacy and activism. David Norris
02/03/2009  Please advocate for the many who must pay cable companies just to receive basic network & local channels because of lack of (antenna) reception in both cities and rural areas! AND for the many low-income people who can afford no more than that ($10 to 15 for the first 7-13 channels). The next package, with some movie & news channels, costs nearly $50! Advocacy for consumers should include those low-income elderly, disabled, poor (working or not) & their children! Do you know how many don't even HAVE computers?! I'm fortunate, but have the slowest possible dial-up; no speakers or sufficient memory to view videos; no call-waiting; no cell phone; couldn't watch primary DEBATES, d/t can't get CNN, et al. I keep telling this to reps & various orgs, yet no one addresses these issues on behalf of the TECHNO-DISENFRANCHISED! You seem the most logical to do so; I hope you'll embrace this cause! Sincerely, Nikki Longaker
12/01/2006  Theres a typo in your petition: Unrealistic coverage maps that don't show me where the dead zones; Jeff
10/24/2006  Regarding the "Hear Us Now" site. As the manager of a community radio station, I am very much in favor of the general tenor of the whole "hearusnow" organization. Thanks a lot for taking this up, it's an important issue. I'd like, though, to point out a couple of things I'd cavil at on the page. There seems to be a tendency to conflate the idea of "community radio" with minority representation on the air. I think there are a number of problems with this: First, community radio should exist for everyone, not just those in recognized minority constituencies. And second, I don't see it as particualrly helpful to community radio to relate it strongly to some envisioned balkanization of the airwaves into an endless series of narrow constiutnecy outlets. The Internet, print and face-to-face culture already provide many opportunities for "narrowcasting." Community radio is a mass medium whose greatest impact is in bringing different people together around tehir interests. As unfashionable as these sort of assimilationist notions may be, this is the sort of thing radio does best. "Narrowcasting" is precisely where radio is going to be completely superceded by emerging media. Second, in the current market environment, LPFM poses a distinct threat to PUBLIC and existing COMMUNITY radio outlets. The fact of the matter is that the big radio interests are more or less protecting themselves from a very small threat by opposing LPFM. It wouldn't really make much difference to them if LPFM went through except insofar as it might deny them some potentially available channels in some places. For public and community radio, though, LPFM represents a chepa and essentially unregulated competitor, who will be going after precisely the same listeners we go after. The effect of full-bore LPFM would be substantial listenershipmand loyalty losses for existing non-commercial radio stations, significant cuts in non-comm newsrooms and probably the disappearance of afair number of marginal non-comms. They'd be replaced by vastly inferior products, in my opinion. Anyhow, thanks for the site and your attention, --eric hines general manager wnmc-fm traverse city, mi
04/26/2007  I was not able to post a comment (1st time) on your blog regarding ISP's. Here it is: "What about the Cell Phone industry! They ALL impose a penalty if you break their 1 to 3 year contracts. I think their the ones that need to be reined in on contracts and penalties."
10/25/2006  Re: AT&T Bellsouth Merger As President of RLH Industries, Inc., I can testify that the merger of At&t with Bellsouth will be deleterious to comsumers. My company has been involved in an anti-trust suit (RLH Industries, Inc. vs SBC) against At&t since Nov of 2002. The suit involves SBC preventing RLH from selling its fiber optic safety devices in SBC territory while SBC forces its customers to buy, at inflated prices, less safe transformer devices manufactured in Canada. The devices they force comsumers to use have been known to blow up and start fires. Most customers prefer to buy RLH fiber optic equipment as it provides superior safety. BellSouth is one of our customers. If this merger takes place, SBC/At&t will most certainly limit our access to BellSouth subcribers. Trial of this suit is scheduled for 8 Jan 2007. I would be happy to testify against At&t merger in any forum. See our web page and/or contact me at anytime. Regards, Robert L. Harris CEO
03/07/2008  I clicked (twice) on the Send your message button, but nothing happens.
02/15/2005  If you expect your subscribers to interact with their legislators based on your email messages, you had better insure that all links on your sites work. The current link on the page for states that have broadband initiatives doesn't work. Such a malfunction indicates a lack of planning and preparation that makes participation unwise.
04/11/2007  I keep going in circles trying to confirm my e-mail addressafter signing up for your every 2 week news, so hopefully this will suffice.
10/19/2008  Kia of Clarksville, Indiana has mailed an advertising letter with the following text included: "2008 Consumer Reports-Vehicles of the year: Kia Optima & Kia Sportage!" Just thought you might want to know that a company is using Consumer Reports to advertise its vehicles. By the way, you have made it almost impossible to find a way for your members to contact you about such things. It took me about 15 minutes searching through Consumer Reports Online before I decided to move to Consumer Union to find a way to contact you! Why is that?
03/16/2006  Dear Consumers Union: Every time I access your website in order to send my congressmen an e-mail in response to one of your action alerts, I must retype my personal information. I use Firefox as my web browser and I DO indeed have it set on an exceptional basis to accept cookies from your website. Could you look into correcting this problem? Thanks, Robert M Goodman 2415 Rolling Hills Drive Mechanicsburg, PA 17055-9206 320 points!
02/03/2009  No, No No. Do not delay the digital switch. Why is CU taking a position on this issue? Come June millions of people still won't be ready for the switch because they are lazy, ignorant or have been living on another planet during the transition period. Television stations are ready for the switch. Keeping their analog transmitters on will cost them money during a recession.
04/08/2007  I am unable to send an e-mail message regarding unlocking cell phones (Carter rules). The problem seems to be that I do not wamt to use any of the choices for titles which are offered and can't be altered. The reason for not wanting to use any of the suggested titles is so that I can include my wife's first name as well on the message.
10/30/2006  Dear cocksuckers, I was just informed that I would have to pay your fucking 5 and change % "fee". This fee is criminal and I refuse to pay it. I do not care if others cannot afford phone service so this does not affect me. This is NOT a socialist economy and I refuse to pay for others phone service. Bite my ass.
02/01/2007  I got an email with "tell us your story" about all kinds of alleged situations from you tonight. From prescription meds killing teens to a cell phone company setting prices on probating a deceased person's bill, there were pathetic holes in all of them. Then, you want donations. You'll be reported to Greg Abbott, Texas Attorney General instead. This whole thing seems very suspicious to me. But, I'm just one of those reporters you're bragging about possibly getting some attention from, so who knows about my judgment, huh? If parents are stupid enough to suspect hospital liability and not have the baby transferred to another facility, Child Protective Services as well and the American Medical Association should be contacted. Fiction is not your best area, folks.
10/31/2006  User Provided No Response
10/31/2006  The link to Public Interest Public Airwaves Coalition on this page /publicinterest/ does not work.
11/02/2006  Subject: choosing your own channels I read your column on choosing your own TV channels. I do not know when you wrote it but looks as if it was last November, 2005 Been searching this for some time on the internet. I currently pay some $53.00 per month with Directv. Thats about 115 channels, although I have lost count. I watch about 15 or so and that is about it. I contacted the FCC about this some 3 weeks ago and they said they had nothing to do with this. So who do I write to about this issue. I believe that Dish and Directv could offer, say a program, where you pay a minimum of $20.00 for the hookup, then pay say $1.00 for each channel you would want. I'll bet that most people would not choose more that 20 channels with this set up. Again, who do you write to about a proposal such as this one. Pay Per View would still be in effect. So would all the Sports Channels that people would want, i.e. NFL, NHL, NBA and so forth. Thanks for your time and perhaps something can be done about this. By the way, my 84 year old mother just got Dish and feels it was a mistake. Paid some $42.00 for cable and now the same amout for Dish. No the right channels. In fact she lost some of her favorites when she swithched. For her to cancel her subscription would be about $80.00 as she has had this Dish for about 9 months. Again, I would still pay the $53.00 if I could choose the channels I want. Thanks again, Steve Zimmett
11/06/2006  User Provided No Response
11/11/2006  User Provided No Response
11/12/2006  User Provided No Response
11/14/2006  I placed an order online with a Internet company called Rachel Outlet Store also known as Lowest Clothing (found out they also do business under Lowest Priced Clothing, Olga, Olga Sportswear, STARCLOTHING) on 10/22/06 and my check went through on 10/27/06 for $ 527.75. Til to date I have not had a responds from them as to why my account was debited for $527.75 since my order was for $360.00. Not only have they not returned my email, but they avoid all calls unless one have the time to dial the entire day until someone answers. Finally I have gotten through to them at least 6 times in the 50 times I called them. Oscar Weber is the gentle men's name, he keeps asking me the same information: when did you place the order, did your check clear, and say they will ship it the next day, I am still waiting. I have filed a complaint with FTC, BBB and with IC3. I have noticed that this company have been doing what they did to me; to several other consumers. They keep saying they will shipped the goods and today when I called they told me it got lost. I asked them for a UPS tracking number and they cannot give it to me. Can you please assist me as I only placed this order so I can make some money, I am out of pocket and very frustrated by being treated so Dis-respectful by both Oscar Weber and Dan, I have noticed that they have a report on and that several people have been taken for a ride, attached is their complaints this is only for the last 7 days. I have not even gone back to see how many more people have complaints. Last week I mailed them a registered letter asking them when they will send my goods, Oscar and Ben keeps putting the phone down on me. Why are they allowed to continue to do business when they have 18 unresolved complaints with the BBB? This is not fair on people like myself that uses our last money to make a living. Why do we have to wait 60 days before our compliant even gets out. I have even sent them a registered letter asking them to tell me when I will receive my goods but they have not responded even though they received my letter. htm htm htm this is the report at the BBB with 18 unresolved complaints: s.aspx?pid=44&page=1&id=88237 these are cold hart-less businesses that have no remorse for what they do to us as the consumer. I contacted my bank and they told me I need to get the money back from the company. Oscar, do not even give one a chance to talk, he starts screaming and saying he don't have time to listen to me. I am so frustrated with being treated this way. I need you to intervene and get some answers as to why they are allowed to do business. WHat is the duty of the FTC,BBB and IC3? If they are too busy with dealing with our 'real life issues' they should hand it over to people who can take care of us as the consumer. I hope you can get a better responds.
11/14/2006  User Provided No Response
11/14/2006  Plesae inform readers of misleading advertisement on Anderson Cooper 360; viewed on 11/14/06 at about 7:10 ot 7:30PM (PDT). The "news update" was about the use of pseudoephedrine as a nasal decongestant. The advertisement was in fact for Aleve Cold and Sinus tablets, but was presented as a news story. It even present a "survey" of 200 pharmacists that
11/14/2006  Plesae inform readers of misleading advertisement on Anderson Cooper 360; viewed on 11/14/06 at about 7:10 ot 7:30PM (PDT). The "news update" was aboutthe use of pseudoephedrine as a nasal decongestant. The advertisement was in fact for Aleve Cold and Sinus tablets, but was presented as a news story.It presented a "survey" of 200 pharmacists that implied the Aleve product was the best ( although after viewing it probably was about PSE in general). I was quite upset by this deception!Sincerely, Steven R. Frost, R.Ph.
11/16/2006  User Provided No Response
11/16/2006  Glad I found you, we WILL be using your press releases!! Fred Arn Owener/Publisher Localnews1 LLC
11/16/2006  User Provided No Response
11/17/2006  I am trying to asses if there is information available that will assist me in determining whether the Cable company in my suurounding area has a list of areas where there are outages and reception problems. I understand that is a "disturbed customers list"?? Can you help??
03/18/2005  I'm interested the legislation re free choice of individual channel selection of cable offerings. I have satellite and would this change relate to my situation. Thanks. Roger Owens
11/21/2006  User Provided No Response
03/09/2008  When I tried to take action on the email below, and clicked on Submit Your Message after completing the online form, I received this error message: "Oops! We're sorry, but based on your address, you are not eligible to take this alert. This may be because the alert is restricted to particular states or to constituents of particular representatives. It may also be because the address that you entered does not match a zip code that we can properly map to your representative." This error message makes no sense. Why would it not apply to our address? Or why wouldn't you be able to match my address and zip to my representatives? From: Consumers Union To: Sent: Thursday, March 06, 2008 12:10 PM Subject: Make it your network--and laugh You have 150 Consumer Power Points! Earn more points. What are Power Points? Learn more! Your cell phone, your credit card, your need these things to work at a price you can afford. That's why we are here together. There's real momentum for sensible cell phone reform right now. Help! Dear Robert + Julia, Has your cell phone company trapped you with a whopping early termination fee--$150 to $200? They may also "lock" the phone itself, to make doubly sure you don't leave, even if the service is poor. Watch our newest video and take action! Cell phone companies promise a clear connection, strong customer service and fewer dropped calls--but that's not always what they deliver. After years of delay, Congress is finally stepping in to improve the competition among cell phone companies for your benefit. Take two minutes to tell your own lawmaker to support real cell phone competition and end the "gotchas." In this market, companies don't need to compete based on price and service; instead they can lure new consumers with complicated and sometimes misleading offers, then use early termination fees and handset locks to stop you from voting with your feet. It's time that companies compete for our business based on their quality of service and price, and not profit from misleading claims and hidden costs. Consumers Union has made it easy to send your message. Just click here. Because we need your friends to contact lawmakers too, we've added a fun video to the action! Tell your friends about our work, our action and our video. Yours, Joel Kelsey A project of Consumers Union 101 Truman Ave. Yonkers, NY 10703
11/22/2006  User Provided No Response
11/24/2006  I've attempted twice to send a complaint to AT&T regarding long distance, using this address listed on your "How To Complain About Long Distance" page. The address is wrong Both my letters were returned with an "Unable To Deliver" message. Could you please find the right address for me? Thank you.
12/16/2008  I would like to volunteer to review and advise Consumers Union with regard to Telecommunications/Media. My background is unique, having been COO of the 5th largest long distance carrier in the US. I am still actively involved in telecommunications and find what has happened in the last 8 years has limited choices and overall hurt the economy and consumers.
11/30/2006  Could you please forward the name and e-mail address of your webmaster ? Thank you, SM
12/01/2006  My wife and I want to send a postal letter to the FCC opposing media consolidation. Can you provide us the name and address to send our letter to? Thanks.
12/05/2006  Gentlemen: Page 7 of your January 07 issue contains an error. The last sentence of First Look says, "If a transcription that reads like this doesn't brother you, give the Logitechio2 a try. (shouldn't this be bother instead of brother?) I guess even Consumer Reports can make a mistake!
12/07/2006  I am looking for the staffer who handles the Greener Choices project. We are part of a recycling coalition evaluating the new genertion of bio-based plastic in bottles where it has the potential to negatively affect existing recycling programs.
12/07/2006  Give us a clear connection with pricing we can understand and the right to go elsewhere if the company doesn't live up to its promises. I have no Cingular service downtown where I work. Also, my calls are dropped frequently. I'm tired of all the hidden extra fees on my bill. You end up paying 1/3 more than you should.
11/29/2007  Please remove my email address from your data base. I no longer want to receive your email messages.
03/15/2007  Need info on HD radio
03/06/2008  I just tried to send my customized cellphone message, but it doesn't seem to be responding -- anything up?
12/07/2006  OPTOUT
12/07/2006  User Provided No Response
12/08/2006  i read about this protable heater, it said it would be use 50% less electricty but heat 50% more, called the edenpure, from bio tech reserch dept.eph3499 7800 whipple ave. n.w. canton ohio44767, do you guys know about it, it said paul harvey likes it, i trust you guys, if you know about it please tell me as i'm disabled and i need some help about the high cost of electricty, thanks jerry estes
03/06/2008  The web site is not processing my letter to politicians when I click on send. This is in reference to the follow-up email you sent me concerning cel phone companies.
01/17/2008  I recently tried to buy heartworm pills from an on-line pharmacy. I was informed I needed a prescription from my Vet.. Upon doing so I was flattly told that "we don't do that" (write prescriptions for internet purchases). After fireing my vet I proceeded to try to find another one that would write one only to find out that this problem is endemic! They are trying to force you to buy your pets meds from them. That is like your doctor trying to force you to buy your drugs from him only. you can test this by calling my ex-vet at (251) 937-0112 (Biles Animal Hospital)
05/02/2007  On the following page... there is a reference to a guide to DRM... The correct link is... It's a good guide so you may want to update the link. Thanks
03/06/2008  I have a concern with regular phone companies. Qwest is using contracts with a fee for early cancelation. Voanage, gave me a difficult time when I tried their service and decided to go back to Qwest. I was with Qwest 1 1/2 yrs. I needed to cut back on expenses so I tried Vonage but they did not work for me. They have a 2 yr contract with a fee for early cancelation, no paper billing and they took payment directly out of my checking account which I did not want them to nor did I realize that they would do it every month. I stopped before the 30 day free trial. They would not let me cancel my service without paying in advance and then they said they would credit me back. I had to cancel my debit card to my checking account to stop them from touching my bank account. They refused to let my phone number go right away, Qwest had to wait 2 wks to get the number. When I tried to ask why, Qwest pointed the finger at Vonage and Vonage pointed the finger at Qwest and Vonage hung up on me. I, also, did not like the fact that every person I talked with was in the Phillippines. This became a big concern because I've lost money from companies in the US that had their main business license in another country. Vonage still owes me $28.99, I'm still waiting for the refund.
12/08/2006  I am about to graduate law school and take the February 07 California Bar exam after practicing clinical pharmacy and applications of technology in health care for almost 30 years. My areas of interest include regulation of pharma (specfically, direct to consumer ads, "nutraceuticals," pricing and practices) and telecommunications regulation (such as your "" website is actively promoting), and I would like to become involved in these areas of consumer protection after getting my Bar card. Would you have any suggestions as to who at CU I might contact if I wanted to contribute time to the cause? Thanks, Robert L. Stein, Pharm.D., J.D. Cand Irvine, CA
08/21/2007  I'm sorry to say that Consumer Union has hypocritical policies regarding Consumer Reports. Today, I received a request to renew my subscription. There is nothing on here indicating when my subscription is up. I've noticed that this is the technique all magazines use to have me pay several months early. That way, I'm overlapping in payments and the magazine has use of my money, but not me. Not only would I expect you to rail against this with other magazines, but I'm very disappointed that you use the same sleezy technique.
12/08/2006  "In Missoula, Montana for example, the Missoulian newspaper has created a program which recruits youths to work with journalist to write about their community." I laud the efforts set forth here and don't want to point any fingers... but there are several spelling, typographical and grammatical errors in this piece. Perhaps a return to teaching and learning proper language skills would increase the ability of all ethnicities to communicate with each other. I was an editor and proofreader for many years (BA-Journalism, University of Western Ontario, 1977) and look with sadness on the degeneration of language, particularly among English speaking cultures. Errors in news media only encourage this decline and show a lack of pride in the very tools of the trade. In many languages a slight variance in spelling or pronunciation can give a word a completely different meaning. A compliment can be turned into an insult by the wrong inflection. English may not be tied to such a fine line but it should still be used with care lest insult be given where praise was meant. Kudos for creating a forum and a force for change and 'razzberries' for not doing a better job of policing your own work.
12/08/2006  I would like to cancel the billing. How do I do that? C.R. Lee
11/14/2008  I have purchased a product called Magic Jack, it claims that you'll never receive another phone bill by using your computer to make the calls. What information do you have concerning this product? I've not used it yet, and I'm having second thoughts about it. I'll still need a phone line for my computer, so I'll still have a phone bill. I guess I didn't think this through before purchasing the Magic Jack.
01/31/2008  How do I use (personalize) the message that you have provided "Hear us now". I am unable to change the address in the message?
03/06/2008  Under "Title" you offer Christian and Jewish official titles but none for - par example - Muslim or, for that matter, Buddhist, Shinto Priests, etc. Both Christian and Jewish persons are grotesquely over-represented as it is;must you join in?
12/09/2006  My cell phone is over 4 years old. How can I get a replacement cell phone without changing my old AT&T plan of $ 29.00 a month.
12/09/2006  Having read your website's articles on the on- going struggles of the Asian Pacific American communities to be represented in the media and the offer to work together to continue the needed advocacy efforts to accomplished the goal of proper reresentation, I am contacting you. Look forward to hearing from you and how we can work together. Regards, J. Lee Editor US Asians
12/10/2006  This is a great service by CR. There are so many things in our society that are either "behind the times' or in a state of decay. I like your effort . . . to alert the business providers of their failings & of customer dissatisfaction . . . and to make the press aware of these failings. You have my total support in your effort to make the U.S. all that it should be via the free-enterprise economy.
03/06/2008  The link to send my message is not working. Please let me know when it is.
12/11/2006  I, as a long time ENGLISH subscriber, have NO USE FOR THE SPANISH you place after our national language. Keep it up and I will not be a subscriber for long. First; the percentage of only Spanish speaking people whom actually use this magazine is very small. I am sure it is published in Spanish in areas where only Spanish is spoken. In case you haven't noticed; English is the official language in the USA. KEEP IT THAT WAY!!! Respectfully: John Youngblood
03/06/2008  I tried to send your message re: cell phones but your system would not let me.
03/06/2008  I tried to send your message re: cell phones but your system would not let me.
05/19/2005  Thank you for the opportunity to express my views Cable TV subscribers. I currently subscribe to a Digital Cable format, however, I am discovering that this only partly true, and not all the channels are in Digital Format. In addition to the rising cost of Digital Cable Service, I have also noticed that more new shows are being offered on Free TV channels that come with a cable package. Cable companies say we are not paying for local service, however, I do not believe that to be true. My Cable bill is over $60.00 a month, and I am watching reruns after reruns with very little new Cable programs. Dish networks offer a better system for much less, and all the channels are in Digital Format. Unfortunately I am not able to subscribe to a Dish Network, as the owners of the complex where I live will not allow Dish Network TV service. They claim it is for inurance purposes, but I have not ever heard of Dish that was fimly on the ground ever falling or hurting anyone. If I were allowed to switch to a Dish Network I could save as mush as $30.00 a month. Cable TV is the biggest rip off I have ever seen. And we said we would never pay to watch television? Times have certainly changed haven't they? Again I thank you for this opportunity to express my views on Cable TV. Sincerely, Stephen R Hannon
12/14/2006  I heard that most cell users are due a rebate for taxes charged in error. I contacted Cingular about how to get it and they said I'd have to claim it on my income tax return. I'm a senior and my income is so low that I don't owe any taxes each year. How can one get this money back? Afterall, I DID pay it and probably need that money back more than those who have a tax to pay.
12/15/2006  Although I appreciate your efforts in the whole area of telecommunications, I am concerned with the issue of the availability of local network affiliates via the satellite tv companies (Dish Network, in my case). Due, apparently to an FCC ruling, all but one of the local stations that I receive in the local package that I'm allowed to have under my Dish service broadcast from Greenville, SC and Asheville, NC, even though I am a Georgia resident. Therefore, I am unable to watch the Atlanta Falcons, because the Fox station I get carries the Carolina Panthers. In addition, I only get information about political issues in North and South Carolina, rather than those in Georgia, which is where I vote. I have contacted my Senators and Representative about this issue on more than one occasion but have gotten routine replies regarding how the areas were designated rather than recognizing the problem and agreeing to try and solve the problem. Has Consumers Union ever addressed this situation? If so, what has occurred? If not, are you willing to tackle this issue?
12/17/2006  The Federal Excise TAX (FET) on telecommunications has recently been repealed and consumers are eligible for refunds for the tax on services from 2/28/2003 through 8/1/2005. Does this also apply to Prepaid Phone Cards and Prepaid Wireless? If so, how can you apply for a refund if your receipts only show the gross amount of the sale with no line item for the FET? Was the FET already included in the price of the Phone Card? I do not wish to use the standard form from the IRS and wish to itemize my Prepaid purchases instead.
02/03/2009  I am continuing to receive duplicate emails, even after you said that you had recognized the problem, and had it resolved. You somehow originally created two "accounts" for the same email address - with two user names - 3559990 and Let's try again to fix this and eliminate the second one (delete 3559990). P.S. It is also time to eliminate the Spanish subtitling. They do not need special help, nor at the exclusion of all other foreign language speakers. That is blatant discrimination. Either provide subtitles for ALL other ethnic groups, or NONE.
01/17/2008  I spent 45 minutes customizing the cell phone message, only to have it rejected saying that there was no source for its sending. I believe in lobbying congress but not wasting my time. If this happens again, I will ask to be taken from you email list.
12/28/2010  I intended to donate 10.00. when there was a problem in submission, it required a field of info to be entered. When i added the info and resubmitted, it had returned to the default amount of 25.00 instead of 10.00. Please correct this amount and confirm to my email account or I assure you, I will not donate again in the future. thank husband just filed bankruptcy, so I do not have money to donate to anything right now.
12/21/2006  Christ Vision Centre is a Christian based mission based in Nairobi Kenya. Our mission is spread the Gospel to whole world. We would be happy if you can affiliate our organization to yours so that we can preach the Gospel together. Thanking you in advance. Apostle/Arhbishop, Peter Kaburu M'itonga. Christ Vision Centre.
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01/01/2007  The article on the page below refers to an event that will occur in 2005. Perhaps it's time to update this page? naccessandcontent/
02/05/2009  Sorry, I've supported many of the things you have sent us but not this, the switch to digital TV. The word has been out for more than a year. If people haven't done anything about it by now they still won't, not until they can't watch TV anymore. In the mean time it is costing stations lots of money to keep old and decrepit equipment running. I speak from experience. We just got our converter boxes in the last week ourselves. Guess what, we would have put it off even longer if we knew they wouldn't change until June. Actually, the whole country would probably benefit from not watching TV for a while.
01/03/2007  Just to have a complete understanding of this, could you please send me some addition information at my address Thank You, Dana Salter 3725 Woodley Road Montgomery AL 36116
01/03/2007  My cell service(Alltel) has informed me that I cannot keep my present phone number if I switch to a pay-per-minute plan. Is this legally correct? Caryn Bohenek 406-240-6563
01/03/2007  I have privacy concerns: On issues of giving personal information , like bank account with 24hour fitness center, in order to join... (2nd) issue the a Levi store asked for S.S., with drivers license, for $10. returned item payed with cash.
01/04/2007  Dear Hear Us Now CU team, Some of us are organizing media issues actions external to the National Conference for Media Reform. And it seems likely Hear Us Now would want to be involved. If so, who there would be our best contact? See our current flyer, being updated according to developments, at: Yours truly, Bob Gallie
01/05/2007  User Provided No Response
01/07/2007  Why is it that when I learn about a new product, e.g. Unide cordless phone EXI 4246 I can't find that product. I couldn't find the DXI 986-2 either. This is getting darned annoying, especially when your ratings are so good.
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11/29/2007  Unsubscribe please...thanks
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01/19/2007  I would like to be able to watch cable TV shows but DO NOT want to have to pay for 500+ channels, most of which I would NEVER watch! Could you please vote to make the Cable operators BE REQUIRED to offer "bundles" of cable stations, so a person could watch ONLY the ones he/she WANTS to have available> Thanks! Eleanor Robb
01/19/2007  I would like to be able to watch cable TV shows but DO NOT want to have to pay for 500+ channels, most of which I would NEVER watch! Could you please vote to make the Cable operators BE REQUIRED to offer "bundles" of cable stations, so a person could watch ONLY the ones he/she WANTS to have available> Thanks! Eleanor Robb
01/19/2007  I would like to be able to watch cable TV shows but DO NOT want to have to pay for 500+ channels, most of which I would NEVER watch! Could you please vote to make the Cable operators BE REQUIRED to offer "bundles" of cable stations, so a person could watch ONLY the ones he/she WANTS to have available> Thanks! Eleanor Robb
01/20/2007  ToAnyone: What is a good satellite computy to go with ? david
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01/20/2007  Dear Sir/Madam, I bought a StreetPilot c330 in November 2005. I have only used it several times since my purchase. The suction cup of c330, which is used to mount the navigator to windshield, was working in the first two to three times. Then the suction cup is not working, it cannot suck to the windshield or cannot hold the navigator steady. On November 22, 2006, I drove on a straight busy street. When the navigator suddenly fell from windshield and slid to the passenger side, I spontaneously reached it (because it would fall and hit passenger or hit the passenger side window). When my body tilted to the right side to catch it, my left hand steeled the car slight toward to the right. My car suddenly hit the big truck on the same direction. We were lucky that we were not hurt. However, my new Acura MDX was scraped and caused $3,974.50 damage. The defect of the suction cup was direct cause of this accident. I please the company to design a new reliable suction cup or holding devices. I also request the company reimburse my damage. Sincerely yours, Linqiu Zhou, MD
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09/27/2007  Verizon has begun to censor telephone content by refusing to carry NARAL related messages. Is there a more democratic company we can switch to?
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01/31/2008  I just used your template to urge my senators to support cell phone reform. Did you know there's an error in the sample letter? At the very beginning, a sentence is repeated twice. I'm sure you'll agree that sending it out that way lessens the credibility of consumer action. Thank you to everyone at CU who supports consumer letter-writing. Because you've made it so easy to do, I always send a letter out immediately when I receive one of your alerts.
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10/29/2007  Re: your Internet Advocacy email, please make it clear which "decision makers" will be receiving the email about the FCC. I'd like to know before I ask others to send it. Thanks, Janet Hutter
01/31/2007  For the past year i have been having increasingly difficulty with my breathing. Recently I find myself gasping for air - then 2 nights ago on the news I heard about the lawsuit with Sharper Image. I immediately turned off my inoc breeze which stands only 2 feet from my bed. I've been using it for 3 years and at first found it to be helpful but then everything revervsed and my breathing slowly became more difficult until I am gasping for air. I can't believe this - Why wasn't I notified that there was even a question about this device. I actually believed I was having heart problems. Now that it is off let's see if I improve.
01/31/2007  For the past year i have been having increasingly difficulty with my breathing. Recently I find myself gasping for air - then 2 nights ago on the news I heard about the lawsuit with Sharper Image. I immediately turned off my inoc breeze which stands only 2 feet from my bed. I've been using it for 3 years and at first found it to be helpful but then everything revervsed and my breathing slowly became more difficult until I am gasping for air. I can't believe this - Why wasn't I notified that there was even a question about this device. I actually believed I was having heart problems. Now that it is off let's see if I improve.
03/07/2008  I continue to have problems sending the "unlock cell phones" letter. Let me know when you get the technical difficulties ironed out and I will be glad to forward a letter to my legislator. Gary
03/07/2008  My attemt to send my supporting emails on cell phone practices would not go through due to my location. Is this another screwup on your web masters part?
02/01/2007  User Provided No Response
02/01/2007  I would like to be able to compare info.on HD TV Co's service and qualityi.e. value for the dollar spent.Who is the best for my area, Direct, Cox Cable or Dish. Where do I go to get unbiased info.?
02/01/2007  your cable sattelite artical was interesting it is to bad you did not tell the hole story .your best picture comes from the big dish sattelite system an at a lower price but the programmers do not want them out there. they are shutting paying coustermers off an refusing to sell them programming .just today then shut off espn espn1 an espn2 ,an a little over aweek ago they shut off the mtv line up of stations . It would be nice if you told the hole storry .they have lied to congress an are doing what they want to do . it is time to seperate the programers an the broadcasters Thank you Louis Nikias
02/01/2007  "Press 1 to continue in English" An open letter from an American to fellow Americans Aren't these the most insulting, infuriating, outrageously anti-American words to say on the phone, in America, to an American, bar none? Why must we "press 1" so that we could continue in the language of our country? Why is the message telling us that if we don't "press 1" it would continue, whether we like it or not, in another language other than the language of the United States of America? OK, I know and you know that English has not been designated or declared the official language of our country. Even so, when you go anywhere in all our fifty states and possessions or from the tinniest town to the largest mega city, what do we all speak? So, if we can read, write and speak only English and no other language, can we get along in these United States of America? You betcha! But if we speak only this other language that the phone system will switch us to IF we don't "press 1", can we get along here in America? Obviously not! I can't help wondering if legal and illegal Russian immigrants increased in numbers to a level that they can dictate what the rest of Americans can speak . . . woooow! . . . isn't that a scary thought?!?!? But, think about it, it isn't that far fetched! . . . It is happening RIGHT NOW . . . ALREADY! Just not in Russian. But what is the difference? An invasion is an invasion, right? Except for the Native Americans, aren't we all immigrants whether first or tenth generation? We went to school for years and learned to read, write and speak English. Why don't the twelve million illegals and their supporters have to do the same? Therefore, we're now at a point where foreigners are forcing their language on us by telling us that the phone system will operate on their language unless we "press 1"! Don't you find that just totally absurd, an insult and putting America down? The question then is, why are Americans who are the majority and to whom this country belong, being forced to "Press 1 to continue in English" when we are in our own country and English IS our language to begin with? We have some of our best sons and daughters - - among them Navy Petty Officer, Second Class Marc Alan Lee who was killed in Iraq - - sacrificing everything including their most precious possession their lives to protect us and our country, the United States of America. But at home, we have to switch gears to continue in English? Are these foreigners that don't or won't learn to speak English contributing anything as precious to protect the country they prefer to live in? Did we force them to come here? Why are we making it so easy for those, who won't learn English, to get along without having to invest their effort and time to learn our language? Why are we bending over backwards to accommodate them when they are already costing us enormously by burdening our healthcare system, our welfare system, our prison system, our school systems and from having to print everything in another language to putting our national security at risk? Why? How many other languages must we print the signs in our buses, trains, hospitals, voting booths - - WHAT? - - voting booths? Didn't you notice that voting instructions and signs are no longer just in English? So, again, WHY? Where is the incentive to learn English? By doing so, aren't we ENABLING, even encouraging them to get here, by hook or crook, as fast as possible? Aren't we saying to the world, "Just get here, we'll take care of you at our expense!"? Why is the majority allowing the minority to bully us? At this rate, what would happen when the minority eventually becomes the majority? Isn't it just a matter of time? Isn't this a classic example of the tail wagging the dog? Isn't it time NOW to put a screeching halt to this invasive wildfire? Why is this invisible invasion so potentially devastating? When they killed over three thousand of our unarmed men, women and children by destroying two world-class buildings, that was a visible invasion, a clear notice of what's to follow. And we responded by taking the war they started back on their turf because we didn't and we still don't want it fought here. What we're already seeing is an invisible invasion just the same . . . an attempt to take over our country. Have we lost our national pride or the love for our country? If you agree with me, please make as many copies of this letter as you can afford and pass them on. If you have email, it would be cheaper doing it that way. . just cut & paste. Then step up front and center and call and write your State and Federal Congressmen and Senators. Contact your Mayors and your City Council Members. Firmly encourage them to introduce legislation that would (A) ban the use of "Press 1 to continue in English" , (B) start printing everything only in English and (C) make it mandatory to remove all signs that show any language other than English. That would be an incentive for those who are here but yet to learn English and for those wanting to come to America to learn our language before their arrival. It would also create jobs income opportunities - for those who are able to teach them English. Call and write the companies or organizations when their answering system tells you to "Press 1 to continue in English" and tell them to delete that un-American message. In the meantime, we can stop buying their products, can't we? Isn't it more than just a slap on the face to our sons and daughters who are giving their all in the Middle East when we are doing nothing to stop being taken over right here at home? According to the Associated Press, December 30, 2006, December was the deadliest month for U.S. troops. We lost 109 of our sons and daughters that month. In total, 2,998 members of the U.S. military have been killed between March 2003 and December 31, 2006. Today thousands of our troops are still overseas doing what we can't and to keep the war there so it won't be fought here. That leaves us, doesn't it, to do what we can at home for America . . . for all of us. Let us do our part. Let's STOP this invisible but insidious invasion of "Press 1 to continue in English" - - - NOW! And let's stand up for America! Please respond by email for or against what I've said in this open letter to my fellow Americans. I will respect your right to express your thoughts, just as I expect you to honor my right to exercise that same right. Therefore, please be proud of what you say in response, because you are in effect addressing the People of America. By responding, you are giving me your consent to publish your response, in whole or in part, without compensation, in any way I see fit. Please include your true name, full address and telephone number, or it won't be read. If I publish your response, only your first name and the initial of your last name will be shown. I will guard your privacy by not showing your address or phone number. Thank you for listening. Sincerely yours, Andrew Wee
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02/03/2007  User Provided No Response
02/03/2007  I sent the following letter to Nextel/Sprint and now they are refusing to even give me the original offer of $100 off the fee to cancel the contract early. They are sarcastic and somewhat antagonistic when I call. They tell me they dont care who I complain to. I dont know where to get help: December 13, 2006 Nextel Corp RE: 365497227 To Whom It May Concern: I am writing to request that the $200 contract termination fee be waived due to multiple extenuating circumstances surrounding poor customer service, and low quality hardware. I will outline just a portion of the issues that I have experienced while dealing with your company. From June of 2003 through November of 2005 I purchased no less than 5 expensive phones, each time to replace an inoperable phone. The i830 phone purchased in Dec of 2004 was by far the worst phone. The first one lasted less than 7 months and the second one less than 5 months. When the first one became inoperable, my daughter took it to a Nextel store where they told her that it had water damage. She was informed we could purchase a replacement for ONLY $100 due to the insurance I purchase. My daughter is very honest with me, and would have admitted the water damage if she were aware of the episode that might have caused it. She explained to me that she was unaware of how this would happen. I returned to the store with her and was waited on by different staff. I explained the situation and he offered to look himself. He took the phone apart and was quite shocked to see no water damage. He showed me himself the water damage indicator was not triggered. He apologized and offered a free replacement. As he was out of stock, we had to wait for one to come into the store. The expected delivery was within one week. Several weeks later the phone had not arrived. The same gentleman suggested we go to the Rocky Hill store as they always carried a large inventory of phones. When my daughter arrived at the Rocky Hill store and explained the situation, a new woman opened the phone and said "water damage." My daughter suggested she call me, which she did. I quickly responded that I thought this whole water damage thing was a scam as the phones were obviously of poor quality. She responded by stating that many so-called Nextel stores were selling sub standard products and that I needed to be going to real Nextel stores. I told her that I thought that a real store with a real Nextel sign was a real Nextel store. She said, "It might not be." She refused to replace the phone for free and suggested we return to the Newington store if they were agreeable to give us a free phone. After the call hung up, the clerk commented loudly in front of my daughter that the "girl's mother just tore her a new one." We waited and received the free replacement i830 from the Newington store. This phone only lasted less than 5 months. Rather than go through a similar fiasco we opted to spend even more money on a replacement i870 phone in November of 2005. This phone, less than one year later was working intermittently when it was stolen. When it was stolen, my daughter called Nextel who referred her to the insurance company. Unfortunately they only had the i830 on record. They offered her this phone for $100. When she told them that we had the 870 for almost a year, the man on the phone suggested she go to the store and get proof. When she returned to the store he entered the phone into the computer and gave her the printout. She called the insurance company again which stated they did not have the information, that it was Nextel's problem not theirs. They now stated that they never said they would adjust the claim if she got proof. They advised that if she cancelled the claim, got proof of the i870 and filed a replacement claim it would not be believable. They offered her i830 period. My daughter returned to the store again. He stated that he was going to have to go through all of the paper records which were offsite, and that the last time it happened, it took about a month or longer. She advised him to look. That was the beginning of November, we still have not heard from him. We opted to switch to Cingular and purchased a very reliable phone for $9.99. I have use Cingular for my cell phone needs for several years and until this year always received the free phones and only upgraded by choice not because the phone didn't work anymore. When I called Nextel to let them know I had done this, and to ask for a waiver of the fee I was transferred 4 times. The last woman I spoke to stated very clearly that she had the i870 purchase November 2005 very clearly in her records. When I advised that no one else did, she told me I had spoken to all of the wrong people. I asked her how I was supposed to know I was speaking to the wrong people? My daughter called Nextel, advised them of the theft, asked what to do and was referred to the insurance company you use. I told her that her comment was just as inappropriate as the clerk 1 ? years ago telling me that I wasn't going to real Nextel stores and the multiple clerks obviously advised to state "water damage" when shoddy phones stopped working. She offered me $100 off of the fee, and I said no. I asked for an address to send a letter to, she transferred me again, but disconnected me. So here we are. I am writing to request waiver of the fee. I believe I have multiple instances of poor customer service along with poor quality hardware. If you agree to waive the fee I will agree not to place a formal complaint with my Attorney General's office nor the Better Business Bureau. If you refuse, I will do those things along with contacting my local newspaper and my local news network which offer venues for these sorts of complaints. It's up to you. Sincerely, Lori G. Schroeder 94 Eddy Glover Boulevard New Britain, CT 06053
02/03/2007  I am a DIRECTV subscriber which has merged with Verizon. This makes it hard to negotiate a lower monthly rate. I am also a subscriber to comcast for internet access. Which is expensive,($61.00) per month. I have inquired about internet access via satellite. The equipment alone is approx. $600.00 then the monthly cost. I have inquired with Verizon about the DSL internet access. I have been advised that it is not available in my area. Verizon access FiOS TV is also not available in my area. My area is North Eastern Massachusetts. I feel like I am between a rock and a hard place. Sincerly, Lou
02/04/2007  When is Verizon going to install a cable outlet into the West Pasco area
02/04/2007  When is Verizon going to install a cable outlet into the West Pasco area
02/05/2007  User Provided No Response
02/06/2007  User Provided No Response
02/07/2007  User Provided No Response
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11/13/2009  IF YOU had a way TO monetize YOUR Org without spending a dime for YOU or YOUR Members WOULD YOU Be interested ? Call me at 215-780-0945 after 11 AM EST any day To discuss this possible ongoing residual income FOR YOUR cause and YOUR members Without speding a DIME! Regards Bill Fermano
03/06/2008  I'm not getting a confirmation indication after I hit the Send Your Message button - in lower left side of the template message - for the campaign. Not sure my message went. Alan Bicho Morgan Hill, CA
12/14/2006  I'm concerned that your campaign for better cell service will ultimately mean more cell towers and antennae spreading their microwaves in our neighborhoods, schoolyards, and everywhere else we gather. Europe is years ahead of us on this issue. That's why England has made it illegal for children under 13 to use cell phones, and other European countries, like Spain, are setting very strict limits as to where these towers/antennae can be located. I know you represent consumers, but just because consumers want to poison their own brains and bodies, doesn't mean the rest of us should suffer. Unfortunately this technology requires all of us to be exposed to ever increasing electro- smog. Please do some real homework on this issue, and ask yourself why the federal government prohibits local cities and counties and states from considering health effects when deciding where to locate these towers. In other words, if AT&T wants to put a tower next to a school and expose the kids there to microwave radiation at amounts 100 times greater than that allowed throughout most of Europe, our local representatives can do nothing about it. But your campaign virtually says to the AT&T's of the world: Put up those towers whereever you want. We don't care about kids or neighbors, we just want good reception! Thanks but no thanks!
02/17/2007  Hi, I am a journalist from Turkey. I was with Mr. Gene Kimmelman in Manchester at the British Council seminar. He gave me his email adrress but I cannot find it. Could you please pass me his email address urgently. Best Regards. Bilge Eser SABAH Daily Barbaros Blv. No:153 Balmumcu Beşiktaş/İstanbul Tel: +90 212 354 34 22
02/17/2007  I live in rural East Texas and want to know who to write to concerning broadband internet access. The local telephone company has promised DSL for two years and has practically stopped installing lines. I was told (off the record) that my neighborhood probably wouldn't get it anytime soon because we weren't a "rich" enough subdivision. Which isn't true, it's just that we have many "snowbirds" who only live here half the year. What exactly is the legislation governing who gets broadband and who do I write to complain about our telephone company dragging its heels on installing DSL lines? Thank you so much for your help. It's bad enough that we are stuck with dial-up, but the phone company also makes us pay for long distance on our extra computer lines even though we don't need or use it. Angela Weaver
02/19/2007  I am a former Comcast customer. Time Warner has since taken over Comcast. But have left it up to the Customer to ask for the lower Time Warner pricing. The Comcast pricing is $11.50 higher than the Time Warner pricing. The bills that I receive are on Time Warner letter head, but still reflect the Comcast Prices. This seems to be a deceptive practice. In my welcome to Time Warner brochure, the pricing options are defined, but it never states that the former Comcast customer must call and ask for those prices. Every other change that Time Warner made was unsolicited. I have found others who have had the same experience of being charged the old higher prices.
03/05/2007  Hi I am glad I came across this site. I have been pushing this among our native people to try and impress this lack of attention and that we are a vital part of this world. When you put native american or indian they automatically combine it with alcoholism or casinos. We are more than that. I can be reached at (702)467-7861 and I can also be heard on KLAV 1230AM in Las Vegas from 8p-9p pacific time on Tuesday nights.
04/28/2007  FYI: AT&T ( charges a $99.00 fee for early termination.
03/09/2008  Why do I have to enter all my information every time I send one of your prepared emails?
03/06/2007  This site (and the blog especially) is useless. I thought you guys were committed to having an open and honest debate, yet my comments are being blocked completely from being posted on the blog. Each time, it says to try again in a short while. Pathetic. So much for "hear us now". Haven't you noticed how there isn't one single comment on your blog?
03/06/2007  I am concerned that our nation is being bullied by those who are unwilling to assimilate into our culture but are trying to force us to accommodate them at our expense. Please let us stop these special interest invaders from taking over our country. "Press 1 to continue in English" (An open letter from an American to . . . ) Fellow Americans, Aren't these the most insulting, infuriating, outrageously anti-American words to say on the phone, in America, to an American, bar none? Why must we "press 1" so that we could continue in the language of our country? Why is the message telling us that if we don't "press 1" it would continue, whether we like it or not, in another language other than the language of the United States of America? OK, I know and you know that English has not been designated or declared the official language of our country. Even so, when you go anywhere in all our fifty states and possessions or from the tinniest town to the largest mega city, what do we all speak? So, if we can read, write and speak only English and no other language, can we get along in these United States of America? You betcha! But if we speak only this other language that the phone system will switch us to IF we don't "press 1", can we get along here in America? Obviously not! I can't help wondering if legal and illegal Russian immigrants increased in numbers to a level that they can dictate what the rest of Americans can speak . . . woooow! . . . isn't that a scary thought?!?!? But, think about it, it isn't that far fetched! . . . It is happening RIGHT NOW . . . ALREADY! Just not in Russian. But what is the difference? An invasion is an invasion, right? Except for the Native Americans, aren't we all immigrants whether first or tenth generation? We went to school for years and learned to read, write and speak English. Why don't the twelve million illegals and their supporters have to do the same? Therefore, we're now at a point where foreigners are forcing their language on us by telling us that the phone system will operate on their language unless we "press 1"! Don't you find that just totally absurd, insulting and putting America down? The question then is, why are Americans who are the majority and to whom this country belong, being forced to "Press 1 to continue in English" when we are in our own country and English IS our language to begin with? We have some of our best sons and daughters - - among them Navy Petty Officer, Second Class Marc Alan Lee who was killed in Iraq - - sacrificing everything including their most precious possession their lives to protect us and our country, the United States of America. But at home, we have to switch gears to continue in English? Are these foreigners that don't or won't learn to speak English contributing anything as precious to protect the country they prefer to live in? Did we force them to come here? Why are we making it so easy for those, who won't learn English, to get along without having to invest their effort and time to learn our language? Why are we bending over backwards to accommodate them when they are already costing us enormously by burdening our healthcare system, our welfare system, our prison system, our school systems and from having to print everything in another language to putting our national security at risk? Why? How many other languages must we print the signs in our buses, trains, hospitals, voting booths - - WHAT? - - VOTING BOOTHS? Didn't you notice that voting instructions and signs are no longer just in English? So, again, WHY? Where is the incentive to learn English? By doing so, aren't we ENABLING, even encouraging them to get here, by hook or crook, as fast as possible? Aren't we saying to the world, "Just get here, we'll take care of you at our expense!"? Why is the majority allowing the minority to bully us? At this rate, what would happen when the minority eventually becomes the majority? Isn't it just a matter of time? Isn't this a classic example of the tail wagging the dog? Isn't it time NOW to put a screeching halt to this invasive wildfire? Why is this invisible invasion so potentially devastating? When they killed over three thousand of our unarmed men, women and children by destroying two world-class buildings, that act was a visible invasion, a clear notice of what's to follow. And we responded by taking the war they started back on their turf because we didn't and we still don't want it fought here. What we're already seeing is an invasion an invisible one - just the same . . . an attempt to take over our country. Have we lost our national pride or the love for our country? If you agree with me, please make as many copies of this letter as you can afford and pass them on. If you have email, it would be cheaper passing it on that way. . just cut & paste. Then step up front and center and call and write your State and Federal Congressmen and Senators. Contact your Mayors and your City Council Members. Firmly encourage them to introduce legislation that would (A) ban the use of "Press 1 to continue in English" , (B) start all domestic printing only in English and (C) make it mandatory to remove all signs that show any language other than English. That would be an incentive for those who are here but yet to learn English and for those wanting to come to America to learn our language before their arrival. Let us UPGRADE America and stop the downhill slide similar to some neighborhoods. And you know what I am talking about. It would also create jobs income opportunities - for those who are able to teach them English. Call and write the companies or organizations when their answering system tells you to "Press 1 to continue in English" and tell them to delete that un-American message. In the meantime, we can stop buying the products of anti-American companies, can't we? Isn't it more than just a slap on the face to our sons and daughters who are giving their all in the Middle East and other parts of the world when we are doing nothing to stop being taken over right here at home? According to the Associated Press, December 30, 2006, December was the deadliest month for U.S. troops. 109 of our sons and daughters were killed that month. In total, 2,998 members of the U.S. military have been killed between March 2003 and December 31, 2006. Today thousands of our troops are still overseas doing what we can't and to keep the war there so it won't be fought here. That leaves us, doesn't it, to do what we can at home for America . . . for all of us. Let us do our part. Let's STOP this invisible but insidious invasion of "Press 1 to continue in English" - - - NOW! And let's stand up for America! Please respond by email for or against what I've said in this open letter to my fellow Americans. I will respect your right to express your thoughts, just as I expect you to honor my right to exercise that same right. Therefore, please be proud of what you say in response, because you are in effect addressing the People of America. By responding, you are giving me your consent to publish your response, in whole or in part, without compensation, in any way I see fit. Please include your true name, full address and telephone number, or it won't be read. If I publish your response, only your first name and the initial of your last name will be shown. I will guard your privacy by not showing your address or phone number. Thank you for listening. Sincerely yours, Andrew Wee
03/07/2007  When is Comcast going to stop raising their price for cable? We have no other choice than to go with them if we want cable. They have the monopoly. WHY???? The package they offer is lousy except for a few channels and without cable the reception is poor. Why are they allowed to keep raising their price for such poor programs and no competition? We have lived here for 4 1/2 years and it has gone from $39 to $58 with no improvements in service, no more channels. Get rid of COMCAST!!!!!!!! Get some competition in Minnesota!
03/08/2007  Before I respond--How many words am I limited to? What kind of action or response (as well as privacy) can I expect from Hear Use Now?
04/03/2009  Dear Consumers Union Representative: I'm from Rochester, NY and have become extremely concerned by an issue that has arisen in our community the past few days. Our two local internet service providers--Frontier and Time Warner--have elected to start implementing bandwidth caps on internet service. On the Time Warner plan, people who are paying the rate we currently do (approximately $50 per month) will then have a cap of 20 GB of usage per month. This setup reeks of collusion and price gouging. I understand that internet service providers may have benefitted from federal funding. If this is true, we would be paying them yet again for infrastructure we have already paid them for. I ask you for your input on where we should go from here. A lot of family and friends are extremely alarmed about this. A news article on the issue is here: Any assistance or advice you could offer in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Ever sincerely, Peter Maurer
03/15/2007  Could find nothing here on Centennial Wireless?
04/26/2007  you're doing a wonderfuL service for the public. thanks!!!
03/25/2007  i am writing my thesis for college on media deregulation. part of my paper requires that i interview someone in the field of the topic. i was wonering if i would be able to interview someone, or you could direct me to someone. thanks, edward.
10/29/2009  Last Consumer Reports billing statement.Do I owe any money?
03/26/2007  Just before the Cingular/ATT merger I lived in the Mps/St Paul area. Then I moved up to Aitkin MN, about 200 north of Twin Cities. I had an ATT celphone contract and moved with about 6 months left on it. ATT could not provide service at my new location yet insisted that I keep paying the monthly charge for the remaining 6 months. I did not think I should be paying for service that they were not providing. Is there action legal. Sincerely Owen
06/18/2008  Yes, I would like to join your Consumer Reports on line, but don't feel comfortable giving my credit card # on line. Is there an 800 # I could call?
07/22/2009  I am a little disappointed that a consumer's group such as yourselves, would create a website that is not Section 508 compliant. Please check your webpages before deploying and make sure that the colors used in combination do not make it difficult on those of us that are over 50. In the screen that I forwarded on the information about freeing our cell phones, the submit button was a dark grey on dark red and was very difficult to read. As a webmaster for the California Department of Mental Health, I deal with these issues daily. Thank you,
03/03/2011  Hello, I am an online Consumer Reports member and receive emails from consumers Union Advocacy. I am writing in regards to "Premium Messaging" charges after switching to Verizon Wireless. I was told these are charges from Third Party Vendors that they cannot remove. I was told I received these charges because I did not reply "STOP" when receiving a message. My reaction, "Excuse me?" That is fraud, a con game. Can you remove them. Their answer is no, just that they can block all "Premium Messages". Nothing about this sounds legal. How can someone charge you because you don't tell them that you don't want something. I didn't request any goods or services and agree to charges. They said because I didn't say no. What?! I believe that this should be a class action lawsuit and that they should pay every single person back. My husband and I together had 30$ in charges on this months' bill and how do you even recoup these charges. Verizon certainly won't give it back. They take a handsoff approach. Rediculous. I hope this is something that Consumer Reports Union will take the initiative and act on. Or at least, post information on how consumers like myself can take back what has been stolen from us. Sincerely, Renee J Gilb
04/01/2007  I had very poor service at my home 14580 from Verizon for over four years of misery and early termination fees which I continue to dispute and refuse to pay. I now have exellent cell service from Cingular since Oct. 06.
03/06/2008  I attempted to send the Cell Phone action message but "send Message" did not work.
04/09/2007  At one point I had PeoplePC as my internet service provider. When we decided to move up to high speed I called PeoplePC and canceled my contract. I was told no problem and that the change would go into effect the next day. PeoplePC continued to bill me every month, for almost 9 months. I called them time and time again and each time I was assured the service would be stopped. On the tenth month I called my bank and had to cancel my debit card. Once I did this the billing cycle stopped. It's a shame what we have to do to protect ourselves against large corporations.
04/11/2007  i wrote about a real estate co. that two agents forged my name over 50 times, did fraud, threats,blackmail on 15,000 and there clientel i was told by one agent , were mexican that barley spoke english and they probably did to them what they did to me and my elderly dad. it has cost over 40,000 to try to stop them and i lost 31,000 from the forged counteroffer and forged arbitration and they lost the subpoenaed docs......
04/12/2007  niibacco pizdetc
04/17/2007  XP93T mortgage refinance [url=]mortgage refinance[/url] mortgage refinance loan loan
04/17/2007  Please check this out: Tide lavendar scented detergent is causing contact dermatitis. My elderly mother and a diabetic friend used this new Tide and are both experiencing severe red itchy rashes covering the entire body. This is a bad product and readers need to be warned.
04/20/2007  niibacco pizdetc
04/20/2007  It seems to me that the "new AT&T" AKA cingular wireless is trying to systematically get rid of customers in certain areas, but instead of letting those customers out of their contracts for free (due to VERY substandard service), they give customers the run around, in which customers end up enduring multiple cellphone swaps, giving up in frustration and just paying their $200 fee for the cancellation of EACH plan. This is an OUTRAGE!!! Customers receiving substandard so-called service should be allowed BY LAW to terminate a contract.
02/03/2006  Where and to whom can I complain about the ever- increasing number and duration of commercials on both network and cable television? Has no one noticed that there are more and longer commercials? Has anyone actually timed the minutes of actual programming that our cable dollar now buys? and how many minutes of commercials that our cable dollar now subsidizes? I greatly resent being force-fed 6 or 9 commercials for every 5 or 6 minutes of programming! Is there any relief for this? Has anyone done any research on the sources of revenue for cable companies? is it strictly user fees or does income arise from commercials? I keep hearing the phrase, "we have to take a break to pay the bills" What bills? I pay an ever increasing cable bill! Regards, Katherine Borkowski
04/21/2007  niibacco pizdetc
04/23/2007  niibacco pizdetc
03/06/2008  I am unable to submit the responce to my congressman in regards to cell phones
01/07/2005  You sent me an email with the subject line - Boost the movement and earn Cosumer Power Points. I attempted to email my congressmen via your form. I filled in my email address correctly many times yet your form keeps telling me it is incorrect. I don't understand how you can use my address to contact me but I can't use it to submit my response on your form that sends the message to my legislators. Thanks. Karen Guthrie
08/30/2007  We would appreciate your changing the need to click on a prefix like Mr. There is no asterisk by it yet it is required in order to be able to submit a response. There is no Mr. & Mrs. choice. We would write separately except the we have one Internet provider and therefore only one response is accepted. Also, why do all the sites that want addresses insist on your having to choose a state from a list? It would be much faster to write in the state abbreviation. Please consider eliminating this feature. Thanks for the work that you do. It certainly makes it a lot easier for us to stay informed as well as to respond.
04/29/2007  On Jan 15 I tried to use Nextel while in FL & had to use neighbors phone to reach the sevice center. I was told the problem was my phone & they tried to reprogram it. I had the phone checked by a local dealer & told nothing was wrong with it. Nextel admitted on Jan 25th that the problem was in their towers. They then billed me for all the extra calls (included service calls) I immediately notified Nextel & Chase to discontinue the automatic deduction. I called Nextel todispute the charges & was given a disput # & told they would reply within 2 weeks, which they did not. I called Nextell & was told "not to worry about it, that it was taken care of". I recieved the next months bill and paid it, Then I recieved my Chase statement showing Nextels disputed invoice deducted I then had Chase disallow the charge. Nextell has refused to discuss the invoice & on 4/16 tried to collect it & shut off the phone.
04/29/2007  On Jan 15 I tried to use Nextel while in FL & had to use neighbors phone to reach the sevice center. I was told the problem was my phone & they tried to reprogram it. I had the phone checked by a local dealer & told nothing was wrong with it. Nextel admitted on Jan 25th that the problem was in their towers. They then billed me for all the extra calls (included service calls) I immediately notified Nextel & Chase to discontinue the automatic deduction. I called Nextel todispute the charges & was given a disput # & told they would reply within 2 weeks, which they did not. I called Nextell & was told "not to worry about it, that it was taken care of". I recieved the next months bill and paid it, Then I recieved my Chase statement showing Nextels disputed invoice deducted I then had Chase disallow the charge. Nextell has refused to discuss the invoice & on 4/16 tried to collect it & shut off the phone.
12/01/2006  Your effort to reform credit card co. abuse fell short in that it should also include a provision that they pay the same interest rate on credit balances as they charge on purchases, etc.
05/04/2007  User Provided No Response
05/06/2007  I am writing a paper for my comp class and we have to do work cited pages. My suggestion is that you guys try to put down the authors of your articles and when it was last updated. I really like this site it gave me a lot of info I needed.
05/07/2007  A local TV station in Youngstown, Ohio, WYTV is in the process of being sold to a "corporation" that has entered into an agreement to share services with the new owner of another station in the market, WKBN. Is their a way to stop such a sale through the FCC? Jeff.
11/24/2008  I write this to report that your web site is not letting me send a letter to my senators supporting needed legislation regarding credit card regulation that is needed. As I prepared the letter to Senators I was prompted to put in a correct zip code in proper format. I did so and it kept telling me to enter the zip code. Finally I gave up. Please fix it.
05/09/2007  I teach Chinese senior citizens how to speak English and am looking for advice. I believe it is important for them to know how to make a 9ll call. From your experience, what do they need to know? What would be helpful for someone who is learning English as a second language. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Best wishes, Tranda S. Fischelis
07/01/2009  Don't necessarily agree with your statement to free our phones. In the USA, very expensive mobile phones are given out virtually free if a user signs a 2-year contract. During that time the phone can be unlocked (particularly important if traveling outside the country) and at the expiration of the 2 years, the user can switch to another carrier. In most other countries, the user pays the full price for an unlocked phone and can use it with any service provider. The axe to grind is perhaps items such as the iPhone is ATT only, so if that's what wanted, ATT must be used. However, most phones, including the iPhone are available on the internet unlocked at full price, and frequently discounted.
04/21/2006  Cannot access the 2002 report.
07/22/2009  Suggestion: On your "Take Action" list, you should have a "Share" feature so that people can post the information and action taken on their social networking websites, such as Facebook. It may generate more traffic and interest in the issues here.
06/15/2007  Please!! UNSUBSCRIBE ME from hearusnow blog. Or send me instructions for doing so.
05/17/2007  How do I UNSUBSCRIBE from
05/24/2007  Just wanted to let you know that today I included links to your site from our site - - and from our blog - - both in the right sidebar blogroll, in the "Allies" category. Rob McCausland Director of Information & Organizing Services Alliance for Community Media 202-393-2650
05/25/2007  i want more information about internationals calls specialy to honduras
05/28/2007  Good Day! I'm writing to complain about deceptive billing practices by Cingular Wireless. The company added Roadside Assistance and Voice Dial to my bill when one of the people on my family account upgraded her phone. The cost: $2.99 for the Roadside Assistance and $4.99 for the Voice Dial. Neither one of us knew these services were added, or asked for them. Earlier this year, I discovered we had been billed for these services since May, 2006. Because of difficulties in my own life, with my mother and father both dying, I did not look as carefully at my 47-page bill as I should have. But I also did not expect a company with Cingular's reputation to start slipping charges into this huge, complicated bill for services I did not want, ask for or authorize. When I realized we were being billed for the services, I called Cingular's Customer Service, and was told they would remove the charges for one year. Later, they said three months. This month, the charges are back on my bill again. I would like two things. I want these charges removed from the very beginning, because we did not ask for the services. Cingular has refuned $32.89; they said yesterday they will refund an additional $28.74. By my calculations, they still ow me $48.11. Second, I want this devious, deceptive practice to stop, and do not want others paying for services they did not order. I believe what Cingular has done is unconscionable, and should not be a standard practice for any company in the U.S.
03/13/2008  Hey, the hearusnow won't let me send letter to congress when I respond regularly to the alerts. What's up? Roberta
05/31/2007  we are just looking for good solid info on who has the best value for the buck on these plans. we have used cir. and veriz. and its costly. we do have 4 phones but most of the talk is cell to cell, 2 of the phones have unlimted tex but thats it. national coverage and its 200.00 to 150 . we are looking to lower that and make a good solid choice but cell phone carries lie. who has the best plan for a 4 phone family?
05/31/2007  we are just looking for good solid info on who has the best value for the buck on these plans. we have used cir. and veriz. and its costly. we do have 4 phones but most of the talk is cell to cell, 2 of the phones have unlimted tex but thats it. national coverage and its 200.00 to 150 . we are looking to lower that and make a good solid choice but cell phone carries lie. who has the best plan for a 4 phone family?
09/19/2008  Where does this go and to whom? Sent from the contact us page on HUN.
06/04/2007  nah pizdetc
06/13/2007  nah pizdetc
06/04/2007  How come Washington DC was omitted from listing of fastest ISP service?
06/04/2007  How come Washington DC was omitted from listing of fastest ISP service?
08/18/2006  Please change my email address from to Thanks, and have a great day! Joneen Lee
06/06/2007  I do not qulify for lifleine but I work at a low wage job and do not have a How do I find a cheap and basic phone service either landline or cellular phone that will not take advantage of me? Jay Bender 2329-19 Winthrop AV Roanoke, VA 24015
06/12/2007  Your auto testers seem to ignore the fact that the muffler & related piping is too low on a Toyota Camary and can hit the road slowdown bumpers very easily compared to other cars.
06/18/2007  Hi, I know that TV broadcasts are going to go digital on Feb. 19, 2008. I was wondering if there was any research about how much more expensive that will be to consumers who will have to pay for digital receivers. It seems to me that convincing cable companies to keep some analog programming might provide lower-income populations less expensive television choice. Thanks.
06/23/2007  My former cell phone service provider Sprint PCS, ended on bad terms in Nov.2006. For months, I kept recieving enormous bills totaling $3,000.00 which was automatically withdrawn from my checking account(I've learned my lesson on automatic withdrawals). Sprint never notified me that maybe some sort of fraud might be occurring. They(Sprint decided that there was nothing unusual about the first $600.00 phone bill although my usual bill for the past several years only averaged about $60.00 a month! When I called to inquire as to what was going on and to ask why I was never notified, that was when I was told that the phone usage must have been with my knowledge and not fraudulent. When, I could account the whereabouts of myself and my phone for practically every day and hour(I'm a flight attendant and can look at when I've been on the ground or in the air and in what city), only then did they decide to give it back to their fraud dept. Who finally,months later, decided that my locator number in my phone was stolen and used to make $3,000.00 in calls. So, added to the stress of these enormous bills was the ongoing battle with the customer service at Sprint. My phone no. was changed twice, because they could not figure out how to stop the theft!! Sprint did not return the money to my checking account, but gave me credit!! After, more billing and customer service issues, I cancelled service(gladly paying the $200.00 early termination fee) in Nov.06. I still had an outstanding credit of $966.34 and was told I would recieve a check in the mail. Three months later, I recieve a bill for $200.00, for the early cancellation. I have make numerous phone calls and sent letter(one certified)! and still no one can find my old account. Also, I still have not recieved my credit check. Finally, a collection agency sends me a letter about the $200.00 bill, which is now $240.00. I call and explain that I will not be paying and that Sprint owes me money. I am given a number to contact Sprint and after speaking with two different people(they were speaking to a supervisor!), I am told that they would be ratifying this situation and I would be recieving my credit. I gave them my new phone number(although no one ever asked for it) and thought a supervisor would be contacting me, but of course, I haven't heard from anyone at Sprint nor have I recieved my credit check! That was well over a month ago. Although I believe in all fairness, that they should tack on 7 months worth of lost interest, I would simply settle for the $966.34. I will not stop trying, through whatever means, until I get my money!!! By-the-way, Verizon and their customer service are great!!!!!!!! Shari Ray(
06/25/2007  oqjidg zhmriuso xiuj kdnahyom yiroxumb hroi ekwo
06/30/2007  In your August 07 consumers reports you stated we can contact: But nowhere can anything be found, your site or internet. are you kidding or do you intend to do something about credit bureaus giving false info about and selling this to any one who asks. This us a 9 Billion industry (are you afraid to challange them?
07/02/2007  I have been trying to get an issue resolved with Sprint, regarding my cell phone, since May 10, 2007. I have spent about 40 hours on the phone, to no avail. I have been paying for a feature which utilizes my PC called "Voice Command", but that feature is not listed; therefore, I cannot use it. I was assured that I would be receiving a call from the CEO, but that hasn't happened. This feature is important to me because of a visual problem from eye cancer. The stress has become too difficult and I wish to cancel my contract with no obligations and I wish a refund of my activation fee. Thank you.
07/03/2007  Hi, I will send you $25 in exchange for placing a text ad for an Africa calling card on this page: Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks, Mark
07/12/2007  Regarding the Early Termination Fees by AT&T. Is there a way to refuse these outrageous charges? I want none of my small income to go to this unethical company... From a struggling consumer
07/16/2007  An Open Letter to Michael Moore: Make a Movie about the American Mainstream Media
07/16/2007  Is there anyway to find out through your company the rate increases for comcast cable throughout the years of 2004 to 2007? Comcast is telling me that they have not raised there rates over the years however, my bill keeps rising ever higher. I found the increase for the year 2005 but, I am paying WAY more then they say I should be paying for basic cable. If you could help me out I would appreciate it!!! Julie Francis
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07/19/2007  Need help sorting out a better plan! Currently ... my bills are as follows: AT&T phone bill [landline, lifeline cost] = $53.09 Earthlink internet bill (speed 3.0) = $44.95 Comcast tv bill (basic cable) = $19.65 Nextel/Sprint cellphone bill (min. cost) = $64.47 I want to decrease costs yet want reliable service W/at least 3.0 speed internet. I'd like to have expanded tv channels (as I'm on perminate disability). Are you (or do you know of) someone who can help me make the right decisions re bundling or not and who I should go with. Note: I live in San Francisco, CA. Thanks, Deb 415.333.9798
07/19/2007  Need help sorting out a better plan! Currently ... my bills are as follows: AT&T phone bill [landline, lifeline cost] = $53.09 Earthlink internet bill (speed 3.0) = $44.95 Comcast tv bill (basic cable) = $19.65 Nextel/Sprint cellphone bill (min. cost) = $64.47 I want to decrease costs yet want reliable service W/at least 3.0 speed internet. I'd like to have expanded tv channels (as I'm on perminate disability). Are you (or do you know of) someone who can help me make the right decisions re bundling or not and who I should go with. Note: I live in San Francisco, CA. Thanks, Deb 415.333.9798
07/21/2007  User Provided No Response
07/21/2007  I support your position on free access to airwaves (among other issues) and I would like to email each and every member of Congress. I pay over $200 a month in phone bills to Verizon and AT&T's monopoly. We paid nothing last night to call our daughter who is a volunteer teacher in China using free Skype. Is it possible you could send me a page with email addresses of all congressional representatives so I can write one letter and it will go to all Congressmen with one click of the send/submit button?
08/01/2007  Regarding your statement: "Cable originally started as a way to deliver broadcast channels to rural areas or urban communities with poor reception." This may or may not be true, but I remember cable as being heralded as a way of enjoying television without commercials. Today cable and satelite is commercial television for which we have to pay a high price.
10/10/2007  Would SOMEONE please tell me when my subscription expires.!!!!!
03/06/2008  The "Send your message" button isnt working. Thank you
08/15/2007  I can't remember my user name or password. Your sign in page does not have my email in its records. My subscription is about to expire and I may need to update the credit card (but I need to see the last 4 digits of the billing info to remind me which credit card I put it on). Can you help? Thanks, Nancy
09/07/2007  I see you have various racial communities represented on your forums, but my community is not represented. When do you plan to add an Anglo-American community? Gig 'em, Greg Bowling Dallas Texas 214 883 3735
09/07/2007  i had been a customer of alltel since 1999 the service at first was a big improvement but i started having more and more dropped calls after many complaints i switched to another carrier even though ichanged because of poor service i still received a bill for cancellation for 200 dollars can anyone help me? thank you
09/08/2007  Boy do I have a story... all documented. Google me so you kmnow I am not a complete nut case. :-) 727 642 4796 Winn
03/06/2008  Love the "Who's Network" campaign. I am with Credo which was Working Assets. You know, they claim to be progressive and support all the good stuff (human rights, environment, education, etc.). Yet when I went to upgrade my phone and service, they locked me into an additional TWO YEARS with penalties of $250 if I cancelled early. THEN, they have the audacity to thank me for my continued support when I call for a service or billing question. Doesn't make me feel good about supporting them at all. Especially since I have no option. I think you should also put pressure on Credo, they claim to be on the left side of progress. It's time for them to quit playing the corporate game. Thanks again for a great ad and action!
03/06/2008  I would like to send a message but it won't go. Cell phone companies are a racket and I will never use them again. I have a pay as you go for that reason.
09/12/2007  I am currently researching purchase of a new television and intend to determine its digital-ready status. However, I am also concerned with having QUALITY access to CLOSED CAPTIONS, which are never mentioned in any evaluations of television sets and yet are depended on by large numbers of viewers (even those with good hearing whose spouses don't want the TV too loud!. I have heard that technical problems with closed captions on digital TV have not been solved and are causing problems in reception.
09/12/2007  User Provided No Response
02/02/2009  We are members of the Leadership Circle. I have the raffle tickets for the family vehicle or $25,000 and would send them in but I shredded the raffle entry form and can not send it in. Is there any way we can enter the raffle? I always just toss such things because I never win anything but I read your appeals and thought we ought to enter. Sorry to be such a dizz! Thank you, Ann Silverman
04/21/2006  Want to thank you for making it so easy to take informed action concerning matters pending or which should be pending before our Legislators. I really appreciate what you are doing and have enthusiastically participated. Please continue your good work. Sincerely, Stirling Tomkins
11/30/2006  My response to your request about informing cell phone companies about consumers' needs is: I don't care about any of that except the health dangers of the radiation from the phones!!! I get an earache and toothache from less than one minute of talking on most cell phones. And there have been something like 7000 or more studies done all over the world showing the dangers of cell phones and cell phone towers. THIS is where your energy should be focused as far as protecting consumers; the rest is just petty grievances, etc. [I just buy prepaid amounts of time and use my phone maybe once/month or less.] Parents should be more aware that children are especially vulnerable to the radiation as their skulls are thinner.
09/16/2007  I just wanted to keep you informed with respect to our launch, given your industry position. Validas IncTM Unveils New Wireless Billing Analysis Technology for Consumers and Small Enterprises Missouri City, TX--September 14th, 2007 Validas Inc. (, a developer of real-time wireless bill analysis technology, launches an online bill audit engine which includes complete detailed utilization reports and graphs for the uploaded billing statement, itemizing exactly what transpired, all within seconds. First, Validas answers the questions of confused wireless bill payers: Why is my cell phone bill not the same as the rate in my plan? Am I signed up for the best wireless plan? Was I charged correctly for my wireless usage? Followed by a thorough breakdown of deep business analytics highlighting the information that provides each user with charge verification details, and allows for the comparison of their current wireless plan to the latest and greatest wireless options for their provider. "Our goal was to create a service that would put information back into the hands of consumers, with emphasis on how they are spending their money, and then align them with the best available service offering, at a price point that is the lowest in the industry" notes Tom Pepe, Co-Founder of Validas Inc. "We have been receiving positive feedback from multiple industry experts, consumers, consulting firms, and small businesses over the course of the last few months, and we are very excited to be in the fortunate position of providing this technology to the entire marketplace". About Validas (tm) Inc. Our company was founded on two key principles, which we have incorporated into our name. 'Validas', is derived from a combination of the words "veritas" signifying truth and "das" which means to devote/dedicate. Validas(tm) is a privately held software development company has created an innovative wireless analysis solution, designed specifically for consumers and small enterprises. Validas' founding team brings with them over a half century of wireless, telecommunication and information technology experience from companies like Research in Motion (RIM) and Verizon Wireless (VZW). For additional information please visit our website at Regards Dave Chalmers Validas, Inc. Chief Operating Officer Simplicity Defines our Service and Detail Defines our Mission
10/12/2007  Former RIM and Verizon Wireless Executives Team Up to Launch Validas Validas IncTM Unveils New Wireless Billing Analysis Technology for Consumers Validas Inc. (, a developer of real-time wireless bill analysis technology, launches an online bill audit engine which includes complete detailed utilization reports and graphs for the uploaded billing statement, itemizing exactly what transpired, all within seconds. First, Validas answers the questions of confused wireless bill payers: Why is my cell phone bill not the same as the rate in my plan? Am I signed up for the best wireless plan? Was I charged correctly for my wireless usage? Followed by a thorough breakdown of deep business analytics highlighting the information that provides each user with charge verification details, and allows for the comparison of their current wireless plan to the latest and greatest wireless options for their provider. "Our goal was to create a service that would put information back into the hands of consumers, with emphasis on how they are spending their money, and then align them with the best available service offering, at a price point that is the lowest in the industry" notes Dave Chalmers, Principle and COO of Validas Inc. "We have been receiving positive feedback from multiple industry experts, consumers, consulting firms, and small businesses over the course of the last few months, and we are very excited to be in the fortunate position of providing this technology to the entire marketplace". About Validas (tm) Inc. Our company was founded on two key principles, which we have incorporated into our name. 'Validas', is derived from a combination of the words "veritas" signifying truth and "das" which means to devote/dedicate. Validas(tm) is a privately held software development company has created an innovative wireless analysis solution, designed specifically for consumers and small enterprises. Validas' founding team brings with them over a half century of wireless, telecommunication and information technology experience from companies like Research in Motion (RIM) and Verizon Wireless (VZW). For additional information please visit our website at Please let me know when we can arrange a time to speak in more detail. Regards Dave Chalmers Validas, Inc. Chief Operating Officer Simplicity Defines our Service and Detail Defines our Mission
03/06/2008  I attempted to send the message to my lawmakers re cellphones. Nothing happened when I clicked the submit button. R. Larry Schmitt
09/29/2008 This page is not working. I tried 3x to send my situation. and As long as I'm writing to contact us, what happened to the ability to have your info prefilled when sending to the goverment rep's in your behalf ? I have to type it in every time, and I'm an avid supporter. I would like the prefill back.....Thanks!
03/06/2008  i signed the letter and when i try to send it won't go thru
09/27/2007  I submitted a share your story item a few weeks ago. Do you screen them or does it take a while to show up? Jeff Bonsteel
03/06/2008  I get to this page and when I click on Send your Message nothing happens. I get an error that an object is required.
03/06/2008  I tried twice to send my message to my lawmakers about cell phone competition, but when I click the red "send my message", nothing happens.
02/03/2009  > In this economy, the last thing we need is to pay > for something that has always been free -- our > TV channels. > > That's exactly what's happening with the 'digital > TV transition.' Congress will vote TOMORROW on a > bill to delay the transition so millions of > Americans won't be forced to pay for TV they once > got for free. I think I'm generally on the same side as you on these issues, but this email you sent me is a misleading crock of horseshit. People have always had to buy NTSC televisions and tuners to process NTSC broadcasts, and we have to pay for HDTV hardware to process HDTV broadcasts. Nobody has to pay a fee to receive NTSC broadcasts, nobody will have to pay to tune in to HDTV broadcasts. I presume that you're trying to do good in the world and be helpful, but misleading people shouldn't be part of your strategy. Please keep it honest and back off the fear-mongering. Regards, -Grant
04/08/2014  Your site has an old, OLD address for me! Please update to: 42 Cottage Court Sonora, CA 95370 (209) 288-2647 Thanks, George
01/31/2008  I won't sign your "" petition about cell phone competition--or any others--unless you make it easy to print out the entire text before signing!
10/04/2007  My TV will accept 1080p programming. My Cable box flashes 480p on the screen when we turn it on. Does this mean it won't accept 1080? Thanks
03/08/2008  Your cell phone initiative seems to overlook two very important issues - 1) carriers heavily subsidize the cost of handsets when the consumer gets a free or $49 handset which needs to be recouped in the contract; 2) Networks in the US are not on the same air standard (CDMA and GSM) compared to Europe, which is all GSM. That is either the free market at work, or a failure of Gov't regulation, but it is reality and impedes taking a phone from one carrier to another.
07/22/2009  i have three phone lines and it cost me over 100 dollars a month. send this message to congress and see if they will do anything about it.i have a contract with sprint and i dont like it.
03/06/2008  Tried to send the Cell Phone message was unable to do so
10/08/2007  I heard on a radio program that on the hearusnow site there was some way to find the names and phone numbers(not the toll-free customer service) of officials at the various cell phone companies. I can't find this information on your site. Can you please direct me to this information , either where it is on the site or by email if you have it? It would be for T-Mobile specifically. Thank you
10/08/2007  My wife and i always find new charges on our Sprint phone bill and when we call customer service they tell us they'll call us back and never do. otherwise they tell us the local store can take care of our problem. once we get to the store, just guess what they tell us to call customer service they cant actually help us in the store. please help! brooks reed
10/15/2007  What has been done lately about the predatory overcharging of customers by call phone companies. Many of the stories on this website are old!
10/30/2007  Home Depot is currently selling christmans ornaments, Home Accents Holiday etc. "made in China" that in very small writing, clearly states: Handeling the coated electric wire exposes you to lead. Wash your hands after handling. I find that people do not read the fine print on packages and that they run the risk of their children or pets becoming contaminated by this wiring. Just thought I would share this with you as they claim to be Eco friendly. I would prefer my name not be used as I would surely loose my job. Thank you
10/19/2007  My cell phone was stolen 2 months after entering a new cotract with AT&T. A friend wants to give me a phone that she has never used. AT&T says I would have to open a new line and still pay for the line that I have. I do not need two lines. The friend is unable to use her never used phone. She suspended her services. We are both At&T clients. Why can't I have her phone and not be charged for two lines?
07/22/2009  I tried to vote and write Congress but your web site would not let me do it???? AT&T are absolute crooks with a Government license to steal.
10/20/2007  I am glad to see that cell phone service providers may be required to address the high termination fee's. I would go one step further than pro-ration of termination fees, allow consumers with existing phones to buy service only with no contract. I would accept a marginally higher connection fee if necessary. I see contracts as a anti-trust issue.
10/21/2007  Don't rely upon your ISP's software alone to combat spyware. There are many good free spyware fighters available, and you don't need to be a computer guru to use them. Here are two reliable and easy-to-use products fellow readers should know about. Disclaimer: I am not in any way affiliated with the manufacturers of the products below, other than as a satisfied user. SpyCatcher Express, available at This product will find and quarantine suspect software. It can be run in the Windows system tray to actively trap invaders. SpywareBlaster, available from Prevents installation of ActiveX based software through Internet Explorer, prevents ad/tracking cookies in both IE and Firefox, and adds malicious web sites to the IE Restricted Sites list.
05/10/2009  I subscribed to comsumers I have two (2) problems, one I received two (2) emails giving two account numbers 13098491 and 13098386. I encountered a problem suscribing initially and your site instructed me to do it over, which aparently resulted in two (2) suscriptions. A long time customer, I suscribed because I wanted to search out the possibility of a new roof for my home. The search results gave me a copy of the June 2009 article on 5 home repairs not to put off". I could not find out any additional information. If this is the best your site can do, please cancell BOTH suscriptions immediately, as I suscribed only this morning. Thanks Joe Flaherty, Customer ID 0001090851.
10/24/2007  Thank you for fighting for American freedom! I can not thank you enough - Godspeed!
03/06/2008  A little frustrating when I take the time to fill out the information on the cell phone issue and then press Submit" and nothing happens.
04/08/2014  We no longer subscribe to the LA Times because we find editorials on every page masquerading as news. If this merger is allowed we may no longer be able to use television news for information that is essential. Please don't allow this merger to happen.
04/08/2014  We no longer subscribe to the LA Times because we find editorials on every page masquerading as news. If this merger is allowed we may no longer be able to use television news for information that is essential. Please don't allow this merger to happen.
07/22/2009  Those exclusivity deals are not just the cell phone companies. The video game industry pulls this mess as well. Thank you.
11/01/2007  Did you know that the Samsung A900 boasts you can connect to your computer to transfer files via a USB cable that it comes with when in fact it cannot? There literature states that you need to go to this address http://www.samsungwireless/a900download to get the software needed to transfer files from your computer to your phone. There is no such link and they have no intention of creating a software to do what their materials say it is supposed to do. I have had an A900 for two years and have been fighting with Sprint on this and they do not have a solution. If you want a special ring tone, you have to pay Sprint to download it. The same goes for music and anything else. You cannot transfer anything to you phone from your computer. Samsung and Sprint need to be exposed for this. I paid good money for this phone and it won't do what it says it will.
11/01/2007  Wild Fires, Ozone Depletion, Drought, Disposable Seat Covers? The tide is turning, ever so slowly, yet turning. Even in the auto service industry. Cities and corporations are looking more and more into ways of changing their carbon footprint. Disposable is turning into a four letter word for many people, yet when one watches product advertising, it seems that for every "green" product emerging, there is still a disposable counterpart being created. Recent news of wildfires in California, the Northwest Passage across the northern frontiers of Canada being navigable for the first time ever, the receding polar ice cap, weather "abnormalities", all show the effects of GHG"s on our planet. I do believe we can bring back ecological harmony and there is another thing we can all do in the ever growing list of things that can be done to help achieve this. A Canadian company has identified another major source of GHG's and landfill waste and this is in the auto service industry. (Yes...our beloved car) Disposable seat and floor covers that shops and dealerships use to protect car interiors from grease, oil etc. while being serviced is a major "hidden" source of GHG's & landfill waste because the service consumer just doesn't know this is happening. People drop off their cars for service, and behind that service door, the mechanic or service rep is putting on a disposable seat & floor cover to avoid any nasty messes that may occur while in for service. Once they're done, into the landfill it goes, and of course, when they run out, more are ordered and more are produced. A cycle that can be reversed very easily. Globally, it is estimated that over 400,000 tons of GHG's are emitted into our air annually, just from the production of these disposables. Each disposable cover equals roughly 6 disposable shopping bags so the waste grows exponentially in comparison. As with the shopping bag conversion to reusables, so can the conversion to reusable seat & floor covers be a painless effort on the part of the motoring public. A simple "I have my own cover" can reduce GHG's on a personal level by almost 2 pounds for every 6 times you go in for service. Roughly one pound of disposables won't enter the landfill stream. We may love our car, but a lot of us service them grudgingly, so why should we go out and supply our own covers? One could say the same thing about grocery stores, yet here we are, gladly purchasing reusable shopping bags. It's a matter of personal responsibility in my view. A few bucks put towards a reusable seat & floor cover is an investment into ourselves. Humanity is in constant need of these small "injections" on a personal level, and why not feel good about doing something that affects the whole planet? A very small price to pay for a global effect. So give it some thought next time you're in your favorite shop or dealership getting service done. Take a look at that big dumpster out back and know that it can be a little lighter because you've taken a small step, an easy step, to be just a little more conscious of another form of GHG and waste reduction. Always thank yourself for what you have and are doing. Personal pride goes a long way. More info etc. at or email to :
11/01/2007  Dear Sirs: I am writing to request a campaign against the common practice of wireless companies charging users for receiving text messages. I believe that this practice is illegal because users do not have a choice as to whether they want to receive these messages or not. It is similar to charging people for receiving faxes, when you have no control over who is sending them to you. In addition, my wireless provider (Tmobile) has sent me text messages for which I was charged. This is unfair, and someone needs to act on this. Please let me know if you plan on doing anything, or if you have any suggestions on what I can do about this. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Kai Filion
11/04/2007  dear whom it may concern, i'm trying to get some feedback on wildblue highspeed internet company. wondering if you heard of them and what do you think about them , i believe their threw directv. mrs. hayford
02/17/2008  Over two weeks ago I contacted you regarding a gift subscription paid for but never received. The subscription was for Mark gomes at 9371 Alto Drive, La Mesa CA 919413 The transaction which paid for two git subscriptions was paid on 11/7/2007 in the amount of $44.00 that was charged to my credit card with the Reference # BMGN300. If you do not respond to whom I should I complain?? William J Schaefer 213 Bahia Ct. San Jose CA 95119
11/06/2007  Trying to contact Chris Murray, whom I knew through the Millennium Institute several years ago. I believe he is now the senior counsel for the technology section of consumers union and recently testified before Congress. Hillel Schwartz
11/07/2007  Dear Sir/Madam Would you pls be so kind to place below article? Thank you very much. Best Regards Dick Detering Finally there is an organization on the Internet helping Consumers to buy online without a credit card or bank account. The name of the new organization is Happy Buyer. The company enables Consumers to shop online with cash in any web site written in English or Dutch, provided that the site complies with the regular security requirements for online payments. HappyBuyer charges consumers a service fee of ten percent with a minimum of ten USD payable in any currency. The organization launched its web site in June 2007. The company's first specialty page was launched in October 2007. This page specifically serves Consumers who are buying Adobe products or services online. Happy Buyer offers several Guarantees among which a 100% money back guarantee for goods or services that were never delivered or not delivered as represented. The organizations procedure is simple: a Consumer unable or unwilling to use a credit card, bank account, check or PayPal for online payments, can pay the desired product or service plus an additional ten percent service fee (minimum of ten USD) with cash to Happy Buyer at any participating Western Union or MoneyGram agency. Subsequently Happy Buyer will pay the online vendor by credit card within 12 hours on behalf of the Consumer, after which the customer will receive the product/service directly from the merchant.
11/09/2007  Hey, My name is Madeline Cohen and I am with We are a non-profit, student-run, non-partisan organization trying to promote dialogue between citizens and their presidential candidates. I was hoping that you would consider partnering with us to bring issues to the forefront that matter to the general public during this campaign season (and beyond). How? Our communication platform allows you to contact the candidates and let them know what really matters to you: simply log in, post a question(s), and vote for what you want answered by the candidates. Starting November 4, we will send the top questions to the respective campaigns to be answered (every two weeks). Why is this a great site? Our set up a) you to simply film yourself directly via our platform with you webcam, b) allows you to address a particular candidate directly (and not all candidates at once), c) enables you to post/look at the questions by category, d) and does not skew the ranking by indirectly favoring the most recent submissions. Sounds interesting? We would love to have you become a partner and could talk about embedding the platform directly on your site. For starters, you can find banner ads here. Please let me know any questions you may have for us, Madeline J. Cohen PS: Check out what techPresident, SmartMobs, the American University's and NYU's student papers as well as Roll Call have written about us!
01/10/2008  Dear Sirs: Despite having the FCC to "protect" us from unscrupulous advertising, why are nearly all the commercials so much louder than the programs? Obviously someone in government has sold us out! Sure, there are "laws", which the officials have gutted with dysfunctional rules that allow the advertisers to get away with ignoring the law. I propose a "grass roots" movement to TAKE BACK THE AIRWAVES! We need someone leading the FCC who is honest and has common sense; someone who will speak up for us: "Yes, I see the rules and your numbers that prove your advertising volume is no higher; however, 95% of the public is able to hear a substantial difference between the program and the advertisment." Therefore, you will be FINED (some major $ amount) until you comply and the public agrees that you are in compliance with the SPIRIT OF THE LAW. We need not only to turn down the volume on commercials, we need a way to protect ourselves from moronic and insulting commercials. More on this next time. Thanks for listening. Sincerely yours, John Sears, MD Family Medicine Winslow, Arizona
11/14/2007  Where can I get information on what corporations own what media: newspapers, TV, radio? Thanks.
11/14/2007  Dear Sirs, I needed a simcard during the exibition in Germany. rentacell faxed me the contract , but not the backside with "terms & conditions. So I signed the frontpage on 2.Aug.2007. On 13.Aug. rentacell deducted the deposit of 800 Euro. I returened the simcard on 29.Aug.Since early Sept. I'm in e-mail contact with Mr. Levin , who tells me always new excuses not to return the deposit.I called them up under the German tel.number 049-69-210 289 29 and learned that there is no more German office, but they did not say where the new one is. Guess it is in Milano because the deposit was deducted from a Bank in Milano,Italy. The nameless woman on the telephone gave me a mail adress from the accounting supervisor : , he did not answer. Today 15.November no mail no money. Can you help ? Please ! With best regards Brigitte Stockfisch
11/14/2007  Dear Sirs, I needed a simcard during the exibition in Germany. rentacell faxed me the contract , but not the backside with "terms & conditions. So I signed the frontpage on 2.Aug.2007. On 13.Aug. rentacell deducted the deposit of 800 Euro. I returened the simcard on 29.Aug.Since early Sept. I'm in e-mail contact with Mr. Levin , who tells me always new excuses not to return the deposit.I called them up under the German tel.number 049-69-210 289 29 and learned that there is no more German office, but they did not say where the new one is. Guess it is in Milano because the deposit was deducted from a Bank in Milano,Italy. The nameless woman on the telephone gave me a mail adress from the accounting supervisor : , he did not answer. Today 15.November no mail no money. Can you help ? Please ! With best regards Brigitte Stockfisch
03/06/2008  I really want to help, but I cannot get my message to go through. I am trying to respond to the cell phone item you sent me.
09/28/2008  Dear Sir or Madame,
09/28/2008  Dear Sir or Madame, On 07/17/2008 I wrote a check ( #3372 ) for $44.00 for A 2 year subscription . The bank processed this check on 07/22/2008 . Why is it that I'm still getting renewel offers to subscribe? It's as though I haven't been reconized as a renewed consumer. Could someone please verify that I in deed have been processed? Thank You Glenn Jackson 726 Tacoma Ave. Buffalo, N.Y. 14216-2518
03/07/2008  Don't understand why you think I can't support your stance against the cell-phone companies' expoitation of the American consumer. My city, state, and zipcode are correct so are you saying it's not legit for someone from Alabama to be involved? (I know I'm missing something here, so do, please, let me know what it is!) Thanks!
03/06/2008  The following link to signing the petition is not processing my signing.
03/06/2008  I received your email, filled out your form but could not send it. I tried it twice but it still would not send. Is there any other way to fill out and send this form. Thanks Art Skill
03/06/2008  I just tried submitting my message to the "powers that be" and the message went nowhere. You might want to fix that before I send this on to my friends.
03/06/2008  I just tried submitting my message to the "powers that be" and the message went nowhere. You might want to fix that before I send this on to my friends.
11/29/2007  I had my debit card stolen and used to purcahse pre-purchase cell phone service from Vesta Cingular in Portland Oregon. My card was stolen from a La Qunita Motel on 11/22/2007 with some other personal items. What is my best course of action to report all this? Leon Atkins
11/30/2007  I am actuallly writing a paper on AT&T and other cell phone information and was wondering when your front page article...that says 200 million people have cell phones...was written. Could you send me a date? Thank you! Jennie Liebman
06/11/2008  I already receive the updates so I did not check 'Yes' above. The last 2 requests I have gotten have confused me. When you get to the personalize your message part I can understand where my personal data comes from but how do I enter the 'decision makers' name?
12/03/2007  What can I do in the effort to afford the consumer the opportunity to use the phone of their choice on the network of their choice. (eg: Use an iPhone with Verizon or a T-Mobilre phone with verizon etc.etc.etc?)
12/04/2007  Hello. I would like to know when converter box will be available for using on analog t v.set to receive new digital signals.Also procedure for obtaining gov. coupon to purchase converter box. Thank you.
09/14/2006  I completed the information for the letter to my congressmen but when i tried to send it her web site said i had to contact her office by phone as they required additional info. They probably do not like to hear from their constituents. I was going to cut and paste but that would not work. What to do? Thanks, Karl
12/08/2007  I am searching your site for information/actions about cell phone providers (like Verizon) locking features of phones like bluetooth and file sharing -- thereby forcing me to buy and hassle with a memory card or email the pictures to my computer, in either case, costing me more money than what the salesman told me. Your site search feature shows several pages which look like what I am searching for, but when I click on any of them, I get this error page: picture says TYP03 Error! The requested page does not exist!
12/08/2007  Hi, NO SPAM - This is a proposal from Cellular Unlocking Marketing Department. We are in business at the mobile unlocking service. Our site undergoes a major update recently, due to this, now you can find articles, faq's and some other information about mobile technology. I was wondering if would be interested in adding our link text . In return, I would do the same for you by adding your link to this other mobile unlocking site:, which also belongs to our network. If you agree, you will find our link information at the bottom of this email. Remember to reply with your website details. Besides, just in case you could add my link first, also send me the location of my link on your site. Thanks in advance, Melanny Travis ------------------------------------------------------- Title: unlock nokia mobile URL: http// Description:Unlock Your Nokia Mobile Phone with these 3 easy steps
12/11/2007  I need help. Sprint Pcs has been giving me the run around with my cellular service. I am experiencing Technical issues with my phone and no one from Sprint is taking ownership of the matter. The problem started from Customer Service who instructed me to go in the office and exchange my phone due to errors. Once entering the store there are no notes in my account in regards to the matter and now their is conflict in the store over this because the manager wanted me to leave my phone for 24hrs for testing! I am a single parent and this is my only means of communication. I have been on the phone with sprint for over 4hrs with no resolution. The store manager finally gives me a different phone because the store is closing just to get me out. When I get home the phone does not work. I then call sprint again and speak to a supervisor. The indignent unprofessional supervisor tells me their is nothing she can do my account shows an error and if I want I can purchase a phone. I am livid why do I have to purchase a phone when I just received a phone from sprint and it hasnt even been 20 minutes of leaving the store! Not to mention I have insurance but the bad thing is sprint does not value their longtime customers all they want is money. As we speak I am still on hold with sprint while typing with no resolution or apology from this. Right now I'm talking to a retention rep who is begging me not to cancel but keep telling me about a cancellation fee but still can't fix my phone that says not activated and Im using my neighbors phone. This is sad and sprint needs to be held accountable for their poor customer service and unprofessionalism as a company. I will never refer anyone or renew my contract with sprint not to mention they didn't even offer me a credit for my inconvenience but their supervisor Megan thinks a resolution is just spend the customers money unneccessarily. Please help me. I have no number but you can email please.
02/01/2011  You REALLY NEED to update your online consumer petition requests - the (personal info page). Most of the other site petition pages that I sign and submit, always retain my name, address,etc for the next petition they send my way. Yours requires a lot of extra time to continue to fill out the info form every time. I do wish to support your causes,but can you change this to save all of us time? I;m sure others find this a problem also. Thank You,
12/13/2007  On your page "", you have the following paragraph & link: Plan of Action By order of Congress, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has instituted rules to make sure that **wireless 911 tragedies** "". You might want to update your page.
12/26/2007  For many years, I've given subscriptions to Consumer's Reports to my children for Christmas. This year, I don't recall receiving a subscription order from Consumer Reports, and one son, Peter Van Meurs said he didn't receive the magazine last year. The other two did. I would like to subscribe (at the Christmas rate) for all three this year. Would you please send me whatever's necessary to do this? I could do it online if you could make that possible. They're hoping to get the January 2008 edition. Thank you.
12/30/2007  How can I find out why I can't get high speed (DSL) internet service in my area. I have tried to get an answer from ATT but I have had no success. The area if live in is a well populated area and people who live only a few blocks away from me have access. So I am really bewildered as to why we don't have access. My address is 2154 Creekview Trail, Decatur, GA and my phone number is 770-987-4089. I would appreciate any help you can provide to me.
12/31/2007  I would like to see a ratings comparison of what TV antennas are available for the Digital Format. Also, I believe I saw an article about a Portland man who developed a much higher frequency signal for use on wireless sound systems. (Can't find on internet) Major complaint from MANY people. Too many shows have the "background" music so predominate, you can't hear the dialog. Does anyone make a remote control that has 2 volume controls to separate the voice from music. I assume they are on separate tracks.
06/06/2008  A place called Operator Assistance Network (800-339-6340) billed my phone bill on 3/27 for Optimum Voice Mail One-time set up fee $15.74. I called them, explained to them that I did not order nor did I authorize that my account be charged. The man on the phone said they could not refund this one-time set up fee but that he would cancel future bills. Well, the future was 4/24 when my account again was billed $13.22. It is Friday evening, June 6, 2008 and I can not get to talk to a "live" person. This is a scam and a ripoff. I "Googled" the 800 number listed above and found consumer complaints against this company. When I speak to them this time I am going to be very firm and demand that they credit my account for both charges. I am also upset at my local phone company, AT&T, who must think they are doing consumers a favor by providing that part of the bill as a service to the ripoff company, Operator Assistance Network. I will be calling them also (AT&T) and demand that they block any other company from placing any unauthorized charges on my bill. I am not sure what state this company (OAN) is based. Thank you. Noelia Santiago 5821 N. 39th St. Milwaukee, WI 53209
01/01/2008  Where do I apply for a coupon to puchase the analog to DTV converter?
08/01/2005  Having tried,, and, and going to retail stores, I guess there is still not one single place to find a cell phone rate/very limited minutes,for those of us wanting emergency use only, for under $100 per year.
01/04/2008  How may I sign up for the AT&T $10 DSL?
01/08/2008  2nd request: How do we find AT&T $10/month DSL rate?
01/08/2008  I recently launched a company that will change America's opinion on their cell phone bill. My first job out of school was in retail for Verizon Wireless. On my first day I was thrown into the fire because 2 co-workers [who were supposed to train me] went on disability. I had customers in front of me and I needed to figure out the ins and outs of cell phone selling and customer service. I knew on my first day how badly people were being tortured on their cell phone bills. I made a commitment that day that I would resolve every problem possible instead of focusing on my own pockets. The years passed, my promotions came, but the torture did not end. What I did learn was that the carrier was not causing the problems on purpose. The sales people, the complexity of systems and several corporate layers caused the torture. I saw how difficult it was for 20+ "kids" to be honest when every single thing they sold impacted their wallet. The combination of consumer confusion, greed and system complexity caused me to think about Validas [ ]. The core problem with cell phone billing was the invoice. No one including us can truly understand the chaos communicated on the cell phone bill. The format hurts the eye, the phraseology is uncommon and the cost per bill is ever changing. Fundamentally one human speaks to another to place their cell phone order, that human enters the info into a machine, the machine spits out an invoice, which is then to be understood by a human. Our idea was to run the invoice through a machine first then re-display the invoice to the human in a easy to read and easy to understand format. Our vision was simple, make sure cell phone users have the best option available in the marketplace, clearly communicate the usage of their cell phone(s), reveal information from the bill that the carrier will not tell you, validate the math to hold the carrier accountable, and make the service extremely cheap $1.33/month.
03/06/2008  I wanted to send the e-mail re: cell phone reform: I clicked on your link to get the following URL:> URL:> isn't working - I clicked to send message and it doesn't work.
01/10/2008  There's an error in your boilerplate letter re cell phone carriers: Congress should require carriers to *except* all phones that can function on their network. The word between asterisks should be "accept."
01/15/2008  I am interested in the stand-alone DSL @768 kbits/sec for $10/mo from ATT mentioned in an AJC article of Dec 29 2007. Bob Williams was quoted therein as saying"You had to be a graduate of MIT to find that deal on their site." Well, I am NOT an MIT grad and have tried the ATT site without success. Can you help me find it, please? Thanks Joe Frattali, 301 Pinewood Place, Dahlonega, GA 30533 770.533.4152 e-address above
01/16/2008  Under the paragraph titled Handset Locking, you have a glaring error: Congress should require carriers to except all phones that can function on their network. The word should be accept, not except.
01/16/2008  I endorse (and have submitted) your recommended letter regarding suggested cell phone legislation. I must note, however, that your incorrect use of grammer in the suggested letter is a bit confusing. You said "Congress should require carriers to except all phones that can function on their network." You seemingly intended to use the word "accept" instead of "except." I recommend you correct this if you are sending out further versions of this letter.
01/16/2008  You have a grammatical error in the message to Congress regarding cell phones. > See if a proofreader can find it.
01/16/2008  Your message to Congress contains an error -- you don't want cell phone companies to "except" all phones on their networks, you want them to "accept" all phones.
01/16/2008  You have a misspelled word in your on-line letter. You have "except" when you intended "accept." The correction: Congress should require carriers to ACCEPT all phones that can function on their network.
01/16/2008  You have a misspelled word in your on-line letter. You have "except" when you intended "accept." The correction: Congress should require carriers to ACCEPT all phones that can function on their network.
01/16/2008  I just received a notice to protest the service we consumers get from our cell phone companies i.e. locking phones, prorating termination fees, etc. I went to send the letter but found there is no way to add my address or to insert a name to whom I want to receive the complaint. You should make sure this woorks properly or don't expect consumers to respond. Joe Phillips
01/16/2008  I forwarded an article written by a member of your organization and published in the Atlanta Journal Constitution concerning the AT&T DSL-only plan ($19.95/mo) to my brother in Chicago. He contacted AT&T in the Chicago area to request this service. The representative said that she had never heard of it but had a $69/mo. plan. He requested a supervisor. She said that she was a supervisor. How should he proceed to get this service from an unwilling AT&T?
01/16/2008  I sent this message in reply to Jim Guest's email regarding cell phones. In case it doesn't get through, my issue is with the letter that Mr. Guest's letter requests us to send to some decision maker or other. If you can help clarify what's really desired, that would be great. {Hi, Please clarify certain elements of the letter you wish us to send. In particular who is the [Decision Maker], and exactly how you want us to follow your instruction to Please personalize your message? Is it anything more than putting in my name and address, or are you requesting an edit and/or a partial rewrite? I agree with your premise, and would like to support the effort. However, I'm not sure exactly what you want. Best regards, Elliot Blackman} Thanks. /elliot blackman
01/16/2008  Your recent request for members to contact their legislators about the cell phone issue could use some better directions. Is the information on the left meant to contain MY information, or the information of my legislator? And the request to "personalize" the letter -- a little explanation on how to do that would be helpful. Maybe you think all your members know how to do all of this, but in my case, at least, you are wrong.
01/16/2008  User Provided No Response
01/17/2008  I tried to send the cell phone letter thing through your web site. It insists that I select a pull-down "title", such as "dr", "miss", "rabbi". No. I don't need that kind of crap pushing me around. You don't need to slap a "*" on everything. So I sent you this letter, instead. Fix things, will ya? Give your web stuff to real people for testing, and make them use the stuff enough times to get sick of the stinky things. Then FIX the web troubles those real people found for you. THEN put the FIXED result out to the world. In any case, DO NOT let anyone who knows how to build a web page have anything to do with user interface (they all think they know what they're doing with UI--yet none of them do, probably because the brains that are good at building software and stuff are by nature not good at designing for real people in real world). Get real people involved, and make them sit down and live with the stuff long enough for it to kill them if it isn't good.
03/06/2008  Your cell phone story link will not send the email!
01/17/2008  This is a great project and you made it easy for me to take action; however, it is not at all clear to me how the "fill in the blanks" letter to "Dear Decision Maker" will end up with my Senators and representative with my name and address at the bottom of the letter. Thank you.
03/12/2008  I tried to join in sending a message to our Congessional reps re cell phone policy and was rejected because your project couldn't cover my address. What's going on-- don't I live in this country? Why doesn't your project cover North Carolina? Its a great place and this is an important issue. I need a better explanation than "oops".
01/17/2008  I very willing to send you letter to my Congressman. However, from the letter I can not tell to whom you will send it. Your letter has dear [decision maker]. Will a letter go to each Senator and my Congressman. Your request is somewhat confusing. Cordially, John Lee
01/17/2008  I very willing to send you letter to my Congressman. However, from the letter I can not tell to whom you will send it. Your letter has dear [decision maker]. Will a letter go to each Senator and my Congressman. Your request is somewhat confusing. Cordially, John Lee
01/17/2008  My new address is
01/17/2008  I appriciate your work on the current issues with cell phones media and more. I am writing in hopes that you will take up the cause to fix the unfair practice of consumers credit scores geting damaged simply by checking to see what your score is. This makes it very difficult for people with good credit, which I have, to shop for the best possible percentage rate with out lowering my credit score. Also it is next to impossible to get a free score check even though it is the law that you should be able to. I would be greatful if consumers union would take up this cause.
01/17/2008  The message to my congressman concerning cell form reform is a good idea....except I wasn't able to replace the words "decision maker" with the name of my senator.
01/17/2008  My new email address is
02/03/2009  I could care less about the change to digital TV. I think you are making a mountain out of a mole hill. Stick to representing us on credit issues.
01/17/2008  I just tried sending an e-mail using my correct city name and zip and it initially did not go through. For zip code 98155 the 2 cities are Lake Forest Park and Shoreline. These areas are just outside of the city limits of Seattle, and sometimes mail is addressed as such. Your data base only worked when I input the city as Seattle. Please update your database to correctly list Lake Forest Park and Shoreline as the only 2 cities in 98155. Thank you.
01/17/2008  I spent at least 15 minutes personalizing the message to congress about cell phones. It was only after I tried to send the message that I received a notice that I was not eligible because of state or area restrictions. The email regarding this subject should not have been sent to me in the first place. You have my personal information including my zip code. Or at least deliver the restricions in your introduction.
01/17/2008  User Provided No Response
07/23/2009  Trying to send messages on Cell Phone Monoply to my congressmen but could not get the garbled word to appear. Unable to send because I didn't have the word to fill in the blank. Can you help me ?
06/03/2008  Help I ordered the coupons as did my whole family ( 8 ) they expire June 10 I want to wait till the dish networh TR-40 comes out we tested one from Wal-mart and it is not very good. The Reviews all say to wait. PLEASE HELP TO GET THEM EXTENED. Don Langford
01/17/2008  Hi, this is Keith Balzer with The human development project. Offering alternative products is one of our main goals. Products that do not bow down to the tribal urges of those who want to marginalize your product. If you would like to discuss how we can work together towards offering alternatives.. WITHOUT trying to swallow the whole industry, then you can reach me at (314)324-0137 or via email.
01/17/2008  We definitely need a choice when it comes to cable TV companies. When Cox came in, they jacked up the costs!! We should also have channel choices, in lieu of package deals.
01/17/2008  You need to check the links on this page: The pages that I reached were not what your links implied.
01/17/2008  Please send url for site where I can learn name and address of congressman from zip 30319.
06/15/2008  Dear CU, I get concerned when consumers, who CHOOSE to receive a convenience service, then turn to big government to strongarm the service into providing certain services, options, prices, etc. This is very dangerous as it takes the power from consumers and puts it in the hands of inept legal bodies. Services such as cable, cell phones,etc., are options. As a consumer, I don't buy the service if it costs too much, applies too many fees or poor service. If all consumers did this, then the marketplace will respond. We are lazy and submit to these companies terms. Be brave enough to say no and not run to "Mama" government when you don't think you are being treated fairly. Exceptions, are fundamental necessities such as food and power. Cell phones, TV, internet, do not qualify in my opinion. Sincerely, Mike
01/18/2008  I think technology needs to be regulated. I think computers and software all need to be interchangeable. There need to be standards in the industry. The internet needs to be regulated. we have been sold a bill of goods. The internet was made possible by the government to begin with. It should cost less to use, the internet. Many cases of stealing money from people have been made possible through the internet. I am tired of paying lots of money, and spending lots of time learning to use some crap product, that doesn't work and will soon be replaced. i don't want three different remotes to run all of the tv's, tivo's, cd's,dvd's.
01/22/2008  Joe Knollenberg sent me an automatic reply when I submitted this request. It said I had contacted an "unattended e-mail account". Therefore I believe none of the responses sent to him will be noted.
01/18/2008  I have subscribed to consumer reports online for many years and really appreciate the unbiased product info. However, I have often considered cancelling my subscription because of the Consumer's Union and your continous calls for government intervention to "market problems". For example, in the latest campaign I saw, you are calling for government intervention in mobile telecommunications. Don't you see that government is the problem? Just look at the US telecommunications industry compared to the rest of the world. We are 5-10 years behind at least. Why? Government regulation. It is very puzzling to me that you are calling on the government to solve a problem that its boneheaded regulations caused in the first place. I think there are a lot of good thing that the Consumer's Union can do for consumers, but crying to mommy government for protection is not among them. You should be calling for the government to step aside and let the marketplace work while you do your part to educate and inform consumers. When you see a market that is not functioning efficiently or effectively ask yourself why. 9 times out of 10 it will be caused by government imposed market distortions. Just think about it. -Kingston Smith
01/19/2008  Verizon Wireless has been threating to ruin my credit by reporting that I inadvertantly change services with 5 weeks left on my two year contract. I agreed that I should pay for the 5 weeks of service or that i should pay a prorated amount of the $525 they want to charge me, but i refuse to pay them $525. You wouldn't believe some of the consversation I've had with various represenatives of Verizon. One representative compared my early termination with a killer getting out of jail early for good behavior. It has been one great big headache. The calls finally stopped after I mention that I suffer from depression and their repeated calls was making me think sucidal thoughts. I contacted Boxer and Feinstein by e-mail and got one generic reply from Feinstein and nothing from Boxer. Verizon is much to prowerful when fighting an individual. There scare tatics were pretty effective even though I feel I am right in my position.
01/21/2008  I would love to fill out your form and send it to the US senators but the form won''t let me put in their names ("decision makers").
01/21/2008  Thank you for the opportunity to voice my concerns about wireless phones. I feel even more strongly about entire telecommunications industry, with its lack of true competition and its contracts for which its sales people can't alter despite having made promises. I have a story to tell about DirectTV. Do you have any interest in pursuing these seemingly fly-by-night operations? Individual states apparently have little control over these companies. Thank you. Ed Geer
01/23/2008  Hello, This is a link exchange request on behalf of my client which has a home page PR of 6. I have hand-picked your site for a one way link exchange because of the similar theme that our websites share. If you agree to provide a link from your website to our client's site, I will provide you with a link from two of my theme-specific directory. Please reply to this mail with your confirmation and linking text details. I will get back to you immediately with my linking text details and the list of directories you can select from for an exchange. Best Regards, Simran Links Campaign Administrator
02/11/2008  I continue to get harrassment billings from discount Cell Net. How do I get the correct address for the Better Business Bureau in Southern Calif. mI'm in the state of Washington
01/25/2008  Can you please give me instructions on how to order the $10 per month DSL internet lite from AT&T. I have been trying for weeks and cannot make the connection to the site in which one can order the service. I realize that I will have a 12 month contract.
01/31/2008  Re cloned animals: I'm neutral. And a vegetarian, though I'll eat cheese. About cell phones: I do not have one precisely because of the contracts and all of the confusing small print messages. I would want one only for emergencies, especially in the car.
02/05/2008  When I clicked on the Submit button, did it email the letter to my senator and congressman? The next page that came up gave me the ability to download and print the letter. That confused me. Was I supposed to print and mail it?
02/07/2008  On the topic of email SPAM: Why don't I find anyone talking about making an email address a piece of property which cannot be traded or sold? Just like SSN. Email addresses don't belong to the spammers, they belong to the people that pay for the service. On the topic of mailbox SPAM: We should be able to opt out of mail spam. I phone many mailers, but 3 months later I get more. PennySaver, etc. I disagree that the million+ businesses should be able to send me unsolicited mail, and there isn't anything real I can do about it. In Montreal, we had a law saying that if you bought a certain sticker and put it on your mailbox, people weren't allowed to put unaddressed mail in it. Unfortunately the County Records office database allows homeowner addresses to be harvested electronically without permit or identification or payment. It might slow down spammers if there was a charge for accessing that service. $25 seems reasonable charge for a valid reason to mail me about something. What about the cost of trees? I figure I am getting 50 pounds of paper a year, 100M houses=2.5M tons of paper. I would rather advertisers link through a local webpage, so I can find out what's on special in all the stores in my area. Someone in the advertising business should get the hint, and make this constructive website. Don't wait for Google to start it! I have enough trouble trying to find out who sells something in a 50 mile radius, like telescopes, tiny Allen keys, certain type of Ice wine, etc. Where can one post ideas like these?
02/07/2008  Your web site 'service' SUCKS! This is the most succinct, fittings, and perfect single word to sum up our 'experience' with this. We joined 08-10-07 (Order 9792138) to use this w/no luck, tried writing in these type boxes, called and just finally swapped to the magazine after speaking to 'Shawn' who could have not given one iota of care about the site nor our problem - he was flippant, rude w/o cursing, just did not give a damn with an attitude. He is to credit a big $13 of no CU web use to the magazine 1/2 yr. subscription - but I'd bet we will not get 1/2 of 12 issues! But his 'curt' arrogance did not sit well with us and we are on disability - no fault of our own, so since we never used the CU Web, I thought CU being so morally correct would in a case like this either help us with the Web or give us a better refund. Very disappointed we are! Bob Cash
02/08/2008  I'm a court reporter/CART/captioning provider here in Washington, D.C. You-all NEED to have a separate category, CLEARLY MARKED, where deaf and hard-of-hearing folks can easily find a place TO MAKE THEIR VOICES HEARD about the abysmal quality of television captioning out there. I myself looked on the site and couldn't easily find it ... maybe it's not even there! I fear members of the deaf and/or HoH community won't search further than a click or two to find such a complaint site, YET THEY ARE SUFFERING EACH AND EVERY DAY from corporate America's unwillingness to do what's necessary to fulfill the requirements of the ADA. Plopping a warm body down into a captioning chair and sending out unreadable text DOES NOT fulfill the requirements of the ADA. I AM NOT DEAF, but the deaf and HoH community is being marginalized by firms and companies who refuse to demand quality captions ... meaning captioning someone CAN ACTUALLY READ! It's a damn shame. Mary Ann Payonk, RPR, RMR, CRR, RDR, CCP, CBC Certified CART Provider Certified Broadcast Captioner Washington, D.C. (804) 339-9715
02/23/2008  I,ve sent my complaint about the T-Molile approx. 2 weeks ago. I'd like to know if my message went through and if I can expect response from T-Mobile I am T-Mobile client for 7 years and I have been mistreated recently.The most important for me is the $50.oo rebate promised for cell phone upgrade. I've met all conditions to receive this rebate-but I've been declined-and this is "final decision"the rebate center supervisor says.I have all copies to support my claim.Who can help me in this matter??? Thank you. Andrew S.
02/12/2008  I would like you to test converter boxes and pay close attention to closed captioning features. I am an oral hard of hearing person At this point I am needing more information on which converter box to buy and where to buy a converter box. I am aware of the coupon program
02/12/2008 Your link at the end of article on FCC and ownership leads to a 404 error. So I was not able to read any comments from anyone.
02/12/2008  I tried to post this in response to your article and after I hit preview it asked me to copy the letters. I did, whereupon my post disappeared. As near as we can tell in face of government lies, fraud, deceit and cover up, seatbelts kill approximately 2,000 people a year in this country. You have a responsibility to investigate before you promote something that is going to kill people. It is not only a moral responsibility, it undermines your credibility not to do so. You can find out the truth by visiting You have a choice: you can believe years of research by competent scientists and engineers, people with PhDs in engineering and decades of experience, or you can believe three stupid, ignorant women who don't know what they are talking about. Because that is what is behind this.
02/12/2008  I wanted to know how I could be a part-time employee of Consumers Union working in the area of Hear Us Now. Thank You, Joseph Passanise 314-616-4216
02/13/2008  My analog TV is attached to a broadband cable system and will require a converter box when all channels are being broadcast digitally. It is technically impossible for my analog TV to receive digital source signals without conversion. Your concentration on over the air TV signals is OK, but your advice to owners of cable attached analog sets is inaccurate.
03/06/2008  Do you folks realize that the satellite TV people do the same thing that the cell phone companies do? If you are not happy with their service and want to cancel you are also subject to early termination fees. To me, as a consumer, I should be able to terminate service with any company who doesn't live up to their promises without being forced to pay them a fee. What incentive do they have to improve if they get money from you regardless of their quality. The cable TV people don't do this and that is why when I was shopping for service for my new house I chose cable over satellite.
06/03/2008  ALERT. Business Forensics Needed pre 1930's. ALL POST WWII Businesses should be Audited for Racist Dehumnizaiton Signals. Here's information on Narcotics Terroirsm & Immediate Concerns, Perspective needed when suggesting assistance, urgently needed IMMEDIATE REPARATIONS. Please use Reference information on Alleged Crimes & Criminal Activity at Sugested Reparations Cover up = Genocide. Enron's shredder meant Genocide to those Narcotics Anti Semitic Interests of the European Union. Enron used as "inspiration" for Greed, Glut, Self Aggrandizement, base of direction & signals, used as a Narcotics Opperations Shell. READ Doublespeak: eKidnapping = Centralized Dissemination of News from Narcotics Terroirst News Junkie Tabloid Journalist & UKPM Speech Writers. eKidnapping = HAARPed White House & Inside the Box (dome) thinking GOP knowingly making things up. eKidnapping = Elf, H.E.M.P., GWEN Towers, HAARP Resonance, Night Hawks eKidnapping = Aryan Racists PROGRAMMED over 30 years without Sentient Thought or ability to avoid Narcotics Terrorists FELON Profile, WWII Storyline used in Commerce as though Irreversable Status after War. PROBLEM: Bobby Jindal is suspected a Fraud using elctronic Systems & UK Cooperation to get into office & using this ILLEGAL EXTREMELY DEHUMANIZING Genocide Causing eNarcotic Network to leverage any influence in Washington, DC. Younger Hindi Pakistani Community shamelessly taking advantage of eSystems, numbers & EU Aggression HIGH SELF ESTEEM without humility or presence of mind. Hindi attitude is of UK Muslim Prince, equal to any UK Citizen instead of aligned with Non Western Countries to LIFT OUT OF POVERTY & END EXPLOITATION. ALIGNMENT WITH WORLD PEACE PLAN = ALL PROBLEMS SOLVED TOGETHER, PRIDE IN ANCESTRY & RESPONSIBILITY FOR PROBLEMS SOLVED. Hindi Alignment with Western Countries only = WASTE OF TIME, CRIME, DEHUMANIZATION, CORRUPTION, EGO ATTITUDE INSTEAD OF LEADERSHIP & NO JUSTICE NO LAW. THRITY YEAR eKidnapping, BioMetric Array System & Environmental Communications Dome use = Vanity Pharmaceuticals, NO EVIDENCE OF EFFECTIVENESS OF WESTERN MEDICINE OR SCIENCE. WASTE OF TIME. Non Western Non Third World Countries EXTREMELY Dissapointed with Westerners, Hindi Pakistani Dissapointed EVERYONE. Advocates of Nuclear Fusion = FREE ENERGY Believed murdered 2004. This is from Childhood Without War. GOP DNC Racists didn't account for anything done to the GOOD PEOPLE of Earth in the name of Racism... went into elections blindly accepting any support while normal behavior would cause RESPECTFUL candidates to exempt themselves from consideration.
07/24/2008  Greetings- I receive, and respond, to many of the emails your organization send me. Obviously, you are familiar with the great work you start, and/or finish, helping a tremendous number of people and groups. This email, saddly, is about the frustration of trying to respond to the email that addresses several issues. The one I was going to particiapte in is the one about health care experiences. One requirement was to upload a photo of myself. I went through the whole Yahoo registration (sev'l xs, for some unknown reason)only not be able to get past the "sign in" section. I got signed in. Over and over and over. Obviously, without signing in, I can't move my photo from my file to Flickr's (Speplling?). Please let me known what I MUST be doing wrong, as many folks have, successfully, done this. Or, since we know that for every 1 person that "complains", 7 never speak up. I am sure the numbers, of responses, to this subject are right were you expect them to be, and it is probably just me. Thank you for any help you can offer, ensuring my ability to participate. Sincerely, Carol Dean Hepper
03/06/2008  Your online form is not working.
03/06/2008  The submit link on the Cell Phone message is not working. Makes it hard to take action.
03/07/2008  Yesterday you emailed me to ask for my help on Cell Phone reform, the link did not work. Today I try again and I get this: "We're sorry, but based on your address, you are not eligible to take this alert. This may be because the alert is restricted to particular states or to constituents of particular representatives. It may also be because the address that you entered does not match a zip code that we can properly map to your representative." Why did you contact me in the first place if I could not participate? Why can't I? My address is valid, isn't this a national issue? Isn't this letter going to Senators and Congresspeople? Why is CA not allowed to participate? I would like to see cell phone probably more than most people. What gives?
03/06/2008  I clicked on "send message" and it didn't do anything. Don't think it was sent. Patricia Akers
02/14/2008  I find it a bit ironic that Mr. Guest chose the Tribune Company as an example of the problem of local newspaper/television mergers. Though corporate slight of hand may have enabled compliance with the letter of the law the Chicago Tribune Newspaper (Motto: World's Greatest Newspaper) and the local news station, WGN, have been owned by the same group (or individuals) since WGN was created. They may have been granted an exception as Chicago has one other major newspaper (the Sun-Times) and several other network affiliated local stations. There has been de facto joint ownership of the Tribune and WGN for over 60 years. The major change has been that the Tribune Corporation has gone national in recent years buying other papers and WGN has expanded through cable. Despite the above comment, I agree that joint ownership of newspaper/television/radio media does not benefit the citizenry in markets too small for multiple media giants. Until now, WGN has not been a clone of the Chicago Tribune though they may be an exception. In Columbus, Ohio, Channel 10 appears to be clone of the Dispatch. Coumbus has ony one major newspaper though it has three other commercial network affiliates (though Fox Network provides the news for two of the three). Chicago has not suffered from joint (admittedly de facto) ownership of media news outlets but I believe Columbus has.
02/17/2008  I am a physician looking for a telephone answering machine for my 90 year old parents who can't get to the phone within 4 rings, which seems pretty much the standard. As falling is a major health risk for the elderly, and hurrying to get the phone puts them at undue risk for falling, can you help me (and no doubt others) find devices with longer ring settings? Eight would be good; ten, better.
02/19/2008  We would like to receive the two coupons for a converter box for the new Digital TV. I gtried contacting the dother web site and was given many advdertisements to buy Direct TV. That is not what we want, just two coupons. Thank you, Kay Dowling 112 Starboard Tack Greenwood, S.C. 29649
02/19/2008  I am 70 year old who likes my freedom of choice,that choice to go where i want and listen to what i want it is my belief that when you would like to listen to radio with out commercials and politics and have the ability to save half of the costs of the services of the XM an Sirius Radio and have the ability to listen to the choices with both services from California to any state or any were in the United Ststes that what is the problem with that and I dont see That buying An Iphone and have to pay At&t or Apple a premium to listen to music or their programing or to football game auto racing program any less a menopaly can't always get this service for nothing.!!!! LeRoy Clifton Lincoln California
02/20/2008  I recently learned that I was paying for two different online subscriptions to Consumer Reports. These were the monthly subscription for $5.95. When I called and spoke with a CR representative, all she could do was tell me that obviously I had subscribed twice and to take it up with my credit card company. She offered no other solution. I have canceled my online subscirptions and am thoroughly dissatisfied with this situation. I valued CR for its consumer protection and unbiased reports but doubt if I will return after this experience. What I don't understand is that even if I did subscribe twice, I would have had to use the same information (address, telephone number, e-mail address) and I can't undertand why CR would not have picked up this duplication. Instead, two payments were being withdrawn from my checking account. I also deal with the public on a daily basis and feel your representative (I spoke to her on Feb. 20 at approximately 12:30 p.m. She identified herself as a supervisor) could have been much more helpful and at the very least sympathetic.
02/21/2008  Hi: My name is Michael and I receiving your magazine at 5811 seashore drive in Newport Beach, Ca.02663. Please change the address to 16519 Oldham Street Encino, Ca. 91436, Thank you Mike
02/22/2008  My wife and I support your efforts to ensure that we have freedom of choice regarding our news and information. My request concerns our inability to hear and communicate due to hearing loss. My wife is 59, has worn hearing aids for three years and we are ready to purchase a new pair. My frustation is the lack of information from any organization regarding comparison of hearing aids. My request is that Consumer Reports purchase one of each of the say top 10 brands of the new all digital hearing aids with directional microphones, speech vs. noise discrimination software, feedback cancellation, memory, Bluetooth, etc. Consumer Reports could then create a hearing aid study in which you would have all the hearing aids in a standard room and you would then use speakers to test voice, voice in noise, wind noise blocking, ect. You could then measure the output of all hearing aids in terms of level, clarity, etc. All the above data would be digital, which would enable Consumer Reports to then publish charts like you do with tvs, refrigerators, ranges, vacuum cleaners, etc which would allow the consumer to make an informed decision. Since I am now 60 and there are 1000 of us turning 60 each day you would do a huge service to the baby boomers. These new digital hearing aids cost from $700.00 to $3,000.00 per ear. Many seniors are spending their money and winding up putting the aids in the drawer due to poor fitting or poor quality of the aid. Your unbiased comparison of the hearing aids on the market would also help make manufacturers and dispensers of poor quality instruments provide better instruments and service. Many hearing aid dispensers advertise a 30 day trial period, however for many it may take from three to six repeat visits for adjustments before the consumer can finally decide that yes these aids are helping or I need to try another brand. Many dispensers will say that after 30 days they are yours and you will just have to buy another set. Our audiologist told us that the manufacturers will routinely allow returns within 90 days, which allows plenty of time for adjustments. Over the years Consumer Reports has helped raise the bar for many consumer goods. When you speak, both industry and government listen. I think your report would be a huge step in setting standards of quality in the hearing aid industry. Thanks for you reconsideration of this request Robert Hughes 2316 Clarke Landing Cove North Cordova, TN 38016 901 757-4370
02/22/2008  How do I file a dispute about termination fees with Sprint.
07/25/2009  I am from Pennsylvania and I believe you need to include Senator Bob Casey in your e-mail response program. My messages are forwarded to Senator Spector and Congresseman Sestak (per my zip code). Add Senator Casey to your PA computer list.
02/25/2008  This is a formal written complaint for which I am hearing impaired widow and frustrated about closed captioned TV problem. I bought Sony Bravia 32"LCD TV in October 2005,all channels with closed captioned normally then appeared half channels with closed captioned problem last November9,2007,cox communication service came in last November27,2007.He said he had nothing to do with it then walked out.Another cox came here again last November 27,2007,he read my explanation&didn't understand about closed captioned. Another service came again last January 10,2008,he didnt know about it,I fed up with cox technical support&customer service,I knew they didnt pay attention my explanation why I still pay a billing monthly. Look I joined cox since 1978 with Zenith TV&closed captioned no problem about 25 years then worn out before I bought a new digital TV. I would expect you to help my concern. Thank you! Jean Groundwater
02/25/2008  I trust that you will SOON be doing comparison testing on the multitude of DTV converter boxes that are now available in the marketplace. I have ordered my coupon and need a box for our RV. Size counts!!
02/25/2008  I found that your advocacy for the credit report freeze to be very helpful. A question I have is how the freezze works when a spouse is involved and only my credit history is frozen. For example, if a credit report is requested for my spouse and we have joint history, such as a home mortgage, will the credit history for my spouse be released or will it be frozen because mine is frozen?
02/25/2008  I understand my choices when TV changes to all-digital next year. However, how can I make a decision to go to cable or buy a converter box when I don't know what channels I'll get with the converter box? Can you enlighten me?
03/06/2008  Some @ "hearusnow" include a question with their experiences. How may these be answered? I.E. - Peter @ Lexington, Ma 01 Mar
02/27/2008  I have taken CU for a number of years and would now like to go online but am not allowed to because I can't have JavaScript. Is this any way to treat an old customer?
02/27/2008  I have read all the information on the to be required converter boxes for TV's, but have seen nothing for 12 volt vehicle systems(RV's) that have 12 volt TV's. Have any been manufactured or tested by you yet? I would think there would be a lot of us who will need them. All the models out now seem to be for 120 volts. Mel Flint
02/28/2008  Are tv sations broadcasting both analog and digital now? (before 2-17-09) If so, does this (both) transmissiopn effect my reception on my analog tv at present? Sometimes my reception is not as good as it was at the end of December '07. We have applied for two coupons for a converter box. Can a converter box be installed below the roof in atic and split to all tv's in home. thanks
03/03/2008  After reading "Are You Set for All-digital TV" in the March 2003 issue of Consumer Reports, I logged into the government web site, filled out the application for a discount coupon and was promptly denied. Why? Because the USPS delivers my mail to a post office box. Had the application noted that a street address was required, I would have supplied that address--just as I do for all of the retailers I do business with online--but the form did not include that important bit of information. What incompetence!
03/03/2008  Your web site does not allow me to give a gift subscription to Consumer Report...How do I do that?
03/04/2008  I keep getting a bill from Consumer Reports for a gift subscription I gave. I sent a check #6158 to pay this $26. I recently sent this information by mail but was just billed again. The check was dated 11/30/07. Just what do I have to do to get this mess cleared up?
02/03/2009  It seems that the message to Senators re: tomorrow's television delay vote is not transmitting; also, I was unable to personalize or type in "Bernie Sanders"
03/06/2008  unchain my phone would not upload ro your site
03/06/2008  What is getting done if anything when it comes to the outrages credit card fees. To be only 5 hrs late from there cut off time of 230pm you get a $39 late fee. Over the limit fees of $39. The economy is the way it is because of the banks and credit card companies and something needs to be done.
03/06/2008  I saw the spoof of mobile phone plans ... though you might like to see a very important spoof showing how Corporate America is putting the wood to Joe K. Citizen. Unfortunately, Consumers Union has come down on the wrong side of this issue ... Frankly, I was shocked to hear it. Check out my spoof @ or on YouTube Do the right thing CU: Fight Corporate greed! Member for years, Shawn Clark 408 202-9640 (m) PS - Thanks to CR, I negotiated that mobile phone account with T-Mobile on a month-to-month contract for 1/2 of what I was paying Verizon! Full circle!
03/07/2008  I don't allow cookies from anyone I don't pwesonally know. Your's is the only consumers group teling me I have to let you dump a cookie ion my computer. One other thing I dump on cookies and temp file every hour. Ho and one other thing take me off your mailing list!!
03/08/2008  YIKES! I filled out the form to lobby Congress on cell phone company problems, and it went through fine. When my husband tried to do the same thing, he got the message below. We have the same address. I thought you should know there's a glitch in your system that's preventing some letters going through. That's not good, since you handle such important issues. If you have any questions, call me at 330-270-9197 or email me at Thanks, Debbie Soccorsy Message we received when my husband tried to send same letter I did. Oops! We're sorry, but based on your address, you are not eligible to take this alert. This may be because the alert is restricted to particular states or to constituents of particular representatives. It may also be because the address that you entered does not match a zip code that we can properly map to your representative.
01/12/2011  Today I received an email sending me to this location and asking me to sign a petition on the issue of cell phone bill shock. The "petition was purportedly on behalf of Consumers union. I checked your web site and did not find any mention of such a petition. So my question is is this for real?
03/09/2008  Can you provide specific point and click directions on the ATT DSL website in order for a person to order ATT Basic DSL at $10/month? I can't find it on their website and their call center doesn't know anything about it. Thank you. Glenn
08/27/2009  I read your emails regularly and use your site often, but your recent mail campaign regarding the Google Voice app is just plain wrong. Read the statements provided to the FCC and re-write your copy. AT&T said it had nothing to do with the app store rejection and Apple rejected the app on valid concerns that it redefines functionality and experience on the iPhone. Don't lose me as a reader by stretching the truth too far and leading the reader where you want them to go regardless of the facts. While I do support your endeavor, the means don't measure up to the standard you should be laying out for yourself. Mike
03/13/2008  I applied for 2 converter coupons in Jan. ; in late Feb. I called & was told that I did not qualify. I did an email to you on 3/5/08 & have not had a reply to WHY I dont qualify. Would you please be kind enough to reply? Soon!!!. I do qualify and I would appreciate an explanation. Thank YOu Flo Slaviero
04/23/2008  The push to use fluorescent lights could be very bad for many people with disabilities. The Job Accommodation Network ( lists reduction or elimination of fluorescent lighting as an appropriate accommodation for many conditions. In addition to causing headache, fatigue, and problems with light sensitivity, they are listed as problematic for individuals with epilepsy, migraine, lupus, chronic fatigue syndrome, and vertigo (related to cardiovascular problems, multiple scleroses, and several other disorders.) I have also seen accounts of difficulties faced by individuals with hyperactivity, autism and anxiety. When I talk about my own sensitivity (resulting in seizure activity regardless of the type of fluorescent), approximately 15% of the population respond with stories about symptoms from this type of lighting, most commonly headache, fatigue and confusion. I find that many people are not aware that their lights are causing their symptoms, until they start thinking about the circumstances the problems occur in. When standard lighting triggers seizure or other symptoms, one is excluded from many important activities. It seems to me that if cement were as valuable as energy, we would be telling people in wheelchairs that it is not reasonable to expect a ramp. What we need to do is look further for alternatives that do not harm any one, or leave them stuck outside. I was very disappointed to learn that your organization encourages the use of flourescent lighting (particularly CFL) without including information about the potential health hazzards. There are other forms of efficient lighting, and non poluting power sources that could be encouraged instead. Please consider taking action to reverse this trend. The ideal would be to exclude all fluorescents using accessibility standards. Certainly, with all the recent increases in problems with children, this issue should at least be addressed in schools. Thank you for your consideration, I look forward to your response. Janet Kaye Love, MSSW, MBA, LPC, NCC 7104 Geneva Circle, Austin, TX 78723 512-203-4487
07/01/2009  In an email received today in the link to "It's Time to Free Our Phones" there is a grammatical error. One of the sentences says "a basic 'tenant' of the free market system. I believe that should be tenet.
06/10/2008  I'm ready to send the letter about Cel phone early-termination fees--but who should I send it to? Who are the FCC Members most likely to be influenced by this?
09/19/2008  When I try to fill in the zip code it won't accept it and I can't go any further.
03/19/2008  Please unsubscribe me with the email address , but keep me on with the above email: . Thank you
03/24/2008  I am having major problems regarding my tmobile account and I am trying to find a better way to complaint, since tmobile will not listen and keep charging me fees. Please give me some info on how to complain about this cellular comoany.
07/28/2009  Do you have an easy way to access names, titles, addresses, emails etc of those you are urging us to contact on a particular issue? That would be helpful. Thanks, Kris
03/30/2008  re: Dr. Cooper's Energy speech at the National Press Club on March 26,08, delivered to us via C-Span, This thing about low capacity in US national oil and gas refining makes me curious as to why the US Public, our government doesn't begin the planning and construction for a real US Oil and Gas Refining, underwritten by the Federal Gov.? sf
09/25/2014  Please change my address to: 200 Broad Street, Apt. 2451 Stamford, Ct. 06901 The email address did not change.
03/31/2008  My name is Josephine and I am a member of Please visit our website for details. We are having a "Walk to Patient Safety" on Saturday, April 19, 2008 in Rockville Centre, New York. Our goal is to significantly reduce the hundreds and thousands of deaths and injuries each year that are due to medical errors. We would be honored if you would join our "Walk for Patient Safety." Would you also be kind enough pass the word along about our event? We welcome your banners, literature or speakers. I look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks for your attention and support.
03/31/2008  My name is Josephine and I am a member of Please visit our website for details. We are having a "Walk to Patient Safety" on Saturday, April 19, 2008 in Rockville Centre, New York. Our goal is to significantly reduce the hundreds and thousands of deaths and injuries each year that are due to medical errors. We would be honored if you would join our "Walk for Patient Safety." Would you also be kind enough pass the word along about our event? We welcome your banners, literature or speakers. I look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks for your attention and support.
04/02/2008  I received no acknowledgment when I tried to submit the following message concerning a digital converter box. I could not program the DigitalSTREAM DTX9900's remote, which is apparently required in order to use the converter box in any way. The first step is to control the TV's on-off power function, but this worked only once, and that only partially, and there was no way to reprogram anything. There's also no Technical Service available, at least none mentioned in the instructions which suggest that there's no way to operate a relativaely new Toshiba analog TV with this converter. I'll try this box on another TV of a different make.
04/04/2008  Hi, I'm trying to subscribe to the first RSS feed at []. The URL for that feed is []. However, my RSS reader (Thunderbird) claims it is not a valid RSS feed. The second link, Share Your Story, has a URL of []. Is it possible the first URL is incomplete? ...thanks!
04/07/2008  i'm writing in regards to an article in the Charlotte Observer, April 5, highlighting Bob Williams "What's in your ISP Contract?". I'm the executive diretor of an ISP association, we work with hundreds of ISPs, helping them compete. One of our 'non-profit' activities is regional meeting. we have a meeting in Atlanta, GA June 25 and I'm reaching out to BOB/ to see if he would be willing to visit and speak? Jim
04/11/2008  Used coupons, bought RCA DTA800 at Walmart. Works with TVs but not with VCRs (or DVRs if I paid to upgrade). RCA told me I need DTA800B-1 which isn't in stores yet - they don't known timeline. Walmart won't refund my money because government coupon program won't let them. Person at Coupon Program confirmed the with a "we don't care" attitude. I'm out over $20 of my own money and have 2 outdated, useless converter boxes.
06/10/2008  RE: FCC & Early Cell Phone Termination Fees - If you purchase the phone, then you should be able to leave the service whenever you want. If you are given a free phone, then you should pay for the phone (the early termination fee should reflect that phone's value). People who get free phones and then terminate that carrier's service are stealing. People who pay for the phones and then get charged termination fees which are supposed to cover costs which then technically have already paid for are being stolen from the carriers. This is not rocket science. Just make it fair.
07/29/2009  Your combination of colors in the send box on the page to add friends to the email chain was hard for me to see. It seemed to be tan in dark red, while the submit button on this page is in white against red, and readily visible. Am I nuts or what.
04/17/2008  In response to an email regarding the quality of tv programming, I am in complete agreement. I think that most of what is available on tv stinks and is filled with ads that seduce the dummies that we seem to have a super-abundance of. It's unfortunate that our govt. issued coupons, at $40 a pop, to subsidize this debris. Must be the result of lobbying.
04/30/2008  I give you full approval to print my blog on your site with reference to Dish ecostar, Arthur of Staunton. Keep up the good work in keeping the "big companies" somewhat honest.
04/19/2008  CAUSA ÚNICA Durante el transcurso de las últimas generaciones se ha producido un deterioro y agravamiento en la salud de la población día a día más generalizado. Este fue el motivo que me decidió para tratar de establecer las causas responsables de esta tragedia, que se manifiesta como verdaderas pandemias de diferentes patologías tales como obesidad, diabetes, artritis, parkinson, asma, alopecia, hiper tensión, alzheimer, cáncer, estreñimiento sexuales enfermedades raras y todas las que estén relacionadas con el aparato digestivo, excretor, circulatorio, nervioso y reproductor. La característica más notable de estas enfermedades diagnosticadas es que la medicina occidental no solamente jamás pudo eliminarlas del organismo, sino por el contrario, la ingesta de compuestos medicinales para eliminar los síntomas ha producido una cantidad sideral de diferentes diagnósticos. Muchos incluso inéditos tales como la "iatrogenia". A esto deberá agregarse que la totalidad de esas medicinas actúa sobre los síntomas, manteniendo la causa original. Así fue posible que la totalidad de los diferentes diagnósticos se transformen en mutaciones (cambio brusco y hereditario que aparecen en el fenotipo de los seres vivos y ocasiona una nueva especie). La característica más notable de estas mutaciones es que estas se transmiten a las futuras generaciones con el agravante que cada herencia recibida es más fuerte que el portador anterior. Es así que actualmente cada criatura que nace es portadora de no menos de 5 a 10 (diez) patologías distintas (constitucional) a las que deberán agregarse las que irá desarrollando durante su existencia (adquiridas). Esto es evidente al observar matrimonios delgados con hijos obesos. Actualmente la totalidad de la población somos portadores en mayor o menor grado de todas y cada una de estas mutaciones y otras ignoradas que irán surgiendo. En un futuro muy cercano será inevitable que quienes padecen estas mutaciones sean discriminados o excluidos para su recuperación debido a las características irreversibles de estas patologías. Ejemplo: la obesidad. Lo más significativo de esta investigación fue comprobar que es imposible que un ser humano pueda estar afectado por más de un diagnóstico diferente simultáneamente y que las causas sean distintas. Pese a esta suposición existen personas que padecen 3, 6 y hasta 10 diagnósticos distintos, esta realidad permitió establecer con total y absoluta seguridad que una sola es la causa responsable de la totalidad de todos los diferentes diagnósticos con características de mutación. Posteriormente se logró determinar la terapia que elimina con un solo tratamiento la totalidad de los diferentes diagnósticos superando las expectativas más optimistas al lograr la recuperación incluso de patologías tales como infartos y sus secuelas: isquemia y necrosis. Para dar una idea de la gravedad que afecta la salud debemos remitirnos a finales del siglo XIX donde se calculaban existían 450 diagnósticos diferentes. A mediados del siglo XX eran 20.000. Proporcionalmente en la actualidad serían 800.000. Esto coincide con el incremento en el organismo de 500 toxinas distintas durante los últimos 50 años. Es evidente que ninguna especie puede sobrevivir a esta realidad.
04/21/2008  Vietnam - my ex-husband and my brother, although both are still living, suffered mortal wounds of the spirit. My confusion and shock as a young bride were enormous when my husband returned from the war and only wanted to associate with other vets. My brother was, in fact, mortally wounded, since he was declared dead twice as he was being airlifted to Germany. My experiences could help some young family suffering deeply when it's not acceptable - when your family member is "safe" back home.
02/03/2009  User Provided No Response
02/03/2009  I do NOT want any updates thanks. I've tried to send a letter re.DTV but it doesn't seem to go. I got no message saying "sent".
03/02/2005  I wonder if anyone else has complained about this. My local telephone service is controlled by SBC (even if I change to a CLEC, SBC still controls the facility). I have modem access to the internet. From any other place except my home telephone I get around 56K +/-. However, with SBC, I never get above 26.4K. I suspect they are ratcheting-down my connection and disallowing the faster access. I'm paying for a regular line, which, with a V.92 modem, should make 56K. I feel I'm being cheated. Thank You.
05/02/2008  Clark- I heard your show today about the early termination fee charged to a man on his 2 cell phones. The same thing happened to me. How do I make them go away? You mentioned something about CR Mag & a site something like How will this help? I sent them a letter telling them I wasn't going to pay; however, they've now sent me 2 bills! Help! Cheryl
05/05/2008  Have you done any testing of the various "radiant barriers" on the market. If so, how do I get a copy of your reportson them. if any, I have been researching their literature and claims and frankly believe their "science" flawed. Although I hear random reports from individuals,I suspect they are more concerned about admitting to having been taken in by the sellers of these products. I would greatly appreciate reading any observations from your testing staff. Mark L. Greer
05/06/2008  just to vent, contract w sprint ended and i kept getting billed. there was more than one attempt to stop the matter, but nothing happened. clark howard suggested the corporate headquarters is called and ask for decision makers - by name. i did. the call was transferred to a person, shandra i think, and i was asked if this was business proposal or a complaint. the latter was stated, and i disconnected from the call. she told me that sprint had the right to continue billing, where i was under an obligation to contact one other than the bill payment address, of the desire to cease doing business. she call me and told me the account was going to zero(ed) out, and i requested, and was told, that i would get a confirmation letter, they turned the matter to a collector. i don't know if this will resolve the matter, but i did get someones attention. i'd like someone is a possible position to know there is this contract provision and how sprint, in this matter, uses it. as part of the situation, the phone ceased to work and it was cheaper to pay the remaining installments on the contract, that pay their $200 early termination fee. i am now with verizon, and theirs is reduced each month one is with them. their customer "service" was bad before that, where there was no consistent statement concerning any credit on another phone, but certainly the related obligation to sign for another 2 years, rebuttably at the same "service" level. thank you for reading this.
05/07/2008  I notified CU by mail in February that I needed to cancel my subscription. You keep sending magazines and invoices. Please stop
02/03/2009  do not delay the dtv transition!! 3 years is more than enough for people to get it together. buy basic cable at 10 bucks per month! and get even more stations! i will no longer be a part of consumer reports if you people stall this!
05/10/2008  You page in Spanish has poor language. Whoever writes is has poor education and it shows. A shame on a publication that tries to spread culture.
05/20/2008  Regading the XM-Sirius merger...How can your organization be against a merger involving two companys that arent making any money? Are you being paid off by Terrestrial radio? Speaking as a consumer... satelite radio gives me more choice on the dial. It is uncensored. It is wonderful product. Shame on you for helping stall this! Where were you when the oil companies merged?
05/20/2008  I'n sorry to waste your time with this comment but I don't understand why Senator Kohl needs to have my telephone number in order to receive an E Mail communication. My number is non-published and I am very wary of giving out to anyone. Because of this requirement I suspect my attempt to send your communication regarding MRSA will not go through. Thought you would like to know. Gordy Becker
05/23/2008  During the cell phone wars, has anyone ever thought of boost mobile. Their customer service is excellant and the Unlimited plan with text and web is only $60.00 a month. There are know contracts. Tell me what do you all think?
05/24/2008  Will CU test all TV converter boxes for operation, quality, availability, price and service before the changeover date in Feb. 2009? At the present it seems that the program is completely snafu. Thanks, Jim Gibbons a multi year subscriber.
05/26/2008  You used to provide info on new auto detail prices. If you still do this, please forward the phone number where I can pay for and retrieve this info on the auto model I am interested in.
05/26/2008  Comcast-our-cable-company-here-in-Aberdeen,-Washington-has-thousands-of-people-over-a-barrel- Help-It-costs-$100+---a-month.----joyce-T
05/28/2008  Thank you very much for being one of the few organizations which truly look out for consumers against corporate giants such as the cell phone companies. I am interested in finding out if the Consumer Union has new numbers for FCC complaints filed against various cell phone companies. The latest I found online was from 2004. I recently spent several months dealing with billing errors of a cell phone company. Although I do not know the number of FCC complaints filed for this new company, the Better Business Bureau complaints in the past year were at least 10 times higher than the FCC complaints filed for any cell phone companies in 2004. I would appreciate it if you could email me the new FCC complaint numbers if you have updated information. I plan to use the data to convince the BBB to change the status of this BBB certified company from "satisfactory" to "unsatisfactory."
05/30/2008  Hi, I was Comcast Internet customer.LAst month Comcast sent me an offer. Their offer was as following: ".. We are pleased to offer you an exciting opportunity to enhance your Comcast experience - and save money- when you add Digital starter with Channel1 On Demand and over 100 Channels of entertainment to your blazing-fast Internet connection .You'll pay only $59,99 per month for one year for both services!" I have called them several times,and everytime they have told me that this offer is not for me, only for new customers, even my billing information was given in the offer . One of the customer service representatives told me about my billing information, that it should be public information. I was upset and asked her to connect me to someone who has responsibility for custome service but she didn t connect me. I called again . The new person on the phone apologized for that and - i guess- after he asked someone , he confirmed that this offer wasfor me too. And next week they received the service. Last week they sent me my new bill and they charged for both internet and cable TV service even the offer was 59,95 for both services . I want to ask you what i can do for this situation. I would like to hear from you soon and thank you for your help. Bener P.S.: As you see my english is not welland i tried to write as possible as simple and open my stiuation and hope you don t have any problem with understanding it .
05/24/2014  Hi-I just clicked on your Twitter icon at the top of your webpage & it led me to this twitter page: which had a total of 9 tweets last posted in 8/2011. What is this about? I can't be the 1st person to do this. Please explain.
06/04/2008  June 04, 2008 Consumer Report Magazine Acct# 0002014041 of Ronald Da Roza Change online subscription from $26 per year to $19 per year on the renewal this coming August.. Confirm .. On June 04, 2008 (today) I just changed my address online. The magazine delivered via mail, has not reflected any previous address changes over the past year.. I do understand it may take a month or so for the address changes to be enabled. But this is several months, 6 months plus. The address online is the correct address. Again my home delivery has not reflected any changes over the past year.. Can I have acknowledgment my home delivery will take affect.. To the address Ronald Da Roza 511 Deer Park Road SE Calgary, Alberta Canada T2J5M4 Again, change this August online login to $19 per year from $26. And address change for home delivery. Forward any part of the above if required. Regards, Ronald Da Roza Acct# 0002014041 cc: Consumer Report (online) Consumer Report ( Da Roza, file
07/16/2008  Sir The present mobile phone menu items too many. inconvenient to choice the importment item. Can your union advocate the relate manufacturing companies to simply the menu items lisa
06/09/2008  Which are the most highly recommended coupon eligible converter boxes re. the switch from analog to digital? I have a list of approx. 40 brands & models which was sent with my TV Converter Box coupons, and have been unable to find any Consumer Report recommendations with regard to quality on these. Would appreciate a response at your earliest convenience. Thank you. Cathie Perkins
06/12/2008  At CU's request, I attempted to send a message to the FCC re: cel phone contract early termination fees. The online form requires that I sellect a "prefix" from a list: "Mr., Ms, Mrs., Miss, Dr., Reverend, Rabbi". Well, I'm left out. I use the prefix "Imam". There are at least 3 or 4 million Muslims in the U.S. (some estimates are as high as 7 million), and so there have to be at least several 10's of thousands of Imams. You've also left out Shaykh, Shaykha, Pir, Piri, Pirzade, Postneshin, Maulana, Mauli, Hujatalislam, Hujatullah, Ustadh, Fr., Br., Sr., Mother, Msgr., Bishop, Archbishop, Monk, Metropolitan, Pastor (for the many protestant Christian ministers who decline to use "Rev."), Canon, Deacon, Elder, Minister, Chaplain, Abbot, Lama, Geche, Rinpoche, Swami, Yogi, Guru, Sri., Prof., ... and a bunch of others. Well, America is a complex society these days. I suggest that you make the "prefix" field optional, rather than required, or allow people to enter their own preferred prefix if it's not on the list. Until you do - unfortunately - I'm not able to participate in actions using your online form. Peace be with you, Imam Rashid Patch, Oakland, California
06/10/2008  Why there is no date associated with an article when it was written/published on the Web site? It is useless to provide information about software/spyware which is dated from 2005. In the fast moving internet environment that information is fully outdated and has very little value.
06/12/2008  I would make a complaint about at@t not providing DSL service. They offer a savings for DSL users but do not provide the service.The fiber obtic cables were run on the right of way infront of my house, but I can't get service from them , and not available to any other company.
06/15/2008  Hello, I am extremely frustrated with Comcast, and I am looking for cable companies offered in my apartment complex,but I'm not allowed to get dish because my apartment does not face South. Can you provide my with a list or website for Houston Texas 77099 area. Thanks in advance for your help. Martina Valyan
08/02/2008  Do you provide a link to let us know how to contact our Congressperson and Senator about a certain issue; or when an issue effecting consumers is up for vote. Tnx,
06/20/2008  Patrick, I wanted to get our information in front of you we already have a partnership with the CUB Citizens Utility Board in Chicago. We recently visited both the Senate and Congress regarding the reformatiing of the wireless bill and provided them with some data that they are going to use. Do you have some time to talk Tom Pepe CEO-Validas 713.865.3305
06/20/2008  Sirius and XM Merger - I can't understand how you think you are helping consumers by opposing this merger. Having two disctinct satelite networks is both costly and inconveniet. Since Sirius and XM each maintain contracts with different car companies one of my cars is Sirius and the othe is XM. If I want to only use one service I have to buy additional equipment. Since I am paying for both services my monthly bill is 50% higher than it should be. Keep up the good work! I am so glad you are my advocate. One more observation: since the introduction of Satelite TV and Verizon vios as direct competors to existing cable networks the prices of all three services have increased - not declined.
06/22/2008  After landing in Madrid, my wife and I took the subway to the train. On route, in the subway system, the escalator stopped. Apparently, the system had been rigged. We had heavy bags to haul up the stairs. Two youth approached us and grappled with my wife's bag as they thew me off balance. I discovered later, the wallet in my front pocket was stolen. Besides my credit cards, auto license with my birth date on it, and medicare card, they stole the convenience of what could have been a pleasant vacation, not to mention my identity. I would testify to anyone that having my SS number on a medicare card is outdated, unwarranted and very troubling to those who are now, like us, trying desperately and expensively, to protect our identity. I read with mounting frustration and anger that those responsible for changing the system are resisting the idea for frivolous reasons. I support your effort and would testify to that.
06/22/2008  After landing in Madrid, my wife and I took the subway to the train. On route, in the subway system, the escalator stopped. Apparently, the system had been rigged. We had heavy bags to haul up the stairs. Two youth approached us and grappled with my wife's bag as they thew me off balance. I discovered later, the wallet in my front pocket was stolen. Besides my credit cards, auto license with my birth date on it, and medicare card, they stole the convenience of what could have been a pleasant vacation, not to mention my identity. I would testify to anyone that having my SS number on a medicare card is outdated, unwarranted and very troubling to those who are now, like us, trying desperately and expensively, to protect our identity. I read with mounting frustration and anger that those responsible for changing the system are resisting the idea for frivolous reasons. I support your effort and would testify to that.
06/23/2008  I would like to know what was paid for by credit card on 6/19/08My Advanta card was charged $26 on 6/19 08. Who authorized it and what was it for?
06/26/2008  I have just spent a frustrating 30 minutes trying to locate a box to write to you, i.e., a "contact us" box. So finally here it is. You do not make it easy to give you customer feed back because there is no contact us option on 99% of your website information. If you want me to be interested I will need your customer service options to be better. All I could reach was to put in a username and password but this was exclusively for on-line products and services. I do not have an on-line account that I know of, so how could I write to you using those numbers. I do have a last name and account number for a mail out product but you did not provide a way to connect about that. First I wanted to see if you received my payment for my subscription for consumers report on Health. You have, so all is well there. Next I want to change my address because we are moving. Please change my address to Ms. Nancy Van Kirk, c/o Sylvia Van Kirk, 1271 Kings Road, Victoria BC, V8T 1X8 This for account # CRH0230989196. You should do this immediately as my current address will be out of use by July 26, 2008. If I can just transfer this account to an online version of the CRH, please let me know because that might be a better option all round. I will be overseas for the next 18 months, so please let me know. Sincerely, Nancy VK
06/27/2008  Why is it that I don't see you pushing any laws stopping "ILLEGAL ALIENS" from coming into our COUNTRY or DEPORTING THE ILLEGALS HERE ALREADY? Maybe I'm missing something on your site? Please advise. Thank You, Maureen Geddie, La Habra, Ca. 90631
06/30/2008  I subscribed to consumer reports several months ago. I called to change my address to 373 Old Plank Road. Butler , Pa. 16002 Your people changed it to 37 old plank rd. butler , pa . 16002 To this day I still have not recieved any of my subscription and Im very upset with your organization. Contact me at 412 487-3000 daytime or 724-822-1000 cellphone to finally straighten this mess up. Sincerely, Bob Seibel
06/30/2008  why do i need to pay for seperate subscription fees for the mag and on line? this does not make since to me.
07/01/2008  I have tried a number of times to log into: for the on line CR web site for $12 year. I have put in the discount code 568k7ws3h9 - no go. I have tried each of the 3 number groups on my address label - HOW DO I DO THIS??? tHANKS J. North
07/02/2008  I read Jean Halloran's comments in a USA TODAY article calling for a congresioanl mandate for tracebility of fruits and vegitables. Our company SafeSourcing Inc. was launched on 5/12/2008 and is focused on safety and tracebilty in the retail supply chain. We can easily tell you how many farms there are in Mexico that process fruits, or how many meat processing plants there are in Nebraska in an instant with contact information. Our daily blog has a lot to do with safety in procrement and three blogs recenttly have dealt with the salmonella outbreak. We could not agree with her more. Please visit our website Ron Southard CEO
07/02/2008  Hello, I read Jean Halloran's comments in a USA TODAY article calling for a congressional mandate for traceability of fruits and vegetables. Our company SafeSourcing Inc. was launched on 5/12/2008 and is focused on safety and traceability in the retail supply chain. We can easily tell you how many farms there are in Mexico that process fruits, or how many meat processing plants there are in Nebraska in an instant with contact information. Our daily blog has a lot to do with safety in procurement and three blogs recently have dealt with the salmonella outbreak. We could not agree with her more. Part of what we do when providing data to retailers relative to their current suppliers or alternate sources of supply is to provide traceability content to the original source. While some of that work today requires is paper, pencil and phone; once information is obtained it is included in our database for future reference. Think of it as an RFI tool on demand for retailers. Our database presently contains over 187,000 North American suppliers. Please visit our website . Ronald D. Southard Chief Executive Officer SafeSourcing Inc. Phone: 480-773-7524 Mobile: 602-386-9586
07/06/2008  I can find no way to phone or get information on the Consumer Reports Magazine website. It took me 15 minutes to find a place that takes messages. I have been a subscriber to Consumer Reports Magazine for years. I want to subscribe to the one-line service as well. However, I do not allow any organization to automatically withdraw from my bank account or credit card since a negative experience. Iwould like to phone my payment to the on-line Consumer Report Magazine. Please send me a phone number. I will not subscribe if I have to allow automatic withdrawals or charges even though I am told I will be given notice beforehand. My experience has told me to remain in charge of my accounts. Thank you, Gay Neuls
07/07/2008  would like to add Michael Hansen's email address and direct line to our list of scientists writing on food issues .. .
07/09/2008  I have yet to meet a satellite radio consumer that is opposed to the merger of XM and Sirius. Because of your stance I have had to alter my opinion of Consumers Union and Consumer Reports as an unbiased source of product reviews. Obviously, you are receiving funding from the NAB. Please know that I am a current Sirius subscriber and a former Consumer Reports subscriber. I chose to spend my income on something of value.
07/10/2008  Greetings. I have created a myspace devoted to presenting brief video excerpts from a Ketchum Advertising presentation "Marketing in the New World of Interactive Media" that took place in San Francisco, 1993. The panel discussion includes representatives of CBS, Time/Warner, 3DO, Apple, Yankelovich, US West, Prodigy and Mondo 2000. The assembled were marketeers from Ketchums a-list clients who were introduced to the fledgling technologies that have, 15 years on, changed everything. Thanks for your time and attention. Keep up the good work.
07/14/2008  Are you currently accepting advertising on your website Thank you, Brandie C Marketing Manager ZTMC, INC.
07/19/2008  does Consumers Union have a sweepstakes going on now with a prize of $25,000. cash or family sedan? received mail asking for donations of $1.00 per ticket from Consumers Union/Consumer Reports Newsletters.
07/19/2008  does Consumers Union have a sweepstakes going on now with a prize of $25,000. cash or family sedan? received mail asking for donations of $1.00 per ticket from Consumers Union/Consumer Reports Newsletters.
07/20/2008  I recently entered your lottery hoping to win the family sedan. I note that my ticket-stubs do not show a date when the drawing will be held. I don't want to keep these ticket-stubs forever. Please advise me the date of the drawing. Thank you. Joseph Dove
07/21/2008  I just sent a comment about the $200 cancellation fee from Qwest for broadband even though I am moving. I wanted to add that when I cancelled my home phone (which I had only for broadband connection) I was told I could still have broadband and it would be connected thru a primary phone..the phone would have no dial tone. This was a surprise to me and many friends as the companies tell you you must have their telephone service to have connection to their broadband services. Even my daughter who has been in the technological field for over 25 yrs...questioned how I was going to have broadband without phone service. I had telephone service because of this well kept secret and spent $1200 in 2 yrs for phone service so I could have broadband...I would say this is false advertising and consumer fraud,
02/03/2009  I don't mind signing the things you ask me to sign if I agree with it but I wish you all could set it up were I wouldn't have to put all that information in all the time.
12/01/2009  Please change my address to: 998 S Wall St Columbus, OH 43206 Thanks!
07/24/2008  I am a retired CPSC Compliance Officer. I was responsible for 4 of the first 12 toys banned by FDA.4involved in some of the earliest safety work and played a key part in establishing the first lead in paint regulations. I also played a key part in identifying other hazards involving gasoline containers, window falls, etc. Last year I again became active and was quoted by the New York Times twice. My work was described in a Walll Street Journal article (front page of March 5, 2008). I am now on four ASTM sub-committees. - During the I
07/24/2008  I am a retired CPSC Compliance Officer. I was responsible for 4 of the first 12 toys banned by FDA.4involved in some of the earliest safety work and played a key part in establishing the first lead in paint regulations. I also played a key part in identifying other hazards involving gasoline containers, window falls, etc. Last year I again became active and was quoted by the New York Times twice. My work was described in a Walll Street Journal article (front page of March 5, 2008). I am now on four ASTM sub-committees. - During the I
07/24/2008  I am a retired CPSC Compliance Officer. I was responsible for 4 of the first 12 toys banned by FDA.4involved in some of the earliest safety work and played a key part in establishing the first lead in paint regulations. I also played a key part in identifying other hazards involving gasoline containers, window falls, etc. Last year I again became active and was quoted by the New York Times twice. My work was described in a Walll Street Journal article (front page of March 5, 2008). I am now on four ASTM sub-committees. - During the I
07/24/2008  I am a retired CPSC Compliance Officer. I played a key part in establishing the first lead in paint regulations (1971). I was responsible for 4 of the first 12 toys banned by FDA. As a CPSC investigator / compliance officer I played a key part in identifying other hazards involving gasoline containers, window falls, etc. My work was described in a Walll Street Journal article (front page of March 5, 2008). I was quoted by the New York Times on two occassions. I am now on four ASTM safety sub-committees. I believe my experience could help CU. I am not interested full or part time job, but I could be available as a consultant or otherwise work with your staff. Please contact me on (718) 859-0492.
07/24/2008  I am a retired CPSC Compliance Officer. I was responsible for 4 of the first 12 toys banned by FDA.4involved in some of the earliest safety work and played a key part in establishing the first lead in paint regulations. I also played a key part in identifying other hazards involving gasoline containers, window falls, etc. Last year I again became active and was quoted by the New York Times twice. My work was described in a Walll Street Journal article (front page of March 5, 2008). I am now on four ASTM sub-committees. - During the I
07/24/2008  I currently have a cell plan with sprint. The service started off alright. A few dropped calls here and there. So i went into the store. They have a computer for thier customers, and the computer shows world wide sprint coverage. I located the block that i live on in my town and printed it out along with the color coated key that explains all the coverages. Where i live has excellent service. (according to their chart). I live a little bit over two miles from a sprint tower. I keep getting dropped calls. My phone shows that i have three bars. Once the call im trying to make connects my signal drops and roughly twenty to fourty seconds into the call it says "signal faded, call lost". This has been going on for about a year and a half. I try taking it to the sprint store and all they can do is give me an update. Which makes it worse. Or give me an insurance card and tell me to put a claim through. Which every claim costs $50.00. I would like to terminate my plan but i have three phones including myself on the plan. Which if terminated all three results in a 600.00 Deactivation fee. Sprint has done nothing to help me. I have heard about your website on talk radio (1320) and read reports from people you have helped. Any suggestions? Or possible help please? Thank you.
03/06/2008  I received the email to send a note to my rep from hear us I encountered 2 problems: *could not use the autofill feature (from Google) * after filling by hand, could not submit. There was no response on the upon clicking on the submit button. These will definitely curtail the response.
07/30/2008  I just read about a California case where a group of former Sprint customers sued and won over contract cancellation fees. I was once a victim of this in Illinois (Southwestern Bell Mobile) and wonder if there is a suit I can join. My fees were paid only b/c the carrier put them up for collection (fees only, call charges were paid) and I couldn't buy my first house until the collection was cleared. SBM no longer exists, but I'm sure the company that bought them does.
07/30/2008  I want to know if I can recover for a cell phone early termination fee charged to me by Verizon that took place in 2002. I only had the phone for 1 month. I refused to pay the fee for about 6 months before I finally gave in to the constant creditors calling. It has been a negative mark on my credit ever since.
07/30/2008  Same deal I was a sprint customer for 12 years contributing an average of 110.00 a month to their revenue stream, plus I referred my entire family to sprint which I now regret because they stuck me for 200.00 in April after I gave them over 14,000.00 plus dollars in revenue. How do I join the class action suit? Are the feds going to do anything or do Ihave to wait until DC decides to get involved. thanks
07/30/2008  Regarding your "Transition to Digital TV" page... Are you aware that the ECHOSTAR/DISH brand "DTVPal" box has horrible defects to it? Initially the only box advertised as including an event timer so's to keep analog TV recorders running, the "Pal" is a nightmare. When you turn it on, it downloads new data from the TV stations, which somehow gets into the event timer and changes the channels of programmed events (and sometimes the very TIME the event is set for). As a result, the box can end up tuning to the wrong channel, not the one you wanted your machine to record. It may not even go on at the same time your recorder does, but at an entirely different time. The clock is also unreliable, due to certain channels being off on the time they transmit. These channels somehow take over the box, and can leave it anywhere from 15 minutes to several hours off the correct time. No manual clock setting, either. ECHOSTAR/DISH is even sending out "fixed" units to people who've called to complain, but the boxes being sent as replacements still have the same defects. Someone should let them know they're being watched. Thank you, "gastrof"
07/31/2008  I was wondering if the ruling on cell phone early cancellation fees would translate into something of the same effect with sattelite TV. Direct tv extended my contract without my consent for a year because my receiver failed and they had to replace it. I was charged $150 to cancell. Hopefully this ruling will spark another lawsuit against sattelite companies. Sincerely, Lowely subscriber. Brent Lincicum
08/06/2008  why does congress allow dsl service like verizon,att,and earthlink impose early termination fee if you lose your job or move or when the service cancelled your service.i think it like a extortion .ty
08/09/2008  Hello I am continually getting phone calls from an unidentifiable source that claims to be selling extended automobile warranties. I am on the Do Not Call Registry, so they seem to be in violation of this law. When I ask to be removed from their call list, the person rudely hangs up on me. I can't report this activity to the FCC or FTC because I do not know the company's name, and the phone number that displays on my caller ID appears to be fake. When I call the number, I get an automated "out of service" message. I know for a fact that this company is calling others in a similar manner. I am not the only victim. Please advise me on how to proceed. Please tell me what you can do to help me. Thank you Jason Sokoloff
08/10/2008  What is being done for the change over DTV for the blind who listen to tv on the radio. Are there going to be radio's that you can buy and still listen to the radio. I can not find any info on them. Please help
08/12/2008  i was ripped off by aphonecard company whose website is i sent an email to 2020 iwant to know what ican do icannot afford a cell phone at this time iam ahomeless person i am struggle in this heatwave please help
03/30/2005  Hello,My name is Karen Rugne,on Feb9 2005I Filed For A Malicious Call Trace and Paid a processing fee of $20.00.To SPRINT PCS FEDERAL EIN: 56- 0931189 Inv#2102500939 Third Party Call
08/14/2008  As a member of your advisory board: I am sending this message to let you know that after 11 wonderful and very gratifying years, I left Latino Issues Forum in April, 2008. I am now the Organizing Director for the Utility Reform Network. My work includes educating, mobilizing and empowering all consumers in California around utility issues (telecommunications, technology, energy, environmental justice and some water) especially senior, low-income, ethnic and limited English Speaking communities. My new e-mail address is:
08/14/2008  I am dismayed that I never heard from you after I sent you an update on Latinos and the Digital Divide last summer after the PPIC issued their report. This was a report that I worked on while I was at Latino Issues Forum. Ana Montes
08/17/2008  I have been receiving Consumer Reports since 1956. Your 2008 Buying Guide Page 71 indicates Toasters were covered in your January 2007 issue. I keep copies of the magazine for about 10 years but I was not able to find this item. Please advise. William H. Hall
08/18/2008  What is the update on the request for coupon expiration extension? Thank you. Kay Sallach
08/18/2008  I have been refused TV converter box coupons based on where I live, which is a Trailer Park. NTIA is saying it's because it is considered a business, not a residence, even though that's what it is, mine as well as many other residents living here. Please help! I cannot afford cable or satellite, am disabled, and live on a very small Social Security income.
08/19/2008  Kindly see a story on the bad telecom services being provided by the big giant Tata Telecom in India at . An unnumbered complaints are even there in their complaint box but no ear is attracted to put a sollution to it. If this is the indian telecom policy to just allot a licence and forget the problems what rest of a common man's are facing no doubt india will still be in 18th century forever.
08/20/2008  How can I track the progress of the Alltel Verizon merger (sale of Alltel)? Also, if I have some information to offer, how would I do that?
08/21/2008  On 8/20/08 I subscribed to Consumer Reports with order#11860846. I have subsequently discovered that I already was a subscriber with Order # 107499496. My user name under the earlier subscription is c21rog. The new subscription user is c22rog. Pass word for both is raw4. Please cancel the newest order and accept my apologies for the mixup.After all I'm an old timer (77). Thank you very much
08/21/2008  I am trying to get your rating on HD Tvs. I just subscribed for one month and I ordered the magazine. I don't want to wait for the magazine. Your ads indicate I can get this info on line. Can you help me Thanks Paul
08/22/2008  User Provided No Response
08/23/2008  how can i subscribe to your mail reports. I am a member since july 2002, but have never received any mail from you. On your request to subscribe for mail page you ask for a number which is to be found on the mailing. Is this a catch 22?
12/16/2005  We are a couple who share an email address. In responding to take action on the excessive charges by the telephone companies, my wife isn't able to register her voice and send her message. Some other non-profits and agencies have a means to consider this by allowing a choice for those who are not the addressed email recipient. That way we are both able to be counted on for our comments and choices. Thank you, In Peace, David Schneider
08/31/2008  tried to cancel cell phone 3mo. early w/ tmobile told me i would have to pay $200. not $50. because our contract was before june28. this don't sound right please let me know al sellitto
09/17/2006  Sent your e-mail along with 10 of my associates. Got this back:> subscribe wu- generalweb-nj01 Raymond Woods There is no WU-GENERALWEB-NJ01 list on this server. Try sending a "LIST" command to get a description of all the lists available from LISTSERV@LS1.HOUSE.GOV.
09/02/2008  Mr. Joel Kelsey, I understand you are a speaker at the 2008 Consumers Issue Conference at the University of Wyoming later this month. I am writing advance stories about the conference and am wondering if you would be willing to be interviewed. I can send questions via e-mail or arrange a telephone interview at your convenience. Thanks in advance, Steve Miller Senior Editor University of Wyoming
09/04/2008  I am furious. You are taking money out of my bank account for an account I do not want. I went to the web site and tried to cancel account but could not do so even with my password and username.
09/05/2008  I am very frustated. I have spent over an hour trying to straighten out my subscription. Please help me. I want to talk to a support person. 443-414-9857 Tom Thompson
09/06/2008  I have been with sprint since 1998. I wanted a new stlyle phone so I had to take a new 2 yr.contract. sprint charges 30.00 a month more than at&t for same plan,and sprint has no roll over minutes, and they use your minutes to talk to other sprint users, which at&t does not. I want to cancell and go with at&t, sprint wants to charge me $200.00 for the time left on my contract, which expires March 2009. and no pro-rate.
09/08/2008  I am the Reference Librarian at the Winter Haven Public Library and came across "Practical Tips for Consumers" published by the Consumers Union. Unfortunately, there is no date in the book so I can't tell how old it is. I searched for comparable info to what is in the book but couldn't find anything. It has some good info, especially for comparing different types of phone service and internet connections. Do you know when it was published? Do you have anything more up-to-date? If comparable info is on your website, where can I find it? Thank you, Linda
09/08/2008  I have had a Business contract through T-Mobile now since 2003 and have 4 phones through them and have remained very loyal. We have updated all our phones through them with extended contracts... However I upgraded my Personal Business line phone last year. almost 10 months into it the phone started falling appart. I was able to get a "replacement" that was refurbished and it worked for about a month & a half then had to be replaced that one worked for 2 weeks and was sent another. that one didn't work at all they sent another that one didn't work and they sent another and now this one does not work ... they all have the same problems & I requested that they send me a BRAND NEW phone vs. a "refurbished" they have told me that the only thing that they can do is give me a "Discount" on a NEW More EXPENSIVE phone.. I don't wish to get a new phone as I really Like the one I have it fits everything I need perfectly .. Do you have any suggestions.
09/08/2008  We (the staff of the Orange County Library System in Orlando FL) have recently learned about this service ( and are checking it out and like what we see. We have a suggestion: You may want to date your articles / pages. For instance, your page about "Technology's Digital Divide" (see: Internet) offers some impressive data but there is no historical context on that page for the data, except for the mention of President Bush's goal, for 2007! I also want to point out that paragraph 5 (which begins, "A recent analysis by Consumers Union and Consumer Federation of America ...") begins with a link to that analysis but that page "cannot be found."
09/09/2008  When will you weigh in on media consolidation and broadcast news standards. I'm pretty sure you're paying the same attention I am, and the lack of standards is deconstructing our democracy. Why is it that we now have to rely on Public Television/Radio, and Bob Woodward to report objectively on the activities of our government? Your opinion matters and is respected. A position on this issue may activate voters. We need your help. Too late is not far off. Respectfully, Joseph Santino
09/19/2008  I am unable to connect to your website using my password. I have been trying for two days. Any suggestions?? All other websites are working fine. JW
09/19/2008  I subscribed to Consumer Reports Health at $19 per month in June. I'm not getting the email newsletter and when I log on to download an offered PDF, it says I am not a subscriber, yet I received confirmation email of it. I tried to contact someone by phone, but the numbers you list are all only for subscription questions and told me they are only the billing department. So what you need to do is clean up your act and get your own services straightened out. I was given a long distance number for technical support and had to go through much time and frustration to get it. Perhaps you should work on your own subscriber problems before you work on other problems. I won't subscribe again.
07/28/2009  I have forgotten my password. However, when I registered it was with a different email address. Therefore, when I ask for my password it doesn't come to my current email address, but goes to my old one which does not exist. That OLD email address was My new one where I receive newsletters is kwalls Please help me. Thank you, Kathy Walls
09/23/2008  I forgot my password and email. When I email they say the email is not in our system. can you please help me.
02/03/2009  I have been receiving two identical E-mails from Consumers Union about Petitions to send to Congress. Perhaps it is because I have a C.U. Magazine subscription and also an Online subscription. Thank you for clearing up this error. Sincerely, Doris McNary
09/25/2008  To whom it may concern. I am writing to see if you have someone to help develop a clear comparison for consumers to shop for television, phone and internet. I have not found a guide or tool that allows the consumer to do this and am getting frustrated with the lack of customer service with the companies I am trying to get the information from. Sincerely, Mrs. Moore
02/03/2009  My condo has Peoples Choice Cable which is not regulated by FCC. They get the Direct TV feed and convert it on our condo property. We only get Standard TV analog. This is through our contract ending in 2009. This practice needs to be eliminated. To get HD TV we need to pay all over again with Direct TV and get several tiers to get to HD=1080 TV. We are being double billed. HD should be available to all of us just as it is broadcast. FREE. No down sizing of signal and no blocking of signal into tiers.
09/29/2008  Please advise how I can get in touch with your subcription department. Problem I cancelled my subscribtion to OnHeath. I receied only one copy . I subscribe to Consumers Report for many year. I just don't think I would want OnHealth. Please advise or cancelled my subscription. I did write several week ago after receiving the first copy. Thank you for your help. N B James
09/28/2008  Will you please send me the toll free number for OnHealth program I am having little problem getting them on the internet. I would appreciate it very much thankYou. N B James
10/01/2008  I received in the mail consumers reports raffle tickets. Is this legit or a scam? The raffle is for a car. I am not going to send in any money for raffle tickets without checking and verifying its legitimacy. Please advise. Thank you, Genevieve Maida
10/03/2008  I think consumers needs to change the Digital TV (DTV) focus from how to receive DTV signals to the quality of the DTV programs we receive. I'm speding over $300 for DTV converters and a new antenna system to be able to pick up 25 stations over-the-air (with over 50 channels of programming) and have realized that the commercial broadcasters in my area are only giving us junk on the multicast subchannels. They seem to think that what we really need is a 24/7 weather radar. The broadcasters seem to be afraid that their multicast subchannels might compete with their primary channel. It looks as if DTV is going to be a huge flop because of this. BTW, my state's PBS network is doing a very good job of providing good multicast content. I'm attaching a link I found that pretty well sums up the way I feel. It's an interesting read:
10/03/2008  Your security has caused me a big problem! I am a member who just enrolled in Health.Org, and attempted to enroll for your newsletter, but I cannot communicate by email because CU uniquely requires that I consistently write my email address using only the one font format that I used to enroll! Unfortunately, I have several fonts in use and do not recall the "CU font," and now I am locked out!
10/03/2008  I wach channel 62 which is univison (spanish) program. I get another spainish channel which i don't watch.I put the convertor box i got from walmart, and it still doesn't give me univision. What must i do? i can't afford to get cable or satelite. I am on fix income. Thank You
10/09/2008  HI- I recently decided to switch cable providers to Comcast and was asked to provide my social security number. I refused because I didn't understand why the cable company needs this information. I read that it is legal for them to collect "personal identification information" since they are listed as utilities. Can you provide any guidance? Do I have to give out this information? Is there any other information they can collect instead (driver's license or credit card #)? Thanks
05/24/2014  You have an error (word missing) in the online petition re: Comcast. The first bulleted point after the summary sentance followed by a colon : is missing what I believe should be the the word "than". It should be reread by you and corrected as right now it does not make perfect sense. Thanks, I'll sign when it's corrected.
02/03/2009  Clicking on the "web form" for K. Gillibrand did not work. Tried it twice. Thanks. Steve
07/22/2009  How do you make the form to send your Congress person. My mother is on the National Board of AARP, and wants to send out a message about Medicare and Medicaid. Can you help me? Or tell me who can?
02/04/2009  I have recently received an e-mail from Consumers Union, concerning extending the time on the switch to digital. I'm afraid your letter is exaggerated. I heard about it last year, applied and received my coupons, telling me of the time period in which to use them. I purchased my converter boxes last spring at a very reasonable rate of $49.00. ( cash outlay $9.00 + tax )They were available at more than one place for that price. I'm sorry, but, I think people had plenty of time to hear about "The Switch ". I'm all for protecting peoples's rights, but, come on, people, pay attention.
10/16/2008  I sent in my application for two converter coupons. I never received them. When I called to find out what happened to them, the agency told me they had been sent out and there was nothing I could do but appeal. I did that and have yet to hear from the DTV appeal people. What else can I do? I would like to get my coupons, but now my address is blocked from receiving the coupons. J. Summers
10/16/2008  I am looking for a contact email address for Mark Silbergeld. He was my mentor when I interned with him and the Consumer Federation of America. I would like to get in contact with him about potentially writing a reference for me. Please help me since he is no longer with the Consumer Federation of America, it's been harder to find him.
10/22/2008  Here's a radical comparison: When too much trash falls in the soup, we toss the soup and start over. What if we did that with congress? We'd have a lot of freshmen lawmakers, but they'd be on their best behavior for longer than average. Meanwhile, here's a default legislative budget suggestion for states like California: If the legislators can't agree on a budget by midnight on the chartered deadline, last year's budget is automatically renewed, less pro-rata line item amounts to fit this year's income, including any "minimum funding" line items.
10/22/2008  FYI, the November issued of Prevention magazine,page 44, contains an interesting article on air freshners, stating in part that they may be hazordous to your health. I have not seen anything on this subject recently in Consumers Union monthly magazine, and was wondering if you have ever done any research in this area or if you plan to do so in the future? Any info would be appreciated, as we use quite a few of them here in our home in Down East Maine. Thanks, Tom Donohue
10/25/2008  I am wondering if you could tell me what wireless phone company has the best area coverage,or biggest hassel free network on average across the U.S.,especially for wireless internet.I have tried (for internet)AT&T,and they are terrible.I searched your website and couldnt find anything directly usefull on the subject. Thank you so much for your reply..
10/28/2008  Where can I go to find out who owns and what % of Fox News and other TV Stations? Thank You, Bunny
12/06/2008  Hi, I would like to update my 10/30 and 11/18/08 communications. Convinced that my problem was my 12 year antenna WITH POOR UHF RECEPTION, I checked all over and purchased and had installed a new, much larger antenna with a much more powerful UHF receiver, and being in New York, had it pointed to the Empire State Bldg., where the digital transmissions are coming from. And yes, for curiosity, I had the old antenna turned to the bldg. as well, but I couldn't capture WNET-Ch.13 in NY. All this was tested on my two month old flat panel digital TV. So, if your old TV doesn't capture UHF perfectly well, and you have money for a new antenna ($200.-), installation & two lines included, go for it. For my older TVs I'll still have to purchase the converters and hope they work! If i'm successful, I'll cancel my contract with FIOS at the end and connect that TV to the new antenna & converter box. The moral of the story is that if you can afford it, do it now, before the roof is covered with snow in February! And make sure your installer is insured. For those who can't afford it, the $40.00 coupon is a waste if you don't have the right conditions, and unfortunately, nobody is going to help you out!
07/30/2009  After sending a message to congressmen/senators we are asked to forward the message to our friends. To do that one has to input friends' email addresses manually. This is too time consuming. Instead, allow entering email addresses from one's phonebook on PC, e.g. Windows address book. This will allow broadcasting the call for action to many more freinds
11/11/2008  I purchased DTV converter boxes from Radio Shack and hooked them up as directed. They came with a remote control and after programming everything works fine except the volume; I have to use my television remote to adjust the volume. The DTV converter boxes don't have any number to call for help and Radio Shack cannot help me. Is there a site yet dedicated to people that are having connection problems with their DTV boxes? Tnx,
11/15/2008  David Caulum 4113 Chippewa Drive Madison, WI 53711 If you look at my history with CU, I have provided gift subscriptions to family and friends for over 15 years. I have continually complained about the frequency of your mail regarding updating these subscriptions. I am now, apparently, on your limited mailing list. I just received your notification of receipt of my subscriptions for this year. It is, as usual, insidiously clever, attempting to solicit an additional year of subscriptions in exchange for sending notice of my gifts. For example, the date my new subscriptions will expire is listed as Jan. 10th without a year. To the causal reader, they might think they were expiring now and respond by updating them. Although it does indicate in a long paragraph at the end that this interpretation is incorrect, your notice is still misleading. Typical! Someday, my patience will expire and you will lose four subscriptions. David Caulum
11/16/2008  Yesterday, I was crammed on my monthly Embarq telephone bill by unauthorized charges from ILD on behalf of My Billing Guys, a known crammer, with multiple complaints on the Internet. Click on for one example; click at the bottom for other reports; do a Google search for a few more. The charges are for setting up a Voice Mail service that I never authorized, don't have, and have never used, plus a monthly service charge. I'm writing Consumer Reports, not for assistance in this particular matter, but to urge you to advocate for laws that would prohibit Third Party Provider billing. Although in my case the fraud would only amount to a little over eight dollars a month (if I hadn't caught the billing discrepancy on the first bill), I understand it is a business that pulls in hundreds of millions of dollars annually. I have been a long time subscriber to your wireless magazine service (and subscribed for several decades to your magazine.) I appreciate what you do for consumers. Guy M. McBride 5309 Lisa Lane Hickory, NC 28602
11/16/2008  your site sucks i cant get you on line it says i am not a member which is bull shit i no longer want your information, i am totally frustated in using your web site . ron wilson
11/17/2008  I purchased this service expecting I would be able to get up to date information abuot products and servesses. Imagine my surprise when I got on to the site, typed in "digital camers" and got a load of garbage, all political in one for or another. I tried several times, even using your line. No luck. All I want is to be able to check products. And now WHY you are now promoting polital agenda. Can you PLEASE send me a link to ratings and what to look for in a digital camera???? Thanks.
11/17/2008  I have Comcast cable but not digital. Just standard and basic which has about 70 channels - enough! I pay close to $60 monthly! They raised rates effective 11/1. They've already starting converting channels to digital. We have 4 TV's. Thhey gave us ONE digital box. We would have to convert to digital service (more$$$) AND rent 3 more boxes each month! This has nothing to do with the other box people need who have analog. This is their own box and you cannot buy it anywhere. Ads on TV are misleading. Imply that if you have cable you don't have to do anything. We will have very few channels if we don't do anything! Why should I have to pay a GREAT DEAL MORE to maintain the SAME service I have NOW? Also, very sneaky to put in a price increase right before the conversion. I believe I also will not be able to use my old VCR after the conversion - a FREE way to record shows. I would have to pay, pay, pay for some other method through Comcast as well. Very wrong! $60 is enough each month, especially during these times. 70 channels is more than enough. They will offer some special 6 month basic digital package thru December but after that it will be considerably more and of course it does NOT include the extra boxes needed per set. They are the only game in town and nickel and diming everyone to death. I've complained to the FCC but they don't seem interested as it does not concern to main conversion. Can anyone do anything about this obnoxious giant?
11/17/2008  please provide me a phone number so I can update my address for my consumer magazines. I have updated it a couple of months ago on line but my mail is still being sent to my old address. Thanks
11/18/2008  DTV Conversion: Consumer Reports is just repeating the same storyline that I hear everywhere, buy a converter box, blah, blah, blah. Here's a good question? How well does this broadcast digital tv work? Not too good, I'm afraid. I have a new digital large screen TV and 2 converter boxes on older TVs. I live 30 miles from Phila, NW. I have the largest RadioShack outdoor antenna mounted high above my 2 story roof. I have an antenna amplifier. My analog TV signal is great, clear picture on 6 channels. The digital channels are even better, until they pixelate and drop out which happens quite often, sometimes disappearing altogether. How about actually TESTING the real world application of Broadcast DTV? John Hales
02/03/2009  I typically appreciate and enjoy reading the information and the consumer protection things you do, but this one is out of line. Consumers have had FIVE YEARS to get this figured out. My poor and elderly in-laws who live in the middle of rural America have their converter box hooked up and running. If they have it taken care of by now then everyone should have it taken care of by now. Delaying the transition is ridiculous and a waste of time and money. Please concentrate on more pertinent issues.
02/03/2009  Nobody has been honest with the American people. The public service announcements only mention that DTV will provide better reception. For millions of people in rural areas, all reception will be lost. Digital doesn't reach out like analog. It doesn't matter what date is set - at least in the near future - those people who can least afford cable will be in the dark.
11/20/2008  Hello, My name is Jesse Chettle and I recently visited your website and saw your Digital Transition Page. I operate a website that maintains unbiased reviews and ratings of over 40 different digital to analog converter boxes that have been approved by the government for the digital transition. My website is very reputable and has been getting a lot of publicity throughout the internet from highly respected newspaper sources (A sample has been provided at the bottom of this email). My website & company or also a member of the Digital Transition Coalition. My reviews have also been endorsed by Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska on his website page about the digital transition. You can see it at the bottom of the following page under the link "Converter Box Reviews". Another website that has endorsed my reviews is You see my link in the right sidebar under the Digital Transition Information. I was emailing you today to see if you would be willing to provide a link on the DTV page of your website to my Digital To Analog TV Converter Box Review website. I believe that my reviews are a valuable resource and I am hoping to help people get the best converter box possible. You can visit my site at I look forward to hearing from you either way! Thanks! Jesse Chettle 2 Examples Of Links From Newspaper Sources The Austin American Statesman Newspaper: The Atlanta Journal Constitution Newspaper:
11/20/2008  You have billed me twice to renew consumer reports without my authorization. I have written you before with no response. You billed my VISA again today without my authorization. Please credit my account for $52.00. Advise dwb
02/07/2009  received a message about digital broadcast "switch-over". Over half of what you said is just not true...have we really come to the day and age that we have to have whistle-blowers for the whistle-blowers?????
11/24/2008  Sorry to direct this message to you....but I am unable to locate any telephone number or email address to Consumer Reports. I have received two notices on the same day: one advises me my subscription has expired, while the other indicates my subscription expires Dec. 2009. Both communications were basically a solicitation to purchase a gift subscription which I do knot choose to do. Please forware this communication to the proper authorities at Consumer Reports. Thank You. Robert W. Simmons, Jr. 57 Silkey Road, No. Granby, CT 06060
11/26/2008  I agree. There shouldn't have been 90 exp. I sure didn't notice it on the paperwork and obviously it was so tiny I missed it on the card. Now I'm stuck w/ coupons that are no good and they will not let me return for replacement. They should've been good until 123108.
12/03/2008  I want to start a non profit but I want to make sure I am doing ot correctly. I live in NJ cost $750.00 $75.00 ??? Is there are there any agencies to help me?? Lori 856889954 Also, I would like to subscribe to the consumer reports magazine and on-line site! Is there a special for both to join or does the magazine cover the access to the site?? Lori 8568899154
12/04/2008  I currently have a contract plan with VerizonWireless. My contract period is over. I would like to switch to pay-as-you-go service with the same carrier. However, Verizonwireless refused to allow me to keep my old cell phone number. Do I have any recourse?
12/09/2008  I wrote to get coupons for my son's home. He is stationed in BAGDAD. His mail is addressed and received at my address, although his worldly possessions have physical occupancy about 3 hours from my home. When I asked for coupons on his behalf, I got the standard, automatic denial, based on "household address." I did the automatic appeal process, and got the same automatic response. What is the administrave procedure for proving harm caused by the automatic denial process, and getting the coupons? Thank you for helping the many bloggers who have been denied fair and equitable process in this matter.
02/05/2009  The postponement of the transition hopefully will enable the press to better inform the public of the issues. As I've indicated previously, I have yet to see any discussion of the Digital Television transition talk about the impact on video recorders. they only talk about putting the converter box between the antenna and the TV set. The problem is that the public service Notices don't alert people that not every device with a "tuner" has a ATSC tuner. Some only tune the cable channels. The public service announcements don't alert the public that many electronics sales people don't know if what they are selling can receive off-the-air television. I can say the Fry's has recently improved the labeling of what they have for sale. Many now clearly say, "Does not include a tuner." or "No antenna input." I can't say the same for Best Buy Inc. When a DVD recorder says it has a "tuner," does that mean it has an ATSC compatible tuner? Furthermore, I don't have the figures, but I expect most everyone that owns a television set has a VCR. Moreover, it is common practice to expect to be able to watch one TV channel while recording another. If one buys a new video recorder with an ATSC tuner to use with a non-ATSC compatible TV set, you can't record one channel while watching another unless you also have an ATSC converter box with the pass through feature. May be I'm making a big deal out of nothing, but today when asking (watch while record) questions re a Tivo Series 3 at Best Buy, the answer I got was "I don't know." For some people, it may make more sense to buy a video recorder with an ATSC tuner than to spend money on a converter, but if they don't understand what is needed, they can't make an informed decision.
12/15/2008  More people need to hear about the fact that we are at serious jeopardy of losing the right to unlock our cellphones this year. If mega-carriers like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint-Nextel have their way, American consumers will lose the DMCA exemption that allows us to unlock our cellphones, whether to recycle them or to get open access for switching them to another carrier. So far only three comments have been submitted in favor of renewing the cellphone unlock exemption, and the deadline for speaking out to the Library of Congress is February 2, 2009, when the mega-carriers are expected to unload their guns. E-mail me or Electronic Frontiers Foundation, or see for more info.
12/16/2008  When deciding to get Hi Speed Internet does the number of Mbps make a difference in the connection???? ie. One service advertises Economy connection with one (1) Mbps and another offers up to 12 Mbps. Of course there is a difference in price also. What do you recommend and why??? Thanks.
12/17/2008  It is sad the cable and broadcast industry is not telling the consumer the full story about the digital conversion in February; cable plans to get rid of the basic analog subscription service and replace it with the higher price digital packages. In addition to the higher rates, eqch analog television connected to cable will require a converter box to function. Cable companies are currently charging an average of $7.95 per month for each digital converterbox to access the digital tier. So a family that currently have 5 analog sets in the house connected to basic analog services could see their monthly bill double. Currently the cable companies are only telling the consumers that if they subscribe cable they won't have to do anything when the digital switchover occurs on February 17 2009. I just learned today from a related article, the cable industry had planned to switch their analog channel programming to digital starting in December 2008 thru March 2009. They are not telling the full truth and it sure looks like a bate and switch scheme.
12/22/2008  I'm president of the national assocaition of leased access programmers and believe we have a lot of common goals regarding FCC. I'd appreciate being able to correspond with the person in your organization that is involved with the FCC issues. I think those of us that actually use leased access and that are truly small entrepreneural independent, locally focused, programmers, unaffilited with the cable operator have stories that if can reach members of Congress may help get the badly needed Congressional hearings we need in how FCC's Media Bureau helps cable resist complying with the intent of the law. I think it is in our mutual interest to at least talk if not collaborate. Charlie Stogner
01/03/2009  Comcast is evil, really. There are no other words to aptly describe what they get away with. I say everyone connected to their service needs to send a very clear message and disconnect - all at one time. A boycott will get their attention. They are capitalizing on fear and have got the public/consumer's believing that life w/o COMCAST (or any of the other lying crooks for that matter) would be terrible. Well, I here to tell you that it is not. I'm having the time of my life and I'm virtually enjoying tv and internet for free. This whole cable and internet business is one big lying crock of crap. The greedy giants just continue to abuse the hell out of consumers and don't get me started on their lying commercial advertisements. Damn, if this crap isn't insane, I don't know what is! Disconnect, you people don't need that crap. Paying out the ass; no service; blocking or whatever it is they are doing (it's all evil and manipulative bullshit). Besides which, I heard that there's free wireless available to anyone with a portable computer w/ an antenna. And, I know people who are currently using it - for free. So wiseup dummies and get informed. You don't need to torture yourselves any longer and pay out the ass anymore. Those days are over. Plus, with the arrival of Digital TV (DTV) no one especially needs to pay any longer for stupid tv full of lying commercial advertisement. Wise-up dummies.
01/07/2009  How does one see comments previously made here re: DTV?
12/30/2008  Curious, is this one-way communication? I ask because I just read the November 11th post from a woman in St. Louis (I believe) and I wondered if she'd been helped. I just love this new wonderful DTV which also happens to be in HD. It's frustrating sitting on the sidelines not being able to help others. There seems to be no one to call for help other than automated recording numbers which only serves to further antagonize the situation. I believe alot of the confusion over the switch is the direct result of the lies told by the pay tv companies designed to intentionally deceive and confuse the public into thinking that they still need to pay to watch tv. It's outrageous and so easy to get this fabulous new TV programming for free. Those criminals continue to lie and scheme and steal from the uninformed public. This is so easy to get free tv and millions, possibly billions still have no idea about it.
12/31/2008  I'd like to interview someone at your organization about the recent complaints that cable companies are exploiting broadcast television's digital transition to overcharge subscribers. Please call me at 800.241.5511. April Williams CNN Radio - Atlanta
03/07/2008  I don't allow cookies from anyone I don't personally know. Your's is the only consumers group telling me I have to let you dump a cookie on me for I can respond. One other thing I dump on cookies and temp file every hour. Ho ....and one other thing take me off your mailing list!!
03/07/2008  I don't allow cookies from anyone I don't pwesonally know. Your's is the only consumers group teling me I have to let you dump a cookie ion my computer. One other thing I dump on cookies and temp file every hour. Ho and one other thing take me off your mailing list!!
07/23/2009  You know what? I can't help it anymore. Every time I fill out one of these things, I am encouraged to forward the message through email. I do not believe this is conducive to the aims of your campaigns and others alike. I do not have access to so enough people's emails not to mention the email route is cluttered and involves less interaction. It takes me months to respond to emails like this much less send it, but I can assure you, have features that allow me to share this content through social media websites in addition to email and you will see higher participation. Go to Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and many others and get their logos and links to better promote these highly important matters. JP
07/02/2009  Hi - I am interested in any efforts you are making concerning the"double dipping" that is happening with text messaging. By this I mean, when someone sends you a text message their minutes are charged (as I would expect) but so are the minutes of the individual who receives the message. That same message goes against the minutes of 2 individuals! The end result is while the 500 or 1000 minutes seem abundant, they really are half of what is offered by this system. Is anything happening to change this unfair procedure? Or could there be? Thanks!
01/05/2009  I am writing about the "Selling It" page in the 02/09 issue. In the lower left corner is a compairison of Hardee's burgers. What is not noted is both of these burgers are fake and computer generated.. You could not eat them if you wanted. Proof? Look at the seeds and bun creases. Both top and bottom are the same, only the immage and spacing have changed in the middle. Thought you would like to know. Rick W.
01/06/2009  Dear Consumers Union, I'm writing today in response the recent press and concern over wireless carriers using allegedly unfair practices in the billing of text messaging. This is unfortunately a growing problem from carriers who view their users (customers) as being offered the privilege of using their mobile devices and services. My company (TextGuard) has made a step in the direction of putting power back into the hands of consumers by empowering them with the ability to secure, manage and coordinate mobile communication & devices, providing archiving capabilities on a secured server remotely accessible by an authorized user. Core features: Security & Profiles Back-up & Synchronizing SMS Blocking Logging Supplemental features: Remote & Automated Back-up Evidentiary-quality Record Storage Tracking & Monitoring Location-based Services File & Organize Messages Search & Retrieve We feel this type of technology is critical for consumers to have access to with the ever increasing popularity of wireless technology and notably SMS/Email communications. We'd love an opportunity to have a feature article done through your tremendous organization. We can be reached at the contact info below. . The application is available by download from our website at Regards, Andrew Gunn Partner/ VP Worldwide Sales TextGuard 131 N. Michigan Avenue Kenilworth, NJ, USA 07033 609.915.9422
01/06/2009  Gov'ts TV coupon program is a mess. Applied for 2 coupons on Nov.2, 2008, same day received confirmation number and mailing date of Nov.21. Since nothing yet receivced, today, Jan 6, 2009, I checked website with confirmation number and learned mailing date was (is) Nov. 12! No way to get human by calling telephone number, to find out what's going on.
01/06/2009  Casio is using a phone article from Consumer reports on it's web site
01/07/2009  I cant find a review on t mobile phone motoactv--it is an motorolawith a camerasimICCID;8901260910047090077f--is there areview?---would you shareit,please
01/08/2009  Account number 0126608322 I Have Never Received This magazine And I Will Not Pay The Supposed $24.00 You Say I Owe Take Me Off Your Mailing List
01/08/2009  I purchased 2 digital TV converter boxes several months ago and have been using them. There is another issue which I have not seen addressed anywhere, and that is the TV antenna which we were using for analog signals DOES NOT WORK well with digital!! We have just ordered a digital antenna to remedy this situation, but other people who rely on non-cable or satellite reception are going to have this same problem and will BE WITHOUT TV. Is anyone else aware of this problem? The signals for the digital signals come and go with the old antenna and I see it as a HUGE problem.
01/20/2009  I have written my story to share so I on't go into detail about my experience with this government forced digital transition. What I am wondering is can you the Consumers Union file a class action on behalf of all of us who are going to lose our signal altogether. As an off air TV viewer who receives 14 analog channels now and will get basicly none when DTV happens, I do not want to pay for TV. I think this is whole fiasco is appaling and more so becuase the government wanterd to pirate the VHF frequency to auction off to the highest bidder. The governemnt will profit twice from this. From the auction and then from all the surcharges from the high speed internet and phone connections they will get. Please be the voice for us who will lose our TV. A class action will make them stand up and listen.
01/09/2009  I understand that Consumers Union is trying to get congress to delay the change to digital television. There have already been years of delays. There will always be some people who wait until they have no other alternative before they make a change. After more than a year of warnings on the media, it is hard for me to believe that there are individuals who are unaware of the impending change. Most lower income families have already visited COSTCO and purchased a flat screen digital TV. Isn't it the low power analog broadcasters who are really concerned about the change? There can't be many people who will be affected by the loss of a few low power stations. I strongly urge you to reconsider your position.
01/09/2009  I agree that the transition to digital TV should be delayed until they can get it right. The signal is not as good as analog so they need to fix that somehow (more power?). Our signal in Locust Grove, VA analog was not great, but it was acceptable - but there is NO digital signal now so we get nothing. Thank you for your work to help with the transition. Mike Thompson
01/13/2009  Dear Sir Thanking you from the all well wishers & more than 1700 disabled members of "SUNRIDER DISBLE WELFARE FOUNDATION" IN BANGLADESH. I am Mohammad Munir Hossain, The Secretary General / Executive Director of this Foundation. For see our details social activities please visit our web: We are 10 delegates want to attend your conference. So what can We do now? We want to your highly anticipation. Thanks. May the Almighty Creator bless you. With best regards Mohammad Munir Hossain Secretary General/ Executive Director Sunrider Disable Welfare Foundation Dhaka, Bangladesh. Ph: +880-1733992880, +880-1733992882
07/31/2009  My representative requires that I verify a code or someting but I have tried several times to open the "capture image" but it won't open. Sorry, I really would like to do this but i just can't figure out what i am in supposed to put in the Verify box. Brenda Simmons, Bedford, TX
04/02/2007  Why does the Hear Us Now campaign not emphasize the environmental impact of forcing customers to repeatedly purchase new phones?
01/14/2009  Regarding the digital TV switchover. Unfortunately, some people will never be ready. Our TV stations in IL are literally bombarding us with the news and what to do. Let's just get it over with and help the uninformed after the fact. I don't think a year's delay will make any difference.
01/16/2009  On 10/3/08 my wife Joyce Hanna sent a $44 check to Magazine Processing Payment Inc., PO Box 999, Nyach, NJ 10960. She can't find her notes and doesn't know what she payed for. Please tell us. Thanks Raymond Hanna 0015325459 1813 Rushley Rd. Baltimore, MD 21234-2713 410-668-9490
01/16/2009  I am a web and mail subscriber, but did not receive the mail edition for December (the booklet one). Is there an 800 number to call?
01/18/2009  In conjunction with the Southwest Region of the Alliance for Community Media and the Benton Foundation, CAT Fayetteville is hosting a Community Media Summit on March 27 & 28, 2009 for local media makers and advocates in neighboring states, smaller cities and rural areas. We would like to invite your organization to join us by sending a speaker or sponsoring our event and sending literature for us to pass along. If you are interested, please reply and we will provide you with more details. Thank you for your time.
01/18/2009  In conjunction with the Southwest Region of the Alliance for Community Media and the Benton Foundation, CAT Fayetteville is hosting a Community Media Summit on March 27 & 28, 2009 for local media makers and advocates in neighboring states, smaller cities and rural areas. We would like to invite your organization to join us by sending a speaker or sponsoring our event and sending literature for us to pass along. If you are interested, please reply and we will provide you with more details. Thank you for your time.
01/19/2009  After receiving a flyer in the mail, I thought I had mailed a post card indicating I would like a one-year subscription to Consumer Reports. Did you receive that as I have not heard from you. Please advise. Joan Borden 57 109th St Troy, NY 12182
01/23/2009  I would like to register a complaint about Comcast. This cable TV company has removed 3 stations (AMC, Style, and the Cartoon Channel) from the list we received without reducing our rate.
01/23/2009  DTV will cost consumers more than reported. Using a DTV Box renders current VCRs or DVRs largely unusable. To watch or record shows on different channels, consumers must purchase a separate Box AND a VCR for EACH channel, or pay for Cable, Satellite, or TiVo. Cable and Tivo have been Deceptive Contact me for more information on a letter that is being sent to Senator Rockefeller, who is working on the DTV Delay Bill. Stacey Morse (310) 963-7664
01/25/2009  Our cable company Comcast is systematically removing channels from the regular cable and moving them to digital. They are doing this without any warning. They are requiring people to get digital cable to keep channels they have been carrying all along. This includes AMC, Cartoon networkHGTV and now a regular broadcast channel in Phila, Channel 17. Comcast claims they have given notificaTION WHEN THEY
01/25/2009  Our cable company Comcast is systematically removing channels from the regular cable and moving them to digital. They are doing this without any warning. They are requiring people to get digital cable to keep channels they have been carrying all along. This includes AMC, Cartoon networkHGTV and now a regular broadcast channel in Phila, Channel 17. Comcast claims they have given notification when they have not. They claim they are doing this because of the digital transition, which is a lie. Who else can I contact about this? I will contact the PA state attorney general's office and the FCC.
01/27/2009  Mark Palasek 252 Thelma Ave Merrick, NY 11566 646-733-3013 Sirs: If you ever wish to review remote email service, both public (Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Hotmail) and subscriber remote (, etc), below is something that may interest you. It is my email to Optonline Service and their reply. In a nutshell, many problems, no solutions. ---------------------------------------------- My message to provider Customer - 01/26/2009 09:10 AM For a Internet provider, your remote email at is horrible in how it works or doesn't work. Problems are: Marking a message as spam does NOT prevent future messages from the exact same sender. Checking messages to delete does not always remove them from inbox, you must sometimes have to log off to actually delete them. When one goes to sign in, and one DOES NOT check keep me signed on, it still keeps you signed on to the login page, even afet a 3 day weekend! The system is the slowest opening email of any email I have or ever had. How can an internet provider have such poor email service when signing in remotely? Subject Horrible Remote Email [Incident: 090126-000044] From Optimum Customer Support Date Monday, January 26, 2009 11:15 pm To , Recently we received an inquiry from you. Our response to your request is provided below. If you prefer, you can contact us by phone. Visit for a complete list of local phone numbers. Thank you for allowing us to be of service to you. --------------------------------------------------------------- Horrible Remote Email Discussion Thread --------------------------------------------------------------- Response (Chris) - 01/26/2009 11:15 PM Dear Thank you for contacting Optimum Online regarding your question about email. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you and will be happy to assist. Thank you for writing. This is one of the known reported issues with the home page. Our engineers are aware and working on these issues but there is no estimated time of repair at this time. We apologize we have not been able to provide you with better service. For additional information, please take a look at the online Answer Center located at If you require further assistance you may contact us via: Email: Live Support: Phone: Thank you again for contacting Optimum Online. Have a nice day. Sincerely, Technical Support 6797
02/04/2009  Not only have the coupons expired but many of recipients of the coupons (seniors and low-income) do not have the other 40 dollars necessary to purchase the box (fixed incomes). Not to mention the antenna they will also need. This strong-arming to force us into paying for something we already ow is a disgrace. Well, I wonder... how will all the pharmas peddle their drugs? How will the fast-food Co.'s entice into buying their toxic sludge? You know this may be a blessing in least marketing assault will be out of our faces. I guess I'll improve on my reading skills...not so bad.
01/28/2009  I recently received a receipt for my git to Consumers Report Foundation. In the letter, it stated that there was a brochure giving an overview of the many other ways the Consumer Reports Foundation helps and works. There was no brochure in my mailing. Could you send me one? I would be interested in reviewing that information. My address is: Gwendolyn Gustafson 843 E. Windsor Avenue
01/28/2009  I recently received a receipt for my git to Consumers Report Foundation. In the letter, it stated that there was a brochure giving an overview of the many other ways the Consumer Reports Foundation helps and works. There was no brochure in my mailing. Could you send me one? I would be interested in reviewing that information. My address is: Gwendolyn Gustafson 843 E. Windsor Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85006 If you need to contact me, my email is attached and my phone is 602-265-7455. Thank you, Gwendolyn Gustafson
01/29/2009  We do not think you should support a postponement of the DTV conversion. Too much money has already been spent on it and the whole idea ( we thought) was to free up more emergency channels and it should not be delayed. Something could be worked out on a rebate basis after the fact for those consumers who could not get the coupons! Even if you delay it, there will still be millions of people who are "not ready"
01/30/2009  Hello, I am a subscriber to your magazine, and have been for many years. However, I have noticed that Consumer Reports has increasingly been engaging in the the type of advertising they have criticized in the past.I have received letters that appear to be late payment notices, or official documents from Consumer Reports only to find out they are subscription renewal notices. Take and email I received from you for example, the subject matter title read: Oscar, We have a problem! Your tactics are misleading and offensive to your customers. I don't like it and for that reason I am canceling my mail subscription and will not subscribe to Consumer Reports on line. Very Disappointed, Oscar Q.
02/03/2009  I'm getting really tired of taking time to fill out forms for things like the Congressional message to delay the TV transition form that I just received, only to spend 5 minutes on a personalized message, only to have it come back as "page not found". I can't tell you how many forms I'm sent where this happens, and I'm about to stop wasting my time altogether. I tried with both Netscape and IE, and neither would deliver this message. The least you can do is make sure forms work as intended before you send them out. R Hildebrand
07/26/2009  Could you PLEASE allow emailers to customize title lines and more than the middle paragraphs! Otherwise the whole email looks like (and is close to) a form letter, which carries less weight with Congress. Please increase the flexibility and impact of input to Congress -- isn't this what you are after? Thanks, Don Weber
02/03/2009  While I appalaud your effort on behalf of the tv viewer by providing a convenient letter of protest I wonder how sucessful it will be without a link to each states representive. Many, if not most, won't know who it is. Voter ignorance is rampent.
12/03/2009  Went to buy the new Droid phone from Verizon. It was all set up for me (e-mail/g-mail/Bluetooth etc.). I had the salesperson go through the basics when I decided to try calling using the Bluetooth (hands free) - to mine and the salesperson's amazement it doesn't support this function!!! So much for hands free calling as required in Connecticut and other states!According to the technician there is no download fix, nor one that is pending. Also the phone does not do a good job in recognizing a voice command directly through the phone. It came up with a list of sound alike names for me to choose (we both tried it). Thought you might want to check this point out.
12/21/2010  I have a new subscription #3658845LR1 but was unable to open the site beyond the signin page Message was about noy being signed in to the web?? I was on the web at the time. Please send confirmation on user name an password and if there is a problrm beyond that with my account. Lu Huntington
02/06/2011  Are you serious about success? I believe you are. So, help us help you. In many of yoour communications you ask us to forward your info to others we know. You make it dificult to do so. I have to type in every email address, one at a time, in a format that is preciscly what you require. What a waste of time. I usually get some rejection on the basis of technical errors. So, I do not send it. We loose. Why can't we simply access our address books? It may be that you have this already estblished and I may not know how to do this because there are no directions for doing so. Tech savvy friends tell me you are not set up to do this. Why not? My guess that your penetration would double as soon as you give us this tool. Also, equallly needed, is access to our spell checkers so that we send litterate messages and avoid embarrassing us all.....just check out my spelling. This is the third time I have raised thius issue with no response and no fix. Please pass this on to all CU operations as the defficient model is used by all. Well? Keep up your good work and fix the bugs, please. Gregg Watling 972.839.7104
02/04/2009  I do not know if this falls within your purview, but it should, since very many consumers pay with a credit card. We are all aware of the Financial disaster happenning here and internationally . One of the things that inhibits spending is the usurous creit card interest rates . The latest trick is to change the billing cycle to 25 days . this often goes un noticed , and boom your payment is late and your interest rate more than doubles ! In the Reagan era 12% was considered HIGH not it is considered cheap. 22% 24% and even 32% occur! Apparrently the Bush administration rescinded the Usury Laws . They need to be reinstated . This is one of the reasons people are not buying. Also affect small business that relies on credit ( Mon an Pop outlet stores that are being pushed out to the delight of the mega stores ) I really feel this is an issue that your organization should look into . NOW 10 years ago the credit card banks were happy with 3.9% and 7% was high , What Happenned ?
12/21/2010  Is there any way CU can be set up to take payments via Paypal? I would like to make donations but really don't want to put my credit card info once again online.
02/07/2009  I am 75yrs. old And my coupons expired 10/ 16/ 08 how can I get valid coupons now.(Two)
02/10/2009  We have a copy of you bright yellow booklet "Practical Tips for Consumers" which looks very interesting and useful at our small Lincoln Memorial Library in Dennysville, Maine. However, I can't find any publication date in it. Since this sort of information can rather quickly become out-dated, we really need to have an idea (for our readers) of exactly when this information was gathered, and thus how relevant it may be to present conditions. I look forward to your reply.
02/16/2009  I cancelled my online subscription for Consumer Reports on Jan 8 but was billed for service by Bank of America. Please inform Bank of America that my subscription has been cancelled and that it should not bill me further for this cancelled service. Thank you. Terry Toll
02/16/2009  To begin with, I had Comcast cable. When the news of the Digital Converter Box was announced, Comcast doubled my rate, even tho I only had basic cable and had not changed anything. I decided to cancel Comcast and get the converter boxes. Well, what a mess!!! I simply cannot get channel 2 (CBS) at all, and the channels I do get are few and distorted. I got 2 antennas from Radio Shack and each time I change channels (if I can even get a different channel) I must get up and adjust the antenna and that only helps a small amount.Where are all the channels that we are suppose to be able to access and why are the faces and voices distorted???? Help!!!!!
02/17/2009  please we need your help we are damage or sabotaged by verizon here in RI is a circle of who you know we cant find JUSTICE because VERIZON is covered with favoritism with the governor all the media and lawyers PLEASE for more information call ASP 401-427-5285 401-688-1291 thank you GOD BLESS YOU.
05/18/2009  Am I a subcriber to Consumer Reports presently?
02/18/2009  tell jon minkoff that his take on Rachel Moddows show last night was...GREAT!!! u guysmight just get it yet.
02/19/2009  Rise up Americans and take back our simple rights to watch TV!!!!! and any &@(*#% station/channel we want...without all this stupid equiptment...that don't work any #@$#*@# way. I've been watching TV since I was four yrs old. I'm retired, well into my 60's and on a FIXED INCOME AND TIGHT BUDGET...DO YOU GET THAT??? That means I can't..TO BE CLEAR: CAN NOT,NOT,NOT afford any extra bills to pay...just buying groceries is sometimes difficult!! GET IT? ...means no *%@#$&@ cable tv bill or expensive diggie-crappie TV sets.....OH YEAH, I'm in an appartment and an"on-the-roof antenna" is a no-no!!! I'm so &%#%$@ mad I could spit nails!! I've got that stupid converter(idiot) box hooked up (and correctly too, incase you wonder) and I can't get but a few channels..some of the time...and some channels NOT AT ALL. I've been there/done that with "moving/adjusting/wiggling" the antenna...and I've talked to several "electronic experts", researched the Internet for "antenna" solutions only to find out: that AIN'T the prob, and every#%%@$%$ antenna on the planet won't fix the's location, hills, lack of sig. power...AND THE *$@%&!!! FED'S SHOVING, YET AGAIN SOME S-H-I-N-O-L-A DOWN OUR THROATS!!! I truly, sincerely, adamantly, fervently, with conviction, hope, and yes pray, that this diggie-switchie-crappie-ola is a complete unmittigatingly HORRIBLE FAILURE!!! I hope it goes in the same dumper the Feds shoved the economy in.....hummmmm wonder what the "F" in FCC stands for????
02/23/2009  I received an invoice which I believe has paid. Please advise as to status of my a/c.
02/24/2009  I am Morris Kaplan's daughter, Julie Kaplan Gentry, and am trying to find a list or copies of the various testamonies he gave as Technical Director of CU until his death in 1971. Do you archive such things? If not, any suggestions? I am trying to put together his history for my grandchildren, and this would be most helpful. Thanks in advance. Julie Kaplan Gentry Alexandria, VA
02/24/2009  I don't see anything on your website regarding those of us that use TV/Radios. A TV/radio,in case you don't know, is a radio that has the audio portion of local TV shows available on the radio, in case you don't know, many staff at the FCC evidently do not. The FCC and/or other gov't agencies are so concerned about TV access that they approved extension of the conversion until June, I believe. Well, those of us that use TV/radios are out of the loop completely -- there aren't even EXPENSIVE TV/Radios in the market to purchase. They aren't being made at all, from all info we have found -- and we have been checking quite a few places. Converter boxes won't work for us and there are no companies currently that are making tv/radios that will work with the digital conversion. Evidently we are a small group and the expense is a lot to make new TV/radios. We are not able to watch the tv at work on our PC's & besides, some of us listen to it at places away from PC's such as on boats, or in a car, as we have TV/Radios with batteries. There is a great many people that are being disenfranchised.
07/23/2009  My messages go to Rep. Phil Roe. However, he is not my Representative. My Representative is John Duncan. Using Zip+4 would select the proper Representative. Please amend your form to include the Zip+4 capability. Thank you.
03/01/2009  I am a preferred subscriber and when I go on line to get Consumer Reports on line with the Access Period for 12 Mos. for $12.00 it will not accept the Access Code listed in the form that Consumer Reports sent me. Please advise. Thank you.
03/02/2009  I have subscribed to Consumer Reports and have received a bill for my subscription however, I have misplaced the bill and would like information on where to send my check to pay for this subscription. Thanks!
03/03/2009  Have just looked for information regarding the merger of Alltel Comminucations with Verizon Wireless; have found none. Do you have any such information pending on the case?????
03/04/2009  I recently read that the iPhone is available in 70 countries worldwide, but I live in America and can't get one. Because AT&T doesn't have service in northern Maine, and because geographical descrimination isn't a crime yet, they would not take me on as a customer. Meanwhile, a stone's throw away from my house, across the Canadian border, Rogers customers are happily using their iPhones. I am surrounded by iPhone users on all sides, but because of Apple & AT&T's exclusivity deal, I'm in a no-iPhone zone. Most people are upset that they only have one option for an iPhone (AT&T). I envy those people. I don't have any options at all!
03/10/2009  Dear Consumers Union, I recently quit my job working for Rem South Central Services of Buffalo, MN. I worked at one of their group homes called Hidden Cove. This is the 2nd time that I have worked for this company. The first time I quit because of the way the clients were being treated. I did try and go up my chain of command but was unsucessful. I thought once the main co-worker that was doing the maltreatment was gone it was safe to go back. I loved my job there and truly care for the people that I served. Unfortunately there is a new co-worker now that is treating the clients badly (one in preticular). Therefore after numerous times of trying to go up my chain of command and then being repremanded for it I gave up on the fight so to say and quit. I want to do something bigger! I believe from the bottom of my heart that people with disibilities are people too! That they should be treated with dignity and respect. That they should have choices and rights. I would like you to give me some advice or steer me in the right direction. I don't understand for example to get a job at Wal-mart or other places you have to get a drug test but to work at Rem (with people with disibilities) you don't have to! I have saw clients being forced to do things whether they were hollering no or crying. They were still forced. Clients were given other clients medications. Scissors were left in a clients room that was having suicidal tendicies. I could go on and on. I have a son that has disibilities myself. This scares me so much. I see what goes on when other co-workers are there I would be really scared to see what goes on when some of the staff are there alone working with clients. I'm so very sorry for rambling but my heart just aches for these people who are so very full of life. Please keep my name confidential. Also the clients have a right to confidentiality. Thank you for your time and have a great day. I hope to hear from you soon! Sincerely, Tonya Ott 763-295-8558
09/26/2009  According to Michael Moore, we are taxed around 7% for social security, only up to $110,000 of our income. Why isn't someone up in arms about the fact that those of us with lower incomes are carrying social security while those with higher incomes aren't beginning to carry their fair share??? If EVERYONE paid 7% of their income, social security would be solvent!
03/13/2009  On page 11 of the March 2009 CANADA edition of Consumer reports, and are mentioned. These sites (excellent I might add) are focused American web sites and very little to do with Canadians and their mortgage problems. I am dissappointed in this aspect of the publication. My web site provides many many articles that help Canadian and American home owners make intelligent decisions about mortgages OTHER THAN JUST TALKING ABOUT INTEREST RATES! There is more to mortgages than interest rates. See my latest "free advice" article in LATEST NEWS regarding helping homeowners wake up to flim flam sub prime nonsense! ciao ron cirotto President Ltd
02/01/2011  You told us to email the FCC and I wrote the email, but you didn't give us their ADDRESS!!!! very frustrating.
07/02/2009  Why was Senator Sherrod Brown omitted from the OH congress people to which my message on cell phones was sent. He is also my senator--and actually the one senator I can count on actually listening to me.
03/21/2009  I would like to know if there has been any regulatory action with regard to early termination fees of internet service providers.
03/23/2009  I currently give a gift subscription to the hard copy of Consumer Reports magazine. I have recently moved and need to give a change of mailing address for that renewal invoice but I can't find a phone number online so I can contact someone about this. How do I change my address? Thanks! Becky Rickard OKC, OK
08/17/2006  I can't get my cursor into the message area to personalize it or change it in any way, or even to sign it. Instructions, please! (I filled in the form - name, address, e.g. on the left.) I clicked on "Send message" to see if that would enable the cursor, but it didn't. I'm baffled and frustrated. Carol S. Canfield
07/16/2009  I am in a dispute with an online music subscription service, but my state has closed down the Consumer Protection division because of budget cuts. I don't have "deep pockets" and I can't afford a lawyer to settle a claim for the $260 I feel they scammed me out of. What do I do?
03/28/2009  please do not send anymore bills to us. I cancelled by mail the free offer. 0213858806 i s the account. number. I do not want it.
03/29/2009  Thank you,Tim
02/04/2011  I am trying to register myself using my wife's email address however, the form keeps coming back saying I have already registered. I have a cell phone of my own but I do not have an email address. does this mean I can not sign your petition
04/07/2009  Dear Sirs, My six year old daughter get injured from exploding pyrex glass, causing first and secong degree burns on both her arms and legs. I am looking for help in this matter. Sincerely yours, Tony A.
04/07/2009  I need a letter sent to my Accountant, Paula Wison, her fax is808-329-3405 acknowledgeing my check#2895,dated5-2-08 of $300.00 to consumer report foundation as soon as possible; i.e. on April 8th. I either lost or did not receive a prior acknowledgement Thanks, Leon Hyman M.D,
04/08/2009  Im interested in the practical application of the rulings and inquiries regarding early termination fees for cell phones. Im currently locked into my service for 3 more mos or else pay a $175 to cancle my service today. Can I cite to these class actions suits or the hearing in front of the FCC as reasons for them to waive the fee? Also when is the FCC supposed to rule on the issue?
04/08/2009  Im interested in the practical application of the rulings and inquiries regarding early termination fees for cell phones. Im currently locked into my service for 3 more mos or else pay a $175 to cancle my service today. Can I cite to these class actions suits or the hearing in front of the FCC as reasons for them to waive the fee? Also when is the FCC supposed to rule on the issue?
04/09/2009  My account number is 0045774452 and the subscription is under the name of Irwin Hymes. Irwin Hymes, my former husband, is deceased, and I have remarried. Please change the name on the subscription to reflect this. My new name is Joan Hymes Kompolt. I have already renewed my subscription for the next two years and I would like to receive my Consumer Reports magazines under my current name. Thank you.
04/14/2009  RE:Please Vist: & & Bless A-Men.
04/14/2009  Hi, I need to know how to report an unpaid debt. Thanks WW
04/22/2009  primero agradeserles su coperacion y al mismo tiempo desirle que la compania at&t me esta cobrando $74.00 dolares por un servicio wireless quisiera saber si esiste una ley que me proteja y dalme de baja de ese servicio y para desirle que esa compania se quedo con dos desposito de $150 dolares cada uno nunca me lo deborvieron sino que me lo acreditaro a una line que ya tenia un desposito. muchas gracias y espero su contesta
04/23/2009  The "Lifeline" and "Link-Up" under your phones and cellphones page has a broken link to The "Lifeline" and "Link-Up"? Can you provide me the link or correct it on your website. I find your website promises a lot of information about resources to complain! I thought that's what the Consumer's Unions mission was to provide real answers to problems, not just an area to tell about your problem or to complain to some resolution site that doesn't guarantee any thing will ever be resolved. My point is THe Consumers union should advertise itself as a place to begin your complaints if you have one and not as a site that you can find solutoins that are already resolved. I believe that's how I was led here and it is misleading for sure.
04/27/2009  I Have tried, on four different occasions, to have my name erased from the Consumer Reports mailing list. I wrote with a complaint about misleading promotion of one of their publications on 17 Dec 2008 and asked for no further contact. I received no reply; On 12 Jan 2009 after I received an invoice in respect of the above complaint I repeated my request for no further contact - again no response. Requests for donations,unsolicited reffle tickets continued to flow in and so I asked again ( 29 Jan 09) to be removed from their mailing list. More raffle tickets arrived, more requests for donations and even a reminder of membership renewal! I repeated my pleas for silence in an e-mail on 16 March following receipt of a questionnaire (thinly disguised as a request for funds). So here we are on the 27 April and yet another "Member Notification" has arrived. What do I have to do to stop Consumer Reports bombarding me with raffles, appeals, questionnaires etc. I want nothing more to do with this organisation and any further mail from them will be consigned (unopened) to the trash. Sincerely, J.Heywood, 4 Wood Lake Drive, Manning, SC 29102
04/30/2009  I wrote to our congressman jim jordan on the matters of how us rural folks can not get internet service from Verizon,or cable from Time Warner cable.Just because we live in the country does that mean we have to live like we are in a cave.We got a new DIGITAL TV what for do'nt get any thing,even went out and bought a booster for better reception NOT!We call it farmers vision and people ask us, what is that?What ever the wind blows our way is what we get,and it is fuzzy or just sound.We had a wire tied to the antenna to turn it and my honey went up to turn the antenna thank god for that wire it saved him from falling off the roof, hurt his shoulder and elbow.So we tied a rope to a arrow and shot it through the antenna and now he turns the antennna from the ground very frequently.Farmers Vision sucks!Have to go out in the cold,and rain just to get a channel to watch,while TIME Warner offical sit in their warm house with remote in hand and turn the channel the easy way.They need to try our way of turning to a channel,I run from living room to dining room to call out to my honey to tell him OK hold we have a channel now!BULL CRAP!And constantly have to scan for a channel.I would pick cable TV over digital any day,cause I've seen people with direct TV and when it rain or snows you get the same thing as farmers vision no reception or go out in the snow and clean off your dish or in a bad stormy day you have to wait for it to get clear,and no trees can be in the way cause a branch blows the wrong way bad reception again.I told people that's like farmers vision.Another thing that get's me is how those Time Warner Cable employees get all the free cable they want and all channels.I wonder if Verizon employees get free phone service,cause they also told us to get another line added since we only can have dial up,and no one can call us when computer is on.Bunch of money grubbers if you ask me.So please if there is any way you can help us it would be grately appreciated.Thank you for your time in this matter.FARMER VISION FOLKS/CAVE WELLERS!
08/13/2009  I am trying to find a way to communicate with Minerva Novoa. Yes, I like to hear from you. I am upset with gas "temporary" surcharges that appear on my bill when I purchase gasoline using a credit card. One such place where we attempt to purchase fuel is Costco in Southlake and Lewisville TX. As of 8/12 charges were still being applied for August 6 and 9. Both charges have been accepted by my bank, USAA Federal Savings Bank. One factor I feel they use this for is increasing the average daily balance; however, my cards are paid off each month. Thanks We are members of this wholesale group and even with that, they temporarily charge the additional funds. My thoughts is that this increases the average daily balance
05/06/2009  I'm a foreign language moron who is leary of those smug Rosetta Stone TV commercials claiming they can easily solve everyone's language learning problem. In my own case, after seven years of formal Spanish classes, I still can't comprehend or express a single Spanish phrase - unless I've memorized it in advance. Yes, for this long-time language moron (and CR subscriber), I'd sure like to read a review of Rosetta Stone and its ilk. Should I give one of them a try?
05/07/2009  Where can OI find info on hearing aided cell phones or telephones?
05/09/2009  I just purchased Consumer Reports on line and I lost your email telling me how to get in and I don't know if my write in name is correct. Please send this again thank you.
05/09/2009  User Provided No Response
05/09/2009  I just purchased Consumer Reports on line and I lost your email telling me how to get in and I don't know if my write in name is correct. Please send this again thank you.
07/01/2009  Please correct the grammar in the message about cell phones. The first line in the second paragraph in the scrolling box should be better known or better-known, not better know.
05/14/2009  Hi, I subscribe to CU on line. You have sent me a deal to add access to your Health Report for $9.00. HOWEVER, the link in your email for me to subscribe has my user name wrong and I can't override it to enroll. Thanks, Richard England
05/14/2009  I've signed up (and Paid) for a year, but do not want to renew after that - perhaps later. I DO NOT WANT AUTOMATIC RENEWAL - tHIS IS A BIG handicap for your website. The choices I've been given are automatic renewal or cancellation (I've already paid for a year). Most disappointing in that you assume I want to continue membership, Also please cancel my membership for 1 year, and D'ONT assume anything. Actually, since you're so respected, I'd like to hear from you on this issue...Don't assume that I want an automatic renewal - I don't...Lynette Herring
05/18/2009  I went to your website to pay a $15.00 invoice (Act. #0021092556), but all I could find is, as I thought, that I've already purchased _onHealth_ as well as _Consumer Reports_. Is the invoice I've received redundant? Thanks. Ron Newman
05/19/2009  On your page the link to "Federal Communications Commission's factsheet" is broken.
05/19/2009  Hello, I came across your site after doing a search for "telecommunications news". After reviewing your content, I feel there is a great benefit for you to link to our site Our site offers a great service to users who are searching for the lowest rates on telecommunications services like basic phone, VoIP, cable and satellite TV, wireless phone and high speed internet. It will offer your readers a very efficient and valuable tool to save time and money when selecting a provider for these services. In exchange for a link to our site, we would be willing to offer $400 per year, payable through PayPal, credit card or check. Your reputation and readership are growing so we feel it would be especially important to provide a link to our site now. For further information contact me as soon as possible and we look forward to working with you. My office hours are Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM CST, and can be contacted via telephone at my office line (314) 664-2010 and also by my direct email Best Regards, Jeff Anderson Webmaster,
05/20/2009  Dear CU, I am an ex-subscriber of CR. Your annual Consumer Reports Auto survey provides one reason why. I am unable to complete the survey because your listing of Volvo models does not include the 240 series, a fine example of which I own. It's 20 old years, has >250,000 miles, and is running great for the <2500 miles per year it goes. "The greenest car is one that has already been built." The survey won't let me continue without making a choice from a list of models, none of which applies. Your survey people are evidently not interested in the consumer opinions and attitudes of those in my demographic. Your statisticians may be interested to know that the survey skews results away from those who keep one of their cars running for so long, instead of buying a new one every so often. I don't see a lot of outreach here. My "new" car is 13 years old, by the way. Nonetheless, I believe you provide a useful service for those who buy new cars more frequently than I do. Cheers, Jim Sarbeck
12/28/2010  You must excuse me but, you want ME to join you, and you want MY MONEY donations! But you think I am such a peon that when you send me an email, you call me by my last name instead of my first name! You started the letter out with Dear Barsen! So now, UNION, I guess that is your last name, excuse this peon, while I tuck my money back into my wallet, and go eat my McDonald's hambuger which only cost me a dollar, and drink my sr. coffee drink which only cost me 60 cents, and I laugh my butt off while I kindly delete your request! If you ever grow up, and address me by my first name, and treat me like a human being instead of a jail inmate called by numbers and last names, I might stop laughing, and take an interest in what is going on in OUR United States of America! Mind your manners, and address people by their first name instead of their last name-USE SOME RESPECT TO US, and WE will do the same for you! We might even donate if you use some good respect!! In the meantime!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA TaTa! See you around!
12/28/2010  I must NOT be any too important to you, as you just sent me an email that read Dear Barsen, thank you for your input! Only jerks call people by their last name, and you probably don't even read your messages from us, or you would have taken my last email to heart, and start addressing all your clients by their first name, esp. when you don't even know me until you want to beg for MY MONEY!! Get Lost and stay off my email site! Who the hell gave you my address anyways??????
07/30/2009  Hello! My name is Nicole Schaben and I was searching through your website and thought that we could assist you with your marketing needs. We provide you with Millions of Fresh leads & Fresh opt-in leads coming in Daily, Weekly, & Monthly from different categories for a Low Monthly Fee. Our program is similar to a magazine subscription in that whether we have 10 million, 15 million, 20 million, etc.. leads coming in per month, you get everything we get in. As with a magazine subscription, whether an issue has 50 pages or 500 pages, your paying for the subscription to get all of the content. With us your paying to get all of our incoming lead feeds. Business & Consumer Databases at Wholesale prices! You buy You Own! Please visit our website at to review our products. Then please contact me at and ask any questions that you may have or let me assist you in ordering one of our awesome subscriptions. Thank you so much for time. Have a wonderful day! Nicole Schaben
05/26/2009  You're making a website blog here so that anyone can voice his/her frustrations and problems, but are you doing anything about them? My reception is so bad many nights that I just turn off the tv. I can't afford more antennas, cable or even the junky converter box and rabbit ears I already bought. The industry has flipped us back 60 years. Too bad it didn't demand technology that would be compatible and interface with all our current sets. But it figured that everyone would just suck it up and buy new TVs and cable/satellites. Well, they're completely out of touch with those of us who live on very limited incomes. One of these days, the industry will just have to suck it up because we won't bother watching TV!
05/28/2009  About 4 months ago, I responded to an offer for a free issue of ShopSmart, which stated if I liked the free issue I could subscribe at a special rate. You then proceeded to send me more issues and started billing me without any chance to accept or reject the subscription. I tried to respond to ShopSmart and Consumer Reports websites but never got a response. Now you are sending me late notices and saying my payment is critically past due. Please stop! I never subscribed so I don't owe you anything. If you don't I will report you to the proper authorities. I am shocked that a company such as yours would do this to me. Michael G Styn, 50 Albion Avenue, Amherst, NY 14226.
05/29/2009  Hello: My name is Adam Chadwick. I am currently working on an independent documentary film project detailing the state of the newspaper industry. I have read and continue to be inspired by your website and public interest fundamentals. The focus of my project is strongly within the vein of your work in media policy and being able to speak out on issues related to who's controlling our media and specifically why more attention isn't being paid upon those who actually report the news. It would be a great honor for me to be able to speak with you about the project and with any luck, set up an interview at some point with key experts-- if you feel the project is up to par with the work being done through your organization that is. I can be reached at: 720-333-6555 or Best, Adam Chadwick
05/29/2009  The LINK to TAKE ACTION re: making channel choice is inactive??? Any other way to complain?
06/03/2009  I am in the Home Audio and video industry. As an advocate for my clients, I must bring to your attention, the deceptive practices of the Comcast cable company during the DTV transition. Upon calling Comcast as my clients proxy, I have found they are advising the client of the necessity of a converter box at each TV regardless if they have a DTV tuner present in the TV or not. It is only after a knowledgeable person in the industry, continually questions the customer support person, due they concede that a converter box is not necessary. The average consumer would not be in a position to access the need for a converter box. Please look into this deceptive activity. Regards, Ken McConnell
12/21/2004  This is a copy of a complaint I sent about Time Warner Cable to the FCC: "Time Warner turns my cable box off almost on a daily basis rendering my Tivo service virtually useless.I'm wondering if this is planned by TW to discourage Tivo use and encourage customers to rent TW's new dedicated DVR(digital video recorder)/Cable Box for a monthly fee in addition to the fee for cable box only." Time Warner has an intense promotion currently for its new DVR cable box. When I spoke to a Time Warner representative, I was told that turning the cable box off is a very rare occurance. However, I have seen the event in progress on numerous occasions. An upgrade is performed to the box and after this process it turns off. Again, this happens every 2 or 3 days.
06/13/2009  My coupons expired before I was financially able to use them. I would like to have a replacement of the two cards if possible. My address is P. O. Box 819, Dos Palos, CA. 93620
06/13/2009  I would like to be able to choose the channels I want from my satellite provider, rather than having to pay tens of dollars more for channels I don't even watch. I hope this issue will still be looked at by the FCC and/or Congress. What can we as consumers do to bring more attention to this issue?
06/14/2009  Any advice on how to resolve an early termination fee of $688.98? Contract was erroneously cancelled 6 weeks early. 200 per line for a family plan plus taxes. I live in the state of Kansas where Sprint is located and where this took place.
06/15/2009  Please arrange to cancel my E-Mail subscription of your reports as it is in duplication of my magazine subscription. Please confirm this. Thank you Martin KLopert
06/16/2009  Please don't go the way of AARP with lots of activisim, political pressure and lobbying without input from the members. I can hardly wait for control over my health by the same organization that can't handle my mail forward with out screwing up. Medicare costs spiral and you expect them to handle health care for all? How will private insurers compeat with a gov't. with deep or bottomless pockets. First, we better have tort reform and pay for injuries as workman's comp does with set fees and not extrordinary payouts for pain and suffering etc.
06/17/2009  My landlord took everyones dish off the roof and disconnected it, without any warning. A lot of us came home and taught someone came into the building and robbed us by taking our satalite dish's. Then we later found out it was our landlord and said we have to take a new cable provider. Some of us is still under contract. What can we do. We are all upset and want to choose what is best for us expecially with todays ecomomy. Please Help!
06/22/2009  We have received a past due invoice. How do we pay by the internet rather than snale mail? Is our subscription to internet access to CR the same or different than our CR magazine subscription? We are very confused. We cannot even tell what our account number is on the invoice. We want to pay. 214-503-0143. Thanks Charles A. Horne 9118 Raeford Drive Dallas, TX 75243
06/24/2009  Hi. When using a VoIP phone system with Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or 7, the Microsoft Fax and Scan application becomes inoperable. FaxBack has developed a free VoIP plug-in that solves this issue. I thought your readers might like to know about it. The free plug-in is available at Here's some additional points. This capability was previously unachievable without expensive or complex hardware configurations. Microsoft Fax is one of the easiest fax clients to use and most convenient because it is already included in business versions of Windows operating systems. Connecting it to your VoIP infrastructure is very simple and will allow the ability to fax from the desktop. VoIP systems include: Microsoft Response Point, local VoIP media gateways and VoIP Service Providers supporting SIP T.38. Routing inbound faxes to specific users with DID routing is straightforward with the Free Edition of the VoIP Plug-in for Microsoft Fax. By simply adding routing rules on your local VoIP media gateway, users can automatically route inbound faxes directly to the intended recipients desktop. Users can also install the VoIP Plug-in for Microsoft Fax on their Microsoft Small Business Server (SBS) to provide a VoIP fax server that is always available to receive faxes.
06/29/2009  How can I ensure that you waste no more paper on advertising or other information, sent to me via "snail mail"? Here is the most recently-arrived mailing label: Elizabeth Hardisty 2283 72nd Ave SE Mercer Island, WA 98040-2322 Please advise! Yours sincerely, Elizabeth Hardisty
06/29/2009  Foul play was involved in the crash of Flight 447. Foul play was also involved in the crash of a private plane in Montana on 3/22/09 (last day of the Virginia Book Festival). Vikas Bhushan (co-author of First Aid for The Boards) should be investigated. Andy Warhol's Death and Destruction phase tie in. Future disasters are scheduled.
06/30/2009  I bought a dt tv, now my vcr won't work as it won't give me channel 3 or 4 which my vcr is hooked up to. what can I do about this. I need an answer soon.
07/07/2009  The Aug 09 Consumer Reports includes on pg 12 a Viewpoint on "A prescription for health care." I am bothered by the reference to 46 million people without health care. I agree that this is a very high number and it is hard to comprehend that this is going on in America. However, this number has been reported in many other media sources to include illegal aliens living in the US. Does this mean Consumers Union supports a US health care program that includes illegal aliens? If not, I recommend that you correct the reference to 46 million or state just who are (or are not) included. I do not believe illegal aliens in the US should be included in any health plan for Americans.
07/13/2009  Please call me at 706-367-4508 re my subscription. Heinz Hardt, 38 Adella drive Jefferson, GA. 30549-5452
07/16/2009  As an accounting and finance professional with a background in preparing financial reports and disclosures for public companies, I would like to solicit Consumers Union's support for an effort that will put an end to corporate scandals; to end excessive compensation for executives; to stabilize capital markets; and, to rebuild public confidence in Corporate America. To rebuild public confidence in Corporate America, the White House must work with members of the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives to direct the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) to take immediate action to enact a set of principle-based standards for Non-Executive Reporting for all publicly traded companies. In the recently published article "Rules would stop short of CEO pay caps," SEC Chair Mary Schapiro was quoted, "Our role (at the SEC) is to protect investors by ensuring that they have the information needed to make sound investment decisions." A key component of Billionaire Warren Buffet's investment strategy is to invest in companies run by honest and competent people. There is a wealth of information missing from current public filings that is vitally important to analysts, investors and regulators; information that is key to determining whether the company is run by honest and competent people. By implementing principle-based Non-Executive Reporting Requirements, the SEC can empower non-executive staff of publicly traded companies with a structured process to communicate value-added information directly with analysts, investors and regulators; information that is vital to maintaining a stable economic system. A draft proposal calling for Non-Executing Reporting Requirements has been sent to the White House staff, members of the U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs and the U.S. House Financial Services Committee, as well as SEC Chairman Mary Schapiro and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner. I would like to forward a copy of this proposal to you for review and consideration. Thank you, Mark Rome 1321 E Pedro Rd Phoenix, AZ 85042 602.358.9586
07/21/2009  How can I reach someone about not being able to access the CR site? Acquired subscription in June but cannot log in or change my account info with new email address. Do I need to cancel this subscription and request a refund? Thank you, John Manning
07/28/2009  Next we should look at the Internet providers and cable TV moguls. People complained about the price of gas, and blamed the Middle East Oil and all it's connections for the price gouging. With cable, once a line is hooked up to the house, the major cost is over. Sending the same signal to another house costs very very little. Also similar to the phone companies, with cable TV, why do I had to subscribe to all these channels I don't want, just to get one I do. Let us choose what we want, and pay for it accordingly.
07/30/2009  Can you please take a look at the site I made about this incredibly deceptive DirecTV ad? . I'd love if you could help me get the word out about the misleading, unethical nature of this ad through a comment, a blog entry, or on Twitter. THANK YOU!
07/31/2009  I don't need your help. Get out of our lives now! Go live in china!
08/04/2009  I have US Cable here in Fort Collins, Co. The rates keep rising every year. What they do is come up with these "little package's" that contain some program's we already had. Then,...they charge us "more" for them. If we refuse the package,..then we lose the channel's that we once had. It seem's like it's never going to end. This is a case where we really do new Government oversight. They are truly out of control.
08/04/2009  I have US Cable here in Fort Collins, Co. The rates keep rising every year. What they do is come up with these "little package's" that contain some program's we already had. Then,...they charge us "more" for them. If we refuse the package,..then we lose the channel's that we once had. It seem's like it's never going to end. This is a case where we really do new Government oversight. They are truly out of control.
08/05/2009  Hello Sir/Madam: As the most respected name in unbiased consumers products testing and reporting, I want to make a request for a product performance comparison that would have great value to many of your readers and millions of consumers. 23.6 million people, or 7.8 percent of the population, have diabetes in the U.S., with type 2 diabetes accounting for between 90 and 95% of that number. 17.9 million people are diagnosed with diabetes and just over 5.7 million are not yet diagnosed. 23 million people in the U.S. have pre-diabetes, defined as two-hour glucose levels of 140 to 199 mg per dL on the 75-g oral glucose tolerance test. Approximately 50% of people with pre-diabetes eventually become diabetics. This situation guarantees that the challenge ahead for the U.S. and world will grow and become much more serious than today. The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) estimated that the number of people worldwide with diabetes in 2007 was over 246 million. It is expected to rise over seven million people per year to total nearly 380 million by 2025. The current worldwide estimate for the number of people with pre-diabetes is approximately 314 million. In 2025, that number is expected to climb to some 418 million. My company, Syntratech, has spent 12 years perfecting a dietary supplement that works with the body to normalize blood glucose levels. In late 2006, we commissioned a preliminary, 17-person, fructosamine study (Grossman, MD) on Syntr-5. While the study was too small to be of any commercial use, the results of the study were positive. This convinced my partners and I to take the biggest gamble of our lifediverting our small company's entire marketing budget for 2007 to fund a larger Phase 1, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo Controlled, Human Clinical Trial. If successful, we would have a safe and effective clinically-tested product ready for worldwide marketing. If not, we would be crippled, left without a proven product or a marketing budget. The trial began in June of 2007 and was designed to examine how well Syntra-5 works with the body to produce healthy blood sugar levels by measuring response in a glucose challenge test, A1c, and other biological markers. Secondarily, it examined how well Syntra-5 works with the body to produce healthy triglyceride, cholesterol, and blood pressure levels. The trial concluded in September of 2007 and the results were both positive and profound. During the 90-day trial period, A1c levels among active participants dropped over 3 percent, fasting glucose levels by over 105 pts., triglycerides by over 20%, and total cholesterol by over 29%. No other product in this category, pharmaceutical or natural, has been shown to be even one half as effective as Syntra-5. In short, Syntra-5 has undergone animal safety testing, preliminary testing, and a 100-person, placebo-controlled, randomized, double-blind human clinical trial. We believe a performance comparison between Syntra-5 and currently prescribed oral medications would be valuable to consumers all over the world. Other dietary supplements could also be tested side-by-side. Kindly let me know if we can assist in this project in any way beyond this mere suggestion. I do understand the importance of an unbiased test, but would welcome any questions you might have. Let me know if I can be of further service. Kenneth R. Hampshire Syntratech Corporation, President 17011 Lincoln Ave. Box 352 Parker, CO 888-421-0374-main 303-659-1834-direct
08/05/2009  When I get to Coryns check with a code I must type.....there is no code there! I cannot get my 2 cents through to him!
08/16/2009  I live in palm beach county,Fl. What cellphone co is reasonable to use mainly for security on the road. I may sign up for a package deal with ATT which includes DSL,long distance and, local calls, and call waiting. I would appreciate any imput. Thanking you in advance, I am Saul Shelton
08/16/2009  I live in palm beach county,Fl. What cellphone co is reasonable to use mainly for security on the road. I may sign up for a package deal with ATT which includes DSL,long distance and, local calls, and call waiting. I would appreciate any imput. Thanking you in advance, I am Saul Shelton
08/17/2009  Why do you have no contact information on the CR website? You continue to send me emails about a defunct account long after I have canceled that account. You are worse than most organizations in this respect. The account name was socalgail and the zip code was 92131. Please stop bugging me with emails about an old credit card ending in 5199. I canceled this card mainly so you would stop harassing me. Thank you for your prompt attention to this request.
01/28/2011  To whom it may concern, I recently received a survey conducted by Consumers Union and it motivated me to contact you. One of the topics that was not touched in the survey is media reform. The media controls the narrative of this country. This is reflective of how the ego controls our individual narratives and until we get a narrative that truly reflects an authentic reality, the work that we engage in will never get represented honestly in our culture. It is vitally important that we direct our attention to the media and demand that it not manufacture a false reality as is happening almost across the board. We, in America, are poorly informed about the real news in the U.S. and in the world and it is affecting our ability to properly operate our affairs. I have created a petition to bring awareness to the need of journalistic standards in our news products. This journalistic standard will operate as a certificate that is received when standards are met. This is much like an organic certification that is not required, but if the standards are met, will create a legally distinguishable product from standard entertainment/propaganda news. You can view the petition here : you may also contact me if you wish. Kane Mantyla
08/23/2009  We subscribed and paid for this service with our credit card, and yet, we cannot go to the sights to see what products you reccomend
10/11/2009  David Butler, C.A.L.M. Act - Watching TV has become WORK trying to MUTE the commercials before the whole house gets woken-up. Radio channels don't blast like the TV. Can't TV use the same standards? Thanks for your work, Mark Firestine
09/29/2006  I regularly receive alerts from CU; I regularly act on them via CU's secure server; I ALWAYS have to fill in my personal information all over again, even when I take multiple actions during one session. WHY? Why isn't my information saved and inserted automatically? I have cookies enabled.
07/30/2009  Your "SEND MESSAGE NOW" form will not allow me to personalize i.e. enter my Name, Address, etc.. I did send the message but I'm not sure what good it does without my name. Thought you should know. Thank you for all your wonderful work that keeps us all informed!
08/31/2009  Hello, I have been reading various articles about the cellphone early termination fees and your support for laws against these fees. I was wondering if you could give me advice or point me in the direction of someone who could about this subject. I have a T-mobile family plan (since 2/2006). There are 3 lines with only 1 still actually under contract until Nov. 30. According to the terms T-Mobile has listed now, the fee is $50 for 30 to 91 days left on a contract. They told me when I called today that this is for new customers that have signed on since I did and I would still have to pay the $200. I am not asking to get out without paying anything. I would pay the $50 but they say no. We get pretty poor reception where I live in Northern Maine and roam a lot. We are 15 minutes from Canada and have trouble with the Canadian tower because we cannot take the phones off roaming because we would have no signal whatsoever. There are no T-Mobile towers in our area. We roam mostly off the Unicel towers. We get a lot of dropped calls and no service. I got the plan in the beginning because they promised towers in the area within a year's time. I thought we could put up with the so so signals until then because the plan price was great. Now, 3+ years later....well nothing's changed. Now Verizon has come to town and the service in the area is 100 times better. If there's anything you can suggest for being able to end the contract at the $50 rate being offered in their terms now, I would REALLY appreciate it. I want to switch ASAP. Please, if you could let me now as soon as you get the 1st chance, I would be grateful. Thank so much, Rosie Miller
09/01/2009  There is a glaring missing piece in the health care patchwork. The nurse practitioners (NP) are missing from the solution. State regulations are preventing consumer access. Unlike Arizona and more than a dozen other states, in which NPs are autonomous and can start a medical practice on their own, NPs in Florida and many states are prevented from starting a practice. All Florida NPs must be "supervised" by a physician. Most physicians will not permit NPs to start a practice, but will only sign a supervisory agreement with the NP if he or she works as an employee of the physician (in order to control the revenue generated by the NP work). If a physician would sign a supervisory agreement with a NP, the "doctor tax" (fee charged by the physician for supervision) is so steep the business is often not sustainable. Consequently, almost NO NPs have independent practices in Florida (or in any other "slave" state). NP practices could flourish and provide much needed access to care in the "emancipated" states -- like Arizona . Oh, and how must a physician "supervise" a NP? In many states, including Florida , once a year a supervisory agreement is filled out, signed, and filed with the state. The agreement almost always reads that the NP is allowed to provide all the services for which the NP is educated. No communication is required between the NP and the physician. Many never communicate with each other until the supervisory agreement is due the next year. The cost is commonly $1000 to $2000 per month for the signature, and also approximately $13,000 for a malpractice policy for the "supervising" physician. If a practice is doing well, a supervising physician can increase his demand for payment (tantamount to extortion), with the NP having no choice but to pay or go out of practice. NPs in "supervisory" states are masters' prepared share-croppers. NPs in retail clinics in supervisory states sometimes have NEVER MET their "supervisor," never once have talked to him/her on the phone, and have no association whatever with him/her because the corporation handles the arrangement. Currently there are a mix of "free" states and "slave" states. I am familiar with my state, Florida . The Florida Medical Association (FMA) donates millions per year to the state legislators who sit on the health care policy committees in order to keep them from even hearing our bills in committee. A state senator is currently under criminal investigation for accepting FMA funds illicitly. Meanwhile Florida Senate staffing reports have said that the reforms proposed by NPs in Florida would cost nothing and would be in the interest of Florida consumers. Unfortunately, Florida physicians extort the profits of NPs and donate of portion of the money (earned by NP labor) to the legislators to keep us at disadvantage. The Good 'ol Boy network is alive and well in Tallahassee . The physicians in Florida even passed a law preventing one physician from signing more than 4 supervisory agreements in order to prevent one physician from undercutting this lucrative revenue source from a large number of NPs. The physicians have also kept third party payers (insurance companies) from contracting with NPs to provide medical services; this is essentially restraint of trade and some suspect is actually a violation of anti-trust laws. Physicians cite consumer safety/protection as the reason that NPs must be "supervised" and yet no supervisory role is stipulated in the law this was once proposed and rejected by a fierce FMA member backlash. The FMA is consistently lobbying to obstruct NP services enjoyed in "free" states. I'm sure this is true in many other states, too. NPs are setting up practices just inside the DC line from Montgomery County , Maryland in order to avoid the ridiculous supervisory rules in Maryland . Jeffrey P. Hazzard, NP ARNP #1811402 FL
09/01/2009  Hi. I am the consumer policy analyst for U.S. PIRG. Do you know, or can you tell me where I can find out, the percentage of people who cancel their cell phone contracts early? Also, who cancel their cable TV contracts early? Thanks. -Jeff Bernstein
09/01/2009  Article III of the The Northwest Ordinance of 1787 states that "The utmost good faith shall always be observed towards the Indians, their lands and property shall never be taken from them without their consent, and in their property, rights and liberty, they shall never be invaded or disturbed unless in just and lawful wars authorized by Congress." We are all well aware of The Native American communities haveing been lied to time and time again, treaties forever broken, their lands, their homes, their languages, religious beliefs, Traditional ways of living and thinking, and there culture have all been stripped away from them as a means of solving the "Indian Problem, through the process of assimilating them into the White European society. " Kill the Indian, Save the man," quoted by Capt Richard Pratt would become one of the most famous saying of it's time, As congress would later come to realize, it was easier and much more cost effective to assimilate the Indians by removing them from their beloved homelands and by educating them, then it was to exterminate them all. As of June 11,2008 the Canadian government issued a public apology to the First Nations people for all the abuses committed against them while at the residential schools, and now maybe even for the first time, The First Nations People are beginning to come out and speak about the horrors that they went through. The United States has yet to issue an apology to all the Native people in this country. Alcoholism, Fetal Alcohol syndrome, ADHD and ADD, Infant mortality rates, Drug abuse, Domestic Violence, Child abuse, Child neglect, Sexual Assault among both female and males, issues with trust, Anxiety, low self esteem, High School dropouts, pregnant teens, and suicides are much higher among the Native American communities, then that of other ethnic communities across the United States. What has been left in its wake has been nothing more then a very confused,dysfunctional, and economically depressed society. Resulting in Cultural Genocide. NOW is the time to Rise up and to let your Stories be told and your Voices heard! As research has proven time and time again that the abuse and trauma of those who attended one of the many Governments Indian boarding schools, and missionary schools, have continued to pass this pain and suffering onto the next generation and thus, becoming a vicious circle, with each generation carrying it on to the next. Until these issues of abuse and trauma have been acknowledged and talked about, this cycle will continue to repeat itself without any ending or healing in sight. I am an Author in search of victims of abuse at the hands of the Government's Indian Boarding Schools and Missionary schools, willing to come forward and let there voices be heard. Contact Beth Ansari at Or phone me at (215)368-1248, you may also write me at 1661 Bishopwood Blvd E. Harleysville PA 19438. All names will be held in strict confidence and left Anonymous if so wished. NOW is the time to Rise up and to let your Stories be told and your Voices heard! Each generation continues to carry the pain and suffering, of their parents and of their ancestors, onto the next generations and this has become a vicious circle without any end or healing in sight! There can really be no healing until people are willing to talk about it. Thank You Beth Ansari
09/01/2009  I'm a law librarian in Sacramento, CA. We received a booklet called "Practical Tips for Consumers/Consejos practicos para el consumidor" regarding telecommunications services, with English and Spanish text. I can't locate this on your website, and the copy we have doesn't seem to have a pub date. Is this current? and if so, can we order an additional copy? Thanks!
09/02/2009  AT&T has misrpresnted thier service, lied about conditions, and basically locked me into a contract for a phone that is worthless. I have spent hours in the local store and talking to customer service about the same issues. Voice mails come through two and three days later, dropped calls, no service 19 miles from home. Todaqy the young lady in customer service insisted they have plenty of coverage in the area I was again complaining about. I went to the local AT&T store and the woman that waited on me said her husband works for AT&T and is constantly complaining about nno service in that same area. They have tried to get me to extend my contract, sell me other phones, and made my life miserable. They want another $120.00 to get out of the contract and I feel that they should be paying me for all the time and agrevation. I have lost extra shifts from work because they can't reach me on the phone and I would like to be done with AT&T but I am not going topay them $120.00.
09/03/2009  I received an email newsletter from Budget Travel. I inadvertently clicked on an attached ad from that brought me a purported news story on the efficacy of acai berries and colon cleansing for weight loss -- as seen in, inter alia, Consumer Reports. When I clicked on the CR banner, it brought me a page on which I could place my order for what they were selling. Clearly it is an attempt to rip me off, and they have also ripped off your reputation.
09/08/2009  Your new web site is terrible! I was sent in circles just trying to get to the home page as a suscriber. Now the categories have changed and I have to read through all the issues about phones but I could not find the ratings for a new cordless phone! Where are they! Please spare me all the suscriber info if I am already a member. This annoying circling may make me quit. Also, could you please test a greater variety if items, including carpe cleaners, furnaces,etc. Your home renovation magazine was great and this is the kind of info I am looking for, not issues!
09/11/2009  HI - I've subscribed to CR for years, CR on Health,CR Money, CR online for fewer years, and order a CR publication for each of my sons yearly. SO, please help this valuable customer to by providing a phone number that I can use to solve a subscription ordering problem for the main CR magazine. None of the mail I receive from you, nor most your websites contain any phone numbers. Many Thanks, Mike Varble
09/12/2009  Last week I subscribed, online, to Consumer's and have not found a way to sign in when I go to your site. Please advise! RS
09/12/2009  Last week I subscribed, online, to Consumer's and have not found a way to sign in when I go to your site. Please advise! RS
09/12/2009  Last week I subscribed, online, to Consumer's and have not found a way to sign in when I go to your site. Please advise! RS
09/12/2009  User Provided No Response
09/12/2009  Last week I subscribed, online, to Consumer's and have not found a way to sign in when I go to your site. Please advise! RS
09/16/2009  I intentionally let my subscription to HEALTH laps. My Consumer Reports subscription is current, but now I can log in but not view information. What's wrong? Thanks, Tom Roche
09/16/2009  I tried to find your policy in regards to the used of your material. I want to write a article in which I would credit your site for the information gathered but need to aquire your permission. This is for 2x small town papers and would draw attention to your site....thank you james alvarado
09/16/2009  I am reviewing your reports on washing machines, and am interested in the dimensions that are given for each model you have tested. Would you please tell me in what order the three dimensions (width, depth and height) are given?
09/16/2009  A friend recently told me that there was some scandal about Consumer Reports- that there was a bribe or it was paid off by industry, or some such thing. Before I let my bubble burst, could you send me your side of the story? Tx
09/20/2009  I subscribe to conumer reports. Recently telacable has deleted wtti,Chicago from its line up saying not enough listeners and duplication. Many close to the Illinois border listeN to wttti and am furious that they unilaterally removed a station from our area. Money and greed are not adequate for public airwaves to delete a staton woth uit notice. I want to officially complain about their use of OUR air waves. HELP
09/20/2009  I subscribe to conumer reports. Recently telacable has deleted wtti,Chicago from its line up saying not enough listeners and duplication. Many close to the Illinois border listeN to wttti and am furious that they unilaterally removed a station from our area. Money and greed are not adequate for public airwaves to delete a staton woth uit notice. I want to officially complain about their use of OUR air waves. HELP
09/24/2009  To bad you don't have a facebook link. I could have posted this to my wall. Many sites have links to the major online social networks that allows for a message be sent to thier personal page. If you did this you could spread the word more effectively. Bob
09/24/2009  How about some action to allow individuals to receive distance Network TV stations; i.e., I live in Fairbanks and can only receive local network stations. Why not the ability to receive LA, NY, etc. network stations.
09/24/2009  Earlier today, I used your email form-letter to "write" to my senator (Lieberman) about the freedom to shop for the best deal on my phone and phone company. A short whil ago, Senator Lieberman's office send an email thanking me for contacting him to "express your views regarding the relationship between the United States and Israel." I hope the mistake was on his end, and not yours. Tom Begnal Kent, Conn.
09/24/2009  When I try to subscribe to your RSS feed, an Error page appears with the following information: Error. Reason: Segment "RSSFeed.php" was not a keyword for a postVarSet as expected! FYI Bob Steck
09/24/2009  I just sent your message about freeing up cell phone access. However, the cell phone issue does not bother me as much as access to internet service. Do you have a similar message about access to internet service? I just recently was able to get rid of HughesNet service, a big rip-off. Until then, I was at their mercy, because I had no cable access and no land-line phone. I paid for upgrades for speed that were never delivered. And they continually penalized me for using more than my "fair share" (as determined by them) of the service. Even when I worked during their "free" hours (11 p.m. to 4 a.m. Arizona time), they would slow my speed down to the point I couldn't even watch a movie off Netflix. I am a 59-yr-old great-grandmother and I am handicapped and house bound. The internet is my connection to the world. It should not be limited and I shouldn't have to sacrifice so much for the privilege. Please help. Thank you. Maureen Arnold 4955 N Desert View Dr Apache Junction AZ 85120-9080 480-720-5209
09/24/2009  You should include e-mail list of legistlator by area code. make it easy-make it wors.
09/24/2009  The images were not available on the Senators' confirmation pages, so I couldn't confirm. PLEASE CORRECT.
09/24/2009  I am a disabled person and to try to find a cell phone that helps people with vision problems and touch problems is really hard. When you go to any cell phone company they always want to sell you the most expensive equipment and I know I don't need all the gagets that they offer. All I need is a phone and I do some text messaging since my daughter is in college and it seems that is all these kids do now a days is text message everybody. So where can I find a cellphone that is not outragously priced and that I can SEE and FEEL on my plan (T-Mobile) ?? I know once these people SEE me wheel into there stores in my wheelchair dollar $$$ signs come to there heads. Can you assist me or anyone who has the same problems I have?
09/27/2009  I want to support your efforts by joining campaigns to write Congress, etc. When I tried, I got an error message that your software does not recognize my ZIP code (09823-5000, an APO address). This is strange, since I've been getting Consumer Reports at this address for two years. Please fix your software! I want to support your causes!
09/24/2009  I tried to join the effort to write to our Congressmen to "freee" our cell phones, but your software would not accept my ZIP code --09823-5000. That was a surprise since an earlier field in the software had APO AE as an auto-fill option. I hope you will revise or modify your software so it will accept APO addresses so I can join Consumer Reports advocacy efforts. Best regards, Carol Reynolds
09/24/2009  I tried to write re the cell phone exclusivity issue, wrote a personalized message and am frustrated because I couldn't send it.
09/24/2009  The needed verification information does not show under either congressman's space. Is their attempt to stop the public from e-mailing them?
09/24/2009  Your page for image verifications isn't displaying the image to verify. This prevents me from submitting your petition.
09/24/2009  Just wondering why rep. garrett has a pop page asking for a phone number in order to communcate via e-mail?
09/24/2009  Re: you letter to state reps, we are unable to type in the requested demographics. Would like to sent the letter but not like this.
09/24/2009  I got yuor email about cell phones and wanted to send a message but I couldn't figure out how to "personalize" the greeting or the salutation. When highlighted the pre-filled prompting text remained unchanged when I typed in my name. Also, will addressing the to line to a senator cause the message to be routed to that senator?
09/24/2009  You make the unwarranted assumption that *every* CU subscriber, myself included, thinks the cellular phone companies are out to cheat me; I made my cellphone decision after determining which carrier was best; let's just call it a "free market" decision. If I feel cheated, I'll going elsewhere. I know "free market" anything is automatically suspect at CU, but at least give your subscribers credit for having enough intelligence to choose their message with your dictating it for them.
09/24/2009  It's great you are covering communications issues. How about healthcare? Bad insurance industry regulating or 'tax credits' for people who would be forced into buying private insurance plans is a huge gift to the insurance industry. Do you have anything providing non-partisan analysis and recommendations in that area?
09/24/2009  Hi! I'm writing about the recent email I got about cell phone exclusivity. I appreciate you all pushing issues out to the public and for organizing petitions and movements and the like. I think you provide a necessary and desirable service to the country by getting people motivated behind an issue. Nevertheless, I'm a bit disappointed about the cell phone anti-exclusivity advocacy... I agree, it annoys me that the iPhone is shiny and cool but I'd have to switch from Verizon to AT&T just to get it, and that it's confusing for consumers to know that if they buy a phone NOT from a wireless service company (say, off eBay or or something), they're limited with which companies will activate it for them. Still... that's what sets each company apart! That's how AT&T stands out from the crowd and why Verizon has a dozen iPhone look-a-likes for sale but still can't top the coveted iPhone (I should know, I am a customer of them and tested all of them when I recently bought a new phone when my contract renewed)! AT&T has had to kiss Apple's ass for a long time most likely just to get exclusive rights to their hotly desired phone. If I were a telco, you bet your ass I'd be busting down doors of telephone makers trying to lock in a cool new device to draw new customers. Nobody told Apple they had to sell only to AT&T --- rather, AT&T made them an offer they couldn't refuse (at least for now!)... And what's wrong with that? Chances are, Apple wouldn't have bothered entering the cell phone market if they knew that telcos wouldn't even try to bid against eachother for Apple's innovative designs. Why bother if it's mandated by law that all companies have access to it? Sure, perhaps usage might go up as more people would be able to get it (the ones who refused to switch carriers just to get the phone), but no deals would be struck, no guarantees would be made (nobody said iPhone would be so popular... didn't we think it funny that Apple would enter that market? It was a big risk for them...) and ultimately incentive would suffer. Even if that isn't enough to discourage you, even if all of us (and I mean consumers, the telcos, and Apple and other telephone makers) would benefit from the government forcing the system as such... even so... it's just wrong. Washington is not a utility company. It's not a telephone manufacturer. It's not anything remotely similar. They have NO idea how to run such companies. They have NO business telling such companies how to run their businesses. It's like me telling lawyers they need to tell more jokes during their hearings because it would relieve tension and break the ice, but you know what? I haven't ever given testimony let alone been an attorney. I wouldn't even BEGIN to know why mandatory joke telling might not be a good idea. Similarly, the government hasn't a clue how to run telephone utility companies or telephone manufacturing companies and wouldn't even begin to know why banning exclusivity deals could potentially be a bad thing. And like I said, even if it WASN'T a bad thing and it was ALL GOOD... that DOESN'T justify anything. The end does not justify the means. You're still getting to the goal by cheating. If opening up phones like the iPhone to other companies besides AT&T is such an amazingly good and obvious idea, as you argue, then why hasn't Apple done it? Why not petition to Apple, instead of the government, about doing just that? Why do you have to go tell teacher that Apple isn't playing nice? Why not confront the bully yourself? You might just find out that there's a very good reason Apple hasn't done it. They may be getting such a good deal from AT&T, the demand is more than plentiful, and by not wasting their time and money negotiating with a second or third company they can use that money for R&D and bring us the iPhone 3GS sooner and with better features! You don't know. And we can't know. Not even Apple could anticipate this stuff accurately... so why do you think we can be so arrogant as to dictate the market? Why is it you think you know so much better? If it really is, show the evidence to Apple and, if you're right, they'll surely comply. They want to make money and have their products be more popular, right? So why wouldn't they? Oh, right, because they might have a very good reason for not doing it that you, not being a telephone manufacturer or utility, aren't privy to. It's not your industry. I'm not trying to be rude. I want you all out there to be watchdogs and to spot trouble or to suggest improvements. But you need to take your cases to the players and coaches, not to the NFL commissioners so they can change the rules of football. In closing, I'm not sure I even support anti-exclusivity. Frankly, I haven't researched the topic enough to know one way or the other, but I would certainly consider it. But I'm NOT open to the idea if it means going through the government. The government has no business in the mobile phone industry. (And DO NOT get me started about the FCC...)
09/25/2009  No checkblocks! I was heartened by your effort here to a) enlighten us, and b) put a message in the pipeline ostensibly to our senatorial & congressional reps. I'm a digital engineer, putting significant time, effort, and investment capital into useful applications for the Android platform (T-Mobile here in the US...but growing). ...And I'm heartened by your effort to put together a streamlined path into the offices of those (ostensible) Congressional representatives of our interests. I hope they're doing more than counting the emails. Bottom line: If you would a) assist us in addressing our messages (which you helped us compose) to SPECIFIC PERSONS (I realize it's a bit of functionality your engineers will need to add...RepNames as f(zipcode) that we can see/edit the list of recipients of our messages, and b) (VERY IMPORTANT) give us the ability to add our own detail (which, best I can tell, I cannot do in your current UI). Thanks very much for what you're doing. It's vitally important to those of us who value American ideals at this stage in history. These are suggestions that I hope you can make use of. Thanks, CL Flagle
09/25/2009  I'm curious as to why the letter I signed was sent to only one of my senators instead of both? It has been my experience that writing to George Voinovich is a waist of time. Most of the time I get no response; the rest of the time I receive a from letter that has nothing to do with the reason I wrote. I think my letter should be sent to Sherrod Brown as well. Thank you, Jackie Yakubowski
09/25/2009  I wanted to write my congressman about cell phone exclusivity (and can still do so on my own), but was very confused about how to use the letter that was linked to your message. It was not at all clear how to personalize it or add our name and address, etc.
09/25/2009  Re: Purchase of raffle tickets #172811 I received a call about 10 days ago saying I was the winner for vehicle or 25,000. Women left a 877 # which I have missed placed and at first I did call and it was not in service. In finding my ticket's I wanted to inform you of this because I would think that if it was true I would have received another call or letter. Please follow up for me. Weekdays I can be reached at work 252.737.2324....8-5PM or Home # 252.758.12165 Many Thanks, Susan Demelis
09/25/2009  Re: Purchase of raffle tickets #172811 I received a call about 10 days ago saying I was the winner for vehicle or 25,000. Women left a 877 # which I have missed placed and at first I did call and it was not in service. In finding my ticket's I wanted to inform you of this because I would think that if it was true I would have received another call or letter. Please follow up for me. Weekdays I can be reached at work 252.737.2324....8-5PM or Home # 252.758.12165 Many Thanks, Susan Demelis
02/01/2011  I clicked on the link to add the wireless bill shock to my facebook profile. When I checked it out, I noticed that my personal informaiton was in it. I deleted my post as you expected. Why did you make it so my personal information was forwarded to my facebook post? The only thing that should have forwarded was your letter with blanks for them to fill in if they want to send it on.
09/26/2009  I could not view the image.
09/26/2009  I want to send message but I cannot personalize. What can I do?
09/26/2009  I can't find who won the raffle for the Family Vehicle. Where is it reported on the website. also, my stubs give no info about the date of the drawing. I don't know when to discard them. I expect better of CU. Helen
09/27/2009  Have you thought of writing David Pogue, personal tech editor of the NY Times? He's initiated a grassroots effort to pressure cell providers to eliminate the 30-second spiel that we all get to wait (and Pay) for before leaving a message, and I think he might be an ally for this effort as well. Regards, TR
09/27/2009  Ok, are you people truly serious about your wireless phone petition? You make it sound as if you are forced to buy a cell phone, let alone a PDA phone such as the Iphone or Blackberry and therefore you are done a huge injustice because you are not allowed to use it on whatever network you want to.. Really??? When did it become an entitlement in America to have a cell phone? Wireless phone service is a commodity, you don't NEED one, you have one because you WANT one.. Did you forget that already? I mean wireless technology is relatively new to the world.. Hell, 15 years ago you were happy if you recieved text on your pager and now you're actually petitioning the government because your Iphone doesn't work with Sprint or Verizon?!?! Seriously, with all of the chaos we are experiencing in our nation right now, do you really think that your not so worthwhile cause is worth distracting our Congressmen from handling the issues that actually have an impact on our economy instead of catering to a group of whiny brats who are upset because of their wireless service? Your type of group is the reason that the real issues of our nation are rarely addressed. Instead of focusing your efforts on changing our nation for the better, you choose a self centered, ridiculous topic to further clog the scatterbrained minds of our politicians. I realize my words will more than likely not penetrate your head and cause you to think, but I urge you to ask yourselves the true intentions behind your petition and who you are really trying to help. I also urge you to actually think about what you're petitioning and question whether it should be a top priority on our lawmakers plates given the times we're in.
09/29/2009  Dear Sir, I found your organization doing a nobel work without any profit.In today's world the quality of product or service is degrading day by day due to competation instead of upgradation.I belong to India. Here the consumers are beings harashed very much. Due the coruption in administrative system the consumer dont find any justice. It would be better if we warn them before buying . In such scenario the non profit publishing of consumer report will help the man kind. I want to start this nobel task in india what is the process please let me know. Thanks and Regards Ganesh Prajapat +91-9784579293 INDIA
09/29/2009  After numerous attempts and complaints to Direct TV and the Attorney General's office to get local satellite channels from Direct TV Senator Rockefeller(WV) finally did it. Too bad I dropped my Direct TV service and went to Dish satellite service. Now we need to get the Dish satellite service to offer local channels at my location. Can you forward this to Senator Rockefeller?? Thank you, Robert H. Cummings, 101 Arthur Ln, Daniels, WV. 25832. Cell 804-305-7917
09/29/2009  RE solicitation for your publication OnHealth: Today I received a solicitation in an envelope marked "Account Information Enclosed--Action Requested by stated Due Date". On the envelope was a blue ink stamp that said ***Reminder--2nd Notice. The envelope was handed to me by my mail carrier. This envelope had all the appearance of a past-due bill and was embarrasing to receive. No doubt the intent was to catch my attention--IT DID. This kind of tactic is the same kind of shady tactics that your organization has tried to expose when others use them and I do not appreciate this hurry-you're-delinquent approach. By the way, my OnHealth subscription does not expire until next year, and this was a solicitation with only a special offering that was to expire by 10/14/09. Even if this had been a notice of subscription expiration the overall appearance is not appropriate. Please tell the people in charge of solicitations to STOP USING THIS SHADY TACTIC. Thank you. Louise Davis Prairie Village, Kansas
09/29/2009  why does cablevision force customers to keep phone service for their computer modem if all u need is internet connection. i.e u pay for local phone service to get the internet( am i wrong here?) this is in westchester ny.
09/30/2009  I am a journalism student at Southern Methodist University and would like to reprint part of the article you have published on Yahoo for an article I'm writing in our college newspaper, The Daily Campus. Your article has the following http address: The article written by is titled "New brews:McCafe & Starbucks Instant. Who do I contact in order to receive permission. I look forward to hearing back from you asap. Thanks, Rachel Duke senior, SMU, journalism major
09/30/2009  I would like to post this on my wall on Facebook but i don't know how and most have that link on their page I could then have more people sign the petition if you would help me with that. I like to know if you have a fan page on facebook and Digg? Thank you
10/01/2009  With all the talk now about how to fix the health care problems that we as a nation and individuals face I would like to present to you a different health care plan that I believe is better than any plan presented so far. This plan is ideas to supplement the ideas that have been presented so far to correct our health care problems. These ideas will help lower the cost of health care for all while providing affordable health care to working poor, poor and the elderly. These ideas and programs are meant to replace or supplement already existing health care programs and plans. The first idea is to set up a health care plan for Americans who are poor or near poor or elderly. The working poor making less than around 21,000 thousand dollars a year would be able to partake in this health plan. If we get these peoples health problems taken care of in a inexpensive good program it will benefit us all because the cost of health care for the poor will be no longer a burden on all of us. This program would be funded by putting a tax on the uninsured working poor of say five to twenty dollars a week and a tax on employers of these poor uninsured workers of say three to ten dollars a week. ALL of this money would go into a fund that will go to providing health care for the participants of this program. Considering that there is already massive amounts of money already going into health care programs for the poor and elderly we will have no problem financing this program without raising taxes much at all if at all on the ones who have insurance. And considering how much money goes to unnecessary emergency room visits being charge to us taxpayers that this program will now save I'm sure this program will finance itself without adding much if any money to the deficit. Also figuring how many people who will be contributing weekly to this health care fund who will not be getting any kind of medical treatment because of their good health I'm sure the money will be there to finance this heath care plan. All the poor people who can't contribute financially to this program will be asked to work so many hours a year in this program to help alleviate the cost of this program. Or they can pay it off by participating in an organ donor program. Doing things this way insures that the money the poor pay for health care goes for health care and not to support the health insurance industry. We could set this up cheaply by just setting up the tax on ones check or charge to one's new medical card. This fund will finance the setting up of clinics around the country in needed areas. These clinics will do all the needed health care that it can for patients and the rest will go to another kind of clinic that does any kind of surgery that does not have to be done in the hospital. Hospitals and other clinics for the surgery's and test not available at these clinics will take care of any other illness not available at these clinics.. After surgery care for patients who had operations will be done at nursing homes when at all possible. These clinics are to be staffed by salaried doctors and nurses. All doctors and nurses who do not work for this program must work for this program for ten hours or more a year for free or at the same rate as the salaried doctors. When needed clinics will have late night or round the clock service. Besides the doctors and nurses who work at the clinic all other needed services will be provided by the unemployed who have not contributed financially enough to this program. All needed medical equipment, supplies and needed drugs are to be bought at whole sale prices thus lowering cost while providing low cost drugs to the poor and elderly. Any medical services needed by these participating patients not provided at these clinics would be gotten at other outside clinics for at cost prices. All clinics who receive federal funds in any way for services must donate so many hours of free services each year to participants of this program. All participants in this program will sign forms saying they will not sue for malpractice. This will help greatly to achieve lower cost while giving the doctor the opportunity to properly care for patients in a cost effective way. However any participant seriously harmed from treatment at these clinics would be given if needed a tax free life living in free housing, free food stamps, a life time job and needed compensation to live by the government. All of the doctor's visits with patients can with patients request be reviewed at the moment by computer video by doctors and medical students or later by retired competent doctors who can step in and correct any problems. Any medical task that can be done by a nurse with or without doctor's assistance will be done by the nurse so that we can help lower cost and work load burden for the doctors All patients requiring care from the clinic will pay a surcharge that will be based upon how many times one visit a clinic in a year's time. Also the amount to be paid per visit will be determined on how much money you make. If one can't pay the surcharge then the charge will be added to their account which will have to be worked off at regional clinics or at the local Mayor's office where I'm sure the Mayor's will find work for them thus helping to lower tax rates while improving their towns and cities. Elderly people and children receiving care at these clinics won't have to pay. However how the elderly are cared for will change. First of all let's be clear on one fact, the amount of money the elderly now get out of Social Security is a lot more than they put in and if we keep going on the way we are now the Social Security System will be broke soon. So we have to change it. So to help lower the cost of retirement we will have retired people receiving Social Security work in a program for 4 to 8 or more hours a month. This program will assist elderly people who want assistance in any way to live at home. Elderly people will be able to live at home tax free and be able to have another elderly person of their choosing living there taking care of them. Also these elderly workers and other workers needing to work off hours in this program can also work at local nursing homes. We could even buy some buildings, equip them, hire some part time doctor and some nurses and I'm sure we'll have a whole lot cheaper way of doing the same job of caring for the elderly who can then live freely in a better designed environment where they have more direct control over their care. At these health clinics there will be limited care. These clinics will not care for mental health issues. These clinics will not care for elective surgery such as plastic surgery. These clinics will not pay for the care for self inflicted injuries such as smoking, drinking, drug and overweight problems. The cost of the injuries from smoking, drinking and overweight problems will be passed on to the alcohol, tobacco and fatty food industry in the form of a tax. No longer should all of us pay for what some foolishly and purposely do to themselves. Also overweight people receiving food stamps will be limited to purchasing with the stamps only food that goes through you and not adds onto you. This way we will get overweight people on a diet that will improve their lives. We will also make overweight people learn what foods go through you and what foods add onto you so that overweight people can understand how to lose weight. Also we will put overweight children on this diet of eating only food that goes through you and not add onto you. We will require school districts to make their overweight children strictly adhere to this diet. We will also offer children three healthy meals a day. We could make the children's last class a brief meal period or make a take out meal for each child to eat on their way home or at home. Also in these times of recession and depression we could make certain schools in needed areas an after school temporary housing shelter for the children in need of housing. Doing things this way will insure that our children get three good meals a day and will not have to go hungry or without housing in these trying times. These plans and others are discussed on my web page at This web page will only be up for a short while longer as the site will be shutting down soon and I'm trying to get a new web page. Let me know what you think about my suggestions and what you can do to help get these ideas enacted. I have already sent this article to the President, all the U. S. Senators and leaders in the U. S. House of Representatives and so far our leaders haven't acted on any of these ideas. I'm sure if we got 150 million signatures on a petition that demanded that Congress pass and the President sign a health plan with these ideas in it that then these ideas would be enacted. It's up to you all to provide yourself with the only way we are going to be able to provide a health care plan that will not drive us all broke. We can't allow capitalism to prosper at the expense of the poor people and we can't let the health of the poor become such a burden as it has. This is a health care plan that will change the way the poor and near poor receive health care so that it is not a burden to us all. It is way pass time that we take that burden off our backs. Call your leaders in Congress and tell them this is the plan you want enacted. Write me at P. O. Box 252, New Port Richey, Florida 34656-0252 to help to get this health plan enacted. Or better yet start getting others to sign on to this idea and get them to get Congress to pass this health plan
10/02/2009  Do you have the pricing information, including invoice amount, on the 2010 Toyota 4Runner? It is a new updated model for 2010. I am interested in getting your buyers guide information, but wanted to make sure you have the information on this redesigned model before I order a report. Thanks
10/06/2009  Subscribed for 20+ years. Stopped. You are prostituting CU to politics on healthcare. May you pay the price for that. Politics is not is NOT what CU was about. I will NEVER give a penny to CU EVER again.
10/06/2009  I contracted for your service and now cannot access your site . Please advise .
10/12/2009  I live in a SF hotel as a resident(SRO), and have lived here for over 20 yrs. I am over 65. Several days ago, the TV lost about 30 channels. The building supplies comcast cable to everyone. I called comcast and they told me that they would deliver a converter box today. They did not show up. I called them back and they said that I could only get a converter box with approval from the manager. They said they had sent him a letter about 4 months ago. No residents were informed. Today I called Comcast and they said they would not send over a converter box without the approval of the manager. I asked the manager, Naresh Djhmal, about this. He said he would call and ask them to send over a box when he had the time. Comcast does not charge anything for the converter box so I am wondering why they just won't provide me with the box. It appears as if the manager does not want all rooms to have the boxes. He would not explain why. If I buy an HDTV will that solve the problem or do I still need to get the box from Comcast?
10/17/2009  heres a story ; ive never had verizon wireless or any of their services am joining the army i need a security clearence so they did a credit report it all came back paid in full never late except verizion wireless that ine never had . the services was paid by some one for 2yrs at a adderss that ive never lived at and my name is mispelled the co, will not help me the only thing they wont is money that i dont owe . I ask to see copy of the checks or money orders that paid the bill for 2yrs they cant give these to me?
10/19/2009  Dear Consumer Union personnel, I sent this message on October 8 via Email and received an automated response (which did not address the issue) so I thought I should also send it via this web site. Is Consumer Union aware of any anti-competitive aspects of video recording equipment supplied by cable companies to subscribers (at an additional fee) following the switchover from analog to digital? We purchased a Panasonic DMR-EH50 in 2005 valued at about $500 at that time and utilized the "TV Guide" feature of that equipment to schedule recording of programs of interest to us from among the programs available at the "basic" and "expanded basic" channels, at that time. At about the time of the switchover from analog to digital, we experienced a loss of the "TV Guide" data. There was a temporary loss, a brief return, and then, apparently, a permanent loss. In response to repeated inquiries, Panasonic technical support personnel advised us that there might have been a change in the channel that supplies the "TV Guide" data. In response to repeated inquiries, Comcast personnel later advised us that the "TV Guide" data had previously been supplied by PBS WSEC channel 8 and is now supplied by CBS WCIA channel 2. We are uncertain why we can no longer access the data. For an additional monthly fee of about $16 we could lease a Mortorola DCT6416 video recorder from Comcast, for the "basic" and "expanded basic" channels. The information available to us is somewhat sketchy, but apparently that video recorder would be capable of accessing the "TV Guide" data, apparently the same data now being provided by CBS WCIA channel 3. Question is, why isn't it possible for our $500 Panasonic DMR-EH50 to also access that same data? Did the legislation regarding the switchover from analog to digital enable cable companies to restrict access to the "TV Guide" data to only those customers who who agree to pay the additional monthly fee to lease a video recorder from the cable companies? If so, isn't that anti-competitive, and what is Consumer Union doing to challenge that denial of access to data, to consumers, and how can we make a donation to help in that regard? Sincerely, Mike Hayes 2706 Whiteside Place Springfield, Illinois 62711 217/793-8368 PS: In Laguna Woods, California we have a Sony video recorder which we purchased in 2006 and which, as of August 12, 2009, was continuing to receive the "TV Guide" data.
09/05/2006  I just read your VOIP item - and it is inconsistent with the VoIP service that I have been using for 8 months. You seem to degrade the service, performance, capability, availability and quality. However, I have first-hand experience with this new technology. Once it is up, running and properly configured for your home - it is NOT different in performance from POTS. In MY service offering (SunRocket): -I do NOT have to dial area codes for local calls -I do Not lose service when power fails (I have a small UPS that everything is connected to). -I have 2 numbers - at no additional charge - one is in a different area code for the benefit of my family and friends in upstate NY. - 911 IS fully implemented - THANK GOODNESS that VoIP does not have to adhere to the same quality standards as POTS is MUCH better (the subscriber determines the quality of service - as a part of the setup). - THANK GOODNESS that VoIP does not have to follow the billing practices of POTS companies...they are terrible. VoIP is simple, electronic, CHEAP,CHEAP,CHEAP. Under 17 dollars a month for BETTER service than my POTS company offered me at 65 dollars a month. - Broadband connection is required...yup, had it anyway. Broadband plus VoIP is cheaper than BellSouth offerings of same features and services. - Government regulation... nope - not now (hope not ever). That should ONLY happen if CONSUMERS have problems (like cellphone subscribers). The phone companies are fat, dumb and regulated - hence MORE expensive, bad service (thanks to government regulation) and non-competitive. VoIP is national, competitive and not yet screwed up by government intervention. I am willing to discuss my credentials regarding these items (above) - for example: 25+ years in telecom industry, 5+ years in federal government. I know of the issues and skeletons and payments and underhanded stuff that goes on. So, VoIP deserves a chance - as a new technology, a cost saver, a means to bypass a monopoly and a means to avoid government regulation. Your (CU) support for the industry would be expected and appreciated. PS. Faxing over my VoIP service is faster, free (included) and can be done to anywhere in the world. Also, INTERNATIONAL calls to anywhere in the world ARE included in my <$17/Mo bill. And I got 2 cordless phones for signing up. And I can UNsignup without penality and get a full refund of unused time. AND I can check Voicemail on line from anywhere in the world. AND I can modify my service characteristics from a computer from anywhere in the world - at not additional charge. ---------Still sound bad ----- I think you need to revisit the service in 2006. It changes monthly ----getting better. US Govt employees are going to it routinely......... -Jim
09/05/2006  The Inset comment....: --------------------------------------------If you currently only get TV from over-the-air broadcast signals, when everything goes digital, you might have to buy a converter box costing between $50 and $75. Find out more about the digital television transition, and what it means for you.----------------- Is an obvious sales tactic, is untrue, inaccurate and misleading. Shane on CU for using government tactics to scare readers!! A-to-D converter chips cost under 70 cents. The reverse chip is likely the same. A 9V battery will power the chip and an "F" connector on the input and output will allow interface to a TV that uses an antenna. Questions.......... Who dreamed up $50-70 dollars? Who said that going digital REMOVES analog. I will be surprised if TVs don't have the 70 cent converter chip installed within the next few years. I will be surprised is Radio Shack doesn't sell a "Made in China" box for 9.95 that does the conversion! Scare is cool for politicians - but sucks for consumer support organizations. -Jim
10/23/2009  can you advise when my subscription expires? I would like to keep my subscription current, but it seems I get a lot of mail from C/U advising me of updating my subscription. my address is 308 Muddy creek court Piney Flats TN. 37686
10/23/2009  in your discourse on the state of the media you conspicously left out the massive discrimination that is perpetrated on univision and for that matter all spanish television. There are over 150 million latinos of african descent who are routinely denied representation on telemundo and other spanish media. This discrimination also extends to indigenous peoples there is virtually no diversity in this genre, yet you critisize american television please expose this issue and stop the racism that is prevalent in spanish media
12/01/2009  Good Morning My Fellow Americans at Consumers Union my purpose in contacting you is this I have a new E-mail Address and that is listed above my old E-amil address was ( that address has benn cancelled so please don't send any more E-maills to that Address thank you and good day..
10/15/2009  Ohio Issue 2 is coming before Ohio voters Nov. 3. The Ohio Farm Bureau and the big Agribusiness industry seeks to amend the Ohio Constitution to set up a 13-member board that will be politcally appointed and industry-dominated to oversee the Department of Agriculture. This will give them the final say in all government actions. This powerful board is corporate-backed and profit-driven. This is a serious concern as it will limit the rights of Ohio citizens to debate these issues and to have input into legislation. It will impact food safety, environmental & health issues as well as animal welfare. Will Ohio be the next center for a disease outbreak with little to no oversight? Will this move push small farmers out of business? We need an ACTION ALERT be sent out to Ohio consumers and we need the support of the Consumer's Union to Oppose Issue 2.
11/02/2009  Hello, I am trying to do some research on Native American representation in early Television history [1948-1968] and I was wondering if you could help me find resources. I am very proud of my Mohican [Stockbridge-Munsee] heritage, even though I only have 1/16th in my blood. My father would take me to Wisconsin every summer and we would try and experience the tribal life as much as possible. So, I feel it is a strong part of my life. I am currently in a television class [history and production] and the essay topic I've chosen is based on Native American representation; Both how they were portrayed on screen and the actors who played them. [For example, Brave Eagle's title character was played by a Norwegian.] If you feel there are any articles, videos or books that would help me in my work I would love to hear from you. Thank you for your assistance, and also for standing up and giving voice to those who need it. -Don W.
11/03/2009  I am a Sprint cell phone subscriber and I recently had a issue where I made a cell phone payment for a relative using my credit card. They ended up putting the payment on someone else's account. When we called to have them fix the error they treated me horribly and acted as if they could not trace the payment with the confirmation number they gave us etc. I had to dispute the charge through my credit card company. This month I realized they left my credit card information on that unknown account and made an additional payment. Without my authorization to keep the card on file. After hours on the phone they corrected the error fed. Dcs refund. I'm angry because I feel they compramised my personal what are my rights?
11/03/2009  In response to your Viewpoint article in the January 2008 issue. You told us of Beth Granger, and how she had verizon but bought the iPhone, and had to go to AT&T. She does have a choice though, I've had an iPhone for over a year, and have been using T-Mobile's network the whole time. She would need to jailbreak the phone she has, or have someone do it for her. Then she could just pop in the sim card and she'd be all set.
11/05/2009  Here's one for your "selling it" back page. I got a notice from a magazine I used to subscribe to with this "great" offer. (Twice) Anual cover price: Discount rate: You save: $84.87 $26.00 $68.87 My math tells me that is a savings of $58.87! But wait, there is the additional gift discount of $16.00 for a gift, if I wish to give one. Oh yea, I also got another offer the same day that told me the "cover price" was $83.88? And now you wonder why I don't trust your views on cars, TVs and more now? By the way, how come there isn't some kind of public outcry from you folks on the accelerator sticking on Toyotas, which have resulted in deaths! If it were one of the "big 3" you would have baked them alive already. Think about it! No longer a blind fan.
11/05/2009  For several years I have been donating to consumer union via the combined federal campaign. This year I don't seen consumer union or consumer reports in the CFC list. Why isn't consumer union listed in the CFC list?
11/12/2009  I happened upon this week, and recalled the time that I had spent on the advisory board several years ago. My bio is still listed on the site as an advisor, even though I've had no correspondence on the topics in several years. Is there still an advisory board? If not, then the advisory board links should be removed. Thanks!
11/16/2009  Why is it so difficult to contact you? There are no phone numbers in the magazine. I had renewed my subscription Oct 6 and the check has been cashed. In the last three weeks I have received two reminders to renew. There are several problems here. Fix them. Answer. Hermann Faubl 12330 Flowerwood Huntley, IL 60142 It took me 15 minutes of poking around on the web before I found a "contact us" link. Shame.
11/18/2009  PLEASE start a campaign against these cable and DirTV company monopolies and unfair practices. My friends in Europe pay less than half of the prices we are ripped off here, yet we're always supposed to be on the cutting edge of technology! We also pay more for phone calls too! What gives???
12/30/2010  I willl NOT donate in the future !!!!\Reaason: I entered $ 10, but you charged me $25. Thaat is robbery. I am finished with youl. DCRUZL
11/20/2009  I am currently on my 5th sprint instinct 14 mnths..The 5th phone was a month old when it froze up again and will no longer work.. touch screen has a problem.. the 4th phones failure caused me to not be notified of my grandmothers death, hense I missed her funeral.. Sprint in it's wisdom exchanged my phone with another instinct phone and assured me I would have no more of these gliches..I want a different phone.. and will not pay the bill until they follow through. No more instinct for me....can someone there please get sprints ceo Mr. Dan Hesse contact information.. His customer service dept.. and subordinants will not allow him to be reached directly.. This is unexcusable.. I have had 14 mnts of problems with sprint.. Thank you, William Wilson..
11/20/2009  ARE THERE 100 MPH CRASH TESTS OUT THERE? OK. I'm driving on a 45 mph two-lane highway. Traffic is moving at 50 mph in both directions. A guy has a heart attack, or he's drunk, or nods off, or maybe just has a flat tire, veers into my lane at the last moment (no time for evasive maneuvers) and results in a head-on 100 mph impact. A perfectly reasonable crash scenario. Are there vehicles out there that could protect the passengers in my car? Are there stats for that anywhere? I mean, enough of this 40 mph nonsense that's supposed to make me feel so secure. You know? For instance, what about a Ford F250 Crew Cab (three tons, lots of steel in the undercarriage, throw in the aftermarket heavy-duty roll bar)? Are there sufficient crush zones and protective restraints to save the occupants? If there were vehicles with such a safety-edge I bet people would purchase them in spite of the inherent gas-guzzling issues. What about a REAL-WORLD crash test? BW Ann Arbor
11/07/2014  Please look into why YOUR Android app ("Ratings 1.0.1") needs: 1. full network access 2. can modify or delete the contents of my USB storage 3. can directly call phone numbers. Please contact me with these reasons. Thank you, Eliat B. Goldman
11/28/2009  1) Somehow, my name on your address list has morphed from "JoAnn" to just "Ann." We are at 3428 Black Hills Rd NE, Albuquerque NM 87111. There are several coded numbers in very small print on your notice. If you will tell me how to identify the right one, I will send you our account number. 2) I find it increasingly irritating that no more than two or three months after I have sent in a subscription renewal, you guys start bugging us for ANOTHER one. Our current subscription ends in April of next year, if I recall, and yet, we have received no fewer than half-a-dozen renewal reminders since our last renewal. This is a monumental waste of MY time and YOUR money. I simply shred the notices and don't pay attention to them until it gets closer to renewal time. Why don't you save yourselves a LOT of money by limiting your reminder notices to within a month or two before they are due? Thank you, JoAnn Davis
11/30/2009  With regard to "...Increasing Phone Bill...", having been employed in a marginally(with respect to landline service) regulated industry like cable for 18 years and a highly regulated industry like consumer landline for over 10 years, I must say I agree the lanline bill is increasing. Because many of the phone company's customer service resources,what is left after downsizing, are going to combat a fully DEREGULATED faux service like cable phone, Vonage,Magicjack etc that don't deliver. We lose customers to Vonage et al,then get them back then lose them to cable,cell phones etc. The point of deregulation was "better cheaper". We now provide an superior service for less than others charge before TAX,company fees etc while stuggling against 'walmartized'non-union services like CABLE that have HUGH ad budgets. BRING BACK OVERARCHING REGULATION, then let the cable phone pay for cable phone with out being subsidized by HSN,CBN,ABC CBS NBC etc. Vonage, magicjac rely on an internet connection that the "Iwantyoutoworkforfree" consumer must pay for. REREGULATE for Quality and for those of us who want a 1st world wage market geared to selfishness. rant over. DAS
12/02/2009  You have mailed me an invitation for"discounted access"to internet sub. However your site is saying my discount code{hb9kauto16}is invalid. No code no subscription.
05/01/2009  My name is Rose M. Rabon, and I live in Lawton, Ok. We have one T.V station here.There is the weather channel on ch.10,and ch.5. Our ABC affiliate station is KSWO ch.7. The problem is we are in the midst of our tornado season, and I don't mean to minimize the searousness of the weather at times; however I fail to understand that we as consumers are subjected to the weather being seen on ALL three channels. Is there anything to be done? I did write a letter to the editor of the Lawton Constitution, and have even polled a few people, who do agree. I will be waiting for your reply. Thanks----Rose
12/11/2009  I have been a subscriber to Consumer Reports for many years. I, as well as many others, originally found Consumer Reports useful because it was very good at reporting product reliability information. Product features mean very little to me if the product does not have a sufficient lifespan. If the lifespan isn't there, I'm not getting the most bang-for-my-buck. Your reports have gradually, over time, focused more on product features and less on product reliability. I have purchased a few of your CR recommended products that became useless very prematurely. I am very disappointed with CU reporting. Every year I think about not renewing my subscription. My soul purpose for subscribing to CR is to get the best information ob product quality that will enable me to get the best bang-for-my-buck. Is there any plan to get back to the reporting that made CR so popular and valuable? Quality and reliability is what matters most.
12/13/2009  I have been trying to reach you and the website for consumer reports does not work!!! No matter what I as it always gives me the same stuff and none of it is what I wanted. It took me almost half an hour to find the telephone number above even tho it said it would be on the gray part on the right it is not!!! I will try to call tomorrow. Thank you
12/15/2009  I am considering ordering several gifts on your Holiday special subscription offer. Is there any problem with using fictitous names as email sites are many times not secure (both your emails and the recipients mailbox. Cordially, Jim
12/17/2009  I am inquiring about your site. By voicing my thoughts is this site a survey paid site for consumers. If so, how do you apply and if not how does your site actually work?
12/18/2009  Dear Sir/Mam We are interested to increase traffic to your website by Search Engine Optimization, please get back to us in order to discuss the possibility in further detail. Thanks
12/18/2009  Attempted to sign up for your special offer on the internet, but I believe it is not workng. I received info that the discount code I received was not correct. I checked it several times and I copied what was on the card correctly. I want this deal - what do I do? Confirm code last digits are .....kq510.
12/20/2009  Here's a new (I think) scam from the cell phone industry. I was recently overseas, and I knew that if my T-Mobile phone was on, I would be charged a minute at intl rates for every incoming call, even if I didn't answer. What I did not know, and T-Mobile did not tell me, was that by not answering the call and letting it go to voice mail, I would be charged twice - once for the incoming call, and then a second minute for the forward to voice mail! Even T-Mobile customer service thought it was a billing error when I complained, but then changed their mind, claiming "our rates our clearly stated on our web site." I can find nothing about this on their site. This turns the $2.99 charge for not answering into a $5.98 charge, making a significant difference in the total. And, to make matters worse, they offered me a very inexpensive "unlimited Blackberry international roaming" plan for email, which I took, but which of course requires the phone to be on when sending or receiving data. I have filed a complaint with the FTC but you are usually more effective in getting things changed. Scott Hochberg State Representative Texas House of Representatives District 137 - Southwest Houston
12/23/2009  I have tried for days to donate 2 subscriptions to my sons. However the on line promotion/subscription form does not have a "submit/send" tab. hen I tried to reach the "Customer Service" desk by phone for several days now. But you do not answer that line nor redirect anywhere else!! The Consumer Report on line site is a nightmare and, put simply it does not allow for anyone to reach a customer service agent with any question other than the "programmed" product fields. There is a "Contact us" e-mail page BUT there is no section to leave a message on and, in any event, there is NO "submit/send" Tab. I have been a "Print" Member for decades and an online Member for a couple of years and this is, by far, the worst customer service service I have ever experienced. The only thing that it is readily available is product information, but there are other reasons people may want to contact you.....and when they try a "full black moon", or lower, is your score! I would appreciate a call from a "customer service agent at (604)9808870 as I am and have been very frustrated by your non answering phone lines, and non communicative on line site for the last 2 weeks when, after all, I was actually trying to give you more business! Ironic isn't it!! Franco Anglesio, / (604)9808870.
12/23/2009  I am currently a Consumers Report subscriber. My wife just renewed for anorther year and I also received a gift subscpiption from my cousin, Patrick Tominey Jr. I do not need two magazines. What to do? Please respond ASAP.
12/26/2009  I ordered a gift subscription for Anthony Pham. He recieved the notification for it and also recieved the 2009 Buying Guide and also "How to clean Anything". I was wondering why you didn't send the 2010 buying guide. Anthony and I both have the 2009 guide already???
12/26/2009  I do not know if this is the right place to send an email, but I cannott find any other way to contact your organization. I renewed my subscription a month ago and I keep recieving final notices. It is frustrating to not be able to talk to a human and I hope you can guide mw to the proper channel to speak to someone. I am at the point of contacting my cc company so I can cancel my payment. Please let me knoe if you can help. Thank you, Ron Malerba
12/29/2009  I purchased three convertor boxes (one I bought and two with the coupons) and two of these are no longer working. We have tried disconnecting and re-scanning the channels but it is still not working. What can we do to have these fixed or where can we purchase new ones?
12/29/2009  I purchased three convertor boxes (one I bought and two with the coupons) and two of these are no longer working. We have tried disconnecting and re-scanning the channels but it is still not working. What can we do to have these fixed or where can we purchase new ones?
12/30/2009  User Provided No Response
12/31/2009  Have you ever compared synthetic motor oils? If so what were the results? Why is it so difficult to contact You. John Conrad
10/20/2009  User Provided No Response
12/07/2006  Hello, I am afraid I can not join your campaign to improve the service of cell phone companies. I do have complaints, but not the ones in your message, so I feel I cannot send that letter. We have Verizon prepaid service and my only serious complaint so far is that last summer we lost a balance of about $45. We had set up automatic replenishment from a credit card but when we got back from a two month visit to Norway the balance was zero. Verizon claims that there was a problem with our credit card. It is possible they are correct, we had to get new cards rigth before we left, due to a lost card. But Verizon said they had set up the replenishment with the new card, and we took their word for it. At least they could have contacted us about the problem, they have our Email address. The plan also stipulates that we must replenish the balance very 30 days to avoid losing the balance, even if there is plenty of money in the account. This is clearly favorable to them, and the 30 day limit means the date keeps moving, making it harder to remember when a replenishment is due. Regards, Ragnar Midtskogen
01/28/2011  Try to sign up and your site told me my e-mail is not valid.!!! wrong how did you send me your communication in the 1st place???
03/06/2008  Wasn't able to send email regarding cell phone charges. (Probably because my internet company is also my cell phone company.)
09/14/2006  Many thnaks for your useful push toward retaining some bit of democracy in America !! May I suggest that half the time I spend on responding to most of your requests for contact with congress goes into filling out my name and such. Can't this be put in a recurring box, pre- printed for me, so I can put my time into longer, more specific messages? Fred K Paine, Ph D
03/06/2008 I've given up trying to send things to Congress through the above Web site. Can you give me the name and phone number of the person responsible for the site so I can have a meaningful discussion about improving it? Thank you. Lowell Parker, Ph.D
12/01/2009  I just received notification from Verizon of a change in their terms of service to those on a "term plan." As you can see from Verozon's message which follows, their generosity and sense of fainess is truly admirable, to wit: 1. If you are on a term plan and Verizon ceases offering service to your location prior to the end of your term commitment, you will not have to pay an Early Termination Fee.
08/18/2006  Your system keeps rejecting my address. We are in new construction in Chicago. The Post Office regocnizes the address. We have registered to vote at the new address. I want tp participate in your efforts, but I can't if the database is out of date. John W Empfield 329 E 17th St #12 Chicago, IL 60616
04/10/2007  Oregon consumer protection committee is currently working HB 2871. Which allows loan companies to charge 36% interest for loans less than 50K. NOW WHAT CONSUMER DOESN'T FEEL THIS PROTECTION"! Only the loan companies and the rich are being protected. I wrote the Governor,state reps,the committee. All thanked me for my interest. Pat Ritchie, consumer & voter
10/14/2005  Sir, How do I find out about who the congressman are that you send these emails to? That is, when I fill out one of the action requests to congress that you send for us, I have no idea about whom they go to. The reason I ask is that I have relatives that do not have internet access and I want to be able to provide them names and addresses that they can send a letter to. But I don't know the congress is. Thank you for your help. Paul Achenbach
04/25/2006  I was recently reading an article about new legislation that is in the works concerning DMCA v2.0 (so to speak). (Here is the article in question, and I rather agree with the commentary attached to it. (Oddly, I get a lot of good information about what goes on here from a British publication...) I would like to voice my concerns about this to my representatives. I didn't notice anything specific on the website, but I also didn't read everything. (It looks like there is a ton of great information there, unfortunately I don't have time now to read it all! :)) Is there some effort afoot to derail this horrible legislation (both the new one and the old one)? More and more it seems that the corporations are writing the laws to meet their own greedy needs and trampling all over the consumers and citizens. I get more and more dejected over the state of our country with each passing month. Keep up the good work and fight on!
03/06/2008  I tried filling out the response to the cell phone hearings twice and neither went through Rohna Shoul
02/01/2011  I belong to several organizations that also pursue congress persons about issues. They make it substantially easier to do by creating links based on zip code so that messages can be instantly sent to the right person. Could you do this? It eliminates one other excuse for us procrastinators to help support the issue. Keep up the good work
02/01/2011  when I sign a petition online, I want to know who will be recieving it. Is it going to the President? my Senators? my Representative, a Cabinest member or to some corporation. Please indicate who you intend to send information to... when requesting support on an issue. I don't want to be seen by my Senator as someone who signs every letter that appears in my email. I want to be selective & sent letters only about what is most important to me. If a letter is sent to a business to apply pressure to them to change their ways, I want to know it, where is my signature going? Please make that clear on your requests.. Thank you.
12/30/2010  Minor but annoying. First credit card refused--wrong number. It was correct. Resubmitted, accepted. I corrected my donation from $25 (pre checked) to $10 but when acknowledged--came it at $25. I let it go rather than back up to corrrect but, nevertheless, makes one wonder how/why that happened.
12/30/2010  Minor but annoying. First credit card refused--wrong number. It was correct. Resubmitted, accepted. I corrected my donation from $25 (pre checked) to $10 but when acknowledged--came it at $25. I let it go rather than back up to corrrect but, nevertheless, makes one wonder how/why that happened.
12/28/2010  Just a word about web design...could you design the receipt page so it all fits on ONE printed page? Printing over more than one page is a pain and a waste of paper. Thanks!
12/11/2010  The January issue report on "all-purpose" cleaners does not include the products: Simple Green, Kirkland All Purpose cleaner or Martha Stewart Clean. Why?
12/13/2010  I continue to get renewal notices for my subscription to Consumer Reports and I do not know whom to contact to tell them I mailed my check Sept. 4, 2010, for $26, and it was paid by my bank. Please let me know if you have a contact number for the subscription department. (I could not find one online, and no telephone number was given in this "Final Notice" that arrived today. Thank you. Pat (M.S.) Alston 3513 Redwood Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90066
12/18/2010  I went to your site for protesting to the FCC about Comcast. I wrote my letter in the space to write letters ( I did not use yours but wrote my own) I then tried to take it out of the box so that the "Please personalize your message" was not still on the letter. I could not do that. I then tried to put my name and address at the bottomm and it does not let me enter those fields. I then decided to just write my one letter directly to the FCC but I find no where on this site the address and to who address a letter to. Could you please either tell me how to use your site or give me the address of the FCC and the address and person to address my letter to. Harvey Martin,
12/18/2010  Dear customer support, Sorry to use this inappropriate website, but e-mail addresses for anyone or or anything at Consumer Reports are not possible to find. Writing to "sellingit" didn't work as they are unable to forward anything and have no care about upset customers other than direct them back t the same useless webpage. Imagine my surprise when your "contact us" page at lead me to this page without a single e-mail address. How exactly is that "contact'. Following pages required me t login in - which of course is my entire problem. Now the deeper problem. I try to log in with this account and it claims it has expired or doesn't exist. Please help. If need be reset the password and sent it to me separate from my account name being . It should be e-mailed to or . Please view this as a suggestion to give e-mail addresses for assistance and better account support on your website (or record keeping as I clear received a year's subscription back in May). An e-mail when the matter is resolved would be both courteous and professional. I find you website to be vastly infeior to your magazine. A well organized collectionof back issues of CR would do 90% of what your ebsites does and much more effetively as this unhappyseries of problems shows. Hoping this finds the right person, Matthew Hoyt, PhD For further documentation (your e-mail of May 18, 2010) please give me an e-mail address where cusomer service can be reached.
12/26/2010  Regarding the Consumer's Union wanting the FCC to order the cell phone carriers to notify subscribers of their over-a-limit usage. This results in more big government control of its citizens. That is crazy! Cell phone subscribers/users should be smart and capable enough to control and manage their own usage whether the usage is for business reasons or personal reasons. The Federal government is already doing way too much for its people and they/we are getting way too used to being watched after, welfared, food stamped, fed in the schools, worker compensated, provided free cell phone service, etc. Americans need to watch after themselves and be more responsible for themselves much more than they actually are now-a-days. If they don't, they will totally lose the ability to be able to do that. From what I can see, much of the cell phone conversations are drivel and last way too long. So much for exceeding their MOU limit. I worked in the cell phone biz and have a good feel for it. I'm retired from that now and know that the FCC has little workable knowledge of the cell phone biz. They probably exceed their MOU limits too except the government is paying the bill. That is you and me paying. Press on Regardless. PJFS
12/29/2010  It appears to us that some of your comunications are a bit confusing. We have sent donations to you at your requests for what seemed to be renewals but obviously were donations to the foundation. See as follows: 2/3/10 $25 for renewal?? 2/9/10 $30 for foundation 8/30/10 $49.95 we thought was for a two-year renewal. 12/29/10 $26 for renewal. Some of your communications seem to be confusing with all of the "options" you put in them. Sincerely, Benjamin Boling 125 Shady Creek Trail Anderson, SC 29625
12/29/2010  Dear Hear Us Now, Please cover my company, Juggling For A Cure's educational and uplifting juggling tribute to Gay History. Have a happy New Year, Juggling For A Cure (513) 652-5574
01/04/2011  I wanted to send a form for cell phone user, but the form doesn't accept my 6 digits postal code even if I enter canada. The form says it can only be a 5 or 9 digit when no one in Canada as 5 or 9. Please let me know when I can send this form, Thank you.
02/01/2011  I goofed in my message to the FCC, writing it as though it were going to the cell phone companies. Is there any way to correct this - maybe by sending a message such as this?: I submitted a statement as though it were being addressed to the cell phone companies instead of the FCC. Please forgive my lapse, and read my statement as thorugh it were what I would like the Commission to tell the cell phone companies. Please require them to warn customers when their minutes are about to run out.
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01/09/2011  Sean Strebin 410 Country Lane 9001 words Kokomo, In 46902 1st Am. Print/Radio rights available price negotiable 765-453-6992 &#12288; &#12288; &#12288; HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS IN FINANCIAL RUIN Blockbuster 'Badboys' Still Free By Sean Strebin &#12288; "You have the sides. We have your headshot/resume and email -- We'll call you." A statement used repeatedly in the film industry by yuppie producers, fake bankers, and film school dropouts. This is how it begins. &#12288; Terrorism wasn't just for television movies and the news. It was for blockbuster movies, too. Terrorism was an idea concept that drove the action movie market in Hollywood. Hollywood was known as the filmmaking capital of the world. &#12288; California and neighboring states represented one third of the communications and broadcast production industry. However, a new form of terrorism was on the horizon with the advent of cell phones, beepers, vidphones, spy cameras, laser motion detectors, webcams, and laptops. If the group wasn't pushing their electronics, they're pushing their drugs. On July 4th, 1969, the body of a 22 year-old waitress was found near Vallejo, California -- possible victim of the Zodiac Killer. However, evidence leads to another ritualistic serial killer, Joseph Stocker. Actress and Playmate, Sharon Tate's career came to an end August 9th, 1969. In both cases, the Sheriff Department was involved in the investigations as well as the Aileen Wournos and Cynthia Ray cases. However, the C.I.A's active involvement on the West Coast, case files and other documents were not handed over to the Federal Bureau of Investigation as procedure required. The high-profile cases, Lana Clarkson, Anna Nicole Smith, and Catya Sassoon, ran into California's bureaucratic red-tape. The same for the Shannon Whilsey case -- another actress who tried to crossover into legitimacy. She also worked for Corman. &#12288; In 1971, MOTOR TREND magazine published the first article on carphones and Citizen Band radios. The first count of American users, by the Federal Communications Commission, was 80,000 people in the major markets. The first fatality where a car phone was involved was Claudia Jennings. She was supposedly driving to an audition. Claudia Jennings was testing for the Charlie's Angels series for Aaron Spelling. November 1975, in PLAYBOY'S 'More Sex In Cinema' issue, the fake C.I.A. operative, Genaro, made his first appearance in the letters to the editor section. Different letters in the that issue covered topics on dial tones, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, and AT & T. The name Genaro was used nearly ten years later in the movie DIE HARD. Genaro was John McClain's wife's maiden name. The shadow company's code and first move into the banking industry. At the time of the release of GALAXINA, Playmate, Dorothy B. Stratton's career came to an end. Stratton appeared in an early version of SEVEN called AUTUMN BORN. Leann Beaman, another missing actress, appeared in STARVED, a movie based on a scene from SEVEN. &#12288; Feburary 1982, Penthouse magazine ran another article on pc's. The article covered personal computers, modems, and electronic mail. However, the article failed to cover the legal issues and boundary violations when accessing phone lines illegally. The shadow company has been accessing phone lines illegally as early as 1974. This was before the advent of America On Line. In the 90's, Lojack entered the market in California, an early version of the GPS tracking device. On the market today, it's the all purpose, general stalking device. A version of this idea was used in the movie, DEADLOCK. However, it was used in California and other states as tracking-alert bracelet for non-violent offenders. A local radio station in Los Angeles ran an on-air test to see how long it took for the police to find a stolen vehicle with Lojack installed. &#12288; In 2007, NBC aired an episode of VEGAS involving a vidphone sexual crime against Barbara Niven. Yet, this was never reported or aired on the news, and the phone lines and phone books have been disruptive ever since. Lifetime Network violated broadcasting regulations by failing to provide a mature code when airing THE PERFECT NEIGHBOR. Possibly another rape and nudity aired on network television involving Niven. The rating codes were voted on and used in Los Angeles in the late 1996, when Jack Valenti and others were pandering to the Eurotrash in Hollywood regarding the V-chip block. &#12288; These cases are similar to the candid photos of Brittany Spears on a party night that circulated through the news. Then of course there is that monthly bill from your local internet service provider. This is where the F.C.C. and local phone companies lost millions of dollars to the ISPs in unpaid fees and taxes. The ISPs were accessing phone lines and other networks free and without strict regulation. Unfortunately, computer companies such as U.S. Robotics lost financially in the modem industry. The plus side is many ISP companies failed to register their dial-up software. &#12288; They called it hi-tech. Those super computers and beepers have been around since the 70's. Computers were making their impression in the movies, BLUE THUNDER and WARGAMES-- into the nineties, STRANGELAND and THE NET. And to Hollywood, computers were going to revolutionize the film industry, movie production and the world. There were going to be two computers in every house. Computers will be as common as the television set. Today, you're able to access your computer anywhere at any time. Well, so can they, a little fact the computer companies left out. Eurotrash and white-collar criminals are known to use stolen phone systems and use splices in old company phone cables. These companies may have been run out of business by corporate buyouts and insurance fraud. Many companies have all ready felt the financial stresses by computer hacking and industrial terrorism raged by the shadow company. The dishes being used are parabolic microphones or plate microphones with reception and transmission capabilities sensitive to sounds up 500 feet and more. The Howard County Sheriff Department had several outside their jail. Are other facilities using them? That's an unknown. However, the main question: is there an ulterior use? And are the dishes being used elsewhere? &#12288; &#12288; &#12288; &#12288; On August 31, 2010 this letter was sent to Arecibo Observatory. On September 2, around 6:36 P.M., the same letter was sent to Max Planck Institute in Germany. Within a few hours an unlicensed transmission in California was recorded. This signal was being broadcast through F.C.C. stations or unlicensed broadcasters, possibly at a subliminal level. However, it is not known how long they have been broadcasting this signal in Los Angeles - nor how many other cities may have received the same signal. &#12288; [Noticeable anomalies include several species of moths and butterflies in the area around ComCast. Yellow and white moths, orange black-spotted butterflies, 27 deceased at different ages in a two week period, yellow, black-spotted butterflies, black and gray moths with 3 inch plus wing span and brown moths with a 3 to 4 inch wing span in area. These lepidoptera have settled near highways 26, 28, and 31. In the same area, is Arrow Pest Control. This used to be an adult bookstore back in the eighties. Several female employees that worked at the adult bookstore are missing.] &#12288; &#12288; The Billionaire's Boy Club Chocolate Factory was down to their last gimmick. The last hook for Hollywood was CGI or computer generated imagery. Another way of saying optical special effects. For the independent filmmaker, there wasn't enough money in the budget. The independent filmmaker suffered, as did the filmmaking community with the advent of broadband. Internet piracy and copyright infringement increased after the passing of MPAA Co-Chair, Jack Valenti and television producer, Aaron Spelling. This includes releases by Digi-View Entertainment, DiabolikDVD, and other illegal copy houses. A good example is the Internet Archive website located in San Francisco. The site is easily accessible with material that appears it was acquired illegally from a local tv station, production house, or broadcast library. Most of the material is not in public domain since several of the producers and creators are still alive. The original copyright on a creative work was extended to up 78 years after a creators death in 1970's copyright case by the Library of Congress. Hollywood lost its visionary directors and producers. &#12288; Hollywood director, Peter Maris, must have seen the future. The director filmed the first terrorist film, Terror Squad, in Kokomo, Indiana. The movie was filmed around downtown Kokomo in 1985. The story revolved around terrorists that resort to taking over a local high school after a failed attempt to take over a nuclear power plant. The terrorists hold the city and world hostage. Almost three decades later, the terrorists are still here. These interlopers are not what we expected. The interlopers have infiltrated the government system and society as fake security companies, fake communication companies, fake politically correct government organizations, and/or fake computer network administrators. &#12288; In Kokomo, Indiana - the city called the city of firsts (home of the first AM car radio assembly plant) - the Howard County Government demolished three gas Towers at Kokomo Gas and Fuel. Thru the past two decades, the city governors destroyed: Alpha Cinema, Kokomo Mall Cinema, Markland Mall Cinema, Isis Movie Theater, two Drive-in movie theaters, King's Crown Inn, Waterfield Mortgage, Read More Bookstore, Red Carpet Motel, Kokomo Civic Theater, Don's Guns, SouthSide Super Skate and a roller rink near Morgan Street, Nationwise Auto Parts, Roosevelt School, three Blockbuster video stores, Penn- Dixie, Diver's Den, Cardova's Candy Shop, The Steel Inn, The Road House, two Denny's restaurants, The Body Shop, The Republican Party office, Van's Hobby Shop, FTD Florists, First Federal Bank, Norfolk Southern Railway, Department of Motor Vehicles, and lost the public utilities: Indiana Bell and Indiana Power Company. Phone books and other newspapers in surrounding cities are also missing. Peru, Walton, Hemlock, Swayzee, Windfall, Galveston, and other smaller cities in Indiana have lost their government buildings and addresses. &#12288; Ralph Strebin Sr.'s North - N - Tavern was run out of business by the Fivecoates. They disappeared with the financial receipts and keys between 97-99. The financial losses incurred by the Fivecoates were filed with the Howard County Clerk's Office in 2009. Another copy was filed with the Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Fivecoates failed to purchase the North-N-Tavern. The amount filed and billed was $982,750.00 for damages and financial losses since 1999. This does not include a previous tavern on Vaile Avenue owned by Ralph Strebin, Sr., or the farm which had a contract with the Department of Agriculture. &#12288; On April 15, 2010, the Howard County government workers struck again. The Movie Gallery on 521 South Reed Road (highway 31) was decimated. The video and dvd inventory is unaccounted for. Earlier in 2010, the 'historical' Playhouse strip club was destroyed on Home Avenue in Kokomo. Kokomo lost the Goodwill store as well. At least 20 35 mm movie projectors are missing from Kokomo, Indiana's defunct movie houses. The financial losses in the missing movie screens can account for nearly 1.5 million dollars in a given year. &#12288; June 1, 2010, the Shell gas station on Center Road and Highway 31 was run out of business by Central Realty. &#12288; In the July 12th, 2010 edition of the Kokomo Tribune, a new chancellor was supposedly hired in Kokomo. There was no advertisement for the election of said employee. &#12288; Kokomo lost the radio stations, WWKI-FM and WZWZ-FM. The current disc jockey has no F.C.C. license. The Kokomo Tribune and WWKI were served a pre-trial settlement regarding a libel and defamation of character lawsuit in February 2007. In 2004, Sean Strebin interviewed for a news position at WIOU/WZWZ, however refused to hire violating F.C.C. bylaws. In addition, surrounding radio towers were altered. This may have affected or blocked actual frequency transmissions. Not much later, Howard County government people destroyed WZWZ business offices. It was turned into a ranch-type estate. The towers are still standing. California lost major radio stations, KLOS-FM and KLSX-FM. Illinois lost fm stations, WBLZ-FM and WNIB-FM. An additional report has been filed to investigate several radio and tv stations in California that violated F.C.C. frequency assignment codes including XETV Channel 6, XHAS Channel 53, and XHRM - FM 92.5. WEBR-AM in New York needs evaluation. However, it's unknown how many radio stations, tv stations and newspapers this group has destroyed in Indiana and throughout the United States. &#12288; The city of Firsts lost many jobs. The Pacific Coast Studio Directory lists Hadler Communications, as the California PR company representing Chrysler. Hadler Communications could not be reached for comment. Hadler Communications handled public relations for several independent films in the 1980's. However, the mentioned directory refused to list District of Columbia's film commission. &#12288; It is unknown when the Howard County Sheriff Department started running the government in central Indiana. Delco Electronics, Chrysler, and Grissom Air Force base provided most of the income and commerce for central Indiana. This may have been part of the annexation plan after the loss of Chrysler and Grissom Air Force Base. Acting Mayor, Gregg Goodnight, could not be reached for comment. Uulicensed construnction continued on Center Road and Highway 31. The unknown construction people were digging near phone lines without government approval. On January 4, 2011, unknown vehicles and Sheriff cars closed off Everett's House in the housing addition, that was outside city limits. Tresspassing in the empty house. &#12288; Sean Strebin was investigating corruption in the correctional facilities in the states: Indiana, Florida, Kentucky, Texas, Utah, Oregon, Arizona, Missouri, Nevada, Tennessee, South Carolina, and California. While working on a film in California, called Damsel of Death (a movie based on Aileen Wournos case) evidence, witnesses, and other sources became available not reported in the news or press. The undisclosed sources singled out correctional institutions were exploiting the incarcerated in an internet phishing scam unknown to the public involving underage pornography. This included unlicensed and unauthorized image use. How did the Bureau of Prisons and department of corrections obtain the nude photographs of the young women used on the websites? For $3.00- $10.00, you can write your own 'dog', too. Prison slang for jailbird. These inmates (women) may or may not exist. However, for those with an extended stay, you can have your loved ones or lawyers send you money. And for an extra $3.00 (which they take) you can buy from the D.O.C.'s commissary. The Howard County Jail does take Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Diners Club for bail, bonds, and medical co-pay. Women inmates in other correctional facilities verified the same procedure. &#12288; Taxes and revenue the government never see. &#12288; In 1998, California passed a fake legislation bill to deregulate public utilities. During the rain seasons in California, about 1996-1998, southern California suffered numerous power outages. This may have been the time when California's fake correctional employees let several convicted felons escape without notice. They may be impersonating Los Angeles County Sheriffs and other law enforcement officials. The same group may be responsible for abducting and arresting actors and actresses. &#12288; &#12288; The Howard County Sheriff Department, Kokomo Police Department and other correctional facilities are involved in extortion and telecom fraud resulting in losses to phone companies and government departments. The Howard County Sheriff Department has 30-60 phones. Evercom, the telecom company responsible for charging your collect calls, charges $2.99 to 4.99 per minute. Your free phone call to your lawyer, spouse or bondsman cost $14.95 - $24.95 for a five minute phone call. The F.C.C. and the state never see the taxes or fees from these phone calls. The number of phones in Rockville Correctional Center and the Indianapolis Women's Prison are not known. However, Miami County jail may have the similar phone system used in Howard County. However, all phone calls are monitored. It became known several locations around the U.S. were wired with the same configuration to allow eaves-dropping and computer hacking. &#12288; Another fact, it took several minutes through Comcast's phone menu before customer service representative, Benji Stein to answer. When asked if Comcast had an F.C.C. rebroadcast transmission license, he replied, "They probably do." Then a dial tone. This is on their 888 number. How much does Comcast take on each call? Their piece of the American Pie. The following was taken from the website representing their interests. &#12288; 'Pursuant to new State law, the City's incumbent cable TV providers, Time Warner, Cox Communications and Charter Communications, are no longer obligated to provide free in kind services such as free Internet and cable TV services to City departments, facilities, libraries, and schools, and operate and financially support Public Access TV studios. State law provides that the City of Los Angeles assumes financial responsibility for all such services commencing January 1, 2009.' Comcast trespassed on personal property acting as a telecom company with laptops and altered phone jacks and phone lines in houses. &#12288; However, the said companies are no longer legitimate entertainment or telecom companies due to monopoly violations and failure to meet F.C.C. broadcast requirements. Direct TV, Dish-TV Network, Comcast, At & T, Ameritech, and MCI have violated F.C.C. code s and committed telecom fraud. &#12288;&#12288; It cost too much to get a response from Comcast. Is his how Indiana Bell was ruined? Communities and public utilities are endangered by fake electric and telecom companies - such as AT & T - which are not registered with the Federal Communications Commission. The Federal Communication Commission is a division of government responsible for monitoring and maintaining communications in the United States. This would include CBS, NBC, ABC, radio stations, newspapers and your telephones. However, several fraudulent companies were involved in telecom fraud working under the guise of government departments. &#12288; Similar women correctional facilities were constructed near national guard armories and army bases in Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, California, and Texas. The female prison in Dublin, California is not a high-profile facility. However, this includes women prisons in Gadsden, Florida, and Tooele, Utah. The prisons were constructed near small airports and universities interfering with tourism and depreciates the property value and investment. Two historic locations, Griffith Observatory and the Ships Movie House in Westwood, California, were demolished. The Indiana Department of Corrections used funds from the Department of Education and Department of Transportation, and are using HUD housing for relocation purposes. This would later be called - in Hollywood lingo - witness protection and relocation facade. HCSD referred to it as restricted housing. Then of course, legal court issue with a forced and/or assumed name change. California, Texas, Michigan, Florida, and other states may be using the same procedure. The main question is why do men run a women's correctional facility? &#12288; During the filming of Damsel Of Death, Sean Strebin and other crew members were harassed during the production by local police in Oceanside and other California cities. One night, Sean Strebin and the crew were approached twice by unnamed law enforcement officers. Sean Strebin later filled in for a security guard who refused to be filmed later on in the production. &#12288; Through years of correspondence with several sources, the letters revealed the department of correction officers were rewriting inmate letters and passing codes using local mail systems. The first letter began through a free ad on Secret Pen Pals soliciting a pen pal for Marie Cornell. Several letters later, Indiana Department Of Corrections appeared to be altering said letters and changing background information. This includes the history of Florida native, Angela Omans, which stated she was from Detroit, Michigan. Inmates in differing states were arrested and accosted on drug charges when they had no previous record. Female inmates mentioned the correctional officers were reading every letter. Other incarcerated women stated their release date would be July 4, 2004. Marie Cornell stated she was being moved from Rockville to Edinburg to Camp Atterbury and back again. Cierra Rain Rood wrote she would be moved to F.C.I. in Florida for a weapons charge. Inmates in Florida stated they were being transferred to other locations in Lowell, Gadsden, and Miami, Florida. However, reports surfaced later stating the women inmates had similar problems with the Sheriff Department and postal system in Florida. Women inmates mentioned they were involved in courses offered by the correctional facilities. Angela Omans stated she worked in the optical department. Elsie Murden Cook was working on water treatment courses and an inmate named Kimberly was working in electronics. Jennifer Rutter's letter stated she was working with the printing press. Another inmate incarcerated for a trumped up drug possession charge. She supposedly was in the U.S. Army and stationed in Germany. Rutter's letter stated she was certified on diesel engines. Kimberly Cannon was incarcerated for embezzlement regarding real estate fraud on properties in New York. Paula Brasher was arrested for forging fake prescriptions while working at a medical company. &#12288; &#12288; When Sean Strebin visited his first source, Troy Marie Cain Cornell, in Rockville Correctional Center in 2005, he was assaulted by a correctional Officer. HE visted another source in the Indianapolis Women Prison and faced the same harrassment. Marie Cornell and other inmates disappeared around the country including: Terri L. Bowman, Paula Brasher, Becky Hughes, Debra Culver and Jennifer Rutter (California), Roberta Rene Meshell, Athena Burdick (Texas), Cierra Rain Rood (Kentucky) and (Florida), Victoria Nevarez (Oregon), Tara Thoman (Texas), Annette Baker (Idaho),Jennifer Nielsen (Utah), Deborah Beck (Georgia), Mary Shea (South Carolina), Anne Funk and Tawnya Munro(Missouri), Kit Russell(Nevada), Christy Neff(Michigan), and, Elsie Murden Cook. In addition, Aileen Wournos's girlfriend, Selby Wall, is missing. &#12288; The harassment continued by the local sheriff de- partment. Working part-time to get back to his career in Hollywood, entertainment journalist, Sean Strebin reported a suspicious looking car on BP's lot. Sheriff Michael Meyer was the first on the scene. Supposedly, an undercover drug buy was in process. &#12288; Into the spring quarter, Strebin was harassed not much longer after the incident. Strebin was repeatedly harassed by Sheriff Meyer and his partners, only to be falsely incarcerated and served ten days in jail for resisting arrest while taking a walk. He was moved around inside lockup. It took four days before first phone call was made. &#12288; Sean Strebin filed a tort claim later against public defender, Brant Parry, for damages and losses incurred by HCSD excessive violence. Sean Strebin's teeth and voice were damaged as a result. After a checkup with local dentist, William Grider, to have cosmetic work done, Mr. Grider refused to even do a cleaning. It is unknown if Dr. Grider rubbed or applied something to Sean Strebin's teeth. Sean Strebin lost wages earned as a camera operator and journalist. He also interviewed at the Kokomo Tribune in the summer of 2005 for the editor position. He interviewed for a reporter position at the Vincennes Sun newspaper the following year. September 2006, Sean Strebin went to work on a video project as a cinematographer. ARDEN'S WAY was a feature production filmed in Columbus and Bloomington, Indiana. Two days into shooting, the director, Lance Ivan Stacy took off with the footage. Sean Strebin filed losses and damages seven months later against Chad Richards, Mr. Stacy, and Red Sueno Films for $168,190.00. However, no payment has been made by Mr. Stacy, nor has he delivered any footage or copy for editing. &#12288; On June 9, 2008, Howard County Superior Court Judge set a Court date of September 16, 2008 regarding the Myspace/Invasion of privacy case. July 10, 2008, an investigating detective named, Sherry Galloway, called and threatened the parent's about having Sean Strebin remove certain references on his Myspace page. The said persons never approached Sean personally. Sean Strebin wrote Judge Tate about a dismissal of my case due to lack of evidence. Howard County Court House refused to acknowledge the tort claim filed against Brant Parry who was now an attorney. The Howard County court house never replied to correspondence regarding the lawsuit against previous public defender, Brant Parry. Brant Parry was served but failed to respond. &#12288; &#12288; Tate did not set a time for court on September 16th, regarding the fake restraining order that was delivered from California. Supposedly, the restraining order pertained to the said missing person. This was a source I interviewed for Sirens of Cinema magazine. Copies were sent to D.C. with the complaint. &#12288; In December 2007, filmmaker, Ivan Rogers, released his movie, ON FIRE, with a message for Sean Strebin regarding the American Film Market in California. Like Mark Besozzi, Ivan Rogers threatened Sean Strebin and alluded to possibly threatening several actresses. Sean Strebin filed reports and small claims for financial losses due to breach of contract. &#12288; Sean Strebin has been harassed by criminals and internet stalkers ever since he started working in Los Angeles as a journalist. Mark Besozzi (California), Steven Whitehead (possible alias, Stephen Walter Thompson and Doc Sinister) of Beverly Glen, california, and Patty Keegan were unavailable for comment. They failed to return phone calls. Patty Keegan, Steven Whitehead and Mark Besozzi have repeatedly harassed and stalked Sean Strebin and other people in the film industry. &#12288; Mr. Whitehead of Tristan Arts and Besozzi of Bird's Eye View Entertainment failed to pay off previous invoices. Whitehead was invoiced for the deferrals on the Tristan Arts project in 2006. Whitehead repeatedly stole casting books, stills, videos, movie books, and scripts from Strebin while he lived in Glendale, California. Lance Ivan Stacy was invoiced about the same time for ARDEN'S WAY. Both were reported for tax evasion, embezzlement, and breach of contract. Additional charges have been filed. Indiana residents, Jim Gregg of KI Productions and filmmaker, Ivan Rogers, failed to pay invoices for $130,000 and $441,000 respectively. The BND Commercial Leasing company, Patty Keegan, and Central Realty were sited for losses including over $58,000 dollars in inventory and special video orders Sean Strebin invested in VideoLand since the nineties. However, it is unknown if the mentioned entities were involved with the annexation committee. Actual financial losses over the past twenty years are unknown. Invoices were faxed to National City Bank in 2009. &#12288; Hugh Gallagher(possible alias Rob Freeze) the editor of Draculina Publishing in Edwardsville, Illinois, failed to pay on previous accounts. He's involved in telecom fraud. Gallagher has stolen photographs and possibly acquired master tapes of film productions. Whether Hugh Gallagher is related to deceased Vietnam veteran, Joseph Gallagher, who died in Vietnam between 1968-69, is not known. Hugh Gallagher was billed for damages of $355,000.00. American Film Institute was sued for breach of contract, telecom fraud, embezzlement, and failure to pay on several film productions. AFI's total is 882,364,000.00 dollars. Working as an entertainment journalist in Los Angeles, California, Sean Strebin worked on three AFI film productions advertised in Dramalogue and BackstageWest newspapers. The films were low-budget, grad projects that were eventually completed and released, except for one. Producers Tom Berry and unknown director, Douglas Jackson are facing charges of tax fraud, embezzlement, and attempted murder. Steve Bing, Heidi Martinuzzi, Susan Bluestein, Louie Jason, David Niven Jr., Brad Steiger, Warren Smith, Lee Gordon Demarbre, Paul Tarantino, Bill Gerber, Rodney Rossini, Howard Rutman, Davis Guggenheim, and Albert Silver are involved with embezzlement and fraud. Several of these executive producers were involved in Franchise Entertainment's financial problems. Tom DeSimone and associates are connected with missing actresses, drug dealing and may be associated with people involved in actor's, Haing S. Ngor's death. &#12288; In 1998, at Park Tudor Townhomes in Los Angeles, struggling actress, Kelly Langley mentioned she "handled public relations for a cosmetics firm." I met Tom DeSimone and Mark at her apartment. They were hustling Kelly. I later discovered Kelly's quote was lifted from a film called, ICED, starring Lisa Loring, who was also missing from the acting scene. However, Tom DeSimone said nothing of Wendy O. Williams, or acted as if she was in danger or all ready deceased. He slipped me his business card. He worked on REFORM SCHOOL GIRLS. In the video release, ANGEL 4: UNDERCOVER, REFORM SCHOOL GIRLS was mentioned as a perfect date movie. The plot of the sequel included overdoses in the movie and music industry. Wendy O. Williams supposedly died of an overdose. She was supposedly depressed about her career. This case is similar to Margaux Hemingway's overdose. The same statement was given in the Anna Nicole Smith case. However, this is the same plot device used in Dorothy Parker's story, "The Big Blonde". &#12288; New Year's Eve 1999, Catya Sassoon died of a drug overdose. Cheryl Smith died under mysterious circumstances without a formal investigation about two years later. Actresses expressed their concern with similar problems with industry executives including bogus distribution agreements made by distributor reps on their productions with SHOWTIME, USA Network, and SCI-FI Channel. The number of actresses and stunt women missing is unknown. The actresses missing include: Linda Carol, Rae Sperling, Lori Lethin, Paula Trickey, Lisa Comshaw, Vicki Frederick, Patricia Tallman, Jill Whitlow, Jill Schoelen, Kim Myers, Nicole Grey, Kim Kopf, Gloria Lusiak, Deborah Foreman, Deborah Goodrich, Linda Dona', Lucinda Dickey, Chevonne Durkin, Donna Denton, Ursula Andress, Luciana Paluzzi, Laurene Landon, Staci Logan, Leslie Glass, Tammy Parks, Lorissa McComas, Michelle Brin, Melissa Anne Moore, Tracey Spaulding, Elizabeth Kent, Nadia Capone, Simone Griffeth, Jennifer Delora, Lori Jo Hendrix, Dyanne Thornne, Frankie Thorn, LoriDawn Messuri, Christine Lunde', Robin Groves, Charolette J. Helmkamp, Sarah Douglas, Sara Suzanne Brown, Kristie Ducati, Michelle LaMothe, Ruth Collins, Janet Julian, Heidi Paine, Karen Young, Karen Russell, Finn Carter, Michelle Moffitt, Cloud Michaels, Lisa McCullough, LeeAnn Beaman, Ann Turkel, Pat Barrington, Suzee Slater, Debbie Evans, Cheryl Wheeler Dixon, Deborah Geffner, Deborah Blaisdell, Julie Shaw, Nancy Hendrickson, Caryn Shalita, Donna Jason, Dawn Dunlap, Monique Gabrielle, Deborah Luce, Harlee McBride, Sylvia Kristal, Laura Gemser, Jasae, Ria Coyne, Angelyne, Tiana Pierce, Annaline Kriel, Susan Cassidy, Joyce Hyser, Vali Ashton, Cyndi Pass, Shari Eubank, Amanda Peterson, Maren Jensen, Kay Lenz, Karen Medak, Erica Nann, Debra Blee, Joey House, Charlie Spradling, Janet Baldwin, Joy Boushel, Michelle McBride, and India Allen. The mentioned men may be involved with the death of Zoe Tamerlis in New York and Cheryl 'Rainbow' Smith in Los Angeles, California. These men may have worked on Abel Ferara's crew in New York in the 90's. The union grip men have worked on the set of NINE AND A HALF WEEKS. &#12288; Financial losses incurred in the film industry and foreign releases is estimated at 250 million dollars a year world wide. Hollywood Agents Jeffrey Lane and Gail Abbott have been turned over for tax fraud, obstruction of justice, tax evasion, embezzlement and failure to pay on invoices totaling over $243,00.00. Sean Strebin filed for possession of the American Film Institute entertainment complex in Silver Springs, Maryland in 2009. A Los Angeles law firm is handling the financial part of the case. Sean Strebin filed against Empire Studios on 12 counts of intellectual property theft and SAG violations. The total of damages against Empire Studios is over 2 million dollars. Anthony Pretzello and Mike Ratner were charged with intellectual property theft, tax evasion, copyright infringement, and charged for $2 million in damages. Screen Actors Guild, AFTRA, Writer's Guild of America, and other unions are possibly involved in intellectual property theft, embezzlement and failing to follow F.C.C. regulations. The Networks and agencies failed to pay invoices for the past ten years and cooperate with the press. &#12288; Sean Strebin filed a complaint with the post office about missing and stolen mail. Of course, The Howard County Sheriff Department continued to pilfer and steal mail and packages, including books and dvds from SCI-FI book club and other video distributors. Screeners from TimeWarp Films, Full Moon material, and other press material have been stolen. Other mail missing include: checks, query letters, Variety, Hollywood Reporter, Fangoria, Writer's Digest Books, Writer's Journal magazine, Box Office Magazine, Creative Nonfiction, Writer's Digest Books, Columbia House Video, Dorchester books, Parsec magazine, invoices, Nightengale-Conant material, and other correspondence including mail to and from London, Vancouver, and Mississauga, Canada, Puerto Rico, U.K. and Ghana. &#12288; While working on Sirens of Cinema number two, there were similar problems with the mail in Glendale, California. This included problems with the mail from NATIONAL CITY BANK in California. &#12288; Sean Strebin contacted Steven Clarke at Sony Pictures regarding PR material on V.I.P.. Requested episodes never arrived. In addition purchases made on EBAY were stolen in the mail -- this includes: BLIND VISION, AMERICAN NIGHTMARE, MANIAC COP III, APEX, STORMY NIGHTS, BATTLE ROYALE, FUTURE SHOCK, FAUST, Ms.45, HARDDRIVE, VAMPIRE COP, BLACK HOLE, GRIM REAPER, EATING RAOUL, DRACULA'S GUEST, CREEPSHOW III, JIMMY ZIP, KILLER LOOKS, THE LAST HORROR SHOW, TIMEGATE TRAMPS, THE SOUNDMAN, HORSEY, CORPSES, ALIEN 51, THE BIG EMPTY, SHAKMA, SCARLETT DIVA, ALIEN AGENDA films, CURSE OF THE MAYA, CREATUREREALM, VAMPIRES and OTHER STEREOTYPES, EROTIQUE, MEN CRY BULLETS, STREETS OF RAGE, OPERATION: GOLDEN PHOENIX, INSPECTORS WEAR SKIRTS, FREAKSHOW, RIGHTING WRONGS, SHE LIVES BY NIGHT, DARKDRIVE, THE MAJORETTES, TOTAL REALITY, LOST VOYAGE, DEEP CORE, SUNSPLIT, THE BIG HUSTLE, WORD OF MOUTH, SILK & SABOTAGE, VELOCITY TRAP, AUDITION, HYPOTHERMIA, ANATOMIE, INTIMACY, CRASH, MY SWEET EVIL, HEADHUNTER, BIKINI DRIVE-IN, BIKINI CARWASH, SIX STRING SAMURAI, STAR MAPS, DEAD BADGE, MIDNIGHT CONFESSIONS, I LIKE TO PLAY GAMES, THE VOYEUR, MADAME SAVANT, CAN IT BE LOVE, TRANCE, HIDDEN I/II, HEAD CHEERLEADER, DEAD CHEERLEADER, EVIL AMBITIONS, VAMPS, HARD TO DIE, MAD AT THE MOON, HUMONGOUS, PRISON A GO-GO, PRISON HEAT, BLOOD NASTY, STORMSWEPT, COUGAR JUNCTION, NATURALLY BAD, SCANNER COP, WHALE MUSIC, BIKINI BISTRO, PIN, THE BRAIN, THE DAKSIDE, BACHELOR MAN, HALFWAY HOUSE, BUTTERSCOTCH, I'M WATCHING YOU, CHICKS, MAN, SOCIAL INTERCOURSE, PEP SQUAD, PETRIFIED, SHOTS OF HAPPINESS, SHAFTED, THE OTHERS, THE PITCH, HELL HATH NO FURY, CONNOR'S WAR, BLONDES HAVE MORE GUNS, SHREDDER, TROMEO AND JULIET, GIRLY, ABDUCTED II, ATLANTA CONSPIRACY, BREAKAWAY, INTRUDER, SAVAGE LUST, DEMON POSSESSED, POSSESSED BY THE NIGHT, TERROR FIRMER, NIGHTREALM, HUMANOIDS FROM THE DEEP, STEPMONSTER, BRINK, MAXIMUM SECURITY, NIGHT OF THE DEAD, DRAGON, THE PITCH, BAGMAN, EVILMAKER, FEEDBACK, BLOOD GNOME, BIKINI HOTEL, FUGITIVE RAGE, ALLIGATOR, SUPERCROC, HELLOWEEN NIGHT, MAGIC CRYSTAL, PORTRAIT IN RED, SNAKES ON A TRAIN, and HINDSIGHT. Even the pilot episode of CHARMED was available for purchase. &#12288; Actors, actresses, and producers stated similar problems with their own personal mail and their newsletters in Los Angeles, California. This occurred in the late 90's in Glendale, California. &#12288; Maschand, Fitzgerald, Ebert, Johnson, and other HCSD employees have stolen mail and impersonated postal carriers. The complaint included missing mail from Paducah, Pewee Valley, and Owensboro, Kentucky. The Kokomo Post Office and city hall failed to post the wanted photos of escaped convicts. East on Highway 26, in Hemlock, Indiana, the small town's post office was decimated -- possibly by the same group that ruined WZWZ-FM not too far away. This group may be using the post office phone line illegally. &#12288; Later, several unidentified law enforcement officers ordered Sean Strebin not to do his job or contact the F.C.C. in Washington D.C.. Sean Strebin is licensed with the Federal Communications Commission as a radio operator. He is registered with the Indianapolis Alcohol and Tobacco Commission as a bartender. &#12288; On October 3, 2008, Sean Strebin was harassed again when a Sheriff served a bench warrant issued by James R. Fleming on the fake assault battery case Fleming dismissed in 2006. The Sheriff said, "I don't know. Fleming just said there were recent developments. I'm just doing what the paper says." However, no evidence or developments mentioned were made public. The sheriff mentioned in passing he was on the department for two years. He wouldn't show the bench warrant. He kept it folded. After a video conferencing trial on Friday morning October 5, 2008, Sean Strebin was released on previous bond on another case, Judge Tate and the city never replied too. This appears to be continuing harassment in retaliation to filing a tort claim against the city which it never paid -- nor allowed Mr. Strebin to file a lawsuit. The Howard County Sheriff department continued their harassment. &#12288; About 6:40P.M. Monday, January 26, 2009, the Howard County Sheriff Department arrived again at Sean Strebin's place of residence with another bench warrant on a failure to appear on the same case. At the book-in counter, a jailer known as Zimmerman commented, " I don't trust bartenders who don't drink on the bar. It's sort of like chefs who don't eat their own cooking." On February 3, 2009, Judge Tate 'O.R.'ed.'Sean Strebin again moving the case to April 15th. However, Howard County Deputy or jailer, known as Willy (aka Mark Levenhagen) refused to release Sean Strebin. During that time, Wes Tyler and Stover, correctional guards, were seen sexually harassing women correctional officers. The Correctional officer, Zimmerman, continued to give field trip tours through the jail. Sean Strebin read books from Florida book shops, The Paper Pad and Book Bazaar. He managed to finish an Anthony Bruno thriller. &#12288; Sean Strebin finally walked free on Tuesday August 11, 2009 about 4:45 P.M. after six months of an illegal incarceration and a court date for October 21st, 2009 for failure to appear. In November, local attorney, David Steele and Judge Tate were notified of the pending lawsuit against Howard County Sheriff Department regarding the previous damages. However, during his illegal incarceration, his Myspace website was altered from the original design. Journalist/actress, Debbie Rochon's photograph was removed from his Myspace page. The writing was altered as well. The same technique was used on a prison website involving high- profile case involving Cynthia Ray. &#12288; Barbara Niven was abducted in California, interfering with the interview and several independent film productions slated for production in D.C. This happened not much after Anna Nicole Smith died under suspicious causes after the completion of her independent film, ILLEGAL ALIENS. The female co-stars missing include Joanie Lurner. Barbara Niven returned a call a couple months before the release of REDLINE. The phone call was cut short after she stated she was having trouble with Mark Besozzi and other crew people. About two years earlier, Mark Besozzi called Mr. Strebin after Sean Strebin was finishing up a question and answer session THE PERFECT NEIGHBOR with Barbara Niven. It was just casual talk. Niven was nervous about something else. Not too much later after Sean Strebin hung up the phone, Mark Besozzi called to pitch a movie concept based on an idea by Kenneth Mader called RONEY'S POINT. It was very similar to Niven's role in DEPRAVED. Sean called her back to explain his skepticism about the pitch. There was no script. Besozzi was unknown. Not too much longer after her last phone call while discussing THE PERFECT NEIGHBOR, Niven was hired for CHARMED, VEGAS, REDLINE and several productions against previous contractual arrangements. REDLINE was released in 2008 in April. However, REDLINE never received a world wide theatrical release. A fake interview from a prop newspaper was posted on the internet. After further investigation, many Howard County Sheriff Department deputies and jailers are escaped felons using fake Howard County Sheriff Department uniforms. Much like the L.A. County Sheriffs grabbing actresses in Los Angeles, California. Sketches aired on Indianapolis TV stations the previous years resemble employees, Bracket, Brubaker, Pauuwee, Tyler, Henry, Edwards, Maschand, and Christmas. The following photographs were taken from the FBI most wanted list and Illinois criminal photographs. The female jailers were once dancers at Little Daddies. This includes Walden, Harrington, Elkins, and Glenn. They're close associates with Fitzgerald. He's connected with missing dancers from local strip clubs, McCoys and the Playhouse, in Kokomo. The other women in Indiana missing include: Tracey Forey, Royce Cook, Debra Dorsey, Melissa Ransom, Beverly Carson, Peggy Trine, Denise Gibbs, Billy Garbert, Dena Gilbert, Shannon Fogel, Heidi Dunn, Dreama Burke, Debbie Cupp, Melinda Brankle, Kris Strang (Wabash), Robin Robillard, Kristina Deming, Ann Fishback, Diane Peterson, Vicki Fell, Valerie Bowman, Kim Spencer, Colleen Derry, Linette Postel, Kara Jordan, Jennifer Nichols (Noblesville), Valerie Lytle, Angie Abendroth, Lori Butler, Ryan White and his family, Tammy Hays, Connie Wolfe, Gayle McAfee, Kim Johnson, Lisa Ross, Kerry Brennan, Jill Sanders, Tracey Turner, Stella Reynolds, Erica Eukers, Lori Byrum, Eddie Householder and his family, Shane and Jason Goodnight, the Wade Family, Lisa Ladue and several employees of Videoland. &#12288; Through several years of name changes, the store is now called Movie Gallery. At one time, the video store was managed by Patty Keegan. Keegan is a known drug user and dealer. At the time of her employment, she was pushing AOL and NETSCAPE ISP discs to customers. &#12288; The HCSD employees carry two sets of handcuffs, mace, and tasers. They may be using handguns from In State Police officers and driving stolen government vehicles. The HCSD may have acquired a Cesna airplane and a chopper for their emergency services scam.Several red and black dump trucks with no license plates and no D.O.T. number. HCSD employees do not have a weapons permit nor an F.C.C. broadcasting license for the short-wave walkie-talkies and broadcasting system they call, Central. The communication system is a closed circuit system. This independent system was similar to the communication set-up used by the Ghana Police in the 60's and 70's. The HCSD were bringing people in for arrest from East Chicago and Winimac. The Howard County Sheriff Department use fake names of missing people. &#12288; Due to interference and interruptions to communications in the United States, the situation is similar to the move- ment attempted by the Left Socialist Revolutionaries in Moscow in 1918 against the Bolsheviks. This may be the same men behind the September eleventh plane crashes in New York and Pennsylvania. The financial and magazine losses in the publishing industry may be linked to the same group. This includes the loss of Cinefantastque, Femme Fatales magazine, possibly ASTRO CASTER, Sirens of Cinema magazine, Scream Queens Illustrated, Penny Blood, Starlog and other film related magazines. The group's internet network name may be Helo on AOL and may be working as second unit crews or assistant directors. They are known by starting their sentences with SHE - an acronymn from SIDES-HEADSHOTS-EMAIL. The World Trade Center was destroyed a couple years after the y2k scandal in Los Angeles. This group may have accessed the WorldSpan Travel computer network and the post office network to launder electronic funds. Science-fiction writer, Stan Dryer, wrote about the same type of characters in The Fully Automated Love Life of Henry Keanridge which was published in Playboy over 40 years ago. &#12288; Early into the 1970's, STARLOG magazine hit the stands. The glossy became the authority on the science-fiction television and movie industry. Anyway, the serial killer or killers who hate Playboy playmates and Corman actresses are still free in Los Angeles, California. These men may have worked in the background and disliked Richard Pepin and Mehri; and possibly associated with Anna Nicole Smith's death. These men hate British women and are racist and probably worked on or represented these films: THE ART OF DYING, SKYSCRAPER, TEACHING MRS. TINGLE, UP TO THE LIMIT, UNDER LOCK AND KEY and SERIAL KILLING 101. However, these men aren't happy unless they are destroying everyone's work. &#12288; &#12288; Actress Megan Ward stated in an interview about the NBC series, DARK SKIES, "The alien has left the building." &#12288; The Howard County Sheriff Department failed to pay restitution or appear for court. The Howard County Sheriff Department's bill for damages and losses is $622,100.00. The bill was sent to Kokomo's clerk, Brenda Ott. Invoices were faxed to Nation City Bank on Lafountain Street. National City Bank was changed to PNC Bank earlier this year. They probably should have read Gabriel Campisi's book on business plans for filmmakers. &#12288; #### additional Notes:&#12288; *Notify lawyers and banks about freezing assets and funds of Jim Gregg and Hugh Gallagher for damages. Freeze assets on NBC/VEGAS for two episodes/WB for charmed/REDLINE and THE RIVAL agent fees. prints, contracts for publicity purposes as well as artwork for all. Perfect Neighbor, A Valentine Carol, Blood Stains, and Caffeine. Episodes of CSI, NCIS, LAW and Order and crew/union sheets with names on productions. Would like to take the American Film Institute entertainment Center in exchange for damages and other assets the organization may have in Silver Springs, Maryland until the matter is rectified by the banks and IRS. I would like a inventory list of equipment on site, property deeds keys, and any information on current real estate company involved in its development. AFI was invoiced for damages and breach of contract. Possible embezzlement since students and teachers did not have a F.C.C. license. Interested in obtaining partial capital against unpaid invoices for film/news production. Need 35mm package with 4 filmmags/eng package and other equipment for production including nagra recorder Due to financial losses incurred and other historical reasons, I would like to take possession of THE HIP HUGGER until north-n-tavern is returned and operating in Kokomo. Would like to arrange small claims cases against several states for losses and damages for myself and incarcerated female sources. This would include women in Indiana, California, Florida and Oregon. &#12288; Additional links: - unlicensed use of phone lines Harris and Salin Banks, National City Bank in Indiana England 44-121-643-9309 Hugh Gallagher's magazine distributor 323-344-1200 765-456-2384 (9) Video Update phone number 317-452-4800 Kokomo Tribune 456-3811/459-3121/457-2170 Kokomo Gas & Fuel 459-4101/452-1584&#12288; Kokomo Post Office Credit Union Webster Avenue 453-4142 Central Realty 765-455-0954 Kokomo Perspective Indianapolis Star H.C. Plan Commission 765-456-2330 City Hall 765-456-7401 Howard County Court House numbers and contacts: Mona Myers and Mary Jane Martha J. Lake - HC Treasurer 765-456-7370 /765 456-2226/765 457-1105 HCSD # - 765 456-2020 & 911 456-2031 /456-2213 Kokomo Human Relations 456-7375 Kokomo Airport Manager 456-7561 Howard County Tennis Center 452-1558 Jim Gregg - 765-455-2944/765-459-4369/800-345-9168 219 -874-7258 Mark Levenhagen Miami County Correctional Center 689-8920/689-8057 Texas D.o.c 936-437-6791 Susan Beck 317 -232-2455 Cheri Callahan Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission Roxie Wheat 317-233-3941 WZWZ93 & WIOU 1350 am 765-453-1212 - F.C.C. violations/ no broadcast license/ violation of eeoc rules/ fail to employ F.C.C. licensed individual Adelphia Cable buy Indies website based in Maryland Red Seuno FIlms 812-345-6201/317-850-1347 California Film Commission 323-860-2960 Beverly Hills 310 -285-2438 How can I solicit my film to be carried by Family Video? If you or your company would like us to consider merchandising your film for sale and/or rent at Family Video, please follow these guidelines: Send the following items to: Family Video c/o Screeners 2500 Lehigh Ave. Glenview, IL 60026 Company or personal information including name, address, telephone number(s), etc. Screening copy of your film for us to review. (Film will NOT be returned). (Is this implying theft?) Brief synopsis of the film. Pricing and availability information. Family Video Corporate Headquarters 2500 Lehigh Ave. Glenview, IL 60026 (847) 904-9000 Call 1-888-332-6843 Commonwealth Public Broadcasting - questionable At & T and Ameritech call before you dig numbers - telecom fraud 312-744-7000 - Chicago 800-892-0123 - IL 800-382-5544 - IN 800-482-7171 - MI SBC Global and Verizon 800-362-2764 - OH 800-242-8511 - WI Radio station - KCRW-FM - possible 501 fraud and illegal internet broadcasting intellectual copyright theft and illegal copying illegal copying Clear Channel Communications Elgin TV Association New England Grip and Electric Duke Electric One Communications Kokomo, Indiana Animal Hospital or Howard County Animal Hospital John Ransdell, Sales Associate 1041 Leestown Road Frankfort, KY 40601 (502) 573-1040 ext. 241 Toll Free: 800-828-9524 ameritech and verizon and tribune interactive National Federation of COmmunity Broadcasters- fraud - failure to keep licensed engineers current on regulations and F.C.C. needs pacific telemanagement services - telecom fraud The Discovery Channel - no f.c.c. broadcasting license or permit illegal downloading/ copyright infringement/ illegal distribution and tax/credeit card fraud - fraud site - fraud/embezzlement - no f.c.c license since this is what the union represents. 877-300-2128 - illegal copies and dvd vendors Snapfish and the Snapfish logo are trademarks of the Hewlett-Packard Company. All rights reserved. Snapfish, 303 Second St, South Tower, 5th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94107 Another company to be shut down. - fake corporation. not affiliated with Public Broadcasting breach of f.c.c violations software buyout possible sec issue ION television network For Indiana,, For NYC,, For Princeton, For Toronto, The Internet Archive is a non-profit organization seeking to provide universal access to all knowledge. We are working with world-class universities and libraries to create the world's largest digital public library. The collections in our online digital library also include audio, video, web sites, and software. Internet Archive works together with organizations like Creative Commons and EFF to preserve and expand the public domain, the open-source movement, and the commons in general. You will be a part of a multi-national effort that is presently in 5 countries and involves over 4,500 libraries and institutions. Please read more about Internet Archive here: Copy and intellectual property misrepresentation/fraud millions of dollars lost to illegal downloads and copying Double Dare movie - copyright violations and violation of exhibition and distribution agreements AMARAGOSA movie- copyright vilolations and unfair competition violation of union codes Disc Makers in New Jersey for illegal copying and distribution. National Sheriffs Association Alexandria, VA 703-836-7827 Nederlander Producing Company of America, Inc. Internship Program Attn: Kathleen Raitt 1450 Broadway - 6th Floor New York, NY 10018 Fax: 212.840.3326 Email: Email received by internet Jill Margolius < The Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the Public Broadcasting Service have announced the first Request for Proposals from their Diversity and Innovation Fund. The fund seeks proposals to provide the National Programming Service with a new, weekly, primetime series that will expand viewership and usage and reach an adult audience on-air and online that reflects the diversity of the 40-to-64-year-old demographic. Specifically, the DI Fund seeks to diversify the NPS by attracting more racially and ethnically diverse viewers and Web visitors within the target demographic; expand the current NPS audience through the increased use of content created by a diverse group of producers and through the effective use of new and emerging technologies; leverage the talent and creativity of executive producers and producers from minority and underserved communities; build capacity for the public media system from within those communities; and encourage innovation in the planning, production, and distribution of public media content. The content should be conceived and budgeted with multiple-platform use (broadcast, VOD, Internet, mobile, DVD, etc.) in mind from the outset. The RFP encourages proposals for a variety of popular genres, including science, history, travel, natural history, and exploration. This RFP is not seeking children's, drama, or news and public affairs content, as these subject areas are being addressed via other initiatives and/or existing properties. Applicants are invited to submit proposals for a series of ten episodes that can be produced for $375,000 per hour (or less), with attendant rights that allow for the efficient use of the content on all distribution platforms. The intent is to "pilot" several projects. One or more will then be selected for series production. PBS will begin accepting proposals on July 26, 2010. Under Florida law, e-mail addresses are public records. If you do not want your e-mail address released in response to a public records request, do not send electronic mail to this entity. Instead, contact this office by phone or in Meet Photographer Mark Stout join now & speak up one voi©e: join a network of like-minded, creative individuals who speak with a collective voice in upholding creator rights. signup info email updates Sign up to receive monthly e-newsletters about the Copyright Alliance and general information about copyright. Name E-Mail 9 Attached Images About Us Our Principles Alliance Members Individual Advocates Academic Advisors Our Staff The Copyright Alliance believes that copyright law promotes creativity and job creation and strengthens the U.S. economy. Those who create, render, and publish copyrighted works rely on the copyright law and its enforcement, for their creative and financial success. Without it, these creators would likely cease to exist, or at the very least, cease to produce these important works that are enjoyed by billions of people around the world. Our shared belief in protecting copyrighted creative works brings together in the Copyright Alliance a broad panoply of parties, from artists' unions to major publishers. A sweeping swath of creative works are represented, from songwriters to photographers, motion pictures to videogames, recording artists to graphic designers, software developers to sports leagues. We are committed to promoting the cultural and economic benefits of copyright, providing information and resources on the contributions of copyright, and upholding the contributions of copyright to the fiscal health of this nation and for the good of creators, owners and consumers around the world. The Copyright Alliance is a non-profit, non-partisan educational organization dedicated to the value of copyright as an agent for creativity, jobs and growth. It is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization. Membership fees and contributions are not tax deductible as charitable donations. However, membership fees may be deductible as ordinary business expenses under IRC Section 162. Please consult your tax advisor. Address: Copyright Alliance 1224 M St. NW Suite 301 Washington, DC 20005 Contact us by email: info [at] copyrightalliance [dot] org HDTV Magazine, Ltd. 753 East Fall Creek Rd. Alsea, OR, 97324 USA - telecom fraud CInema BAr and Grill - Indianapolis, In - unlicensed exhibition and violation of Natl association of theater owners rules. PRod. Travel & Tours Riverside Dr. 818-760-0327 The following pictures are of the damages done by DUKE ELECTRIC and other union workers electrical companies. Has any other cities had problems with missing people or missing funds? What has been the over effect on the cable and telephone companies? Has the environment been affected? Are any dishes located near animal shelters, hospitals or zoos? Are these dishes affecting the insects senses? Are the dishes enviromentally sound? What signals are Comcast actually broadcasting through the dishes? CapStone Communications Kanas, UT 801-355-8926 ROCK BOTTOM CELLULAR - 310-836-6300 AIRWAVES CELLULAR - 800- 400-9925 WILCOX COMMUNICATIONS - California CHATTERBOX COMMUNICATIONS These companies are involved in Telecom fraud and unlicensed broadcasting Innovatine artists - agency associated with missing women in Los Angeles, CODE BLUE COMMUNICATIONS - 801 559-1180 HighLand, UT Protel Network - 801 -303-4204/801-243-0337 Salt Lake City AllPoint Wireless Salt Lake City, UT miro productions in Miami, Florida - possible unlicensed digital broadcaster and no f.c.c. license - possible illegal copier WETA - F.C.C. license check, and employment violations STARZ channel - monopoly violations - no f.c.c license Liberty Interactive corp. F.C.C. monopoly violations needs evaluation on funding expenditures and hiring/employment violations needs evaluation/employment violations Inspired Pictures/Inspired Corporation trademark infringement on the asylum label/ never contacted by corporation regarding productions handled Asylum's PR. phone lines and numbers have been disabled or disconnected since 2007. Interferred with publication and income. 103 Eisenhower Parkway, Roseland, NJ 973-226-1234 973-226-2296 fax - unlicensed use of phone lines -telecom fraud - telecom fraud When contacting the Internet Archive, please note that we do not have a technical support department. Please refer to the forums and the FAQs. Tel: 415-561-6767 Fax: 415-840-0391 Web: Email: info at archive dot org - (Please note to enable email from if you use any filtering devices!) For best results, please first check the information at: forums and the FAQs You can use these to address any technical questions Also available: Announcements and What's New at the Internet Archive Address: Internet Archive 300 Funston Avenue San Francisco, CA 94118 - unlicensed broadcast and transmission no f.c.c. license copyright infringement - possible fine for damages and losses - $250,000.00 for each title &#12288; Shut Down ComCast for telecom fraud and f.c.c. violations, no license to broadcast Westwood One Radio Infinity Broadcasting Meredith Corp. telecom fraud Next Media Group monopoly violations Englewood, CO 303-694-9118 Check WFED-A.M. in D.C. on Idaho Avenue, &#12288;&#12288; Associated Press in New York for F.C.C violations and failure to meet broadcast requirements and regulations Seize assets of sTOR-It aLLStorage IN Los Feliz, California - destruction of personal records/failure to take payment a-1 on San fernando Blvd, Glendale, CA &#12288; Sean Strebin 410 Country Lane 1078 words Kokomo, Indiana 46902 1st American Serial/Radio rights 765-453-6992 www.myspace/SCStrebin Email: &#12288; &#12288; &#12288; PRESERVING THE INDY by Sean Strebin &#12288; &#12288; Film preservation is an overlooked profession and necessity in Hollywood. For the filmmaking capital of the world, Hollywood rarely preserves movies made over the century --- except for a few chosen titles. Then if a filmmaking group decides to preserve a film, computers are pushed in the digital intermediate, touting the computer's wonders. However, the process of making a film or movie is organic. Computer geeks miss the fact that developing and preserving a film is a chemical one. A course in film study that has been pushed aside, like foreign language skills. Filmmaking means developing your own film, whether it would be 8mm, 16mm, or the industry standard, 35mm. However, the responsibility of protecting your film over the years is also necessary. Yet, these skills aren't taught at the prestigious film schools UCLA, AFI, or L.A. Film School. &#12288; The following quote is taken from UCLA's Film Archive site stating their inadequate training skills. "The UCLA Film and Television Archive has committed itself to the preservation of these invaluable moving image materials. In general, the term "preservation" refers to the process of gathering the best surviving materials from a film or television program and transferring them to the most stable format possible. "Restoration" usually refers to even more time-consuming and complicated projects in which altered or missing material is restored to the film, bringing it as close as possible to its initial release form." &#12288; Transferring to most stable format? Still these educators fail to notify the government or other organizations in the film community about the need to preser